Sightings - Late 2009

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between July and December 2009. You can also go back to the Sightings Archive page.

July 4th Lothian BAH
First two Common Darters seen today on wader scrapes at Musselburgh Lagoons.


July 4th W. Yorkshire MAT
Male Lesser Emperor seen this afternoon at Wintersett Reservoir near Wakefield. Close views included an encounter with an Emperor Dragonfly. 13 other species of odonata were also seen in the area today including Common Hawker, Common and Ruddy Darter Tenerals and Emerald Damselfly.


July 4th Oxfordshire DCp
Yellow winged darter at Otmoor - either female or immature male. I got a very good view, so I'm sure my identification is correct - I'm just kicking myself now for not taking a photo as, whilst I had my camera, I got used to seeing these when I lived in Germany, and didn't realise until I got home they're not an established breeding species here in the UK.


July 4th Norfolk HJV
Good variety (18 species) at Strumpshaw Fen and Buckenham/Cantley marshes on walk from Brundall to Cantley stations: Banded Demoiselle, Azure, Variable, Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and Small Red-eyed Damselfly, Hairy Dragonfly, Southern, Brown and Norfolk Hawker, Emperor, Four-spotted and Scarce Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Common and Ruddy Darter. Non-dragonfly: some Swallowtails still on the wing too.


June26th/July 4th The Highlands JWi
First Common Darters on the wing seen on the Isle of Muck on the 26th June, plus the first Emerald Damselflies. 7 breeding species of Odonata recorded there, plus a single immature Northern Emerald Dragonfly, a bit of surprise that one!
4th July. 3 to 5 Brilliant Emeralds seen at Loch Ruaraidh, Inverness-shire, lots of just emerged Black Darters and a male with an almost all black abdomen, suggesting he'd been out of a little while. Followed a Golden-ringed Dragonfly hunting along a road in my car; they cruise at 12/13mph.


July 4th Lincs. BH
Crowle Moor Lincs Wildlife Trust Reserve: Common Hawker 3; Souther Hawker 8; Brown Hawker 2; Four-spotted Chaser 6; Black Darter 40; Comon Darter 2; Blue-tailed damselfly 10; Common Blue Damselfly 40; Large Red Damselfly 15.


July 4th/5th E. Sussex CBo
4th: Ashdown Forest-Old Lodge: Exuvia collected - 10X Emperor; 7X Brown Hawker. Four Keeled Skimmer in flight over seepages.
5th: Sedlescombe-Private Pool: 4X Male Small Red-eyed Damselfly in company with approx 10X Red-eyed Damselfly pairs in tandem.


July 5th Gwent CJo
One male Red-veined Darter close to the picnic tables outside the RSPB visitor centre at Newport Wetlands reserve, Uskmouth. Also Black-tailed Skimmers nearby.


July 5th Hampshire PWi
Eight Red-veined Darters (1 female) were at Badminston Gravel Pit today. There was also my first Small Red-eyed Damselfly for the year.


July 4th Hampshire NJ
First Small Red-eyed Damselflies of the year on our garden pond. At least five males seen, plus one pair in cop


July 3rd-5th Scotland PHo
Bridge of Grudie 3rd July. 3 Azure Hawker (2 male 1 female, flight views only), Northern Emerald up to 6, Highland Darter 2 Immature Males, White- faced Darter 4 plus large numbers of Common Hawker.

Loch Bran 4th July. At least 4 Brilliant Emerald.

Abernethy Forest 4th and 5th July. Good numbers of Northern Damselfly and up to 5 White-faced Darter at the Spagnum pond near the Osprey Centre.

See attached video links:


July 6th Swansea JHi
Small number (2-5 individuals) of Southern Damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale)seen on the Gower just west of Broad Pool. Also Azure (C.puella), Common Blue (Enallagma cyathigerum) and numerous Blue Tailed (Ischnura elegans) damselflies seen around Broad Pool itself. Interestingly none of these species seemed to be present at the mercuriale site.


July 10th Lincs. SRo
A visit today to the NNR at Crowle resulted in the following species being observed: 13 Common Hawker, 5 Southern Hawker, 4 Emerald Damselfly, 1 Four-spot Chaser, 6 Back Darter, 3 Azure Damselfly and 15 Large-red Damselfly.


July 5th Surrey JSo
I watched a Downy Emerald at Black Lake in Esher. I assume it was this species as it patrolled the edge of a small bay, low above the ground and did not look particularly bright green.


July 1st N. Hampshire CRH
Recorded at Eelmoor SSSI over four hours during hot weather: Calopteryx virgo (11), Lestes sponsa (5), Pyrrhosoma nymphula (54), Ischnura elegans (22), Enallagma cyathigerum (32), Coenagrion puella (120), Erythromma najas (4), Ceriagrion tenellum (637 including 187 pairs), Anax imperator (4), Cordulegaster boltonii (3), Libellula depressa (3), L. quadrimaculata (10), Orthetrum coerulescens (186) and Sympetrum striolatum (2). No Aeshna yet. This count did not cover all of the available habitats and small reds must surely exceed 1000 currently, compared to c.25 when the site was unmanaged 15 years ago.


July 10th Berwickshire BAH
3 Red-veined Darters at Millar's Moss Reservoir
near St Abbs. First seen on the 5th July.


July 11th Monmouthshire IS
Reported by Luke Phillips: Male Brown Hawker (Rare in Wales) seen in Ebbw Vale Cemetery plus Golden-ringed Dragonfly hawking small stream running through site.


July 12th Somerset RBi
Curry Moor: C. splendens 50+, L. sponsa 10, C. puella 30, C. pulchellum 30, E. cyathigerum 1, I. elegans 50+ (Cop, Ov), E. najas 1, A. imperator 2 (Ov), A cyanea 2, L. fulva 2 (Ov)


July 12th Berkshire DMcE
Just a brief note to confirm my first Brown Hawker (Aeshna Grandis) of the year, seen yesterday at Hosehill Lake LNR at SU646696. 8 Black-Tailed Skimmers, Emperor, Downy Emerald, 4-Spotted Chaser and good numbers of Coenagrion damselflies were also present, including many ovipositing pairs.

At the same time, a splendid Purple Hairstreak was seen high in the branches of a mature oak tree.


July 13th Northumberland SSe
At new pond just of A1068 dual carriageway north of Woodhorn Roundabout. Had Black tailed Skimmer male found by Jimmy Steele probably the first county record,and a cracking male Red veined Darter or possibly two, with 2+ Ruddy Darter and 1+ Common Darter, 1 Four spotted Chaser. Emerald, Common Blue and Blue tailed Damselflies too.
See for further info after tonight....


July 13th Lincs. SRo
An excellent count of 32 Common Hawker today at Crowle NNR was exceptional,other species recorded where as follows:9 Southern Hawker,22 Black Darter,3 Ruddy Darter,2 Common Darter and 3 Four-spot Chaser.


July 14th Surrey DJP
Dozens of Common Blue in pairs and ovipositing, along with Blue-tails and two Banded Demoiseles. Also hawker flying high


July 14th Norfolk MSH
Nine keeled skimmers at Holt Lowes Norfolk 12 noon yesterday, including two in tandem, seven males two females. Most that I have seen at this site for several years. Around the boggy wet area at bottom of small hill.


