Sightings - Late 2007

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between July and December 2007. You can also go back to the Sightings Archive page.

July 1st Hants/Norfolk/Cambs AR
A visit on during poor weather to the New Forest, South Hampshire, produced the following records: At Mill Brook Lawn 4 small red damsels, 3 southern damsels, 1 broad-bodied chaser and 1 emperor. At Hatchet Pond 1 scarce blue-tailed damsel and 1 common damsel.
At Holt Lowes, East Norfolk, on there were 20+ keeled skimmer (3 adult males but other males immature) and 5 common blue damsels (all female).
At Wicken Fen, Cambs, on there were 9 variable damsels, 5+ blue-tailed damsels, 50+ azure damsels, 1 hairy dragonfly and 4 four-spotted chaser.
I am pleased also to report my discovery of a male scarce emerald damsel at the Norfolk Ornithologists' Association reserve at Hempton Marsh, West Norfolk, on 30.v.2007 (visit for photo's of anal appendages).
There was a report on my pager of several red-veined darters at Langmere Nature Reserve, West Norfolk (c 3.5km north-east of Thetford), on Will check this out tomorrow - rain permitting!


July 1st N. Ireland IR
I saw at least 1 Black Darter (sex undetermined) at Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh, on 1st July, 2 other Darters seen in an area where I often see the 1st Black Darters looked more likely from their size to be Common Darters, of which at least 3 were seen elsewhere. Also seen was a Brown Hawker (not often seen, at least by me, in the Park due to the acid conditions), about 5 Common Hawkers (my first in Northern Ireland this year), about 6 Emerald Damselflies, 3 Four-spotted Chasers, and a few Blue-tailed Damselflies and Variable Damselflies. There were also 2 Brown Hawkers, plenty of Common Blue Damselflies and an Emerald Damselfly at Reilly Wood NNR, and a Common Darter at Legalough near Belcoo, both Co. Fermanagh, on 30th June.
This is I believe all 17 normal resident Odonata species recorded in Northern Ireland this year; it remains to be seen whether the 3 incipient colonists, Emperor Anax imperator, Lesser Emperor Anax parthenope, and Migrant Hawker Aeshna mixta, which were all confirmed for the first time in Northern Ireland in 2006, or any other migrant or vagrant species, also put in an appearance.



July 2nd West Mids. CMa
West Midlands County. Clayhanger Marsh S.S.S.I.
Exceptional numbers of Emerald Damselfly this year, Common Blue Damsels are on the wing. First records today for Common Darter (2) and Blackmailed Skimmer (2) Both of which are earlier than usual. Unusually no Four-Spotted Chaser or Large Red Damsels so far this year!



July 4th Essex TC
June 30- July 3rd, Writtle College, wildlife pond, Essex.
Over the last few days have found Ruddy Darters emerging from the pond. Interestingly they were choosing the stems of Marsh Marigolds,(Caltha palustris) as their emerging perch, which had nice large canopy leaves, that acted as umbrella's against the heavy showers!



July 5th Hampshire AR
Following my note of 1st July weather has not allowed a follow-up to reported red-veined darters at Langmere NR in West Norfolk.
A second visit to the New Forest, Hampshire, in poor weather on 5.vii.2007produced the following records:
At Mill Brook Lawn 5 small red damsels including 1 f.melanogastrum and 1 f.intermedia females, 3 azure damsels and 1 teneral male keeled skimmer.
At Crockford Stream 7 beautiful demoiselles, 7 southern damsels (1 teneral female), 1 female f. melanogastrum small red damsel, 2 common emerald damsels, 1 azure damsel, 1 common darter and 3 broad-bodied chasers.
No sign of scarce blue-tailed damsels at Mill Brook Lawn or Hatchet Pond in strong winds.
Photo's to be posted on



July 8th Nothants. MT
Following a break in the weather, I took a visit to The River Nene at Denford. I was pleased to see that good numbers of Scarce Chaser were still around, performing as expected, including two pairs in-cop. It's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from the Black-tailed Skimmer, as the two clashed ferociously over territories. The Skimmers were also seen oviposting. A handful of White-legged Damselflies were present, and appear to have begun to colonise this part of the river.



July 7th Oxon./Hants. NJP
3+ Brown Hawker at Bernwood Forest, Oxfordshire, Sat 7th July, with one perching on my ear for awkward but close inspection! Also Purple Emperor butterfly (1 in car park).
Southern Hawker (10+), Migrant Hawker, Emperor, Common Darter, Azure Damselfly and Large Red Damselfly at Bentley Wood, Hampshire. Also Purple Emperor butterfly (1 female and 2 males in car park).



