Sightings - Late 2010

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between July and December 2010. You can also go back to the Sightings Archive page.

July 2nd PGn Glamorgan
Tennant Canel between Jersey Marine and Llandarcy - 3 male Variable Damselflies, 2 Large Red Damselflies, c25 Azure Damselflies, c10 Common Blue Damselflies, 15 Four-spotted Chasers and 8 Emperor Dragonflies.


July 2nd DJP Norfolk
Along the river Nar and in the old water meadows, between Castle Acre and West Acre - a 7mile round walk... many banded demoiselles, but only one female spotted, also 2 scarce chaser and several Common Blue. I think there was a White Legged Damselfly, I am not 100% sure as this would be the first I have seen. I did manage a photo so if you can help, please email me at and I will forward.


June 28th IT Glos.
Belated report from Twyning alongside the R. Avon: 42 Scarce Chasers including two mating pairs, 12 Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 mature male Common Clubtail, 4-6 Emperors, and the first sighting for the site of a Brown Hawker. Damselflies counted were 115 Banded Demoiselles, 24 Red-eyed, 40 White-legged, 17 Blue-tailed, 7 Azures and 5 Common Blues.


July 3rd OK Derbys.
4 Male Golden-ringed dragonflies - Padley Gorge just below the A6187. Thought I saw a Black-tailed skimmer but was too quick for positive i.d.


July 3rd CHu Suffolk
A fine day at Geldeston - sightings included plenty of Norfolk Hawkers, Four-Spotted Chasers, female Black-tailed Skimmers, Scarce Chasers and an Emperor. A confused Scarce male had paired with a Four-Spotted Chaser who seemed to be most unhappy about it. Also a male Emerald Damselfly and both male and female Willow Emeralds observed and photographed. Photos available at


July 3rd SRo Lincs/Yorks.
An all day visit to the superb Crowle/Thorne Moors NNR resulted in the following sightings being seen: 74 Emerald Damselfly, 37 Large-red Damselfly, 14 Common Hawker, 1 Ruddy Darter, 3 Black-tailed Skimmer, 6 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 48 Black Darter, 6 Azure Damselfly, 35 Four-spot Chaser, 1 Brown Hawker and 2 Southern Hawker.


July 3rd SRw Staffs.
Two male Keeled skimmers holding territories and one female egg laying at Saltwells LNR.


July 2nd BL Merseyside
First Emperor (male) dragonfly spotted for this year on Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Rimrose Valley Country Park (SJ332978).


July 2nd AVH W Yorkshire
Cottingley, Bingley: Male Broad-bodied Chaser (Libellula depressa) in small garden with pond - SE 110373


July 3rd DMcE Berkshire
Had a very interesting visit to Paice's Wood today (not far from Aldermaston). The main purpose was to look for Brilliant Emeralds, which were first recorded at this site by Steve Cham last year. I'm pleased to say there was one definite Somatochlora Metallica at SU 584635 - although it was flying some 20 metres away, through binoculars we could make out both the yellow face and spur on the underside of the abdomen. There were good numbers of Downy Emerald seen at various times - 7 adults in total and (when we did some dipping to look for larval evidence of Metallica) over 20 Cordulia larvae all at around the same stage of development. There was also a single Golden Ringed Dragonfly hunting along one of the woodland rides at SU 583634, a teneral Southern Hawker, Emperor, Brown Hawker, Common Darter, Ruddy Darter and large numbers (200+) White-Legged Damselflies including numerous breeding pairs. Other Coenagrions included Azure, Blue-Tail and Large Red. For some reason Common Blues and Red-Eyed Damselflies don't seem to be all that numerous here. Plenty of butterflies too, including Silver-Washed & Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, Grayling, White Admiral and some of the best views of Purple Emperor I've ever had.


July 3rd/5th MFo Cumbria
3rd: Barkbooth, Four-spotted Chasers (20+), Emperor (1), Common Blue (frequent) and Large Red Damselflies (few).
5th: Scaleby. Conditions not ideal: White-faced Darters, mostly males, (6 minimum, probably 10+), Four-spotted Chasers (several), Large Red Damselfly (few).


July 5th JTu Lancs/Merseyside
At Havannah Flashes, Parr, St Helens today: 2 Emperor Dragonflies, 20 Four Spot Chasers, 2 Brown Hawkers, Dozens of each of azure, common blue and blue tailed damsels. On adjacent Sankey Brook 5 Banded Demoiselles.


July 5th SRw Worcs.
Seven White-legged damsels at Eades meadow Fosters green.


June 28th IBo Manchester
Prestwich Forest, Old Sewage Work: 1 Banded Demoiselle
Dam Head lodges Mere Clough: 8x 4 Spotted Chaser, 2 Male Emperor, Blue tailed Damsel, A great crowd of 100 Azures mass mating on a bank of weeds, Black tailed skimmer near Waterdale park area.


July 6th KTu Norfolk/Suffolk
Strumpshaw Fen (Norfolk): 6 Emerald Damselfly, 3 Four-spotted Chaser, Blue-tailed Damselflies, 6 Black-tailed Skimmer, 11 Norfolk Hawkers (3 females, one male positively identified), Southern Hawker, Common Blue Damselflies, Azure Damselfly, Common Darter, Red-eyed Damselfly
Lakenheath Fen (Suffolk): Common Blue Damselfly, 6 Brown Hawkers, Black-tailed Skimmer


July 6th DSm Shropshire
A quick visit to Whixall Moss NNR produced about a dozen White-faced Darters, including two pairs copulating and one female egg-laying. Also several newly-emerged Black Darters, 2 Common Hawkers and 2 Emerald Damselflies.


July 6th OLe Kent
At least 14 Small Red Eyed Damselflies (E. viridulum) on the Canal Cutting where the Botolph's Bridge Road crosses over, near the railway bridge. Grid ref: TR124329.
First records for 2010 for the Romney Marsh area for me.


July 6th DCy Northants.
Female Emperor ovipositing "REEDY POND" Fermyn Woods Country Park, Male Emperor hunting and resting on reeds "LONG POND" Fermyn Woods Country Park, Female Emperor ovipositing in moat at Lyveden New Bield , Ruddy Darter at rest on reeds in moat Lyveden New Bield (NT property).
Good photo opportunities presented themselves with all of them.


July 8th WPB Oxon.
A visit to Radley gravel pits today produced at least 3 male SMALL RED EYED DAMSELFLIES on the southern end of Thrupp lake,this is the 1st record for this species at this site! Also present were:- common blue damsel, azure damsel, blue tailed damsel, red eyed damsel, brown hawker, emperor dragonfly, four spotted chaser, black tailed skimmer, common darter and ruddy darter.


July 8th MT Northants.
Many Small Red-eyed Damselflies at Higham Ferrers pits this lunchtime. Males at territory, mating and oviposting. This species has been emerging earlier over the last few years and now can be seen with still good numbers of "normal" Redeyes. Also, several Brown Hawker, Emperor and Four-spotted Chaser.


July 3rd/6th JLw Essex/London
ESSEX, 3 July Bedfords Park, Romford: Scarce Emerald Damselfly 3 male, Common Emerald Damselfly 1 male (both damselfly ponds), Small Red-eyed Damselfly 20+ (lake), plus White-letter Hairstreak (damselfly pond)
LONDON 6 July Sutcliffe Park, Lewisham: Small Red-eyed Damselfly 20+ (first record for the site, as far as I am aware). 10 present on 8 July.


July 9th MJP Kent
Report of lesser emperor dragonfly today on sightings board at Reception. Location the Denge Marsh Hide RSPB Dungeness Reserve.


July 9th DJP Surrey
At Thursley Common today, very hot and the driest I have seen it. Lots of Common Blue and several Large Red Damsels. One Four Spot Chaser, several Emperor, very many Keeled Skimmer both male and female, and a Darter that I could not identify


July 9th CRH Hampshire
Spent four hours recording at Eelmoor Marsh SSSI in perfect July weather, where a total of over 1300 Odonata seen. Most summer species now on the wing. Emerald Damselfly (12), Large Red (35), Common blue-tailed (26), a solitary male Scarce blue-tailed, Small Reds (929, including many pairs and some ovipositing). When small red was first discovered at this site 20 years ago counts rarely exceeded 20 and were usually in single figures. The habitat restoration seems to have worked! Emperor (5), Golden-ringed (1), Broad-bodied Chaser (2), Four-spotted Chaser (24), Black-tailed Skimmer (2), Keeled Skimmer (178), Common Darter (17), Black Darter (6).