July 14th Northumberland SSe
At the pond off the A1068 between the North Seaton and Woodhorn roundabouts today there were 6-8+ Red veined Darters! I may have made a mistake about my Ruddy id yesterday as all 'red' daters I checked were Red veined. Also here were 3+ Black tailed Skimmer, 2 Emperor, 1 Four spotted Chaser, 1 probable Broad bodied Chaser, 1 Common Darter and good numbers of Blue tailed, Emerald and Common Blue Damsels.

All confirmed by Harry Eales the area Dragonfly recorder. For a county with very little odonata, this is a set of outstanding records.


July 15th East Lothian BAH
1 male Red-veined Darter at Blindwells Pond near Prestonpans this afternoon. They are moving north, this is the first record for the area.


July 15th W. Cornwall ATo
Windmill Farm, Lizard. 2 Red Veined Darters, Ruan Pool and Pool with high bank. At least 5 female Emperors ovipositing and 2 Males. Hundreds of Common Blue damsels and good numbers of Emerald and Blue tailed together with Black Tailed Skimmers and freshly emerging Common Darters


July 15th Essex JOw
Working at Five Lakes Hotel near Maldon today I managed a quick tour of some of the ponds. Spotted several Small Red-eyed Damselflies in one of the ponds accompanied by several Blue- tailed and Azure Damselflies, an Emperor and Four-Spotted Chaser.


July 16th Lincs. SRo
A visit today to Messingham Sand Quarries got me the following sightings which included a very late male Hairy Dragonfly, 30 Brown Hawker, 40 Black-tailed Skimmer, 11 Common Darter, 2 Ruddy Darter, 3 Southern Hawker and 1 Four-spot Chaser.


July 18th S. Yorkshire JCo
A male Emperor Dragonfly (Anax Imperator) landed on my back porch step. We live in a residential area of Sheffield, not near any ponds or rivers. I have taken pictures.


July 18th S. Yorkshire ADe
Worn male Lesser Emperor on Treeton Dyke this afternoon, over Bistort mats in SW corner, Record shots available.


July 20th W. Yorkshire ARo
We have a Brown Hawker residing in the street's front gardens. I have seen it on several occasions sunbathing on my neighbours wall and have taken photos. We live in an inner city area of Bradford.


July 19th Glamorgan IS
Merthyr Mawr Warren SE of Porthcawl. One male Common Darter (with unmarked wings) appeared near car park, immediately after the torrential rain - all morning long - had stopped.


July 23rd Berkshire DMcE
It wasn't the most promising of days yesterday, with heavy showers in the morning and later in the afternoon, but at lunchtime there was a small window of clear skies and warmer temperatures, so I thought I'd try the two small ponds at Shinfield Park (a private site close to Junction 11 of the M4).

Small Red-Eyed Damselflies (Erythromma Viridulum) have now emerged - they were first recorded here in 2008 - with 5 definite males and two ovipositing pairs. There may well have been others amongst the Red-Eyed Damsels (E.Najas) in the centre of the lake. Azures (40+) and smaller numbers of Large Red Damsels and Blue-Tail (Ischnura Elegans) were also present. Just a few Common Blues was found, but the species has never been numerous here.

Four-Spotted Chaser, a Brown Hawker ovipositing low on the reed stems and both Common (3) and Ruddy Darter (1 male) were also found as well as a single Southern Hawker (Aeshna Cyanea) patrolling the woodland edge - the first I've personally seen this year.

Hopefully I'll have a better view when - or perhaps I should say if - the weather clears.


July 24th Cambs. DJP
In Upwell. A Migrant Hawker escaping from a thunderstorm took shelter in my lounge allowing me just time to photo it on the wall. It then flew around bouncing of the walls and ceiling before finding the open door.


July 23rd Hants. GV
BDS Hants/Surrey Group visit. Itchen Country Park, Eastleigh - lower section of river Itchen, chalk-stream with associated choked-up ditches and carriers.
Coenagrion mercuriale most numerous damselfly present. Also commoners like cyathigerum, elegans, splendens, striolatum, sanguineum, cyanea present.


July 25th Lincs. SRo
Messingham Sand Quarries-16 Brown Hawker,6 Southern Hawker,15 Common Darter,2 Ruddy Darter and my first Migrant Hawker of the year.


July 26th Derbyshire LE
Carsington Water. I saw a lovely Common Hawker which perched up next to me, so I was able to get lots of photos. There were also Brown Hawkers, Emperors, Common Darters, Common Blue and Blue- tailed damselflies.


July 25th Leics. NW
Grantham Canal between bridges 45 (Stathern) and 49 (Plungar): Numbers for this stretch of canal continue to be down on previous years. 4 Brown Hawkers, 1 Southern Hawker, 1 male Ruddy Darter, 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 4 Common Blue Damselflies were present. By way of contrast 10 species of butterfly were seen in large numbers of each species.


July 25th Shropshire JOw
A visit to Whixall Moss revealed good numbers of Black Darters, a couple of Common Hawkers, Emerald, Azure & Blue-tailed Damselflies and a solitary White-faced Darter. Also on the wing, numerous horse flies. A bad day for short trousers!


July 27th Dorset BSm
A female broad bodied chaser emerged from my garden pond today following the nine emperors which emerged last week


July 28th Norfolk DJP
A walk from Santon Dowmhan along the Little Ouse, I would recommend to anyone interested in Dragonfly or just the pleasure of walking by this river. Many many Banded Demoiselle, male and female...too many to count. But also Ruddy Darter, Common Darter, Common Hawker, and...I cannot be sure a Keeled Skimmer.


July 28th Surrey JSo
I visited Boldermere at Ockham Common. I saw several black-tailed skimmers, several ruddy darters, a common darter, hundreds of common blue damselflies and a few vlue-tailed damselflies. A flyover was almost certainly a common hawker.


July 28th Suffolk GHM
Minsmere: Sunny and warm but quite windy. At the dragonfly pond, Emperor including female ovipositing and larvae and exuvia at the pond dipping station, Common Darter including pairs in tandem and ovipositing, Emerald Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly including ovipositing, Black-tailed Skimmer males, 4-spotted Chaser, Blue-tailed Damselfly. Elsewhere on reserve, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker, Southern Hawker, Ruddy Darter. Eleven species in total.


July 28th Hampshire JSo
I was at Warren Heath (near Hartley Wintney) and saw several each of small red damselfly and emerald damselfly plus a keeled skimmer. This was despite it being overcast and at 6.45PM!


July 31st E. Sussex SDa
River Cuckmere at Frog firle some sun today brought out the following, x10 Common Darter, x3 Southern Hawker, x2 male 1 female (ovi) Emperor, x2 male 1 female (ovi) Ruddy Darter, x2 Brown Hawker, x2 male Black-tailed Skimmer with a hand full of Small red-eyed and blue-tailed Dams.


