Sightings - Late 2008

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between July and December 2008. You can also go to 2007's Sightings or back to the Sightings Archive page.

July 7th ST Shropshire
Maesbury to Aston canal section: 15+ black-tailed skimmers, 1 male emperor patrolling, 1 brown hawker, 2 broad-bodied chaser, 10-15 beautiful demoiselles, 20+ large red-eyed damsels plus numerous azure damsels.

July 1st PM Lancs.
In the first suitable weather (and even then too windy), a single male Red-veined Darter over the water on the Middleton Industrial Estate model boat pond represents the first record here this year.

July 1st JCe Norfolk
1 male and 1 female Emperor dragonfly spotted near Buxton heath. Female was ovipositing but took time out to eat a small tortoiseshell butterfly. Incredibly fast, agile and manoeuvrable catching the butterfly, brings it into perspective about the wing configuration and why. Numerous Azure, Variable, Blue tailed, large Red eyed and one Broad bodied chaser also spotted.

July 1st ICa Cumbria
Scaleby Moss weather hot & sunny the White faced Darters were out in really good numbers mainly males very few females, 12 Four spot Chasers and many Blue tailed and Large Red Damselflies only found 1 Emerald Damsel, 1 Emperor Dragonfly present.

July 2nd Helen Newport
Last year, I decided to build a wildlife pond in my garden. I followed the advice available from various websites, including yours, and created a medium sized pond and bog garden. Within a few weeks of completion, even though the pond at the time looked like little more than a water filled bin-liner with a few plants stuck around the edges, I saw a female common darter laying eggs there. Damselflies too. Much more wildlife was to follow. This spring I was thrilled to observe palmate newts moving in, and have approximately 6 pairs breeding in the pond! There are water measurers, diving beetles, water boatmen, newts, frogs - I'm constantly amazed by the diversity that the pond attracts. As for dragonflies and damselflies, I've had on average six damselflies emerging per day, Large red, azure and blue-tailed have been in abundance. This morning I counted seven emerging common darters! Three weeks ago the pond was visited by a female broad bodied chaser, much to my delight - I'd never seen one before. She was just passing through - but it was so wonderful to see. It's fantastic to watch this all happening in my own garden, and to think that my pond has given so much to the natural world in just one year since it was created. I would recommend pond-building to everyone!

July 3rd SRo Lincs.
While visiting Snakeholme Pit Butterfly Conservation reserve today to look for any interesting Dragons or Butterflies, I came across at least 33 Small red-eyed Damselflies on the small pit here, they where mostly males, but I managed to find 4 females, 3 of these where paired up with males and ovi-positing. This is a new site for Lincolnshire, and as far as I am aware,the earliest record to date in the county.

July 5th RJ Essex
There is a small colony of Scarce Emerald Damselflies at Rainham Marshes RSPB, in small temp. pools by the old shooting mantlets. I have counted several dozen in recent weeks and observed them mating and egg laying into reed stems yesterday. They were present at the same site last year hope this is of some interest.

July 6th LMcC Somerset
Waldegrave pond, Priddy Mineries - weather intermittent heavy showers culminating in a huge thunderstorm - 1 Four Spotted Chaser, 1 male and 3 female Emerald Damselflies, Several Large Red Damselflies, Blue Tailed and Azure Damselflies abundant in vegetation, with 10+ mating wheels seen. One pair Azure seen tandem ovipositing in pond. One female Blue Tailed ovipositing alone.
No sign of the Emperor I saw last week (29th June) when he was patrolling his territory and attacking anything that came near - including the seeds blown from the nearby bog cotton!

June 26th IS Glamorgan
Common Hawker emerging and another few exuviae of this species found at Rhaslas Pond east of Merthyr Tydfil in Caerphilly CBC during Odonata training day with cold wind and rain at an altitude of some 400 metres.

July 2nd MR Highland
Abernethy Forest (Loch Garten RSPB, NH982175) Approx 8 White-faced Darters at the small pond with the new boardwalk, just SW of road junction. A few Northern Damselflies nearby from the road side boardwalk at NH967193.
Also a lone Common Hawker around the seabird cliffs at Duncansby Head (John O'Groats) in strong winds on 29 June.