July 9th CMo Cornwall
Chyverton CWTR: dark overcast conditions, warm, with periods of teeming drizzle. 40+ Keeled Skimmers; males, females, and many with immature colouring. 5 Golden-ringed, all immature feeding during drier moments over meadow. Damsels, mostly keeping low in the vegetation: Emerald, Large-red, Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed


June 30th DS Ardnamurchan
Beautiful Demoiselle found at three sites on the Ardnamurchan peninsular, which is good news depending on which Dragonfly guide you use.
Not many larger insects were flying as the area was suffering from very dry conditions. Only one Common Hawker was seen near to Claish Moss, and no Azure Hawkers.


July 9th JWS Berkshire
Yesterday, 9 July, ten of us walked as a group visiting five sites - Bush Fields, Rapley Lake, Cobblers Hole Bog, the Embankment/ Lower Bush Fields complex and Mill Pond - all within Swinley Forest, Bracknell. In total, 19 species were recorded, 8 damsels and 11 dragons, with a highest count of 13 at Rapley Lake. The species seen were Beautiful Demoiselle, and Red-eyed, Emerald, Large Red, Small Red, Blue-tailed, Common Blue and Azure Damsels, plus Brown Hawker, Emperor, Golden-ringed, Brilliant and Downy Emerald, Black-tailed and Keeled Skimmer, Four-spotted Chaser and Common, Ruddy and Black Darter. Three new site records were obtained - 1; Keeled Skimmer at Rapley Lake, benefitting from the removal of Rhododendron from the lake edge, 2; Brilliant Emerald at Lower Bush Fields and 3; a female Beautiful Demoiselle, which was seen to oviposit, again at Lower Bush Fields. The latter species is regarded as non-resident and a casual visitor in Bracknell, with no known breeding colonies, so this was a particularly interesting record for the locality.


July 9th/10th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
July 9th Dagnam Park LNR, NE of Romford: 6 Scarce Emerald Damselflies, 55 Small Red-eyed Damselflies including 20 pairs in tandem/ovipositing, many Azures (still the most common species) plus Red-eyed, Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Large Red. Also 3 Brown Hawkers, 1 Southern Hawker, 6(4m,2f) Emperors, 10 Four-spotted Chasers, 1 female Broad-bodied Chaser (only my second here this year), 25+ Ruddy Darters inc tenerals, mature males, pairs in tandem and in cop. Recent additional species: a wandering male Banded Demoiselle on the 8th and 3 Emerald Damselflies on 30th June, not seen today.
July 10th - Tylers Common, Upminster: 4 Ruddy Darters, 11 Emerald and a few Azure Damselflies on the south pond. Nearby Thames Chase, Harold Court: 2 Ruddy Darters, 3 Emerald Damselflies (inc tandem pair), Azures, Common Blue and Blue-tailed, near the sewage works.


July 10th JTu Cheshire
Today at Aldford in 2 hrs. 15 Red Eyed Damsels on river Dee and Aldford brook. Also 40 Banded Demoiselles. Also seen 1 Brown Hawker, 1 Large Red Damsel and plenty of Azure, Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damsels.


July 4th PRi Hampshire
Male Scarce Chaser spotted and photographed at Mopley Pond, a small private fishing pond on Badminston Common, Nr. Fawley.
Photograph available


July 10th DS Northants.
One male beautiful demoiselle seen on the River Tove at Towcester, I think the rest of them were not fans of Formula 1 racing! No larger insects were flying around midday, but there were red-eyed and common blue damselfly on the lily pads.


July 10th JBm N. Yorkshire
Harwood Dale ponds nr Scarborough: Visited one of my favourite areas this morning the first sighting was of a male Goldring on the lily pond which is a for this first for this area. The next pond produced a Four spotted chaser and a Common Hawker. Walking up to the new pond that the Forestry Commision dug three years ago sighted 2 more Goldrings.
More first sightings for this area greeted me at the new pond first a male emperor on its own then three Broad bodied chasers the female ovipositing while the male kept another male away. While walking round the back of the pond I disturbed a female Black darter.
It seems that the warm weather has moved migrants into this area.


July 10th DFW Essex
Managed to locate male and female Beautiful Demoiselle along the stream which flows down the west side of Hillhouse Wood near West Bergholt. TL9428. This species was discovered here in 2006. Also 20+ Banded Demoiselle.


July 10th MWe Hampshire
Our granddaughter spotted a dragonfly still clasping the skin it had just emerged from and stuck to a stem of some cotton grass on the edge of our garden pond. We have some good photos of this, firstly with the wings closed and then as they opened. [Identified from the photos as male Southern Hawker - Webmaster]


July 10th TC Suffolk
River Deben, Campsea Ashe, Suffolk: Stopped off here yesterday evening on way back from Norfolk. Had surveyed this site extensively last Sunday without yielding any Willow Emeralds, so wasn't expecting anything. But as I got to the footbridge from the public footpath that brings you down from the Quill farm junction I disturbed a large damselfly which landed about 8 feet up into a Sloe tree. To my surprise I was able to positively identify it as a Willow Emerald. It was rather late in the day nearly 8.30pm & didn't find any more, but its very possible there could be quite a few present that have emerged since last week if visited during the day. I observed large numbers here last August.


July 10th RA W. Sussex
Cycled around the streams and ponds of Maidenbower & Crawley, West Sussex. Lots of blue / azure damselflies at various ponds, and a few large reds. 3x Emperors at Maidenbower Pond. Several spots on stream around Maidenbower holding Beautiful Demoiselles.
At top lake at Buchan Park 2x Downy Emeralds by the outflow.


July 10th WJ Monmouthshire
3 White-legged Damselflies in a field between the layby on the A40 at SO525141 nr Monmouth and the River Wye. Also Banded Demoiselles along the riverbank.


July 10th MT Northants.
Ditchford, on a hot but windy afternoon my son located our first Migrant Hawker exuviae along with several Emperors. Flying were a few Emperors, Brown Hawkers with many females oviposting in the muddy banks, and the ususal Damselflies including an Emerald, the first sighting here in over 7 years.


July 10th HJV Cambs.
A check of the ditches along the Ouse Washes at Sutton Gault and surrounding farmland produced a decent variety of species. Highlights were 1 Small Red-eyed Damselfly and two Scarce Chasers on the Counter Drain just south of Sutton Gault. Also present: Red-eyed, Azure, Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselfly and Emperor, Southern and Brown Hawker, Ruddy Darter, Black-tailed Skimmer and Four-spotted Chaser.


July 10th KTu Surrey
Thursley Common (17 species): Black-tailed Skimmer; Azure Damselfly; Brown Hawker (2); Common Blue Damselfly; Four-spotted Chaser; Banded Demoiselle (1); Blue-tailed Damselfly; Small Red Damselfly (c10); Keeled Skimmer; Large Red Damselfly (6); Emperor (3); Black Darter (c10); Emerald Damselfly (c5); Downy Emerald (3); Common Darter (1 female); White-legged Damselfly (c20); Golden-ringed Dragonfly (1).


July 11th JWS Berkshire
Eleven species were recorded at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield, today. The highlights were c28 Small Red-eyed Damselfly, including 9 ovipositing pairs and my earliest ever record for Migrant Hawker. This was an immature male. On the butterfly front a Silver-washed Fritillary and c14 Purple Hairstreak were also recorded.


July 11th SRo Lincs.
Good numbers of the larger species are now getting on the wing, with the following being seen around the reserve: 22 Brown Hawker, 3 male Emperor, 4 Southern Hawker, 27 Black-tailed Skimmer, 5 Four-spot Chaser, 2 Common Darter and 2 Emerald Damselfly.


July 11th LE Leics.
Wymeswold - A lovely afternoon to have a National Garden Scheme Open Garden at my neighbours, where they have their own wildlife pond set at the back of a wonderful garden. I put a board up showing "Flying Today", like at many bird reserves, and had a list of 9 species by mid afternoon: Emperor dragonfly, (male present all day, and female ovipositing) Four spotted Chaser, Common Darter (1), Ruddy Darter (1), Large Red(1), Azure, Common Blue, Blue tailed and Emerald damselflies. There were lots of exuvia of hawkers evident. Lots of people were very interested, and were borrowing my binoculars and taking photos. One young girl was taking photos of the Emerald damselfly for a Wildlife Photographer competition which I have set up this summer for school children in the village (sponsored by an oil company). On her camera was a good photo of a female Southern Hawker which was perched inside their house.