July 30th Carmarthenshire CJo
A single male Red-veined Darter at North Dock dunes Llanelli. Continually returning to the same spot, out of the strong wind, on the track on the east side of the remnant dune system. All id features seen well, including the split black marks on S8/9


July 30th Carmarthenshire CJo
Male Golden-ringed Dragonfly at Furnace Pond, Llanelli, also Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies. At Wildfowl and Wetland Trust Penclacwydd, Llanelli, Migrant and Southern Hawkers, Common Darter, Four-spotted Chaser and Emperor. In addition to the above damselflies were Emeralds.


July 31st Montgomeryshire MW
Reported by Jo Mosse and confirmed by me - First record for Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly in Montgomeryshire at Cefn Pennant near Llanbrynmair. A mature male and a teneral female were seen on marshy ground fed by springs. Shallow pools caused by light horse grazing seem to be attracting the species and large numbers were reported by Mrs Mosse around mid July.


Aug 2nd Suffolk SG
Staverton Lake, Suffolk TM359.515. Two male WILLOW EMERALD damselflies were found by myself this morning in sallows alongside this lake. I was also able to get some images of one of the males. I have since heard from observers who followed up my find that at least 5 were seen this pm. The County Recorder, Adrian Parr, has been advised.
This is some additional advice for anyone planning to visit Staverton Lake. The nearest parking is shown on the map at TM354.502 - Daisy's Walk. Once on site, it is advised that visitors should keep to the public footpath and view the track/lakeside sallows around TM359.515. In view of their habits, a scope may be useful. Good Luck SG


Aug 2nd Devon RBi
Smallhanger - L. sponsa 100+, E. cyathigeryum 100+, C. tenellum 30, A. imperator 3, Aeshna juncea 3, L. depressa 1, O, coerulescens 3, S. striolatum 25, S. sanguineum 2, S. danae 40


Aug 1st Suffolk WBr
A female Willow Emerald was found myself E. Marsh, and J. Zantboer at Trimley Marshes S.W.T. reserve. The observation lasted about twelve minutes during which photos were taken by E.M. and W.B. copies have been forwarded to A. Parr.


Aug 2nd E. Sussex SDa
Bishopstone Pond: x1 female Emperor (ovi), x10 Common Darter (inc x2 females), x1 male Ruddy Darter.
River Cuckmere (Arlington Weir): x5 male x4 female Banded Dem, X6 male x1 female White-legged Dam (Tandem), x6 Large-Red eyed Dam, x2 Common Darter, x1 Brown Hawker, x20 Common Blue Dam (Tandem)with just a few Azure and blue-tails.


Aug 1st/3rd Kent LHo
1 August - I observed 2 male Lesser Emperor Dragonflies at the Dungeness RSPB Reserve, Kent. One seemed clear that one was holding territory, and trying with little success to chase the other away. A further male of this species was seen on 3 August also on the Reserve. There are also earlier reports of singles of the species on 3/7, 10/7 and also a report of one seen ovipositing.


Aug 5th E. Berkshire JWS
Today at Swinley Brick Pits, I recorded 17 species, with breeding activity for 11 of these. Damsels: Emerald (Ov), Small Red (Co), Azure (Co), Blue-tailed (Co), Common Blue, Large Red, Red-eyed (Ov); Dragons: Common (Ov) Black (Ov) and Ruddy (Co) Darters, Brown (Ov) and Southern Hawkers, Emperor (Ov), Black-tailed and Keeled Skimmer, Broad-bodied and Four-spotted (Ov) Chasers. Over 150 Small Reds counted, with 40+ mating pairs. 20+ Black Darters, inc 3 ovipositing pairs. Other highlights from the past week were 2 Black Darters and a singleton Small Red Damsel at Englemere Pond, neither of which I recorded there in 2008, Also further confirmation that Small Red appears to be doing fine at Rapley Lake (6 males recorded). Golden-ringed, Keeled Skimmer, Black Darter, and Small Red Damsel recorded at other sites in Swinley Forest in the past week.


Aug 6th Kent LHo
At least 5 Lessor Emperor dragonflies (Anax parthenope) today, at the Dungeness RSPB Reserve including a pair copulating in tandem being chased by another male. The pair then settled on Typha and the female began ovipositing. Visitors, please keep to the path between the Makepeace and Scott hides to view. Thank you


Aug 5th Norfolk CRo
I photographed a male Southern Emerald Damselfly Lestes barbarus at Winterton North Dunes (toad pools area) TG486216. Unfortunately, I only identified it in retrospect on 6th (yesterday) and when I returned in the afternoon I could not relocate it. It was keeping to a tiny, rush-fringed, almost completely dried-out pond.
It might still be around. Photos available [which confirm the identification - BDS Webmaster].


Aug 8th Lincs. SRo
A visit to Saltfleetby/Theddlethorpe NNR today, revealed a great count of 67 Ruddy Darter around the reserve,other species recorded where as follows: 47 Common Darter, 1 Four-spot Chaser, 1 female Black-tailed Skimmer, Male and female Emperor, 1 Migrant Hawker, 6 Emerald Damselfly and 4 Azure Damselfly.


Aug 8th Inverclyde JBu
Greenock Inverclyde Scotland: Today I have seen a Golden Ringed dragonfly on the steps outside my house. At first I thought it was dead but when I looked closer it seems to be resting. We are close to the river Clyde and also reservoirs but I live on a housing estate.


Aug 2nd/3rd Oxon. DFe
Apparent Lestes sp resting on sallow in Otmoor RSPB reserve. Description: long thin abdomen, wings held like L sponsa but abdomen pink-beige, not green. No pruinesence. Anal appendages cream with black tips. Pterostigma greyish. [Photo confirms this as probable immature female L. sponsa]


Aug 8th Kent DB
Following up early sightings of Lesser Emperor (Anax parthenope) at Dungeness a minimum of 3 seen mid afternoon and possibly as many as 5. On Thursday 6 were seen by the Reserve staff. 50 metres past Makepeace hide and look right over New Excavations, they fly in the nearest corner from the path.


Aug 5th Cumbria JSo
A golden-ringed dragonfly was patrolling a path at the base of Hallin Fell (on the East bank of Ullswater) and then landed on my son's trousers for a good minute. In addition, I encountered Common Hawkers at least 800 feet up in the Newlands Valley (nr Moss Force) and on Skiddaw.


Aug 9th E. Cornwall RBi
Bake Lakes: C. puella 1, E. cyathigerum 500+, I. elegans 100+, A. parthenope (Lesser Emperor) 5 sightings but probably no more than 2 individuals, O. cancellatum 25, S striolatum 50, S. sanguineum 10. Millbrook Lake: C. boltonii 1.


Aug 9th Norfolk ATo
Upton Fen NWT. 2X Common Hawker observed at 3.30pm and photographed. Warning Large wasp nest, very active - located in the ground approx 50 feet to the left as you cross over wooden bridge onto reserve, do not approach closely as ground vibration will disturb them.


Aug 7th/9th Devon DSm
Dave Land filmed a male Small Red-eyed Damselfly on 7 August at Countess Wear, extending this species range a further 20 miles to the west. It was on blanketweed by the angler's car park opposite the sewage works, where the canal widens out. On the 9th, 3/4 were seen in the same area.