July 7th IR N. Ireland
I saw 2 immature female Black Darters beside the pond near the entrance to Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh, this afternoon, these being the 1st I have heard about this year in Northern Ireland. There were also 2 Common Blue damselflies, 1 or 2 Variable Damselflies and 3 Emerald Damselflies.

July 8th PMa E. Sussex
Old Lodge Reserve, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Ashdown Forest, intermittent sun and showers - Small Red Damselfly (8), Emperor (1), Southern Hawker (1), Brilliant Emerald (2 in mating wheel), Keeled Skimmer (3), Golden-ringed Dragonfly (1), Broad-bodied Chaser (1) plus Blue-tailed, Azure, Large Red and Common Blue Damselflies.

July 10th JWe Gwynedd
Golden-ringed dragonfly and a male common hawker both present today along the Dell stream at Bodnant Gardens in the Conwy Valley.

July 13th DMcG Lancs.
1+ brown hawker, my first of the year although already reported from Marton Mere LNR, and 1 Emperor at Devonshire Road Rock Gardens Blackpool

July 13th R&LH Devon
Belstone, Dartmoor near Oakhampton SX 620 925 found 1 immature female Black Darter; several Black tailed skimmer;
Large red damselflies, some in tandem; 2 Golden ringed dragonflies.

July 13th RWi Norfolk
The weather was overcast at Hickling Broads but still some good stuff around 2 Norfolk Hawkers, 1 Brown Hawker, 2 Variable Damselfly and Some Four Spotted Chasers and Common Darter.

July 12th/13th LMcC Somerset
12th July, Waldegrave Pond Priddy Mineries. Weather variable - windy and overcast with some sunny intervals. Large numbers of blue tailed and azure damselflies in vegetation round pond - several mating wheels. 2 ovipositing pairs. Male Emperor seen away from water hunting along path. No large dragonfly activity over water.
13th July, Waldegrave Pond Priddy Mineries.
Weather mainly sunny - some wind although this kept dropping. 2 Male Emperors patrolling over water - clashed at one point. 2 female Emperors ovipositing - one nearly drowned and later chased away by male. 3 Downy Emeralds (males?) flying over water, 1 teneral male Black Darter landed on my boot while I was watching 4 or 5 Four Spotted Chasers and several Black Tailed Skimmers having clashes over the water. Lots of damselflies in mares tail on pond, including 1 ovipositing Blue Tailed and 3 pairs of Azure ovipositing in tandem. 1 Emerald Damselfly ovipositing near middle of pond. Lots of interspecies clashes taking place with smaller species "buzzing" Emperors and Emperors chasing other species away very firmly!

July 15th NW Notts.
Grantham Canal, Wild's Bridge, Owthorpe: Despite a high wind the sunny, hot conditions resulted in a lot of activity including 30+ Four-spotted Chasers holding territories, "in cop" and ovipositing, 1 male Emperor, 1 male Southern Hawker, 20+ Common Darters including in tandem and "in cop", Common Blue Damselflies, Azure Damselflies and many Small Red-eyed Damselflies.

I first saw the latter at this site in August 2006. Unlike that occasion several of the females were seen ovipositing today.

July 16th PWi Hampshire
16 species at Latchmore Brook today including 16 Southern Damselflies and 6 Scarce Blue-tailed. Large numbers of Small Red Damsels and Keeled Skimmers.

July 20th PCa Derbyshire
Calopteryx virgo: loads of these on the nettles along the Derwent in Borrowash. Later on, saw a few male Calopteryx splendens in the same area.

July 20th RWi Norfolk
Dersingham Bog: Emerald Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly and the Black Darters are now out.
Snettisham Coastal Park: Black Tail Skimmer and Common Blue Damselfly. More on

July 20th DSm Devon
About 15 BDS members gathered for a sunny but very breezy days on SW Dartmoor today. We found 16 species at Smallhanger, including Scarce Blue-tailed (small numbers only in the wind) and Small Red Damselflies, 2 emerging Common Hawkers, a Southern Hawker (scarce here), 10 Black-tailed Skimmers and about 30 each of Keeled Skimmer and Black Darter. A small part of the site to the north-east has been fenced off prior to clay excavation over the next 3 years, but the remained of the site is very wet and in good condition. A briefer visit to Cadover Bridge revealed more Scarce Blue-tails, though Crassula helmsii is threatening this otherwise very stable SBTD site.