July 12th THa Kent
Redham Meade/Cliffe Marsh TQ721779. One solitary Southern Emerald. Lestes Barbarus. Photos here


July 13th MFo Cumbria
Borrowdale, acidic mire, only intermittent sunshine: Keeled Skimmer (10+ males and 2 females); Golden-ringed Dragonfly (5+, including at least one female), Large Red Damselfy (3). Conditions not ideal.


July 11th MSm Norfolk
5 male,1 female Keeled Skimmers Buxton Heath, Norfolk, Mostly around the stream. Also Brown Hawker and Emperor Dragonfly


July 14th DFW Suffolk
At Market Weston Fen today I observed small numbers of both Emerald Damselfly and Scarce Emerald Damselfly; they were in the same area, around the large pond (with the information sign) about halfway round the loop trail.


July 15th DFW Suffolk
I revisited 'The Sink' at Redgrave Fen this morning. There were lots of 'Lestes' present, and I estimated about 80% were Emerald Damselfly, many of which were recently emerged, and 20% Scarce Emerald Damselfly.


July 15th JTu Cheshire
Today at Aldford on river Dee, 50 red Eyed Damsels, 30 Banded Demoiselles, 2 brown Hawkers, plenty of Blue tailed and Common Blue damsels, also 2 Azure Blue damsels.


July 17th JI Kent
2 poss 3 southern emerald damselfly still at cliffe marshes rspb in the same location as the sightings earlier this week.


July 17th/18th JF Norfolk
Red-veined Darter, Felbrigg Lake. See: and


July 18th POl Suffolk
At least 15 Willow Emeralds seen around Candlet Farm, Felixstowe around mid-day with at least 5 seen very well along the public footpath that runs north/south on the eastern side of the site. Grid ref TM293367.


July 18th BH Lincs.
Willow Tree Fen (new Lincs Wildlife Trust reserve). Fourteen species noted around reserve during field meeting by Lincolnshire Naturalists' Union including red-eyed damselfly, lots of ruddy darters (out-numbering common darters), variable damselfly, common emerald damselfly, emperor and frequent brown hawkers.


July 19th MRi Northumberland
2 adult male Black-tailed Skimmers at Haughton Strother GP (North Tyne). New species here and for the area. Also 1 Four-spotted Chaser, 10 Common Darters, 45 Common Blue, 2+ Azure, 4 Blue-tailed and 6 Emerald damselflies.


July 19th DTa Shropshire
8+ male Red eyed damselflies @ trench Pool off capewell rd trench telford


July 19th MR Cambs.
Small Red-eyed Damsels at Hinchingbrook CP, Huntingdon, on the pond dipping pool today (5+)


July 20th MSm Suffolk
2 male Scarce Emerald Damselflies and pair 'in cop' Thompson Common, Norfolk - near large pond 100 m from entrance. Also several Common Emerald Damselflies. Emperor Dragonfly male over pond. Many Ruddy Darters - lost count!
7 male Small Red Damselflies, 2 females in cop, Scarning Fen, Dereham, Norfolk


July 20th NMl Hants
Bartley Wood Hook my First sighting of a Male Black Tailed Skimmer at site, have seen females at site previous years never a male. First Skimmer this year. Other Sightings today include Brown Hawker and lots of Ruddy Darters including Pair in Tandem.


July 20th DGC Essex
Several male Southern Migrant Hawker (Aeshna affinis) discovered at a site in south Essex. Photographs taken.


July 21st JI Kent
Cliffe Pools RSPB, Kent: Male Lesser Emperor at 16h30 near the second viewing mound - just south of the ditches with the Southern Emerald Damselflies (not that I could locate any today)


July 21st AMB Hampshire
Have been monitoring Swanwick Lakes HWT reserve for Trust and submission to BDS schemes twice-weekly for two years. Was convinced there should be some Small Red-eyed damselflies hiding amongst the ordinary ones, which are common here, but so far had drawn a blank. Today though I was delighted to find three, two on the pond near the Reserve Centre.


July 23rd BSp Dorset
A male Red-veined Darter on Chickerell Rifle Range this afternoon. Also, still a few Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies present. Photo of latter on my blog.


July 21st/22nd SG Suffolk
Further to earlier submissions from the county by PO on 15/07, WILLOW EMERALDS are now flying at the larger waters as last year: Staverton Lake and Alton Water albeit in low no's at this time. On 21/07 I saw 2 males along the path east from the Lemons Hill North car park and a single male along the path to the west nearer to the A137.
On 22/07 I saw a single male and a female at Staverton Lake in lakeside willows as last year from the Public Right of Way just south of the 'pumping house' before reaching the 'open' lakeside. I should add that the site owner's son-in-law had a word with me and reminds us that we should keep to the PROW only. Fortunately, other sites found last year such as Alton Water will provide easier access in any event.


July 22nd OLe Kent
Dungeness RSPB Reserve - Water Tower Pits: Male Lesser Emperor patrolling pools/edge of the lake on the left of the track as you walk from the car park towards the water tower and Screen Hide (opposite the entrance to the Dungeness RSPB reserve).


July 23rd CMo Cornwall
Chyverton CWTR: 5 Golden-ringed, mostly immature, feeding over the meadowsweet. 5 Common Darters. 4 Broad-bodied Chasers, pair and ovipositing. 40+ Keeled Skimmers including pairs, ovipositing, immatures and 3 tenerals seen. Damsels: Large-reds, Common Blue, Azure, Blue-tailed, many Emeralds.
Breney Common Pools: 5 Emperors. 1 male Common Hawker. 1 female Southern Hawker. 4 male Black Darters, 1 female, 4 immature. 3 male Small Red Damsels, 1 pair. 4 Golden-ringed. 2 4-Spots, 4 Common Darters. Many Common Blue and Emerald Damsels, some Large-red, Blue-tailed.


July 23rd CMo Cornwall
Chyverton CWTR: 5 Golden-ringed, mostly immature, feeding over the meadowsweet. 5 Common Darters. 4 Broad-bodied Chasers, pair and ovipositing. 40+ Keeled Skimmers including pairs, ovipositing, immatures and 3 tenerals seen. Damsels: Large-reds, Common Blue, Azure, Blue-tailed, many Emeralds.
Breney Common Pools: 5 Emperors. 1 male Common Hawker. 1 female Southern Hawker. 4 male Black Darters, 1 female, 4 immature. 3 male Small Red Damsels, 1 pair. 4 Golden-ringed. 2 4-Spots, 4 Common Darters. Many Common Blue and Emerald Damsels, some Large-red, Blue-tailed.


July 23rd MFo Cumbria
Foulshaw Moss in intermittent sunshine: Emperor (2 males, 1 female), Black Darter, Emerald Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly (very many of the latter). Emperor photos


July 24th DGo Suffolk
12 Willow Emeralds, male and female, seen today at Staverton Lakes, Suffolk.


July 24th PHo Kent
Cliffe Pools. Spent from 08.00 until 14.00 and managed to find one female Southern Emerald Damselfly Lestes barbarus. Video link attached.


July 24th RoyW Essex
Perhaps as many as 8 mature male Southern Migrant Hawkers, plus at least 1 immature male and 1 female, at Hadleigh Country Park.
Also c15 Migrant Hawkers, c12 Small Red-eyed Damselflies, 100+ Scarce Emerald Damselflies and various other species.
Further details here:


July 18th-25th AN Bucks.
North Bucks on 18th July 1 immature female Migrant Hawker thanks to R Battell
Also Migrant Hawkers 1 on 19th and 20th at HESC and South Bucks 1 near Burnham 25th July


July 25th DJP Cambs.
At Welney WWT site this afternoon, along the "Summer Walk"
Many "Blue" Damselfly, definitely Common Blue, I am still going through the photos to see if there were any Azures. 4 Blue Tailed Damselfly, 2 Brown Hawkers, 4 Southern Hawkers, 2 Black Tailed Skimmers. Lost count of the Ruddy Darters, both Male and Female.


July 25th PHo Cornwall
Tolvaddon near Camborne. At least 50+ Small Red Damsels, still at least 10 Scarce blue-tailed Damsel but numbers starting to reduce (No immatures), 20 Keeled Skimmer and a single Southern Hawker.


July 25th HT Herts.
Berrygrove Wood Pond, 30+ Ruddy Darters some in tandem and in cop. 30+ Emerald Damselflies (only males seen).
A visit to the same site a week earlier saw 100+ Ruddy Darters with little waves of tenerals rising from vegetation around the pond. Also seen 6 Emerald Damselflies, males & females.