Aug 10th Sutherland CF
We seem to be having a bumper year for dragonflies in this part of Northern Scotland - having rarely seen any up until now, this year they're everywhere! Global warming, perhaps?
A couple of weeks ago, beside the nearby River Brora, we came across a big, beautiful Golden-ringed Dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii and today brought another visitor in our own garden... having carefully studied our reference books we firmly believe it to have been an example of the Brilliant Emerald Somatochlora metallica, catching hoverflies as we watched.


Aug 11th Suffolk SL
6 Willow Emeralds (Lestes viridis) 3 males and 3 females at Staverton Lake (TM359/515). Excellent Scope views across the dyke from about 6-7m. Damsels hanging in the Alders between 1.5 - 3.5m above water. We parked at Wantisden Corner (TM367/515) walked west along no through road and took the footpath just past the first cottage. Follow path parallel to dyke, turn south across the dyke at the pumping station then turn right on the track between the lake and dyke. Damsels in Alders on far side of the duck-weed covered dyke at the point 2 alders meet across the dyke about 15m from the pump station track. We viewed from 8.30-10.00am in good light.


Aug 11th Suffolk MJW
One Willow Emerald (Lestes viridis) seen between 1500 and 1530 in the dyke near the NE corner of Staverton Lake - in the 'second gap', where there is clear water free of duck-weed. Unlike those reported earlier, this one was hanging on alder twigs only a few inches above water level, and making short flights close to the water.


Aug 11th Devon DSm
Although no Small Red-eyed Damselflies could be found on the west side of the Exeter Canal at Countess Wear Sewage Works, using my scope I was able to find about 15 on blanketweed on the east side, c100m north of the two boats. There were possibly also two pairs in tandem, but the views weren't quite good enough to be absolutely certain. Also over 100 Red-eyed Damselflies.


Aug 11th Leics. KW
Sence Valley Country Park had large numbers of Brown Hawkers depositing today. I estimated at least 90 females were involved today on a stretch of one of the ponds. The females were depositing in the reeds and floating vegetation, often inches apart or fighting to use the same reed or leaf.


Aug 11th N. Yorkshire JHa
1 male & 1 female Small Red-eyed Damselflies on Seamer Tip Pools near Scarborough could be the most northerley record in UK.


Aug 13th Suffolk GG
4+ Willow Emerald at Bromeswell fish ponds, including a pair in tandem within some branches of an overhanging willow.


Aug 13th W. Yorkshire DPr
1 golden ringed dragonfly at Green Withens res.


Aug 14th Hampshire PWi
Twelve species today at Keyhaven including a Small Red-eyed Damselfly, a fairly late (and battered) Four-spotted Chaser, good numbers of Ruddy Darter and three immature male Red-veined Darters (a couple of images of the latter at


Aug 14th Suffolk TC
Went in search of Willow Emerald today at Staverton Lakes as mentioned in the previous hot news. Found it as described at the first Alders across the dyke, 3 individuals. Decided to then have a search around & found a male & a female about 75 meters further down the dyke, one on a willow & one on a birch. Both excellent very close views on the trees low down on bare twigs by the path. About 14 other observers enjoyed the views as well. I carried on about another 40 meters then took a black bridge on the left over dyke, then followed path between lake on left & dyke on right. Again found 2 females, again low down, close views, path side of dyke on bare twigs. They definitely seem to like resting on bare twigs! Good luck to potential observers, I think this site probably has quite a good sized population.


Aug 13th Glos. IT
The Mythe, Tewkesbury. Small Red-eyed Damselflies very much in evidence at this site, with about 40, and with mating and ovipositing pairs. This site was flooded in July 2007, and none were seen last year. A smaller population of the species was also seen at a second site at Nature in Art, Twigworth, on 23rd July, with a mating and ovipositing pair.
Other species present on 13th August were Banded and Beautiful Demoiselle, White-legged, Common Blue, Blue-tailed, and Red-eyed Damselflies, and Brown and Southern Hawker, Emperor, Common and Ruddy Darter.


Aug 13th/14th E. Berkshire JWS
On 13 Aug, visited Gormoor, Swinley Forest. On 14 Aug went to Crowthorne Wood and Wildmoor Heath. Weather:cloud with brief sunny intervals on both days. The first Migrant Hawkers are starting to show in this area.There was a squadron of 8 or 9 immatures at Gormoor and a singleton at Wildmoor, my first records for this species this year. Other highlights at Gormoor were 20 Small Red Damsels (inc 6 mating pairs) , 3 Golden-ringed, 4 Keeled Skimmers and 4 Black Darters. 5 other common species were also recorded there. Ten species were recorded at Crowthorne: Emperor, Black and Common Darters, Keeled Skimmer, Golden-ringed, female Southern Hawker ovipositing, Small Red, Large Red, Azure, Blue-tailed and Emerald Damsels. Nine species were counted at Wildmoor: Common Darter, Keeled Skimmer, Golden-ringed, Southern Hawker (ovipositing), Brown Hawker and the Migrant Hawker, plus Banded Demoiselle, Azure and Small Red Damsels.

For the third year in a row no sign of Common Hawker at its former sites. Could it be due to global warming or the wet summers we have had recently?


Aug 15th Suffolk CRo
Two more Willow Emerald sites were found with Dougal McNeill, in the Deben Valley, either side of Wickham Market:
Ash Abbey (TM317546) 1 male and 5 females at super close range.
Glevering Hall (TM295566) 1 female.
Similar habitat to Staverton. They seem to like it quite closed-in and well-vegetated (Alder a constant), particularly a "sun-trap" with bare twigs to perch on. Good photos at first of these sites.


Aug 15th Cambs. MR
A few Small Red-eyed Damselflies at Hinchingbrooke Country Park - Huntingdon, on the small pool at far end of the park towards A14. First seen here in 2005.


Aug 15th Cambs. DJP
Cambridge: many common darter feeding in the grounds of Peckover House. Flying overhead and photographed while resting.


Aug 15th Suffolk TC
Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk: I couldn't resist stopping off here for ten minutes when driving past on the way to Ipswich. Parked at the Lemon Hill Bridge, North car park. Crossed the road westwards, just went to the first two bays with willow trees. Couldn't believe it, found two Willow Emerald damselflies within minutes including fantastic close view of a female at head height in a willow, its metallic green body glistening in the brilliant sunshine.
So did I just get lucky or is this just the tip of the iceberg with large populations present? Sadly I wasn't able to stay here & investigate further. This is a huge reservoir site with thousands of willow trees & definitely warrants further searches. Turn into Tattingstone village from the A137. When you reach the church turn left,follow the road for about 1/4 mile & you will come to the bridge.


Aug 16th Wiltshire SC
I am pleased to report that Small Red-eyed Damselflies are back at Coate Water country Park in Swindon this year. I observed at least 4 late this afternoon in less than ideal conditions so hopefully there are more there. This is particularly good news given that I've not located any at the normally regular site nearby at GW Hospital Pond. These are the only records for the county so far this year.