July 8th Hunts. S&LD
Liz and I have just found Small Red-eyed Damselfly at a private site on Farcet Fen, Hunts. At least five insects at one private location including an ovipositing pair. See for record shot.
Brian Stone found them in central Peterborough last year (c.8 miles away), but I don't know of any other sites locally, or Hunts, that has recorded this species to date.
I've not heard of any SRED on the wing at any other sites so far this summer, but presumably just not reported.
Plenty of other drags on the wing today including first date for Brown Hawker (inc. one in garden this morning) not to mention thunder-bugs! We're crawling with the little bleeders!



July 8th Surrey KD
Took advantage of a nice day to visit Thursley Common with John Wright and Paul Powell. Besides all of the expected species, a surprise find was a male lesser emperor hanging high in a pine tree at the back of Moat pond. After about ten minutes the insect flew off over the trees towards the heath. [Confirmed by photo]



July 5th-8th Ayrshire FS
Common Hawkers are now on the wing in Ayrshire with singles noted at Allantonplains Wood, Corsehouse Reservoir, Glenouther Moor, and Craigens Hill. Common Darters also emerging with tenerals at Gailes Marshes and Carrick Hills. Also 100+ Emerald Damselflies at Gailes Marshes, Irvine. Golden-ringed Dragonflies noted at Quarrel Hill, Craigens Hill, and North Glen App.



July 9th Wilts. SC
As I had to work all weekend today was the first opportunity to go hunting during this current spell of fine weather. I'm pleased to be able to report Small Red-eyed Damselflies [20+ males] at the balancing pond in front of Great Western Hospital, Swindon - where they were seen for the first time last year. None at Coate Water yet, but little floating vegetation yet; all the rain has raised the water surface level and the aquatic plants are still playing 'catch-up'. Also saw my first Brown Hawker of the year at Coate W. today.



July 8th W. Midlands EDL
I was told by a friend that the dragonfly [found in my garden] was probably a southern hawker. Having looked at your website and given my location in the midlands I think this is probably right. [Confirmed from photo]. I live in Edgbaston, in central Birmingham. I don't know what sort of range these dragonflies have for flying, but I would have assumed it came from Edgbaston reservoir, which is just a few hundred metres away from my house.



July 7th/8th Hampshire MGi
On 7th and 8th July I visited Mill Lawn Brook in the New Forest and saw the following - 10+ Southern Damselflies, 20+ Small Red Damselflies, 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies, 1 Azure Damselfly, 1 Emperor, 1 Broad-bodied Chaser and 2 Common Darters (7th). On the 8th I at last caught up with my target species, Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly. It was seen well and photographed in cloudy conditions with little else around compared with the previous day .
At home in my garden in Christchurch on 7th I had 2 White-legged Damselflies, one a stunning blue male, these have been showing on all sunny days since my earlier report back in May.
Of other interest on 4th I too visited Bentley Wood and had a male Purple Emperor butterfly down on my car's radiator grill !



July 9th-12th Glos. IT
First sightings of 5 or 6 Small red-eyed damselflies on 9th July at Coombe Hill Nature Reserve, The Wharf end of the canal. Subsequently about 12 seen on both the 11th and 12th July, with 2 cop pairs/ovipositing. Also Brown Hawker patrolling the canal and chasing off an Emperor. 2 female Emperors seen ovipositing. Numerous Ruddy and Common Darters present.



July 14th Northants. MT
As further evidence of their expansion eastwards in Northants, I recorded Beautiful Demoiselle for the first time in several 1km squares on the River Nene, between Everden and Flore. Banded Demoiselle and White-legged Damselflies were also present.



July 15th N. Ireland IR
I saw a single female Keeled Skimmer near Killevy Castle, South Armagh, today (15th July). Nearby was at least 1 Common Hawker. At the adjacent Slieve Gullion Forest, there was another Common Hawker, a male Azure Damselfly, about 3 Blue-tailed Damselflies and about 6 Emerald damselflies beside a small lake on the Scenic Drive.
On 14th July Brown Hawker was common at both Crom and Reilly Wood, Co. Fermanagh, with 8-10 seen.



July 15th Yorks. MTh
A sighting of a Red-eyed Damselfly at 18 50 hours on the Moorhouse Lane Ponds near the Anglers Country Park, Wintersett near Wakefield is the first record of this species for the Wintersett recording area. A female was seen well (using a scope) perched at the far end of some blanket weed on the 'Big Pond'. This record follows a sighting of a Lesser Emperor on the Anglers Country Park on the 8th July by Paul Meredith and Steve Denny.



