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  • Gen, in light blue behind Pam Taylor, at a BDS event

    Saying goodbye to BDS Conservation Officer: Genevieve Dalley 

  • This year's British Dragonfly Society Annual Meeting & AGM will be on Saturday 17th November at Newcastle University, Newcastle, NE1 7RU

    All are welcome.

    Please book your place online at Eventbrite (this helps us to gauge number of attendees)

    Draft Programme:

  • Wildlife Photographers needed: help required with website improvements

  • Telford@50 Dragonfly Project completed: but this is just the beginning

  • Eastleigh Borough Local Plan: Position Statement


Star of the Month

Common Darter - Brian WalkerCommon Darter Sympetrum striolatum flies from June through to the late autumn.  It is widespread and common across lowland areas of the country in a wide range of habitats.  Males are an orangey red and tend to settle on the ground or a low perch.  Darker individuals in the north were once regarded as a separate species but DNA analysis has shown they are just a colour variation. 

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