Aug 16th Lincs. SRo
We visited the NNR at Crowle today in not brilliant conditions, but recorded the following numbers and species: 8 Migrant Hawker, 23 Common Hawker, 433 Black Darter, 6 Southern Hawker, 8 Common Darter, 9 Emerald Damselfly and 1 Brown Hawker.


Aug 16th Isle of Wight MHt
At least 30 Small Red Eyed Damselflies on a pond at Shalfleet Isle of Wight. Mating and egg laying seen.


Aug 14th-16th Hants/Bucks BH
14th Hants: Hillier Arboretum, Nr Romsey: Golden-ringed Dragonfly 3, Migrant Hawker 3, Southern Hawker 1, Common Darter 2, Common Blue Damselfly 2.
15th Hants: Mottisfont Abbey (National Trust site): Southern Damselfly 1 male, Banded Agrion 2, Southern Hawker 2.
16th Bucks: Stowe Landscaped Gardens (National Trust): The lakes there, with abundant water lilies, were alive with activity including: 1000's of red-eyed damselflies, 100's of small red-eyed damselflies, 100's of common blue damselflies, 25 blue-tailed damselflies, 4 brown hawker, 6 migrant hawker, 1 southern hawker, 1 emperor, 10 common darters and 3 ruddy darters.


Aug 16th Suffolk PHo
The Staverton Lake, Willow Emeralds continued to show reasonably well on Sunday 16th. Video link


Aug 17th Suffolk GG
Visited the site at Bromeswell again and found 4 males and 1 female [Willow Emeralds]. At rest they were on sallow and on the ends of adjacent leylandii. Twice a pair were watched in tandem within the sallow, with the male landing on a branch and the female egg-laying.


Aug 17th Suffolk D&AH
Felixstowe: My wife, Ann, found a male Southern Emerald Damselfly (Lestes barbarus) in our back garden caught in a web, it was alive but died overnight. Species confirmed by Nick Mason, David Walsh, Steve Abbott. We have Photographs. We believe this is a first for Suffolk?


Aug 19th Leics. LE
Wymeswold - 3 Emerald damselflies all day "in cop" and then ovipositing, and changing partners. Fascinating to watch the pair in tandem move slowly down into, and completely under the water, staying under to lay eggs on the reed stem for about 10-15 minutes. First time seen breeding in the pond. One got tangled in a spider's web, so I rescued it and had a close look to check on the identification, and took loads of photos. Others visiting were Common Darters, "in cop" and ovipositing, a Brown Hawker ovipositing around the pond for several hours, Blue tailed damselflies, a Migrant Hawker and a Southern Hawker. There were also 10 species of butterfly only a couple of metres from the pond. Newts surfaced a couple of times for air, and luckily didn't catch a damselfly for lunch. I had thought about going out for the day to look for dragonflies, but with a hot sunny day forecast I was glad I decided to stay to see what visited the garden. The rich rewards of 20 years of organic, wildlife gardening!


Aug 16th-18th Moray BAH
A few days spent around the Culbin Forest produced
Southern Hawkers on all the forest pools showing well.
1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly a few Common Hawkers and Black Darters with large numbers of Common Darters and Four-spotted Chasers on the same pools. Also large numbers of Common Blue and Emerald Damselflies, not bad for eastern Scotland.


Aug 22nd Suffolk TC
Alton Water, Tattingstone, Suffolk: Had more time to make a return visit today after my brief stop last week when I stumbled across Willow Emerald Damselfly. Concentrated my searches today along the north banks either side of the Lemon Hill bridge. Strangely no individuals were found waterside but I found 11 individuals, all female along the footpath in trees & hedgerow. They like sunny spots & if you look ahead as you are walking you may spot their distinctive short burst fight when they go to catch a fly then return to their favourite perch. Very reminiscent of "Flycatcher" birds. This was only a small section of this huge reservoir site that I searched & would guess that they could be found anywhere in this locality.


Aug 22nd Suffolk RR/GV
6+ Willow Emerald Damselflies on the River Gipping downstream of Needham Market, past Alderson lake and over the first stile at c.101544. Mainly in alders, on the opposite bank to the footpath. 2 tandem pairs seen flying into the alders, other individuals hanging from alder branches over the river.
Situation marked with a small dead willow branch stuck into the mud of the river bank.


Aug 23rd Suffolk PBi
At Staverton Lake today, a minimum of 30 Willow Emeralds, including several tenerals. About a dozen around the pump house pond (the only area with public access) and the remainder along the track for about 400 yards west.


Aug 23rd Suffolk R&JF
Alton Water Suffolk: west from car park 8th bay in willow. 3 male and 2 female willow emerald damselfly, 2 pairs in cop plus single flyers.


Aug 23rd Suffolk JTi
Made the trip from Warwickshire to Staverton Lakes in Suffolk (TM359515) to see the Willow Emeralds today and was not disappointed. Between 10.00 and 12.00 a male and seven females were found by the first Alders across the Dyke. Three Small Red-Eyed Damselflies were also noted on the lakes. Other species present were; Emperor Dragonfly (pair), Brown Hawker (1), Migrant Hawker (5+), Red-Eyed Damselfly (1), Blue-Tailed Damselfly (2), Common Blue Damselfly (many), Common Darter (10+) and Ruddy Darter (10+).


Aug 23rd Lincs. BH
Baston Fen area, Lincs: 12.30 - 16.00, Red-eyed damselfly 3, Common Blue Damselfly 100's, Blue-tailed Damselfly 8, Emerald Damselfly 80, Common Darter 100's, Ruddy darter 40, Brown Hawker 4, Southern Hawker 1 and swarms of migrant hawkers (at least 150) trying to avoid the hobbies!


Aug 25th Suffolk SG
You are right Tim [TC - Aug 22nd], to suggest that L. viridis has spread to many parts of Alton Water and well done for finding them there. As the original finder of the damsels at Staverton on 02/08, I have not returned since instead choosing to search elsewhere but with little fortune except for the N arm of Alton Water towards the A137 where I have seen several. I haven't seen them yet along the SW shore but I agree that further searching will turn up more.


Aug 25th Cornwall CMo
Lizard NNR-Windmill Farm & Bray's Cot area: 2 male Emperor, 2 female Emperor ovipositing. 12+ teneral Common Darter, on first flight up from reeds, 25+ mature Common Darter including ovipositing pairs. 5 male Black-tailed Skimmer, 1 female ovipositing. 2 4-Spot Chasers. Many Emerald Damsel pairs, also Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damsels. 4 male Golden Ringed, 1 female Golden-Ringed ovipositing. 4 mature male Southern Hawker, 1 immature & 2 female immature. 1 male immature Migrant Hawker.
Good day considering the dull wet summer in Cornwall.


Aug 26th Norfolk Rle
A female Lestes barbarus was seen & photographed this evening along the field edge opposite Woodlands holiday camp at Trimingham. It will be looked for again tomorrow.