July 14th/15th Hampshire D&SI
My wife Sally and I were looking for damselflies to the north of Latchmore Brook, south east of Fordingbridge,(around Grid ref 195 127), on the 14th. and 15th July. We managed to see at least a dozen Scarce Blue tails, 20+ Small Reds, and 1 Southern Damsel, 2 ovipositing Golden Rings, several Keeled Skimmers, Large Red Damsels, and Blue tailed damsels. We also saw 3 Southern damsels, 3 Scarce Blue tails, and 5 Small Red damsels at Mill Lawn Brook.



July 16th W. Yorks. MPr
I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire and record an area called Raw Nook which is adjacent to my garden pond. I have never before recorded a Southern Hawker at the site. However, the species has bred in my pond and I have recorded over the last 2 weeks 9 emerging from their larval skins !



July 1st Notts. AMR
Location: Ferry Lane near Sturton-le-Steeple (Notts) SK 802 847. Date: Sunday 1 July 2007 pm. Immature Black-tailed Skimmer flying along the lane and alighting on the stony surface of the wheel ruts. The immediate area is flat arable land with drainage ditches and hedges.



July 19th Somerset ST
Bum Brook, Shurton, Somerset. 19/7/07. 2 golden-ringed dragonfly (female ovipositing), 20+ banded demoiselle, 1 migrant hawker, 1 common hawker, 1 female common darter, 1 large red damselfly and 2 emperor patrolling.



July 21st London (Surrey) MH
Small Red-eyed Damselfly observed through spotting scope at the London Wetland Centre, Barnes, London (Surrey) this morning, 21 July 2007.



July 15th-20th Dorset RGr
Holton Lee, Dorset. The premier site for the rarer species is the Horseshoe Pond = HP, although other places such as the Hide pond hold perhaps larger numbers of the commoner species. CMH = Chase Manhattan Hide
Emerald Damselfly 2, HP 17 July
Large Red Damselfly 2 males at HP 19 July
Small Red Damselfly Max. c.6, HP 17 July
Azure Damselfly 1,Barn pond 16 July,1 HP,20 July
Blue-tailed Damselfly c. 6, Barn Pond 16 July, 1, HP 18 July, ovipositing at Barn Pond 19 July
Common Blue Damselfly Hide Pond 18 July
Southern Hawker 1 or 2 on the heath 17-19 July
Brown Hawker 1, disused railway 18 July
Emperor A female ovipositing in HP 17 July, male quartering there 19-20 July
Golden-ringed Dragonfly 1 feeding on the Heath 16 July. Another perched in gorse, disused railway, and one flying over heath with prey, 18 July. Insecting over heath again 19 July. None seen in 2006.
Four-spotted Chaser 1 or 2, Hide Pond 18 July
Black-tailed Skimmer 1 or 2, Hide Pond 18 July, c.5 CMH scrape 19 July
Keeled Skimmer F. in Oak Tree Meadow on 15 July – the only dragonfly seen that morning! Several, including single males, on the Heath 16-17 July, also male holding territory at HP 19-20 July.
Common Darter F. on Heath 15 July – the second dragonfly of the holiday! Increasing on Heath and elsewhere 16-19 July.



July 14th/19th Surrey ROM
14th July Bookham Common Surrey: Several Emerald Damselflies, Common and Ruddy Darters + Brown Hawker on 17th.
19th July Thursley SSSI Surrey: Keeled and Black-Tailed Skimmers, Small Red Damselflies [corrected] including mating pairs, good numbers of Black Darters including mating and ovipositing pairs, Common Darters (many teneral), Emperor and Brown Hawker.



July 19th Glos. IT
The small red-eyed damselflies seem to be spreading in Gloucestershire. Two more sites close to the original now have small red-eyed damsels, at The Mythe pond adjacent to the R. Severn, and at Wallsworth Hall, "Nature in Art", Twigworth, both sightings on Thursday 19th July. Several were seen at The Mythe, and about 30 including about ten cop pairs/ovipositing at Nature in Art. Since then all the areas, near Tewkesbury, have undergone a dramatic habitat change with unprecendented flooding - just watch the National News bulletins!



July 17th/18th Jersey, C.I. RPr
Grouville Jersey C.I. 17 /18 July 2007
Male Scarlet Darter seen and photographed near a small pond in Grouville, one male photographed last year 2006 at another location. Scarlet Darters bred in Jersey in the 1940s but were not recorded again till last year, no sightings of a female so far.



July 24th Essex SL
Hadleigh Castle Country Park, Essex (TQ 795 858), the weather was sunny, but a little windy. I saw 40+ male & 8+ female (all paired) Scarce Emerald Damselfly, 4+ male & 6+ female Emperor (3 females ovipositing in the same small pond), 1 Brown Hawker, 2 Migrant Hawker, 1 Black-tailed Skimmer, 1 Broad-bodied Chaser, Ruddy and Common Darter very common, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly and 2 Small Red-eyed Damselfly. One of the male Emperors took a Meadow Brown Butterfly, plucked the wings and the body was gone in seconds, wonderful stuff.