July 26th DSm Devon
The last Devon Group meeting of the summer was held at Smallhanger today. Emerald Damselflies and Black Darters were everywhere. The site's two specialities, Small Red and Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies were seen in reasonable numbers. Added to these were plenty of Keeled Skimmers and a couple of Common Hawkers (and an exuvia), making a total of 16 species for the day. We also saw Fairy Shrimps, many Graylings, a presumed fly-by Dark Green Fritillary and lots of Marsh Clubmoss.


July 26th RR/GV Suffolk
3+ Willow Emerald Damselflies on the River Gipping at the same site as last year; downstream of Needham Market, past Alderson lake and over the first stile at c.101544. Generally elusive in in bank side vegetation including large bramble patches.


July 27th POl Suffolk
Three male Willow Emerald Damselflies at Fingerbread Hill Ponds this morning. Grid ref TM268364.I am documenting local Felixstowe sightings on my web Felixstowe Birding. To find google search Best regards, Paul.


July 27th RE Essex
One adult male Southern Migrant Hawker at Hadleigh Country Park this afternoon, showing well along the ditch running south from the pond to the railway line. Access by crossing the tracks just east of South Benfleet railway station, then follow the path east alongside the railway for about 1/2 mile.
(Four males were apparently present this morning, as reported by Birdguides)


July 18th ISh Hants.
Long boggy ditch to the south of Mill Lawn Brook (SU224034). In less than ideal conditions saw 1 aurantiaca phase female Scarce Blue-Tailed Damselfly, 2 male Southern Damsels plus small numbers of Small Reds and Keeled Skimmers.


July 25th ISh Suffolk
River Deben nr Campsea Ashe (TM315555). 1 male and 1 female Willow Emerald Damselflies. Hopefully there will soon be large numbers here as there were in August 2009.


July 24th RHe Wilts.
A Red-veined Darter at National Trust site - Court Gardens, near Bath.


July 25th RoyW Kent
A pair of Southern Migrant Hawkers and a female Southern Emerald Damselfly at Cliffe. Seen by several observers including myself and John & Gill Brook (I believe that it was John Brook who first saw the hawkers).


July 28th WS Kent
(with Dick Filby): Female Southern Emerald Damselfly seen after c5hours searching at Cliffe (c3pm). Walk north from 2nd viewing ramp c230yds to second gate/dyke on left. Go through this gate and walk c230yds along the dyke. It was about 20yds beyond the junction with the large, obvious dyke running off to the left (south), ovipositing, but being harassed by male Scarce Emeralds (of which there were dozens). Apparently it was seen 10yds from this spot on Saturday, so she doesn't seem to be moving very fast! Record photos taken.


July 28th MWi Essex
Southern Migrant Hawker, A. affinis: 10:30 -11:00 - Essex, Hadleigh Country Park, same location as previously. Adjacent to main path (north side), one male A. affinis hanging on shrub at edge of woodland, in shade, c. 1 m above ground. A second male A. affinis, patrolling the woodland edge in the same location. A single Common Hawker also hanging on shrubs. Many dozens of Migrant Hawkers, A. mixta, present.


July 24th SJl Essex
Southern Migrant Hawker single male with a dozen or so Migrant Hawkers at Hockley Woods. Photos are available on under name SteveRJ. Also same day saw several Southern Hawkers.


July 29th JLw Kent
Cliffe RSPB, Kent: Southern Migrant Hawker, male patrolling the pool below the radar tower 1100-1115, but not again until 11h45 nor again at 15h. This site is about 1 mile SE of the Southern Emerald Damsel ditches, where a tandeming pair of SMH were seen at the weekend - so presumably a different individual.
Southern Emerald Damselfly: egg-laying female in the first ditch along the track north of the second viewpoint. Photos on later


July 30th PSa Kent
Single male southern emerald damselfly showing well at Cliffe this morning between 11am and midday (after c.10 minutes searching!) in approximately same location as ovipositing female reported a few days previously. Abundant scarce emerald damselflies also noted, but no sign of any southern migrant hawkers despite extensive searching.
Abortive search for odonates at Dungeness curtailed due to strong wind, although abundant teneral migrant hawkers noted in sheltered spots around the Long Pits and both lesser emperor and red-veined darter reported from the Dungeness peninsula (Long Pits and Dengemarsh, respectively) in recent days.


July 22nd NPh Essex
Southern emerald damselfly at Wat tyler Country Park, near Pitsea: in a clearing in the Scrub. Details here


July 29th JOw Essex
I dropped into Hadleigh Country Park at lunchtime on 29/07 to have a look for the Southern Migrant Hawkers. At least one male and one female were on the wing but of greater interest are the observations of breeding activity. Other visitors I spoke to reported a pair in tandem and there was a female ovipositing in the mud at the edge of the pond.


August 1st JSo Berks.
I visited Wildmoor Heath/ Owlsmoor Bog near Sandhurst. I saw several brown hawkers, 10+ keeled skimmers and 20+ small red damselfly.


August 1st IMe Leics.
New Lount Nature Reserve, near Newbold Coleorton, NW Leics: Common Hawker would appear to now have a resident population for the first time ever in VC 55. Two males seen 24th July, male and female 31st July and male still present 1st August. Good numbers of Ruddy Darter and Emerald Damselfly also present.


August 1st JT Essex/Suffolk/Kent
An unashamed raid today up from the southwest for the goodies in the southeast.
Essex: A male Southern Migrant Hawker seen resting on a small oak tree by the small and not very obvious pond about 200m short of the main pond along the bridleway from Station Road, above South Benfleet station. Present for over an hour to 1130 at least. Another male seen by others by the main pond around the same time.
Suffolk: Two Willow Emeralds, one a male, the other too brief to tell, at Candlet Farm, Trimley c1315, at the start of the north/south footpath, in less than ideal conditions.
Kent: Single male and female Southern Emeralds in the usual ditch, found by Nicky and Matt Prince at about 1410. Female still present to about 1630 and the male still present at 1700 when I left. Also several Scarce Emeralds and Ruddy Darters.


August 1st PTz N. Yorkshire
Outskirts of Scarborough - 1 goldring flew right past my face and settled on a nearby bush (1st I've ever seen!)


August 2nd SRo Lincs.
Good numbers and variety of the larger Hawkers at Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR today, included the following: 45 Brown Hawker, 4 Southern Hawker, 1 male Emperor, 11 Migrant Hawker, 8 Common Darter and 1 Four-spot Chaser.


August 2nd MFo Cumbria
Foulshaw Moss: Emperor (1), Black Darters frequent, mostly males, Common Darter, Common Blue damselfly (very frequent), Blue-tailed damselfly and Emerald damselfly (frequent). Some photos can be seen at:


August 3rd POl Suffolk
Several Willow Emeralds including a pair in cop along the north/south public footpath at Candlet Farm. People are reminded that the Farm itself and the surrounding grounds are private and the only viewing is along the footpath.


August 3rd SRo Lincs.
A visit to Gibraltar Point NNR to try and look for migrant dragonflies failed miserably, but the following species were recorded: 6 Emperor, 11 Migrant Hawker, 9 Ruddy Darter, 15 Common Darter, Blue-tailed and Common-blue Damselfly and finally 30 Small red-eyed Damselfly.


August 3rd TC Essex
Hadleigh CP, Essex: Another trip to Hadleigh CP today looking for Southern Migrant Hawker after drawing a blank on Saturday. Very pleased to have seen it. One male was showing well on the ditch from the large pond nearest Benfleet from about 11am to about 1.15pm when unfortunately it was netted & taken by a collector. Most of my fellow observers, about 8, left after that. I carried on searching throughout the pm although the weather not so bright. Fortunately found two more males patrolling low over a wide grassy ditch with only a very small amount of water. If coming from Hadleigh CP car park its the next ditch along after the Schools dipping pond towards Benfleet with the tarmac chippings walk bridge. They were difficult to track because of their small size & windy conditions, flying fast & low often clashing with each other.
Photos can be seen on under name Tim-PC


August 2nd PWt Suffolk
Willow Emeralds 3 male 4 females along river Gipping near Needham Market same site as recent sightings of 3


August 4th DJP Cambs.
at just after 10pm tonight a last look at the garden and hanging on from a potted viola is a migrant hawker. I have a lovely picture and hope it will still be there tomorrow incentive to get up early!