Aug 27th Suffolk SCh
Today I visited the River Deben near Campsea Ashe to search for Willow Emerald Damselfly. The first Emerald seen was Lestes sponsa. Then the sun came out!! In a short half kilometre stretch of river bank I counted 150+ Willow Emeralds either individually, in tandem or cop. They were hanging in the Alder and Willow trees and also in bankside nettles. There was a lot of interaction between individuals. In one willow tree overhanging the river I saw at least 6 tandem pairs egg laying into willow branches. It was the most abundant species present and relatively easy to photograph. In these numbers it is likely to spread further into new areas. On the continent it is a common damselfly and one that must be on the verge of establishing itself in the UK. With a good weather forecast for weekend get out there and search for it.


Aug 27th/28th Suffolk POl
Mick James found some Willow Emerald Damsels just north of Felixstowe at Candlet Farm (Grid ref TM 293367). Paul Holmes checked them out today and counted a staggering 30+ insects along the northbound bridleway in rank vegatation. For photos go to my web or google search Felixstowe Birding. Didgy's in recent reports.
Best regards Paul Oldfield.
We are going on a search tomorrow of all likely spots. Looks like a colonisation is happening.


Aug 28th Cambs DJP
In Upwell, again a visitor into my house. Trying to escape through the kitchen window, a Migrant Hawker....some really good photos. Also during the day several in the garden.


Aug 27th Glos. DS
One male Broad-bodied Chaser in good condition holding territory on the upper pond at RSPB Nagshead nature reserve.


Aug 29th Suffolk POl
Willow Emerald Damselflies around Felixstowe today include one at Trimley Marshes SWT Reserve, 12 this afternoon down the north-south footpath that borders Candlet Farm and eight at a new site at the pond in "The Wilderness Wood" about a mile or so north of Candlet Farm. Grid ref TM297379. See my web for details.


Aug 31st Suffolk PWe
I would like to thank SCh for the report of Willow Emerald Damselfly near Campsea Ashe. I visited the site on Monday and found over 100 Willow Emeralds around the river and even in the woods several 100 meters from the river. They were found low down along the riverside on nettles and dead Hogweed allowing excellent photo opportunities. Photos can be found at There is definitely a sizeable colony at this site.


Sept 6th N. Yorkshire JHa
1 Male Yellow-winged darter at Filey Country Park today - and photographed.


Sept 5th Norfolk JF
Black Darter male at East Hills, near Wells-next-the-Sea, seen and photographed. ID confirmed by Tony Irwin and Pam Taylor. This is some 15 miles from the nearest known breeding sites.


Sept 7th Suffolk DAd
A quick lunchtime walk to the pond here at BT Adastral Park (private site). A male Willow Emerald was low near the water on some sedges. I was surprised as there are only birches around the pond. (I was able to point it out to interested by-standers).
Also there, a few Small Red-Eyed and Blue-tailed Damselflies, Common darters and a Migrant Hawker.
I first saw Willow Emerald at Bromeswell on 17th August, having been kindly directed by David Healey. Along the public footpath just left (East) of the village hall, there were several straight away.


Sept 8th UK GHg
Not really Hotnews but the BBC "The One Show" are showing a short film on Golden-ringed Dragonflies on Tuesday 08th September. The footage was filmed in early July in the New Forest.


Sept 8th Leics. LE
Another "first" for my area of north Leicestershire (Wymeswold) - a Common Hawker. I think he has been around for a few days, but as I was watching him zoom around at lunch time he must have caught something to eat, and perched up in the geraniums. Opportunity for some photos and a nice surprise when I checked the I.D. - the 17th species for my garden!
A female Brown Hawker was ovipositing again, but she doesn't know how lucky she is as yesterday a frog went for her and I had to cause a distraction for her to escape. Common Darters ovipositing, Ruddy Darters and Blue tailed Damselflies all present today.


Sept 9th Cornwall CMo
Chyverton CWTR: Keeled Skimmer-15+ including 2 tandem pairs, 2 ovipositing females. Golden-ringed: 2 males of which 1 succumbed in spider web, 1 female recently dead in water. Common Hawker male 2, female 2, of which 1 landed on a hand!! Southern Hawker male 4, female 3 ovipositing. Common Darters 5+ tandem pairs. Emerald Damsels - many pairs.


Sept 10th Cornwall CMo
Breney Common Ponds: 2 male Golden-ringed. 10+ male Black Darters at water, 4 tandem pairs observed. 3 Common Hawker males and 2 ovipositing females. 4 Southern Hawker males. 3 male Beautiful Demoiselles. Common Darters 10+ including ovipositing pairs. Many Emerald Damsels, some Common Blue Damsels.
At last 2 consecutive sunny days !


Sept 6th Suffolk NW
Canal Pond, Ickworth House.
Whilst watching a small number of Migrant Hawkers and a mix of Common and Ruddy Darters I witnessed a fight between a Hornet and what appeared to be a male Ruddy Darter. At first I thought they were a pair of Darters in cop as they crashed into the vegetation at the side of the pond. They remained entwined and grappling for a few seconds before taking off, still entwined. Almost immediately the Darter broke free and disappeared back into the vegetation. The Hornet flew away across the pond.

As anyone else come across a Darter predating a Hornet or vice versa?


Sept 10th/11th Northants MT
I have received a set of photos from the County Butterfly recorder that show the first record of a Black Darter in Northants. Several Northants Dragonfly Group members went to see it on 11 Sept (while I was unable to get time off work!!) and it was still there, although a search today (12 Sept) failed to find it. Photos are posted on the Northants Dragonfly Blog.


Sept 12th Dorset GF
One immature male Red-veined Darter seen on the 12th near Norden, also Southern and Migrant Hawkers, and Common Darters.


Sept 12th/13th Hampshire PWi
There were 6 immature male Red-veined Darters at Keyhaven and I've been sent a picture of one found at Matley Bog (NF) on 13th.


Sept 13th Suffolk SCh
In response to NWs observation of the Ruddy Darter and Hornet I would suggest that it is one lucky dragonfly. Hornets are voracious predators of dragonflies taking species as large as Southern and Migrant Hawkers. If the Darter managed to escape then it is probable that the Hornet was unable to sting it. Hornets and other social wasps sting their prey before butchering them into manageable pieces. They will carry bits back to their nest and return repeatedly until all the parts are used. Only the wings usually remain.


Sept 16th Suffolk JRa
At 609961,254402 [River Gipping, Needham Market] pair of Willow Emerald mating at 14:30. First time I've seen the male, but as many as three on the Gipping.


Sept 16th Hampshire PWi
There was one mature male Red-veined Darter at Badminston GP this afternoon. Also present was a male Small Red-eyed Damselfly and a male Small Red Damselfly - the latter a first for me at the site and not the usual habitat I see them in.


Sept 12th Suffolk AP
New sites for Willow Emerald Damselfly continue to be found in SE Suffolk, e.g. I saw a single female at Brandeston Bridge on 12 September. Do people know of yet others in the area? (or even in Essex?)


Sept 18th Cornwall CMo
Chyverton CWTR: Keeled Skimmer- 3 male, 1 ovipositing female. Southern Hawker- 3 male, 1 ovipositing female. Common Hawker- 2 male, 1 ovipositing female. Golden-ringed- 2 male, 1 female. 2 Emerald Damsels. 10+ Common Darters. 1 male Beautiful Demoiselle. 1 male Large Red Damsel.