July 21st IR N. Ireland
I saw up to 3 Common Hawkers (Aeshna juncea) in grassy fields at Derrylee, just west of Annagarriff Wood, Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh, this afternoon (21st July). Also seen in the Park were a 4 Spot Chaser, 2 Common Darters and a probable Black Darter. Weather though cloudy was warmish and muggy (temperature c. 20 deg. C.). This is the first definite Common Hawker record in Northern Ireland I know about this year though I saw a possible one at Navan Quarry near Armagh a few weeks ago.

July 23rd DH Hampshire
Brown Hawker, male, seen and photographed at Eyeworth Pond, New Forest. I first saw this species at this location in 2006. I am led to believe that they have not been seen here too often. GR SU228146

July 17th/23rd CMo Cornwall
17th: footpath near Lamorna Valley : 2 male, 1 female Golden-ringed dragonflies feeding and resting in sunny sheltered path.
23rd: Stream on Penrose Estate nr. Helston. Over 100m of stream 6 males, later 2 copulating pairs of Golden-ringed dragonflies. Many male and females Beautiful Demoiselles along the stream.

July 22nd/24th GHi Surrey/Hampshire
22nd, Surrey: Brilliant Emerald at Frensham Little Pond
24th, Hampshire: Three Small Red-eyed Damselflies at Tundry Pond (one on main pond, two on small fishing pond to West of bridge). Also plenty of Large Red-eyed Damselflies.

July 24th KD Cambs/Northants
Maxey Pits: Male lesser emperor hawking in the same area where several were seen last year and ovipositing was recorded (single male also seen in 2006). 26 emperors counted here and several hundred BT skimmers.

July 27th RA W. Sussex
Lots of Common Darters, several Emperors and 1 Black Tailed Skimmer at Maidenbower, Crawley flood pond. On streams nearby several Beautiful Demoiselles.

July 27th LB Surrey
Thursley Nature Reserve: Smalll numbers of Brown Hawkers, Emperors and Black-tailed Skimmers, but good numbers of Small Red Damsels, Emerald Damsels and Blue-tailed Damsels. Good numbers of Black Darters and Keeled Skimmers and a couple of Common Darters seen, although many more of the darters were staying around the heathers and grasses over the boggy areas.

July 26th AN Bucks.
The first Bucks Migrant Hawker to-date was 26 July. There have been a few about over this last weekend

July 26th/27th SC Wiltshire
First sighting, this year, of Small Red-eyed Damselflies on Saturday. At the Great Western Hospital balancing pond in Swindon. 40-50 present including both tenerals and ovipositing pairs. On Sunday I visited Spye Park near Calne. The site is an acid heathland, a unique habitat in North Wilts. A stream in the valley [normally out of bounds] yielded 4 or 5 Golden-ringed Dragonflies, all males holding territories. It looks suitable for Beautiful Demoiselles too but none seen. Also seen were Brown and Southern Hawkers, a pristine female Broad-bodied Chaser and several teneral Common Darters.

July 27th SSe Cumbria
At Scalesby Moss near Carlisle today, 6+ White-faced Darters were still on the wing but only 1 female was seen egg laying. There were also 15+ Black Darters, 10+ Common Darters, 1 Four spotted Chaser, many Emerald Damsels and one newly emerged Common Hawker. There are photo's on my blog at

July 27th TH N. Yorkshire
Six Yorkshire Branch of the BDS members turned up for a gloriously warm and sunny day at Fen Bog, North Yorkshire on Sunday.We managed to see 29 Keeled Skimmer, 4 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 6 Black Darter, 1 Emperor, 3 Common Hawker and 8 Large Red Damselfly. Please visit the Yorkshire Branch website for pics.

July 28th DMcE Berkshire
Two male Small Red-Eyed Damselfly (Erythromma Viridulum) were seen in ornamental ponds behind the old Shire Hall Building in Shinfield Park at SU 727689. This follows the sighting of six "possibles" on Friday 25th. This is the first record of the species at this site.
These two ponds are quite small, shallow and well-vegetated, with the damselflies flying & setttling over a patch of water lilies in the larger of the two ponds, and in a small shallow area close to the edge of the path, where prolonged views could be enjoyed.
Emperor, Brown Hawker, Ruddy Darter, Azure, Common Blue, Blue-Tail and Red-Eyed Damsels were also present.