August 4th CJa Norfolk
Wheatfen, The Ted Ellis Reserve today two large colonies of Small Red Eyed Damselflies.


August 5th BT Suffolk
8 Willow Emerald Damselflies incl pair clasped together primarily on nettles at Candlet Farm..public footpath running north/south east of farm pond. Parking difficult..I parked in a lay-by on the A154..and walked back along the verge to the public footpath steps sign on the north side. Noisy and thundering traffic. From that point a pleasant 5 minute walk through a cornfield to the site. Very obliging and macro photography easy.Beautiful creatures.


August 5th PGn Pembrokeshire
Gors Fawr, Preseli Mountains - 1 male Southern Damselfly at SN133295 and at least 20 Keeled Skimmers.
Brynberian Moor-2 male Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies, 1 male Black Darter and again at least 20 Keeled Skimmers.


August 5th TC Suffolk
River Deben, Camsey Ashe, Suffolk.
Popped in to have a look to see how the Willow Emerald damselflies were doing yesterday.
Good numbers found on just a short walk from the bridge down from the footpath from Quill farm.In the brighter areas of the river found around 40 to 50 male & females in a short stretch. On a warmer sunnier day I dare-say good three figure numbers could be counted here. Also pleased to find a female teneral Brown Hawker drying off its wings. Good numbers of this species & Southern Hawker were also on the wing.


August 7th GPl Suffolk
One male Willow Emerald seen briefly perched on Rosebay Willowherb at extreme NW end of Suffolk W.T. reserve Newbourne Springs. I also saw four males at Candlet Farm on 6.8.2010 - again on nettles.


August 8th BH Lincs.
River Steeping area, Thorpe Culvert: Nine species noted during Lincolnshire Naturalists Union field meeting including a new site for small red-eyed damselfly (20 noted including breeding activity. Also noted were emperor 2, black-tailed skimmer 7, Ruddy darter 8 and common emerald damselfly 10.


August 8th JBm N. Yorks.
Another trip to Harwood dale forest ponds, dozens of Black Darters have hatched mainly males 3 pairs ovipositing 3 Southern Hawkers 3 Common Hawkers 1 Emerald one of the Commons had just emerged today all at the new pond.
Two male Common Darters the first I have seen this year also a lava of a Southern Hawker laying under the surface looks as if it might hatch soon usually find the exuvia when they emerge all on the Lily Pond.


August 8th JLw Suffolk
Willow Emerald Damselfly, Needham Market, nr Alderson Lake just E of town. 2 present along River Gipping, beyond the first kissing gate (not stile as in message below) past the lake. One in the eastern edge of the brambles, one 10m west of the wildlife conservation area sign


August 8th WJ Pembrokeshire
2 male Southern damselflies on Brynberian moor at SN142344. Also at least 20 Keeled Skimmers in a 500 metre walk across the wettest part of the moor.


August 8th NPh Essex
Hadleigh Country Park: at least 4 male and 1 female (possibly up to 8, sightings of 4 individual males and 2 coupled pairs) southern migrant hawkers observed between 1 and 4pm. The second sighting of coupled pair were observed egg laying in mud in drying ditch. Further details here


August 7th SB Suffolk
One male Willow Emerald, Staverton Lakes, excellent view - flew right past me and landed nearby. With many Common Blue Damselflies, some Common Darters and Azure Damselflies, a few Brown Hawkers. Across Rendlesham Forest (Staverton Lakes is on margin of this), Migrant Hawkers were common.


August 9th NW Leics.
Grantham Canal - Stathern Bridge (SK755324) to winding hole near Plungar (SK762335): Brown Hawkers were to be found continuously along this stretch with at least 20+ being present including 1 pair in cop and 2 females ovipositing. In addition 10+ Southern Hawkers and 3 Migrant Hawkers were seen. Ruddy Darters were present in reasonable numbers with 2 pairs seen in cop. Only 2 Common Darters (male) were seen.
Damselflies were noticeable by their absence. Only 2 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 3 Common Blue Damselfly and 1 male Banded Demoiselle were seen.
The stand out sighting was a female Common Hawker at SK756328. This is a first for me along this stretch of the canal. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me but as it was very active and aggressive towards other dragonflies around it do not think I could have recorded it any way. Perhaps others could follow up and confirm my sighting?


August 9th/10th SRo Lincs.
9th: Good numbers of Hawkers again present today at Messingham Sand Quarries with the following being seen: 8 Southern Hawker, 13 Migrant Hawker, 22 Brown Hawker, 24 Common Darter and still decent numbers of Common-blue Damselfly.
10th: A visit to Crowle NNR in blustery conditions, revealed the following species and counts: 374 Black Darter, 8 Common Hawker, 8 Southern Hawker, 4 Migrant Hawker, 2 Ruddy Darter, 5 Common Darter, 10 Emerald Damselfly and finally 1 male Azure Damselfly.


August 8th RFa Norfolk
A male Southern Emerald Damselfly was seen on the north dunes at Winterton, Norfolk on Aug 8th 2010. To see a photo click on this link


August 12th MFo Lancs.
Hawes Water (near Silverdale): Brown Hawker (frequent), Common Darter (frequent), Southern Hawker (1), Common Blue Damselfy. Dragonfly photos are here.


August 12th DWi Essex
2 male Southern Migrant Hawkers seen well in sunny intervals at Hadleigh Country Park between mid-day and 3pm along first wet ditch to East of School Dipping Platform ditch. Also 25+ Scarce Emerald Damselflies.


August 14th SRo Suffolk
A visit to the River Deben at Campsea Ashe today revealed good numbers of species, with the target species Willow-emerald Damselfly reaching a good count of 48 individuals. Other species and numbers recorded included the following: 4 Emerald Damselfly, 5 Azure Damselfly, 30 Common-blue Damselfly, 2 Red-eyed Damselfly, 2 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 25 Common Darter, 8 Ruddy Darter, 3 Southern Hawker, 5 Brown Hawker, 6 Migrant Hawker and male Emperor.


August 13th/15th LE Devon
Aylesbeare Common. In spite of not too brilliant weather we managed to see, and photograph, 1 Golden-ringed dragonfly, 2 Beautiful demoiselles, (one landed on me!), male and female Southern Hawkers, lots of Keeled Skimmers, (females seemed to prefer the bare stony ground, males preferred the bog), Black tailed Skimmers, Common Darters, Common Blue damselflies, Azure damselflies, Emerald damselflies, and a very late male Broad Bodied Chaser. He was the reason for the return for a second time - I needed a photo as it was so late in the year! Most of these were seen at the group of four ponds and the separate pair of two ponds higher up, but if checking these out be careful, there was an adder right by one of the upper ponds! It was only a couple of feet from us.


August 14th TC Suffolk
Lemon Hill Car Park, Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk.
Stopped here briefly on route to Ipswich to check on the status of the Willow Emerald damselfly which I found here last year. Took the footpath immediately adjoining the car park & stopped to look at the first Willow tree I came to. It was alive with willow Emeralds. I counted at least 15 in the tree & some more lower down on the nettles. I had only walked a few metres & the weather wasn't particularly good. Looks very promising for this species here. Just imagine what kind of population could be present? A huge site with hundreds of willow trees?


August 15th TC Essex
Vange Marsh, RSPB reserve, Pitsea, Essex.
Thought I would check out this new site for me after hearing S. M. Hawkers had been seen here. Weather was pretty awful & none were found.
Good three figure counts of Small Red Eyed Damselflies made them the most common sighting on this site. Plenty of Common & Ruddy Darters, a few Migrant Hawkers & a solitary Male Emperor, completed the picture except for a most surprising sighting of a male Banded Demoiselle. Seemed most out of place here as more use to seeing them on rivers!


August 15th/16th MFo Lancs/Cumbria
August 15, Brockholes Wetlands (Lancashire) Migrant Hawker (several), Brown Hawker (frequent) Southern Hawker (1), Common Darter (very frequent), Emperor (1), Common Blue Damselfly (frequent). August 16, Foulshaw Moss (Cumbria) Black Darter, Common Blue Damselfly and Emerald Damselfly (all of these very frequent), Southern Hawker (1); Barkbooth tarn (Cumbria) Emerald Damselfly and Common Blue Damselfly (both frequent), Southern Hawker (2), Emperor (1). Some photos of these are here.


August 16th AWt S. Yorkshire
Walking along Burbage Brook in the Peak District National Park, spotted at least 5 Gold Ringed Dragonflies and a couple of Emperor Dragonflies as well.