Sept 19th Northants. MT
In June this year, Red-veined Darter were recorded oviposting in a pond just outside Northampton. Today, with my son, we saw three recently emerged adults. The male Common Darter were getting very excited by them as they looked like fresh females. All three were the subject of a mating attempt. We also found 2 exuviae, identifiable by the lack of spines on the abdomen. As if that wasn't enough, we also saw a Black Darter. Was this the same one that was seen further east in Northampton last week (which I missed), or a second individual? Photos of both species on the blog. Also, many ovipositing Migrant Hawker, a few Common Blue Damselflies and a single female Emerald Damselfly.


Sept 6th Essex PSm
A single Willow Emerald Damselfly was found and photographed earlier this month (prior to Sept 6th) at Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve (EWT) by Roy Cornhill. The photograph can be seen on the Colchester Natural History Society website at


Sept 24th Berkshire JWS
At Whitmoor Bog, just before mid-day, I witnessed two separate events of Raft Spider, Dolomedes, preying on ovipositing Common Darters. In the first case, the male was flying round with the female in tandem, with the spider locked to the head of the female. The female quickly became motionless, and the male dropped the female as soon as it realised the female was not ovipositing. I lifted the lifeless female and spider from the water on my walking stick and took photos of the two. Then a couple of minutes later, a pair was ovipositing in vegetation at the margin of the same small pond when I saw the second Raft Spider strike. The male Common Darter tried to lift the female clear, but in an instant the female was lifeless and the male detached. Again I lifted the combination of female Common Darter with Raft Spider attached from the water for inspection and photographs.


Sept 26th Northants. MT
Red-veined Darters have been emerging all week, and today we found 4 more recently emerged, including their exuviae. I estimate the total so far is about 12 adults. Also seen were Common Darter, Migrant Hawker, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies.


Sept 25th Suffolk PSm
I visited Alton Water for an hour to search for Willow Emerald Damselfly and found only one still flying, at TM139379 by the path to the east of Lemons Hill North car park. The only other species seen were numerous Common Blue Damselflies and four Migrant Hawkers.


Sept 25th Suffolk BPl
Have just seen a report for today from Alton Water. I spent a short time there this afternoon and located at least 6 willow Emerald damselflies in willows at the waters edge about 100metres east of Lemon's Hill car park. Two pairs were in copulo with one female egg laying into a twig.


Sept 29th Northants. MT
I have received records & photos from Graham Bentley that show our male Red-veined Darters turning red and getting the red-veins on their wings.


Oct 1st Cornwall CMo
Windmill CWTR: Emperor male 3, female 1 - ovipositing. Migrant Hawker male 1, female 1- ovipositing. Many Common Darter pairs ovipositing. Red-veined Darter male 2, 1 teneral seen. Very few damsels - Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Emerald.


Oct 2nd Northants. MT
Four more Red-veined Darter emerging today. I didn't see any red males though as the weather was cool abd cloudy.


Sept 26/30th Cornwall IT
On holiday at Lakeview, Lanivet, near Bodmin, 3 males and 1 female Beautiful Demoiselle, were present on a small stream running through the grounds, as well as 4 Common Darters on one of the lakes. It seems a late date for the Beautiful Demoiselles.
Also, on 30 September a male Southern Hawker was present at Trelissick Gardens.


Oct 3rd Devon R&CC
Bystock Pools, near Exmouth. 1 Female Southern Hawker patrolling the main pond despite it being cool and cloudy.


Oct 4th Cambs. ISh
Fen Drayton Lakes and adjacent River Ouse. 20+ Common Darters, 10 Migrant Hawkers incl. 2 pairs in cop, one Brown Hawker. Also one solitary male Common Blue Damsel energetically patrolling the lake margin.


Oct 4th-6th Derbyshire MAB
This is the first time I have submitted anything to this site but with the recent sighting of our first Black Darter I thought it about time I put the Carr Vale area (North-east Derbyshire)on the national dragonfly map. 20 species recorded to date with Red-veined Darter (2006 and 2007), Small Red-eyed Damsel (2008), Commnon Hawker (1998 and 2009)as well as Black Darter on the area list. Site information can be found on the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Derbyshire Ornithological Society Websites.
An excellent day for Dragonflies on 4th Oct. saw the first record for the Carr Vale area of Black Darter when Jim Alder found two males on the top Peter Fidler Pond and a probable third insect was adjacent to the reserve pond but it flew off before poss id could be made. This is the 20th species of Dragonfly to be seen at Carr Vale. Other dragons included 50+ Common Darters, 6 Migrant Hawkers, three Southern Hawkers, Emerald Damsel and a late Blue-tailed Damsel (latest ever for the county?).
5th Oct. 4 Migrant Hawkers and two Southern Hawkers but no sign of the Black Darter.
6th Oct. At last after two fruitless visits the sun came out for a short period early afternoon and a male Black Darter was present again on the Top Pond on the Peter Fidler Reserve. There is no late date for this rarely recorded species on the Derbyshire Dragonfly website.


Sept 25th Suffolk A.W
At TM12704500, below Sproughton Bridge on the Gipping nr Ipswich. 5+ poss. Willow Emerald damselflies on alders over the river, "jizz" seemed right for this species but neither myself nor colleague had binoculars to confirm ID!


Oct 10th Cornwall CMo
Chyverton CWTR: 5 male Southern Hawkers individually identified, 1 female in worn condition. 1 Golden-ringed male. 1 Keeled Skimmer female, ovipositing. 1 Common Hawker female ovipositing on reed. 5+ male Common Darters,3 female, 1 tandem pair. 1 Emerald Damsel.


Oct 10th Devon R&CC
River Otter (White Bridge - Otterton Mill): 3 x Southern Hawker, 10 plus Common Darter, 1 x Migrant Hawker and 2 x Blue Tailed Damselflies!


Oct 12th Lincs. SRo
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries today revealed a total of 49 Common Darter and 7 Migrant Hawker.


Oct 12th Surrey DJP
A walk along the Basingstoke Canal from Woking to Deepcut. Only a few dragonfly but nice to see. A Southern Hawker near Woking, an Emperor near St Johns but mostly Common Darter. At Brookwood, there were just more than a dozen, male and female mating and also ovipositing. With more males than females in the intense sunlight there was little rest.


Oct 13th Pembrokeshire S&AC
Anne Coker found 12 exuvia of Sympetrum fonscolombei in the largest dune slack in Merepool Valley at Bosheston


Oct 12th Lincs. RWi
Frampton Marsh: Female Red-Veined Darter 12/10. Photo can be seen here:


Oct 14th Hampshire PWi
Visited the bomb craters at Ashley Hole (New Forest) today and in the warm autumn sunshine there were the following (all males) - Southern Hawker 2, Common Hawker 1, Black Darter 3, Common Darter 2. The walk back along Black Gutter Bottom brought another 12 Common Darters including an ovipositing pair.