July 29th GHi Surrey
Boldermere (at junction of A3 and M25). Hundreds of Large Red-Eyed Damselflies (Erythromma najas) and at least 60 Small Red-Eyed Damselflies (Erythromma viridulum). Also a few Ruddy Darters.

July 27th SM Hampshire
27 July 2008: Crockford Stream and Hatchet Pond, New Forest(13 species); Beautiful Demoiselle, Emerald Damselfly, Small Red Damselfly, Southern Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Keeled Skimmer, Common Darter, Black Darter. Southern Damsels, beautiful Demoiselles, Keeles Skimmers and Golden-ringed Dragonflies were at Crockford; Small Red Damsels and Black Darters at Hatchet.

July 28th SM Hampshire
Warren Heath, Hants: Emerald Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Brilliant Emerald (1), Four-spotted Chaser, Keeled Skimmer.

July 30th PWi Hampshire
There were at least four Red-veined Darters by the Upper Balancing Pond at Keyhaven, Hants (grid ref SZ314932). There was also one Small Red-eyed Damselfly on water lilies there.

July 23rd/27th RNe Essex
23rd: A single Migrant Hawker along back road, seen close up perched briefly at approx TL814082.
27th: Maldon Wick Pond TL840050: large hatch of Small Red eyed Damselfly (non present at site on 22nd but reported on 23rd by a friend) also present on 27th, Brown Hawker, Southern Hawker, Emperor (female ovipositing) Black-tailed Skimmer (female seen dipping at surface egg laying), Emerald Damselfly (inc pair observed, female egg laying rushes) Ruddy Darter.

July 24th MPa Norfolk
Neatishead Marshes close to Horning: Norfolk hawker x 2 (caught in net), Brown hawker >30, southern hawker x 1.
Dersingham Bog: Black Darter x 2, emerald, common blue and blue-tailed damselflies.
Beeston Common: Southern hawker, Emperor, common blue damselfly, small red damselfly.

August 3rd RP Cambs.
Far from ideal conditions at Mepal Gravel pits but the first 3 Migrant Hawkers of my season were feeding in the lee of willow trees. Also noted were Brown Hawkers, Black-tailed Skimmers, Common and Ruddy Darters. Common Blue Damsels were numerous with smaller numbers of Blue-tailed, Azures and a single Red-eyed.

August 3rd BH Lincs.
Gibraltar Point NNR, Sunny but windy conditions. Small red-eyed damselfly 3 males, Emperor 2m 1f, Black-tailed Skimmer 6m, Common darter 4, Blue-tailed damselfly 2, Common blue damselfly 15.

August 3rd HC Essex
Heavy rain gave way to warm sunshine around 11am at Fingringhoe Wick NR and we saw 10 species. This comprised 2 Emperor males, 5 Southern Hawkers (one female), my first Migrant Hawkers this year (a male and a female), a male Brown Hawker, Common and Ruddy Darters (>10 each) including cop & ovipositing, large numbers of Common Blue damselflies, a lone Azure, plenty of Blue-Tailed damselflies, and a few Small Red-Eyed damselflies up fairly close. We are sure there were very many more of the latter, flying far out over the large ponds, but it was just impossible to positively identify them against a strong sunlit background.

August 4th DMcE Berkshire
Following the sighting of 28th July (see below) I can report two ovipositing pairs of Small Red-Eyed Damselflies in the ornamental ponds at Shinfield Park, and at least 8 unattached males. However, numbers of other damselfly species (Azures, Red-Eyed, Common Blues etc) were pretty low, probably reflecting the heavy rain we had this weekend.
The only Anisopterids were a few Common Darters, and a female Southern Hawker was patrolling the edge of the woodland. Surprisingly no Brown Hawkers on this visit.

August 4th SMo Hampshire
Following on from observations made on the 5th & 8th June 2008 of White-Legged Damselflies at Odiham (believed to be new to the area). I saw a male and a female of this species further downstream at Dogmersfield today.

August 4th MMcC Northumberland
Banded Demoiselle seen on reed mace in reserve Druridge Pools along pathway. Observed for over twenty minutes with three witnesses.