August 18th JHr Essex
Hadleigh Castle CP: Observation at TQ792858, One Aeshna affinis male seen foraging with a group of A. mixta.


August 15th PWa Essex
Wake Valley Pond, Epping Forest; 50+ migrant hawkers and almost all on one holly tree. Occasionally, 4-5 brown hawkers would fly at them but with no serious intentions.


August 16th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Bedfords Park LNR, North Romford: 12+ Ruddy Darters, a male Southern Hawker, 3 Emerald Damselflies and 1m Scarce Emerald (now well into maturity) at the Damselfly Pond. 40+ Small Red-eyed Damselflies and a male Emperor over the Lake. Male Southern Hawker near the lake and another over the Round Pond. Also Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker and Common Darter. It has been a poor summer for most species in the park, particularly Small Red-eyeds; the lowest numbers since the early years of colonisation (2000-02) and way down on the 4-figure counts during 2004-06. I have not checked other sites in TQ59 this year to see if the decline is more general.


August 20th PSa Suffolk
10+ willow emeralds seen during a brief search at Alton Water this morning, along the first section of footpath immediately adjoining the northern Lemon Hill car park. Many individuals perched below eye level in nettles and ruderals, allowing ample photographic opportunities.


August 22nd DSw Norfolk
4 willow emeralds observed by wardens at Strumpshaw Fen RSPB reserve on 22 August. Searched for but not observed (generally poor weather) on 23 August


August 23rd RP Cambs.
Mepal Fen, Main drain, 12.30-14.30: - Emerald Damsels the most abundant species by far with scores present, many immatures in coarse vegetation nearby. Here the species associates particularly with Arrowhead. Also present and surprisingly active in less than perfect conditions were Blue-tailed and a few Common Blue Damsels, Ruddy Darters, 10+ males, 2 Brown Hawker ovipositing, 2 Migrant Hawker patrolling, Common Darter 6+.


August 24th HC Hampshire
Crockford Bridge: With better weather than of late today we saw 5 Golden-Ringed Dragonfly, including a pair in cop, a male Small Red Damselfly, 7 male / 2 female Beautiful Demoiselles, many Common Darters, and a male Migrant Hawker. Later at Exbury Gardens we saw a lone Emperor, more Migrants and plenty of Common plus a few male Ruddy Darters, also Southern Hawker, some Common Emerald and Large Red Damselflies (latter in cop) and a few Azure Damselflies.


August 25th BV Leics.
Grantham Canal - Dove Cottage to Plungar. A dull day but still 6 Brown Hawkers, 16 Migrant Hawkers, 3 Southern Hawkers and 3 Ruddy Darters. The only damselflies were 1 blue-tailed and 1 Common [blue] Damselfly.


August 26th VHu Tyne & Wear
At lunch time today a Golden ringed dragonfly flew into the doorway of our kitchen then left after trying to reach the water in our pond (6'x8' in size) The pond is netted to stop cats getting the fish. We are not too far from the Washington Waterfowl Park but not near marshland. Is it unusual to see them in this area as I noticed there were no more observations on your website for the North East?


August 18th AP Kent
Late news from Kent, where it has come to my attention that a female Willow Emerald Damselfly was photographed near Reculver on 18 August. Clearly observers in other eastern areas besides Suffolk now need to be on the lookout for this species!


August 28th TC Suffolk
Alton water, Tattingstone, Suffolk.(Lemon Hill Car park/North): Checked out the area immediately adjacent to car park & was pleased to find in excess of 60+ Willow Emeralds including 5 tandem pairs which I was pleased to see for the first time in observing this species over the past two seasons. The first decent sunshine today after days of cloud & rain had obviously induced the breeding activity.
The pairs were found mostly near waters edge in vegetation low down & in over hanging Willows. Good numbers were also found low down in nettle beds alongside the footpath.
My walk was only a 100 metres or so from the car park & was only at the site 45 minutes to observe these good numbers.
Good numbers of Ruddy & Common Darters, Migrant Hawkers,Brown Hawkers & Southern Hawkers were present along this walk. Tandem pair photos can be seen at


August 28th ROM Surrey
Thursley SSSI: Keeled Skimmer, Brown Hawker, several Red-eyed Damselflies, Emerald Damselfly, good numbers of common and Black Darter, several Migrant Hawkers and 3 Golden-ringed dragonflies - a mating pair and one that was hunting and resting close to the boardwalk for several hours.


August 28th ALw Kent
2 male + 1 female Willow Emerald seen at Reculver, North Kent.
Photos here:


August 30th RP Suffolk
At Alton Water - thanks to TC for the good directions. Willow Emeralds were as numerous as TC described, possibly more so. We walked for at least half a mile along the footpath and were still finding individuals in sheltered spots, often many metres from the water's edge. The only species additional to those listed on the 28th was a single male Red-eyed Damsel perched up on a willow leaf, found whilst searching for ovipositing Willow Emeralds.


August 30th C&RC Devon
Smallhangar (Drakelands): Lesser Emperor seen (male and female) at third pond off the main track. There may have been up to 3 because we also saw a male Lesser Emperor at the pond just before the large gully with the club moss in it. Also saw Keeled Skimmer, Common Darter, Common Hawker, Beautiful Demoiselle, Common Blue, Black Darter, Emerald damselfly, Blue Tailed. Saw Vic Tucker and he verified the sighting. He had seen a Wryneck on the site but unfortunately we never saw it!


September 1st DAd Suffolk
Today at 12:45 pm, a pair of Willow Emeralds oviposting into birch saplings, at the edge of the pond on the BT site at Martlesham Heath (private). I also thought I saw a 3rd WE briefly; plus Common Emerald, Common Blue-Tail, Small Red-Eyed Damselfly, Migrant Hawker and Common Darter.
Last summer I just saw one male WE here.


September 2nd/3rd MFo Lancs
Burnley, a small isolated wooded pool to the east of the town had Southern Hawker and Brown Hawker (females of both ovipositing) and Common Hawker and Common Darter. Photos of some are at:


August 30th DC Cumbria
I don't know whether BDS can help: a member ('tall and moustached') recorded Keeled Skimmer at Glasson Moss NNR, Solway Firth (a local contact spoke to him at the time). This is an interesting record, and not the first, but I would be very keen to find out his name and any other details... I realise there is no discussion forum or 'Noticeboard' at present. Is it possible you can post this, but in such a way as to encourage the recorder to contact me? Please contact the Webmaster if you can help with this request


September 3rd/4th SD London/Surrey border
Dozens of migrant hawkers around Hampton Wick Pond, Home Park, Kingston with good numbers around the ponds in Bushy Park and Kew Gardens. Also brown hawkers, ruddy darters and plenty of common blue, azure and blue-tailed damsels seen.


September 4th ATo Norfolk
Strumpshaw Fen Rspb. Pair Willow Emeralds, female seen ovipositing


September 5th GHi Surrey
Thursley Common. Aeshna juncea 5, including female ovipositing. I don't see this species on Thursley every year and was very pleased today. I do think that it is possible that A juncea will disappear from here within ten years.


September 6th JLe Suffolk
At least 7 female Willow Emeralds found in a brief search at a private site near Flatford Mill. Also several Brown Hawkers and Migrant Hawkers.


September 7th MM Suffolk
10 Willow Emeralds by the canal on south side of Holywells Park Ipswich.4 pairs in tandem and 2 singles.


September 9th CDS E. Lothian
I have been sent photographs by two different observers of a female Southern Hawker. Not sure about the locality of one of these at this moment in time but the other was taken on Thurs 9 Sept at Barns Ness, Lothian.
The hawker was favouring the sheltered corner of the plantation at Barns Ness in the old camp site roughly 100 yards in from the entrance gate by the large triangular wooden climbing frame.
This is the first Southern Hawker I have ever heard about in south east Scotland! Will be looked for tommorow


September 9th MFo Lancs.
Silverdale, small partly vegetated pool: Common Darters, Ruddy Darters and Southern Hawkers were present plus a single male Black Darter. Damselflies appear to have finished. Photos of some of these can be seen here.


September 11th LW Somerset
Dragonflies seen on a late afternoon visit to Priddy Pool in the Mendips included 4+ Common Hawker (mating and ovipositing observed), 1 Black Darter, and 1 Common Emerald Damselfly.