July 24th Jersey, C.I. RPr
St.Catherines wood,first sightings this year of two male Southern Hawkers and two male Migrant Hawkers. Seventeen Beautiful Demoiselles both male and female were at the same location.



July 24th Devon DSm
At Lower Bruckland Ponds there were at least 30 Small Red-eyed Damselflies and single Red-veined and Ruddy Darters. There first 3 Small Red-eyed of the year were noted here on 8th July, when there were also 3/4 Scarce Chasers, including a female and males with mating scars.



July 27th Hampshire CH
Spurred on by D&SIs 'hot news' sightings at Latchmore Brook on 14th/15th July, I went there today hoping to see and photograph Scarce Blue-tails. Disappointingly not a one did I see for my 192 mile round trip, nor any other 'Blues' come to that. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong place or, maybe it was because it was only intermittent sunny spells and quite windy, or maybe they have 'gone over' already? Anyway, I did have patrolling male and ovipositing female Golden-ringed Dragonflies, a few Small Reds including a nice female intermedia, 2+ Keeled Skimmers, male and female Beautiful Demoiselles (including 'in cop')and a male Southern hawker 'hanging up' near the car park bridge.



July 27th/28th Surrey GJe
Thursley Common. Sunny periods relatively cool at 19 degreees limited dragonflies on the wing: Red Darter, good numbers of black darter including tenerals, unfortunately showing soot dust from the large burn of last year, Emperor and brown hawker.



July 28th Surrey CH
Spent an hour on Chobham Common near Gracious Pond Road. Brilliant Emerald skirting the edges of Fishpool. Male Common Hawker patrolling up and down one of the rides along with a brief fly-past from a male Emperor. On the heath we found numerous teneral Black Darters in the heather and one very fresh Broad-bodied Chaser by one of the bog pools, no doubt teased out by the rare sunny spell. Several Black-tailed Skimmers and Common Darters plus Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damsels. A Hobby and several Grayling rounded off a lively visit.



July 29th Norfolk JF
There were several Black Darters today in various locations at Roydon Common, Norfolk. On a visit to Dersingham Bog (another good spot for them) in the week, I saw none.



July 30th Lancs. NPa
Lancashire - "Hazelmere" - SD531338 : 2 Brown hawker, 2 Common darter.



July 27th Kent JM
Forness Point, Sandwich, Kent: One male red-veined darter in pools towards point.



July 31st Shropshire ST
Berrington Pool, Shropshire: 10+ ruddy darter, 35+ common darter, 15+ emperor (many patrolling males), 10+ brown hawker, 2 migrant hawker, 2 four-spotted chaser, 10+ blue-tailed damsels, 5 azure damsels
Brown Moss, Shropshire: 5 brown Hawker, 20+ emperor, 70+ mix of common blue/azure over middle of pool, 2 ruddy darter, 20+ common darter



August 4th Hampshire C&JD
Good views of a Lesser Emperor at Tundry Pond, 2 miles west of Fleet in Hampshire today 4th August.



August 4th Middx. RMo
There were 30+ Small Red-eyed Damselflies on an ornamental pond adjacent to the Beck Theatre, Hayes, Middlesex, today, August 4th 2007. These included several ova depositing pairs.
The Beck Theatre is situated in Grange Road, just off the A4020 Uxbridge Road.



August 1st/4th Flintshire VHy
1st August. 14.30-15.00 - 'high tide' on the estuary - saw 7 females and 2-3 times that, of male banded demoiselles, Calopteryx splendens. Also a couple of blue-tailed damselflies, Ischnura elegans. Site: Higher Ferry. On the Dee Estuary Coastal Path. Between the Footbridge and Cops House Farm. SJ 3368 3657 IS GRID REF. for the footbridge (and for car parking). Saltney, near Chester. Just over the border in Flints., Wales.
Revisited the area today, (4/8/07) clutching borrowed digital camera. Felt like the cameraman in the kitkat advert. The moment you turn your back, you just know the roller-skating panda's will appear! Today the weather was more overcast. Hence the little devils were being elusive. Managed to spot a couple of females briefly, before they disappeared into the juncus. May even have a rather dodgy photo of one. Hope sunshine, camera, bandeds and I can manage to meet up again soon!



August 5th Hampshire MR/DH
Tundry Pond, Hampshire 14:30 - 16:00: Two Lesser Emperor seen together along the edge of the pond. Also 2 Brown Hawker, 1 Emperor, 20+ Black-Tailed Skimmers, Common Blue Damselflies, Red-Eyed Damselflies + Small Red-Eyed Damselflies. A great opportunity to compare the latter two species with both seen on the same reed stem.