August 4th/6th RP Cambs.
On Monday the 4th of August 50 to 60 Small Red-eyed Damselflies active on the Forty Foot drain near Chatteris - Horseway area, TL 433870. Several pairings and ovipositing seen into thick surface duckweed. Today only 5 males visible after yesterday's continuous rain. Also present on the 4th: Brown, Migrant and Southern Hawkers, Four-spotted Chaser, Common and Ruddy Darters; Emerald, Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damsels.

August 14th DA Bedfordshire
A count of 45 Small Red-eyed Damselflies has been made on a pond at the RSPB's Headquarters, The Lodge at Sandy, by Mark Ward and Kevin Middleton. This count includes 12 pairs in tandem. This is the largest count ever made for this species in Bedfordshire.

August 19th CMo Cornwall
Ventongimps Moor. 1 Southern Hawker female, 1 Southern Hawker male imm. Golden-ringed males several, Beautiful Demoiselles male & female a few pairs, Keeled Skimmers - several male & females, Common Darters male & females many, Emerald Damsels pairs several, Blue Tailed Damsels - few.

August 22nd CH Surrey
A good selection of odonates at Ancell's Farm today before the sun went in. Masses of Common Darters in tandem and wheel formations, a few teneral Common Darters in the grass, female Common Hawker ovipositing, a male Common Hawker came in for a brief look, c3 Brown Hawkers including two females ovipositing, female Southern Hawker came up to me for a close-up, male Emperor patrolling more or less all the time I was there, a worn Four-spot looking like he had been in a fight, one Emerald Damselfly suffering from inertia and one or two obliging Small Red Damselflies (such an awesome design). Add a few Speckled Woods, Small Whites, a Sparrowhawk, a Kestrel, four Buzzards and several Sand Lizards (some with docked tails) - not a bad couple of hours...

August 29th SCh Bedfordshire
A misleading statement was posted recently regarding the number of 45 Small Red-eyed Damselflies being the largest count ever made for this species in Bedfordshire. This is in error as there have been a number of records for this species made by me well in excess of 100 at a number of sites in the county dating back over the last few years [2004-2007].

August 29th DH Hampshire
Keyhaven/Pennington Marshes, 30c Migrant Hawkers on the wing. Fresh males in the main and one pair in cop. 6 Common Darters.

August 29th DSm Devon
I managed to find 14 species today for a SERC training workshop. Chudleigh Knighton Heath had several Common Hawkers (one ovipositing and one pair in cop) and Southern Hawkers, Emperor, one Azure and lots of Emerald Damselflies and my first Black Darter (a male) here. At Stover CP we found 6 Beautiful Demoiselles, 6 Red-eyed Damselflies (one ovipositing) and Southern and Migrant Hawkers amongst fair numbers of Common Darters and Emerald and Common Blue Damselflies. Finally, a quick look at Alphin Brook, Countess Wear, revealed Banded Demoiselles, one Red-eyed Damselfly, Southern and Migrant Hawkers, but no White-legged remained.

August 30th MT Northants.
100+ Small Red-eyed Damselflies, including many tandem, copulating and oviposting pairs at Higham Ferrers pits. They were quite close to the water's edge, nevertheless I had to wade out to get some decent photos. No "Large" red-eyes though. Also present, many Migrant Hawker and Brown Hawker, Common Darter including oviposting, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies and a couple of Southern Hawker. The Nearby River Nene hosted plenty of Banded Demoiselle and a few Migrants.

September 8th/10th GB Oxon/Bucks
Extraordinary large numbers of Common Darter this year - both days 500+ - and only 1 small pond actually in the wood - also good numbers of Migrant Hawker and 2 Southern Hawker ovipositing in and around the pond up mossy tree roots etc!
On one Wooden bench on the main ride I saw 26 Common Darters soaking up the late afternoon sun (16.30) - some still showing bright colours others looking the worse for our current weather.

September 14th MT Northants.
At Yardley Chase this afternoon were 6+ Southern Hawker, including 1 ovipositing, a few Brown Hawker, many Migrant Hawker mating and ovipositing, Emerald and Azure Damselflies ovipositing, Ruddy and Common Darter and Common and Blue-tailed Damselflies.