September 12th TC Suffolk
River Stour, Stratford St Mary, Suffolk. Discovered some Willow Emerald Damselflies here this afternoon. Most I found, around 12 including 3 tandem pairs were found on a willow over-hanging the weir where the concrete footbridge goes over at the water/pump station?, off the main street opposite Mill house. Found another 2 individuals about a further half a mile downstream towards Higham.
Checked the Stour for half a mile from Stratford going towards Dedham without success.


September 12th DB Kent
The Willow Emerald Damselfly spread into Kent continues. Yesterday (12/09/10) we found a minimum of 12, possibly 14 different, Willow Emeralds on the minor road that heads south of the A299 signed Marshside just East of the Reculver turning. They were adjacent to the road on bushes & trees by the roadside dyke near Little Grays Farm house over a distance of 300 metres. They were mainly males, although we did see at least 2 females. We were checking suitable locations near to where the previous sightings had been made at Chambers Wall, some 2 miles North East of here.


September 11th/12th CMo Cornwall
Marazion Marsh: 10+ Migrant Hawkers,1 male Black-tailed Skimmer, also Golden-ringed, Southern Hawker, Beautiful Demoiselles here.
Windmill Farm CWTR, Lizard: 2 male, 2 female Emperors. 1 male, 1 ovipositing female Migrant Hawker, 100+ Common Darters, and many Emerald and Common Blue Damsels.
Chyverton CWTR: 3 male,3 female Keeled Skimmers (a marked reduction from my last visit on 7th when over 15 were seen). 5 male Southern Hawkers, 2 female ovipositing. 6 male Golden-ringed. 10+ Common Darters. 2 male Migrant Hawkers, also many Emerald and Common Blue Damsels.


September 15th NPh Hampshire
Crockford Stream, New forest - in the 100m north of the bridge 1 golden ringed dragonfly, 5+ common darters (mature and over mature), mating wheel of southern hawkers, female beautiful demioselle. Large marsh grasshoppers in a boggy area north of small woodland and small heath butterfly also present.
Details here


18th September JJS Kent
Using DB's directions: "on the minor road that heads south of the A299 signed Marshside just East of the Reculver turning. They were adjacent to the road on bushes & trees by the roadside dyke near Little Grays Farm house" 9 Willow Emeralds were located today including one pair in tandem.


September 18th RP Cambs.
Numbers of species and individuals have declined over the past week. On the Sixteen Foot drain this afternoon, several Migrant Hawker males were seen; at least 3 pairs of Common Darter in tandem, and also a tandem pair of Common Emeralds.


September 18th DB Kent
There was still at least 9 Willow Emerald Damselflies around mid-day at the new Kent site reported by us on the 12th September 2010. This included one mating pair. A visit on 15th Sept in less than ideal conditions still produced 5 No.


September 18th TC Suffolk
Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk: Large numbers of Willow Emeralds were present here around the middle of the day, 12.30-1.00pm, in the pleasant sunshine. Every over hanging Willow in the bays nearest the car park had at least 10 pairs present. Interestingly hardly any singles were found with tandem pairs everywhere. Several tandem pairs were found oviposting into bark.


September 19th SRl Bucks
Large Male Golden-Ringed Dragonfly (8cm+) spent 5 minutes hunting in our garden, about 1 mile from the River Thame (Thames Tributary), near the Bucks-Oxon border. A number of houses with large ponds in the village, so often see blue damselflies about, but first sighting this size.


September 20th CCa Devon
Matford Marsh, Marsh Barton, Exeter - 1 Beautiful Demoiselle (male), 4 Migrant Hawkers, 3 Common Darter (2 male, 1 female).


September 21st DTu Kent
2 Willow Emeralds in tandem & laying eggs on bark of an ash tree about 20 feet above water almost opposite Little Grays Farm (see 12th)late morning. TR228676. Others probably seen. A few Common Darters in tandem & egg-laying in ditch, plus a few very active Migrant Hawkers.


September 22nd NW Leics.
Fish Ponds at Bescaby: This is a new site for me but looks very promising. There were 6+ Migrant Hawker, 2 Southern Hawker, 1 Brown Hawker, 20+ Common Darter including pairs in tandem, in cop and ovipositing, 10 Ruddy Darter and 8 Common Blue Damselfly. The southern boundary of the nearby Bescaby Oaks was also busy with Common and Ruddy Darter.


September 22nd JWS Berkshire
Yesterday I visited the following sites in Swinley Forest, Bracknell: Gormoor, Forest Pond, Bush Fields and Mill Pond. Southern Hawker and Common Darter were present at all four sites and Black Darter at three - absent from Forest Pond. No damsels around.
Bush Fields came up trumps with two additional records. First, two Golden-ringed were on the wing. Even better, there was a female Common Hawker ovipositing in the pond beside the ride. (After 3 barren years, 2007-2009, with no record of Common Hawker in the Bracknell area, this was the third record, all at different sites, for the species in Bracknall this year). The ovipositing activity was constantly interrupted by an aggressive male Southern Hawker which, on 3 occasions during the 25 minutes I was there, grabbed the female and attempted to mate. She struggled violently and made free on each occasion. On the third occasion she left the site. With lots of male SH around at the moment ( I saw a total of 13 yesterday at the four sites), this was another impediment to the Common Hawker breeding effectively and holding on in Berkshire.(See also GHi's comments in Hot News 5th Sept re CH at Thursley. The species is finding it tough going in SE England.)


September 22nd CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Dagnam Park LNR, near Romford: On 22nd, still 3 male Small Red-eyed Damselflies on algal mats on the Perch Pond. Also several Common Darters, Ruddy Darter and Migrant Hawker. On 21st a male Common Emerald (my latest record of this species) and on the 18th, 6+ male and 1 ovipositing pair of Small Red-eyeds.


September 25th PHu Isle of Wight
A National Trust pond at Clamerkin near Newport. I have been visiting the pond since late August, and today produced four male Migrant Hawkers and a female seen mating. Also three male Southern Hawkers and one female ovipositing.
Migrant Hawkers have been very prominant over the last few weeks. Numerous Common Blue damsels today, at least four males and a female. Ten Common Darters and the same number of Ruddy Darters.


September 25th/26th CMo Cornwall
25 Sept: Windmill Farm CWTR - 2 female Migrant Hawkers ovipositing. 5 male Common Blue Damsels, 5 male Emerald Damsels. 30+ Common Darters, some pairs over water, most seeking shelter along hedges.
26 Sept: Marazion Marsh RSPB - 15+ male Migrant Hawkers, 3 perching females, 4 tandem pairs. 10+ Common Darters. 1 female Beautiful Demoiselle.


September 30th GA Norfolk
Whilst birdwatching at Wells Wood (caravan park end), I saw C30 Migrant Hawkers flying around the footpaths around the area known as The Dell.


October 2nd TC Suffolk
Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk.
Visited this site yesterday briefly between 12.00 & 12.45 pm in pleasant sunshine, temp 16 C.
Still good numbers of the Willow Emerald present. Counted around 16 along a short stretch including three tandem pairs.
Found numerous opviposting marks on young shoots of overhanging Willow, around 3 to 5 mm. Also marks on more woody shoots around 7 to 12 mm. Could these be previous season marks? Interestingly a good percentage of the evidence was on the underside of the shoots.
New Willow Emerald sites could be searched for through the winter months looking for this evidence. With the willow trees losing their leaves this marking should be easier to spot.(Check my photos to see what it looks like).
Also present was numerous Migrant hawkers including one oviposting female.About 10 Common Blue Damselflies & one Small Red eye damselfly


October 2nd DP Dorset
One male Migrant Hawker along the path to the North Hide at Radipole RSPB reserve.


October 3rd DMcE Argyll
It's somewhat outside my usual haunts in Berkshire, but whilst on holiday on the Isle of Mull last weekend at about 2pm, my wife and I found a mature male Common Hawker (Aeshna Juncea) and, about 10 minutes later, a female Southern Hawker (A.Cyanea) both patrolling a small woodland copse just north of Craignure, on the coastal Forestry Commission path from Garmony to Fishnish. I believe the OS reference is NM 667416. Although we're regular visitors to Scotland, it's the first time we've found the latter species so far north.


October 9th/10th CMo Cornwall
9 Oct Chyverton CWT: very dark overcast conditions and very strong wind - 2 male Southern Hawkers searching pond margin.
10 Oct Breney Pools CWT: becoming sunny and warm, no wind!! 2 male Golden-ringed, 1 male Common Hawker, 1 female ovipositing. 2 male Southern Hawkers, 1 female ovipositing. 15+ Black Darters, pairs, ovipositing. 12+ Common Darters, pairs, ovipositing.