August 6th Cambs. KD
What appears to be a "colony" of lesser emperors found this weekend at Maxey Pits, near Peterborough.
see the following links:



August 6th Lancs. NPa
Lightfoot green (SD511340) today (6th August 07) : 30+ Banded demoiselle, 3 Brown hawker, Common hawker, Emperor dragonfly, 30+ Common darter, 30+ Blue tailed damselfly, 10+ Common blue damselfly.



August 4th Ayrshire FS
Changue Glen near Barr provided 13 Common Hawkers and 4 Golden-ringed Dragonflies, one of the latter was patrolling a temporary burn less than 35cm across.



August 8th Highland BSo
Just done only the forth transect of the year at Loch Achnahinich in the north west Highlands, not a bad day, saw about 350 common blues, 7 highland darters, 10 emerald damsels a hawker and I think I caught a fleeting glimpse of a Northern emerald! Saw two northern emeralds there a few weeks ago. Heres hoping for an Indian summer.



August 5th Cheshire SSe
Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire. 2 Brown Hawkers, 1 over the canal, the other hawking around gardens and 1 male Banded Demoiselle showed well on the canal nearer to Sale. Also of note were 6+ Holly Blues, sev Speckled Woods and a Comma.



August 5th Norfolk Rle
On Sunday 5/8/07 I found a male Lesser Emperor at Felbrigg Lake, North Norfolk. After putting the news out on Rare Bird Alert several people turned up to see the insect. Subsequently a pair were seen & oviposting was noted. Also present around the lake were 3 male & 1 female R.V.Darters & several (20+?) male Small red eyes. In total 14 species were around the lake.



August 5th/10th E. Yorks. PA
10th August - c84 Small Red-eyed Damselflies at Oak Road Lake in Hull, where they appeared for the first time in East Yorkshire in 2006.
5th August - 4 Small Red-eyed Damselflies found on the Canal at Spurn, first records for the site.



August 5th/11th Oxon. SFB
There was a male Lesser Emeperor at the highly threatened Radley Lakes in Oxofordshire on 9 & 11 August at least. On 11th, it was on Thrupp Lake where it approached close enough to allow a flight pic which can be seen at
Also in Oxfordshire, there were 5-10 Small Red Eyed Damselflies at a private site near Standford in the Vale on 5 August.



August 9th/12th Lancs. DMcG
Blackpool. A new site for Ruddy Darter was reported to me on Thursday 9th August. A male and 2 ovipositing females were seen at one of the ponds between Carleton Lodge Farm estate and the crematorium. Also present that afternoon were 3 Emperors, 2 Brown Hawkers, Common Darter, 4-spotted Chaser, Emerald Damselfly, Blue Tailed Damselfly and Common Blue/Azure Damselfly.
A return visit on Sunday afternoon (12th) produced just 1 male Ruddy Darter, a female corpse in the pond, 3 Emperors including an ovipositing female, Brown Hawker and a small number of Blue Tailed Damselflies.



August 11th Berkshire JE
I visited Swinley Forest at Bracknell, Berks on 11 August and saw 13 species Odonata around Mill pond. This is obviously a good place. Highlights were 2 Golden Ringed, 3 Southern Hawker, Keeled Skimmer, Ruddy Darter, Small Red Damselfly and 4 Emerald Damselfly. Common Darter very common.



August 10th Norfolk TC
Spent a pleasant warm sunny day at Holt Lowes Country park, nr Holt, Norfolk. It was Keeled Skimmer paradise. Dozens, many mating pairs & egg laying females, also one fresh teneral with glistening wings. The list for the site, included dozens of Migrant Hawkers, 3 Brown Hawkers, good numbers of both Common & Ruddy Darters. 10/20 Large Red Damselflies (these seemed much smaller than those that I encounter in my locality earlier in the season.) A few Small Red eyes & 6 Emerald Damselflies.



August 8th/9th Somerset DSm
There were about Small Red-eyed Damselflies on the channel in front of the Island Hide at Greater Westhay SWT Reserve, including two pairs ovipositing. In contrast, Red-eyed were present on many ponds here and at Ham Wall RSPB Reserve, where four Edible(?) Frogs were trying to ambush them from the floating vegetation! Greater Westhay also had Brown, Southern and Migrant Hawkers, Emperor, Black-tailed Skimmers, Common and a few Ruddy Darters.



August 9th-15th Bucks/Devon NPa
9th August: Buckinghamshire - Holmefield wood - 5+ Brown hawker, 2+ Southern hawker, 2+ Migrant hawker, 2+ Common hawker, Banded demoiselle.
13th August: Devon - South Wonford/Milton damerel (river Waldon) - 30+ Beautiful demoiselle, Banded demoiselle, Southern hawker.
15th August: Devon - Cookbury moor plantation - 2+ Southern hawker, 2+ Common hawker.



