The Dragonfly Challenge

Take up the challenge and join in with our nationwide Dragonfly hunt!



So what’s the Challenge?

We are looking for brave adventurers to help us track down 6 species of Dragonfly!

Dragon hunters will have 1 month to explore their local wetlands, rivers and ponds, and try and find as many species as possible. By signing up to the Challenge you'll take part in a journey of discovery, delving into the fascinating world of Dragonflies! 

Not only will you master identifying some of the most ferocious and beautiful insects in the UK, you'll learn all about their enchanting life cycle and behaviour, and how to help protect them. This is a great summer activity for all ages!

We will slowly reveal our chosen 6 over the next weeks so watch this space. . .

Become a Dragon hunter today! 

Email to sign up and receive Dragonfly Challenge news and updates.

More information is on its way! Stay tuned for kids activity packs, spotter’s sheets and more. . .


What will happen to my sightings?

All the sightings you report will go into our Dragonfly database, which we use to monitor where Dragonflies are in the UK and how they are doing.