October 11th SCh All
There are great observations being reported on these web pages, all of which are of high value to the Dragonfly Recording Network. Can I appeal to all those obeservers submitting observations to also send your records into the DRN. We are well advanced with the new National Atlas and need all records so that the maps show the current distribution patterns. There are some interesting changes occuring even with the Common species. Please help to complete the picture by sending in all your records. For those attending the members day later this month there will be an opportunity to see the maps and the changes in distribution. Thankyou in advance for your help.


October 11th LE Dorset
A number of Black Darters were still flying at Arne RSPB Reserve near the ponds. There were also a few Southern Hawkers and a number of Common Darters. Ideal conditions - a cloudless sky all day. Common darters were also still ovipositing at Morden Bog and the National Trust White Mill on Sunday.


October 11th FM NW Highlands
Walking in the woods today saw three common darters and a common hawker in the sunny weather. Common darters were observed ovispositing in the relatively new pond in Balmacara Square on Friday 8th Oct. Black darters were also observed there too


October 13th DP Devon
Two Migrant Hawkers and a Common Darter were near the river Axe at Seaton.


October 15th DJP Norfolk
At Welney, as I have seen the last 3 years during October, both Common Darter and Common Hawker along the path leading to the hides. This year many more hawkers high in the treas as it was a bright sunny day, the darters settling on the path.


October 14th PMk Cornwall
One male Vagrant Emperor seen well and photographed near Dodman Head at Penare Farm, on the south Cornwall coast. It was first seen hawking low over the narrow country lane before landing low down on the roadside hedge, unfortunatly it was frightened off by a passing van and could not be relocated. It was only in view for a total of about four minutes.
The photographs have been verified by the county recorder.


October 16th SFr Derbys.
A pair of migrant hawkers in mating wheel at Kedleston, Derbyshire


October 16th TC Suffolk
Alton Water, Tattingstone,Suffolk.
Sunny spells,temp cool 12 / 13 C. 12.45 to 1.00pm.
Only had fifteen minutes spare to have a quick look here today. Was pleasantly rewarded with three tandem pairs of Willow Emerald damselflies, plus a threesome!, where another male had decided to tag along & two single males all on one overhanging Willow in nearest open bay to car park.
Interestingly no Migrant Hawkers were observed, so probably too cool for them.
Will check this site again on the 30th to see if the Willows will still be present.
Threesome pics can be seen on


October 17th MT Northants.
On a beautiful, sunny autumn afternoon at Fermyn Woods Country Park, although only 13 degrees C, we counted 6 Southern Hawker, including one oviposting female and about the same number of Common Darter.


October 17th DJP Lincs.
A single common darter perched on the sign to the East Hide at Frampton Marsh. It was still there 45 minutes later when I returned. Sadly, no other odonata sightings on a bright sunny day.


October 19th MRi Northumberland
2 Migrant Hawkers at Whittle Dene Reservoirs, on the Great Northern reservoir.


October 20th CMo Cornwall
Carminowe Creek, Loe Pool: 2 male Migrant Hawkers, 10+ Common Darters, 3 pairs. 1 male Blue-tailed Damsel.
Windmill Farm, Lizard: 50+ Common Darters. Many pairs at the water, darters everywhere along sheltered sunny hedges, 14 on a favourite gate!


October 19th PHu IOW
A visit to Clamerkin NT pond and adjacent hedgerows still with Migrant Hawkers (2 male,2 female) and a pair seen mating. Around pond edges 6+ Common Darters (Males)


October 16th SD London/Surrey border
Single common blue damselfly seen at Hampton Wick Pond - the first damselfly here for a couple of weeks. Photos can be seen here


October 22nd RP Cambs.
Block Fen GP near Mepal. In some chilly but bright sunshine I was not surprised to see 10+ Common Darters, including 2 pairs, and 5 Migrant hawkers. I was surprised though to see a male Common Blue Damsel resting on gravel at the water's edge - when approached it flew off strongly. Getting quite late for this species according to most guidebooks.


October 22nd DMa Norfolk
1 male Migrant Hawker and 8+ common darters seen by the North Walsham and Dilham canal at Pigneys Wood.


October 20th IT Glos.
A late report of a visit, to the Forest of Dean, Cinderford Linear Park/Woorgreens area: 13 Common Darters including a tandem pair, a female Southern Hawker ovipositing, and a Common Hawker patrolling along the edge of a new pond. Although the air was cool, it was warm in the sun, probably about 12C.


October 28th BSt Suffolk
Late(ish) record- Single Emperor Dragonfly seen in flight around margins on Pond 1, Holywells Park, Ipswich, Suffolk.


October 30th JF Norfolk
Southern Hawker ovipositing in the Drinking Pool, Wells Woods, on 30 October. This was a warmish and partially sunny afternoon. How late is this ? [Latest date for last year was 15th Nov. - Webmaster]


October 30th TC Suffolk
Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk. Had a look here on the way to Ipswich. Found 3 single male Willow Emerald Damselflies still in attendance & a single Common Blue Damselfly. Between 11.30 & 12pm, Nice bright sunshine, 14 C.


November 1st CW Oxfordshire
A solitary male Common Blue Damselfly, on a warm sunny day at Caversham's Deans Farm Lakes.


November 3rd PHu IOW
A sunny and pleasant morning at Clamerkin NT pond and 3 Migrant Hawker males plus at least one female. Mating observed and ovipositing. Also 4 Common Darter males and 2 females. One male attached to a female ovipositing in pond. Plus a female CD assisted by me from pond as seemed to be floundering-half submerged and franticly flapping. Recovered on my finger and put on twig to dry off.
Possible sighting of an Emperor DF quartering the pond today and also on the 31st and 2nd.


November 3rd JWS Berkshire
This morning, during a bright sunny spell, T =14C, three species were on the wing at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield: Common Darter (20+, inc 4 mating pairs); Common Blue Damselfly (4 male, my first November record for this species)and Migrant Hawker (one male, with a possible second). I then went on to the heathland site at Crowthorne Wood. Conditions were becoming increasingly cloudy, but there were brief sunny intervals. There, I visited four areas with open water, the bog and three ponds. I immediately came upon a single male Black Darter, the only one I saw. Altogether, I recorded 7 male Common Darters, and at the final pond there was a Southern Hawker patrolling the margins.


October 27th TGo Suffolk
Latest sighting of one male Southern Hawker and Migrant Hawker last week. Thurston


November 3rd PWi Hampshire
In the late morning sun (16 deg) at Badminston GP there were 27 Common Darters (6 ovipositing) plus 2 male and an ovipositing female Migrant Hawker. At Woodfidley Passage 2 male Southern Hawkers were clashing.


November 3rd JMee Norfolk
On my daily lunchtime walk found only the one female Common Darter, River Yare, Cringleford, Norwich


November 4th TGo Suffolk
Lone Common Darter in Thurston. It has been a few days since mating pairs were seen. This is the latest sighting in three years of observation.


November 7th PT Norfolk
At least a dozen Common Darters, including two pairs (one ovipositing), plus a Migrant Hawker south of Hickling Broad, Norfolk, Sunday 7th Nov.


November 7th PHu IOW
Just two Common Darters to be seen today at Clamerkin NT pond in bright sunshine but with a chilly north wind. One male and one female


November 12th JWS Berkshire
Female Southern Hawker ovipositing at Gormoor, Swinley Forest, despite overcast conditions (reported by David Lloyd).


November 15th CMo Cornwall
Windmill Farm CWTR, Lizard: Rare sunshine and calm conditions after a week of mostly gales and rain - 5 male, 1 female Common Darter - sharing a favourite gate in the warmth.


November 17th DSm Devon
A male Common Darter was photographed by Adrian Harris at Stover today - a little surprising, given the overnight gale and torrential rain. Clearly some dragonflies can tolerate such weather and also the recent frosts we've had - presumably it's starvation due to a dearth of flying insects that finally kills them off.


November 18th MJMcG Glos.
I flushed a Common Darter which flew weakly past me on the South Lake ditch at WWT Slimbridge. We have had several hard frosts this week so I was very surprised.


November 19th JWS Berkshire
For the second Friday in succession, the Friday Conservation Team held a work party at Gormoor, Swinley Forest, today. After a foggy start, it was sunny between noon and 1 pm. In this period we had two Southern Hawker records. First a male passed through and that was followed about 15 minutes later by a female which stayed and oviposited for a period of some 15 minutes.