August 17th Suffolk NM
A female Willow Emerald, Lestes (Chalcolestes) viridis, at Levington, Suffolk on 17th August 2007. First found in morning by Will Brame - then refound in afternoon. Photographs obtained.



August 22nd Lancs. NPa
Lightfoot green: 2+ Southern hawker, 5+ Common hawker, 2+ Brown hawker, 30+ Common darter, Emperor dragonfly, 2 Banded demoiselle, Blue-tailed damselfly, Common blue damselfly.



August 23rd W. Yorks MPr
Sighting of a Banded Demoiselle Friday 23rd of August, nowhere near water, flying 12 inches above the ground on one of the most crowded shopping streets in the centre of Bradford! Extremely unusual!



August 26th Norfolk AR
Over the last two weeks I have been delighted to study a large colony of Small Red-eyed Damselfly on the Hawk and Owl Trust nature reserve at Sculthorpe Moor, West Norfolk. On each visit there were c40 individuals and the results of my photographic efforts will be posted on During the course of my visits there I recorded 13 spp of Odonata and, as the site's public access develops, I'm sure it will become a favoured site for visitors. At the moment there is no general access to the SR-eye colony but this could be arranged through myself via the site cited.
Approximately 10 SR-eyes were seen at Walsey Hills, West Norfolk yesterday, including one individual that had strayed c1km from the breeding site.
In Holkham Meals, West Norfolk, there have been dozens of Migrant Hawkers present over the last three days. Banded Demoiselle, Common Blue Damsel, Brown Hawker and Southern Hawker were present today at Sculthorpe Mill, West Norfolk.



August 15th-26th N. Ireland IR
Brown Hawker in Northern Ireland:
COUNTY DOWN: 1 near Mitchells Lake in Castlewellan Forest Park on 15th August. Rare in Co. Down generally and it is not clear whether it is a regular breeder; I remember seeing one in the Walled Garden not far away some years ago.
COUNTY FERMANAGH: 2-3 at Reilly Wood NNR near Derrylin on 18th August.
COUNTY ARMAGH: 8-10 in fields near my home at Killicomaine, Portadown, on 20th August (with 1 Common Hawker and 2 Common Darters). 3 were seen not far away in fields off Bachelors Walk on 21st August and 2 near Craigavon North Lake.
I also saw about 20 Ruddy Darter at Lough Keelan near Strangford, Co. Down, on 24th August and about 10 at Carrickanab near Clough, Co. Down, on 26th August. Common Darter and Common Blue Damselfly have also been seen at sites in Co. Armagh and Down recently.



August 26th Hampshire KL
Titchfield Haven NNR, Hampshire: At 3pm on Sunday 26-08-07 I digiscoped what, at the time, I assumed to be a teneral/pale winged Brown Hawker, on uploading the image from the camera I realised that it wasn't grandis. I have just had the photograph Checked and confirmed as a male Norfolk Hawker, most likely a migrant from the near continent, as the flight times are longer there.
I have informed the county recorder & Titchfield Haven.



August 24th Cambs. KD
Mostly poor weather lately has hampered checks for Lesser Emperors at Maxey Pits, Cambs. Although a couple of searches in decent conditions since the early August sightings produced nothing. However during a visit on 24th August at 6pm (the only warm day for over a week) I was surprised to see a female patrolling one corner of the lake for a few minutes before it headed off and out of sight.



August 29th Berkshire AEDH
Greenham Common: One male Small Red-eyed Damselfly present on pond east of Control tower. (Possibly two present). Apparently holding territory on edge of large area of pond weed, chasing off other larger species including Red-eyed Damselfly and Common Blue before returning, often to the same leaf. At last found one! New for reserve and new for West Berks?
Also present were Brown Hawker, Emperor, Migrant Hawker, Common Darter and Emerald Damselfly. Elsewhere on the site was a rather late male Broad-bodied Chaser.



August 25th E. Sussex DB
On Saturday, around mid-day in warm conditions, I visited the Old Lodge nature reserve, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. Much effort has gone into improving this site for Dragonflies over the past few years, with the creation of several new ponds. This resulted in 14 Black Darters, 1 Keeled Skimmer, 1 Golden Ringed dragonfly and 4 Small Red Damselflies in a two hour search.



August 30th N. Ireland IR
On 30th August there were about 25 Black Darters at Peatlands Park, North Armagh, mostly seen near the lake closest to the entrance. Also seen were 2 Common Hawkers, about 6 Common Darters and about 6 Emerald Damselflies including a mating pair.



