Migrant Hawker

Aeshna mixta

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Length: 63mm

Flight Period: August to October (some individuals in July and November)

A small Hawker, not aggressive towards other individuals and occasionally seen in large feeding swarms. It flies late into the autumn and is likely to be the only Hawker found in November. The costa is brown and there is a "golf-tee" shaped, yellow mark on S2.

Male: looks quite dark with blue, paired spots along the abdomen. The pale yellow ante-humerals are indistinct and short and eyes are blue.

Female: brown with similar markings to the male but the spots are smaller and often yellow, occasionally blue. The ante-humerals are insignificant or absent and eyes are brownish.


Breeds in standing water but may be found well away from water along hedgerows or woodland edges. Frequently resting low in vegetation.

Status & Distribution

Common and increasing its range. Strongholds in southern England, but now reaching well into northern England and recently appeared in Ireland. Continental migrants may boost the population in late summer.

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Similar species

Similar in appearence to Common Hawker but is smaller with a brown costa.