September 16th MT Northants.
A stroll along the River Ise this lunchtime looked unpromising due to the over-cast conditions, until several female White-legged Damselflies made an appearance in the nettles by the riverside. The Ise seems to support late flying adults of this species in most years despite the weather.

September 18th AT W. Midlands
Female Southern Hawker depositing eggs between bricks around my pool. Got caught in the water weed and I scooped it out and it settled on my hand for about 15 secs.

September 14th RFr Northants.
Higham Ferrers pits: 20+ small red-eyed damselflies male adults

September 21st MleM Cleveland
On a sunny afternoon on Teesside one male migrant hawker patrolling around the works attenuation pond. The first one I have seen in this part of the country. Also present were several common darters.

September 21st RFr Northants
Higham Ferrers pits: 16 adult male small red eyed damselflies

September 26th JWS Berkshire
After what has been an awful year for dragonfly records hereabouts, I have had two extraordinary sightings today. I last saw Broad-bodied Chaser on 28 July 2008, and until today my all-time latest was 29 Aug 2001. But today I have seen it at two sites separated by some five miles. At Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield, a male was holding territory. At first, I could not believe my eyes, but I blinked, put my bins on it and sure enough it was L. depressa. I was able to get close. Its body was was a fresh blue; it had one damaged rear wing which did not affect its flight. Also at FFTF I recorded 30+ Common Darter, 17 Common Blue Damsels, 2 Blue-tailed, 8 Migrant Hawkers (inc 2 ovipositing females)and 2 Ruddy Darter. In the afternoon I visited Crowthorne Woods. Pairs of Common and Black Darter were ovipositing at this heathland site, when in came a bright yellow dragonfly with the unmistakable body shape of a female L. depressa. The dragonfly passed by the side of the pond and flew off, going down in an area which was a mixture of grass and scrub. Despite searching I was unable to locate it. Its failure to visit water suggested it was unmated. Other species seen today were Southern Hawker and Emerald Damsel, making 9 species in total. Quite a memorable day!

September 28th SCh Bedfordshire
Many Common Darter on wing today. Dozens ovipositing in tandem at Willington gravel pits. Lots of Migrant, a few Southern and a couple of Brown Hawkers. Common Blue and Blue tailed Damselflies still in evidence. Yesterday saw a Red Eyed in Berkshire which is rather late.

September 18th SD Surrey
Many Black & Common Darters seen at Thursley NNR, many in tandem and oviposting. Also Golden-ringed Dragonfly photographed at rest between The Moat pond and the boardwalks. Brown and possibly Migrant Hawkers seen patrolling over The Moat, and Common Hawker seen/photographed at rest in the nearby woods.

October 11th SCh Beds.
Bedford By Pass Gravel pits- The warm weather today was ideal for late flying dragonflies. Still lots of Common Darter on the wing with many pairs in tandem ovipositing. Also Migrant Hawkers in cop and ovipositing. Photos show wings looking very tatty. Southern Hawkers still on wing and Common Blue Damsels still hanging on.

October 12th SC Wiltshire
In glorious sunshine I spent 2hrs checking out Lower Moor Farm and Swillbrook Lakes in the Cotswold Water Park. The tally was: [Lower Moor] Migrant Hawker - 2 males; Southern Hawker - 1m; Brown Hawker - 1m. Common Darter - 7m, 12f, 2prs in cop and a f ovi. Most surprising however were 6 male Common Blue Damselflies!
[Swillbrook] Common Darter - 6m, 8f. Common Blue Damsel - 1m.
Also 6 species of butterflies.
Not bad for mid-October.

October 5-14th AP SW England + Ireland
Following major arrivals of North American birds, there have recently been several reports of "possible" Green Darners (Anax junius) from Ireland and the Scilly Isles - though unfortunately it seems that few, if any, were seen really well. Observers may wish to be on the lookout for the species!

October 12th-19th CMo Cornwall
12th: Windmill Farm,CWTR Common Blue Damsels 3 male 1 female. Emerald Damsels 1 tandem pair. Common Darters many tandem pairs. Migrant Hawker female 1 - feeding - resting. Migrant Hawker male 3.
18th: Carminoe Creek, Loe Pool, Helston. Sunny cool conditions: Common Darter 1 male. Migrant Hawker 10+ males feeding.
19th: Carminowe Creek, Loe Pool. Helston. Cloudy, windy, very cool conditions. Migrant Hawker male 5+, Migrant Hawker female 1 ovipositing.

