Azure Hawker

Aeshna caerulea

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Length: 62mm

Flight Period: June to September (sometimes also late May)

The eyes of this medium sized Hawker touch for only a short distance. The costa is brown in both sexes.

Male: has extensive blue markings on the abdomen but only narrow stripes on the sides of the thorax. Ante-humerals are short and eyes are blue.

Female: occurs in two colour forms, brown or blue. Ante-humeral stripes are absent and the eyes are brown. The abdominal markings are smaller than in the male, giving the female a darker appearence.


Only in Scotland, found flying near boggy pools in moorland. Both sexes settle readily on tree trunks and rocks in cool conditions.

Status & Distribution

Scotland only. Widespread in the Highlands but rarely abundant.

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Similar species

Similar in appearence to other Hawkers but, as its range only overlaps that of the Common Hawker, it is unlikely to cause confusion.