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Photographs and Copyright

There are many photographs on this website, particularly on the Species pages. All photographs published on this site are copyright of the original photographer and are reproduced with their permission. Please do not reuse them in other websites, publications or for display without asking permission. If you would like permission to use one or more of the photos, please send details of the subject, the photographer (shown on the copyright statement on the photo), your intended use and whether you wish to use a copy of the photo downloaded from the site or would like an original slide, or more detailed jpeg, for publication - note that a fee may be charged. Reprinted below is the official BDS Policy on Photographs.

BDS Policy on Photographs


The BDS now has hundreds of slides, photographs and digital images in its possession for use in publications, displays and on the website. The collection has built up over time as a result of donations from BDS members and others, as well as special projects. The BDS has always endeavoured to acknowledge photographer copyright and seek the photographer’s express permission when requests are received to use images for other purposes. However individual contact details change over time and sadly some of our original photographers are now deceased. Given these circumstances it was felt necessary to draft a new policy regarding photographs and their use within the Society.

Cataloguing of photographs/images

Those holding photographic stocks on behalf of the BDS must record details of each image. The minimum details to be recorded are the photographer’s name, the photographer’s contact details and the subject of the photograph. A method for easy identification and retrieval of images must also be employed.

  • From the start of 2009, any new donations or acquisitions of photographs must also note the level of permission given to the BDS for their use.

Use of photographs/images

  • Copyright remains with the original photographer and the BDS will always put a copyright message to the photographer with the image when it is used
  • The BDS may use images for its own publications, web site, and any other reasonable form of publicity for or within the Society
  • The BDS will make clear its request that images are not reused in other websites, publications or for display without the user receiving the permission of the BDS or original photographer first
  • When external people request use of an image, the BDS will make every attempt to contact the original photographer, unless full permission for the photograph’s use in this way has already been granted to the BDS. It must be noted that if all reasonable attempts to contact the photographer have failed or the original photographer is deceased, the BDS retains the right to grant permission for the image’s use if the Society feels this is necessary.
  • The BDS or original photographer may charge a fee per image for any commercial use. The standard BDS fee will be £50 per image.


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