October 21st SC Wiltshire
Lower Moor Farm, Cotswold Water Park. A late pm visit produced the expected Common Darters [25+] but more of a surprise was one male Common Blue Damselfly still hanging in there. This is the latest date ever for Wiltshire [as far as I am aware]! No Aeshnids, but perhaps a bit late in the day.

October 23rd ERa Hampshire
Female Southern Hawker found dead at side of the road, Velmead Road, Fleet, on way home from school. It was 150m away from Basingstoke Canal, 200m from Velmead Common SSSI and 1.4km from Fleet Pond.

October 24th CMo Cornwall
Carminowe Creek-Loe Pool, nr Helston: after strong wind & rain on 23rd - sunny calm conditions: 1 male & 1 female Common Darter, 4 male Migrant Hawkers.

October 31st SC Wiltshire
Reported to me today by one of my recorders [Nick Wynn]:
"I saw a male Common darter sunning itself on a fence post in a sheltered nook near Westbury Station this morning. The frost was barely off the grass!"
Has anyone carried out studies to see if S. striolatum has an inbuilt natural antifreeze?

October 4th LH Devon
DWT site Bystock Exmouth, SY 034 843: Southern hawker patrolling along path below pine trees at 14 55 today. Temperature was 11:C and cloudy.

November 8th STh Cumbria
1 Southern Hawker female patrolling ride at edge of Foulshaw Moss CWT Reserve, Witherslack, Cumbria. My first sighting in this area for many weeks
[Could this have been a Migrant Hawker? The late date make Southern seem unlikely. - Ed.]

November 11th JWS Berkshire
Four Common Darters on the wing today in a sheltered corner at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield. Weather bright and sunny, but temp only 9C and strong, cold wind. My first sightings since 25 October. These specimens have survived the two inches of snow and overnight frost we had on the night of 28/29 October, and the subsequent dull, overcast conditions.

November 12th PTi Bucks
Darter sp (presumed Common) observed briefly south of Westbury near small lake close to R Ouse at SP626346. Heard rattling of wings and it flew up from vegetation on the roadside verge and away towards the lake, so only a brief view but got it in binoculars. Was darter shape and size but could see no other detail. Weather was sunny, ca 10 deg C with wind speed 3-4.

November 19th MM Suffolk
Common Darter observed sunning itself on fence by private pool at BT Martlesham Heath at 11 o'clock on morning of 19th November.

November 20th JWS Berkshire
Still a few Common Darters about. Three were seen during a quick walk round the lake at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield, at noon today. Conditions: mild, T=13C, cloudy, brief sunny intervals, breezy. I have not seen any on heathland sites for some weeks.

December 1st LC Beds.
Single common darter "sunning" itself on south facing wall of the main house at RSPB, The Lodge, Sandy. Haven't seen any others for a couple of weeks now.

December 5th DSm Devon
A Common Darter was seen at Stover Country Park today.

December 21st WRJ Glamorgan
Female Sympecma fusca Winter Damselfly was found on the canal at Tonna, Near Neath approximately one week ago. It was photographed and identified by Steve Coker (who made the original observation) and Mike Powell (VC41 Dragonfly Recorder). This most interesting and important record (if accepted) was first mentioned on the Glamorgan Moth Recording Groups website. My thanks to Barry Stewart for posting it. This is we believe only the second British mainland record.
[From Adrian Parr, 31/12/2009] Yes, the record has already been accepted. It is, I believe, a first for mainland Britain - though not entirely unexpected given recent trends on the near Continent. Although another sighting once appeared on the NBN Gateway no-one was familiar with the record and it seems to have been the result of a data entry error. (The species has however occurred on the Channel Isles as a vagrant).
Although Steve Coker helped make the ID, the damselfly was originally found by a lay member of the public, who just happened to be intrigued by the find and got in touch with the BDS when it looked like it might be something unusual. We're so glad she did, rather than just let things slip!
The location of the sighting is interesting. An accidental introduction is perhaps not totally ruled out, but there was significant immigration into this general area of Wales and adjacent parts of England during the heady days of 2006. Perhaps there is now an established colony present?
See photo at