Oct 13th/14th Cornwall CMo
13 Oct - Windmill CWTR: 1 Emperor male, 1 Emperor female ovipositing. 1 Common Blue Damsel male, 1 Emerald Damsel female. 15+ Common Darter males, also tandem pairs ovipositing during brief sunny interval.
14 Oct - Breney Common CWTR: 2 Southern Hawker males. 3 Common Hawker males. 2 Emerald Damsel males. 10+ Common Darters, including tandem pairs ovipositing. 15+ Black Darters, including 4 tandem pairs ovipositing. Common Darter male seen to seize Black Darter female, she freed herself!
1 Beautiful Demoiselle male.


Oct 18th Cornwall CMo
Windmill CWTR: Overcast, 11-13C - 12+ Common Darters and 1 overmature female on boardwalks or dried mud, often wing-whirring. 1 Emerald Damsel male, perched on reed at water.


Oct 17th/18th Pembrokeshire S&AC
17/10/09 Broomhill Burrows, Pembrokeshire: Sympetrum fonscolombii 20 exuviae and 1 female adult seen
18/10/09 Brownslade Burrows, Pembrokeshire: Sympetrum fonscolombii 58 exuviae and an emerging male found


Oct 19th Notts. NW
Thoresby Hall: 20+ Common Darters including 3 over mature females sheltering beneath the trees overlooking the cricket ground. Most were using fallen leaves to assist in warming up in the sunshine.


Oct 20-25th Cornwall CMo
20 Oct: Windmill Farm - 10+ Common Darter male, in warm spots away from water, 3 female perching together on a warm post. 2 male Common Blue Damsels, 1 male Emerald Damsel on reeds at pool.
24 Oct: Carminowe Creek, Loe Pool - 2 Migrant Hawker, 1 male, 1 female.
25 Oct: Breney Common Pools - 2 male Common Hawker, 1 female ovipositing. 1 Southern Hawker male. Black Darters, 4 male, 2 female. Common Darters, 5 male.


Oct 25th Suffolk AP
A few Willow Emerald Damselflies still on the wing, with three reported from Newbourne near Martlesham Heath on 25 October.


Oct 25th Hampshire BH
Itchen Navigation, Shawford: 20+ Common Darters (including some in tandem), 2 Migrant Hawkers


Oct 28th Hampshire PWi
At Ashley Hole (NF) there were two male Southern Hawkers, five Common Darters including a pair in cop then ovipositing and a male Black Darter, my latest ever.


Oct 31st Glos. IT
As it is reported to be the last good day before the storms arrive, we decided to go to a favourite spot in the Forest of Dean - Woorgreens Lake - and were amazed to see numerous Common Darters on the wing, with many mating and ovipositing pairs. This was the only species we saw.


Oct 31st Lincs. SRo
A walk around my local birding patch at Worlaby Carrs, revealed 7 Common Darter still on the wing including 1 pair in tandem.


Oct 31st Leics. KW
Still three species of dragonfly on the wing today at private site near Lutterworth. Seven pairs of Common Darter in cop/egg laying with several other males very active. 1 Southern Hawker egg laying. 3 Migrant Hawkers egg laying with up to a dozen males still present. Have some of these been arriving in the last week as one male and one of the females had no damage to the wings?


Nov 2nd Leics. KW
At a Private site near Lutterworth, I was surprised to find 10 Common Darter and one Migrant Hawker on the wing still. I also had a very brief view of an Emperor ??, large blue body/green thorax, I was unable to refind this dragonfly.


Nov 3rd Glos. MJMcG
Common Darter at WWT Slimbridge today.


Oct 31st Moray DLw
Late records from Culbin Forest (30km north east of Inverness) on 31 October were ten common darters, including one copulating pair, one male black darter and one male southern hawker.


Nov 8th Cornwall CMo
Breney Common Ponds: sunshine, very strong wind, 9-10C - 1 Common Hawker male. 3 male Common Darters, 1 female ovipositing alone.


Nov 8th Cambs. HJV
A late Common Darter along Soham Lode just east of the A142. Three individual Common Darters the previous day on Laddus Fen, between March and Wisbech.


Nov 9th Norfolk PT
Common Darters still in Norfolk (Potter Heigham) Sunday 8th. Can't check here yet today - too misty.


Nov 8th Bucks AN
Common Darter still in North Bucks, noted a few at Emberton County Park on Sunday. Latest recorded in NB was 25th Nov 2006.


Nov 10th Suffolk MM
Common Darter at Felixstowe Ferry this morning. Yesterday 2 at Dunwich along shingle ridge.


Nov 15th Berkshire JWS
After the fierce wind and rain of the past two days, one male Black Darter (a personal latest record) plus ten male Common Darters on the wing at Crowthorne Wood.


Nov 15th Norfolk ATo
Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve. 17 common darters including 3 pairs in cop and 2 pairs ovipositing. 2 male migrant hawkers one of which was seen to be consuming a common darter.


Nov 15th Cornwall GF
1 female Southern Hawker hunting along a hedge.


Nov 15th Glos. IT
Hartpury: On a glorious sunny morning, 8 Common Darters, including a mating pair, and an ovipositing pair which was watched for several minutes dancing along the side of a wide wet channel by the members of the group. We also had splendid views of a kingfisher perched and diving for fish.


Nov 17th Devon LH
Devon Wildlife Trust Bystock Nature Reserve, Exmouth, SY 034 843: 2 male Common darter and pair Common darter egg laying. 10:30am. Condition sunny


Nov 15th Dorset BG/LW
15 November 2009: Common Goldenring, Cordulegaster boltonii in flight and then sunning itself at the base of the cliffs at Black Ven between Lyme Regis and Charmouth, Dorset. Grid reference: SY 357930.


Nov 22nd Norfolk ATo
2x Male Migrant Hawker. 2x Common Darter in tandem. Sculthorpe Moor


Nov 18th Norfolk PT
Common Darters still flying in Norfolk on Monday 16th Nov, but they'd need strong wings to fly today in this wind!


Nov 21st Norfolk FI
Pair of common darters ovipositing near Reedham conservation barn.


Nov 27th Norfolk ATo
Sculthorpe Moor 3x Common Darters 2m & 1fm.


Dec 1st Norfolk PT
One Common Darter and a Red Admiral butterfly flying today south of Hickling Broad.


Dec 2nd Hampshire NMl
A friend of mine has just (2 Dec 09) had a common blue tailed Damselfly emerge from her tropical fish tank. It was released into the wild at Bartley Wood, Hampshire.


Dec 5th Norfolk ATo
Sculthorpe Moor. 2x male Common Darters


Dec 6th Warwickshire PR
A report from Jon Bowley: "I have just returned from visiting Salford Priors, Warwickshire (this is December 6th!) where I was amazed to find a male Common Darter sunning itself. The darter was flying rather weakly when disturbed, but spent most of its time just sitting on the brambles, the sun being quite strong at this spot."


Dec 9th Norfolk ATo
Union Farm Gressenhall. During a lunchtime walk today, 2x male Common Darters enjoying the sunshine on the boardwalk next to the farm pond and 2x Red Admirals.