September 3rd W. Yorks GI
I have today, sept 3rd , taken a photograph in my suburban garden in North Leeds of a Golden Ringed dragonfly (identified via the BDS site). The nearest substantial body of water is the lake at Golden acre park on the Otley road , over a mile away.



September 2nd N. Yorks. AS
Location: Sandburn Hall Golf Club
Date: 2nd September 2007 Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Habitats: Man-made ponds and streams on a golf course
Species Recorded: Black darter - 10+; Common darter - 10+; Ruddy darter - 10+; brown hawker 4; Migrant hawker - 3;
Other species recorded throughout the summer include - emperor, four-spot chaser; azure damselfly, common blue damselfly; variable damselfly; golden-ringed dragonfly (a visitor from neighbouring Strensall Common I suspect); large red damselfly; blue tailed damselfly.



September 8th Devon C&RC
Had a good day at Smallhanger, Near Plymouth. Beautiful Demoiselle, Emerald Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Emperor x3, Southern Hawker x2, Common Hawker 20 plus, Golden Ringed x3, Keeled Skimmer, Black Tailed Skimmer and good numbers of Common Darter and Black Darter.



September 10th Northants MT
Still plenty of White-legged Damselflies today on the River Ise, that have already beaten last years latest date in the County. Also, Common Darter, Banded Demoiselle and Brown Hawker.



September 12th N. Ireland IR
I saw 1 or 2 Brown Hawkers, a Common Hawker, 3 Common Darters, 7 (male) Common Blue Damselflies and 3 or 4 Emerald Damselflies at Navan Quarry near Armagh.



September 15th Hampshire MR/DH
Sat 15th Sep; 16:00; Browndown, Hampshire: 3 female Red-Veined Darters on Browndown South near the pink wall were a nice surprise.



September 12th Hampshire PWi
On Wednesday 12th September I visited Rushbush Pond (SU384069) where there were at least forty Small Red-eyed Damselflies including five ovipositing. Although not difficult to find in Hampshire these were the first I've seen on a New Forest pond.



September 16th Devon DSm
At Lower Bruckland Ponds I flushed a newly-emerged darter from the very spot favoured by male Red-veined Darters in June and July. Unfortunately, it was carried away by the wind and I managed to lose it. However, a search of the bankside vegetation from where it came up revealed an exuvia ... of Red-veined Darter! This is the first exuvia of this species to be found in Devon. There were also 4 Small Red-eyed Damselflies present, lots of Common Blues and an egg-laying Blue-tail, plus a few Migrant Hawkers and Common Darters.



September 6th-17th Berkshire AEDH
Greenham and Crookham Commons: Further to my sightings of 2 male Red-veined Darters at Greenham Common in early June, I pleased to report that I have now confirmed breeding on the site! Between 6-17 September I found 22 exuviae (13 at Greenham and 8 at Crookham). I have not had time to check all the ponds so there are likely to be more exuviae to be found.
As far as I am aware this is the first breeding record for west Berkshire. I also saw an adult female at Greenham on 6 Sept and a pre-flight emergent male at Crookham on 17 Sept.



September 11th/12th Jersey C.I. RPr
Due to the warm weather a good number of Dragonflies & Damselflies are about.
St.Catherines Wood: Seventeen Migrant Hawkers of which two were female, five Common Darters, one male Southern Hawker, seven Beautiful Demoiselles and eight Willow Emeralds.
At Lower Mill a small pond in the Parish of Grouville six Common Darters were in tandem flying over the water dipping,there were a number of Darters all males flying solo, two male Migrant Hawkers, and seven Willow Emerald damselflies some in cop were recorded.
At one of the established sites for Southern Emerald Damselflies nine some in cop were seen also five Willow Emeralds and one male Southern Hawker.



September 20th Cumbria HC
In between showers the sun shone at 1pm on Claife Heights near Windermere, and three Common Hawkers starting hunting and clashing for food and females at a small tarn. One of them showed uncharacteristic behaviour, observing us very closely and nearly landing on one of the party. They were then joined briefly by a Migrant Hawker, two male Black Darters and a female Emerald damselfly who was ovipositing. Close by at a stretch of more open water we also saw two male Common Blue damselflies.



September 17th-21st N. Ireland IR
I saw at least 3 male Migrant Hawkers (Aeshna mixta) at Lough Money, Co. Down, on 19th September (although they took some time to appear, even after other Odonata were active). They were seen at the edge of woodland close to the Water Service building towards the NW end, where I saw 1 last year.
About a dozen or so Sympetrums were seen; I identified about 3 male Ruddy Darters and 4-5 Common Darters. There were also about 10 male Common Blue damselflies. Common Darter was also seen near Killough (1) and at a lake west of Ballydargan Hill south of Downpatrick.
In Co. Armagh, Common Darter was also seen on 17th September at Milford (1) and Navan Quarry (2), both near Armagh, and at Craigavon Lakes (2) on 21st September; Common Blue damselfly was also seen at Craigavon Lakes (4 males) on 21st September. On 12th September at Navan Quarry there were 1 or 2 Brown Hawkers, a Common Hawker, 3 or 4 Common Darters, 7 male Common Blue damselflies and 4 Emerald Damselflies.



September 27th Berkshire AEDH
Greenham and Crookham Commons. Berkshire
Red-veined Darter breeding success update: Final tally of an amazing and unprecedented 208 exuviae collected. The vast majority (193) were found at Crookham Common where the extensive, shallow, sparsely vegetated pools seem particularly suitable for this species. They even outnumbered Common Darters here, of which c180 were found, although it is possible that many exuviae of this species which emerged earlier in the year may have disintegrated in the relentless rain.
It is my impression that the bulk of the Red-veined Darter population emerged during the first three weeks of September when it was dry and relatively warm. A large proportion of the exuviae appeared fresh and undamaged. Also at Crookham, I found a another pre-flight emergent (fem) on 23 Sept and a male larva on 21 Sept which successfully emerged in our conservatory (!) and was released the following day-after a suitably copious number of photographs were taken! Finally, a teneral male was at Greenham on 27 Sept.
It will be fascinating to see what happens next spring.....



September 29th/30th Leics. KW
Still lots of Migrant Hawkers and Common Darters around at a private site near Lutterworth Leicestershire. Up to six mating pairs of Migrant Hawkers on both days and up 5 mating pairs of Common Darter, ovipositing of both species on both days. One recently emerged female Migrant Hawker on the 30th. One Brown Hawker also.
Migrant Hawker also in the middle of Hinckley on the 29th September



October 1st N. Ireland IR
Today (1st October) was a dry, reasonably bright day. At Craigavon Lakes, Co. Armagh, there were 2 male Common Blue damselflies and 3 Common Darters. At Navan Quarry near Armagh there were 3 Common Darters (and a dead one floating in a pond), at least 2 male Common Blue Damselflies and 2 male Emerald Damselflies, but no sign of any Hawker dragonflies (though I had seen a Brown and Common Hawker there last week). There was also another Common Darter in a field near nearby Loughnashade.



September 30th Norfolk MP/SP
Pensthorpe Norfolk: Common Darters M/F 25/30 Migrant Hawkers (Male) 10/12 Common Blue Damselfly 3/4



September 15th Cambs. KD
Confirmation of the breeding of red-veined darters at Maxey Pits for a second year. I found a single teneral male on 15th September, unfortunately I didn't have chance to follow this up as I was out of the country for the remainder of September.



October 2nd Norfolk GCB
There were several hundred, possibly more, Common darters in Holkham Woods with 100+ Migrant Hawkers on 2nd October. They were all along the sheltered open tracks and clearings sheltering in the brisk easterly breeze. Presumably, given the arrival of birds from Europe at the same time, many of these were also immigrants.



October 4th Northants. MT
The beautiful weather today prompted a lunchtime walk along the River Ise, where I was surprised to find several Banded Demoiselle (male & female) still fluttering along the margins. This is about 10 days later than the County record. The only other species present was the expected Common Darter.



October 5th Northants DS
20+ male Migrant Hawker on the wing today near the River Nene at Thrapston gravel pit, and curiously saw only one female, which reminded me a bit of my College days. 10+ Common Darter, both male and female. Both species were still active and enjoying the warm weather.



October 7th Lancs. NPa
Lightfoot green (Lancashire): Brown hawker, 10+ Common darter, Common blue damselfly.



October 6th N. Yorks. IS
Tarn Moss NNR boardwalk, Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire. Minimum of: A. juncea 2m & 1f, S. striolatum 1m, S. danae c20m & 1f
ovipositing, L. sponsa 1m
Observed by members of FSC Spiders course - not concentrating!



October 13th Lancs. NPa
Lancashire: Marton mere (Blackpool): Brown hawker, 10+ Common hawker.



October 14th Hants. PWi
At Ashley Hole (New Forest) today was a late Golden-ringed Dragonfly. Also seen on and around the craters there as the sun came out were 2 Southern Hawkers, 1 Common Hawker, 4 Black Darters, 4+ Common Darters and 1 Emerald Damselfly (also a late date).



October 14th Hants. RSo
Beaulieu Road Heath, New Forest, Hampshire
2 male Black Darter; 3-4 paired Common Darter ovipositing; Southern Hawker Male and female.



October 14th Lancs. NPa
Leighton moss (Lancashire) : 20+ Common darter.



October 15th N. Ireland IR
I saw 4-6 male and 1 female Common Darter at Navan Quarry near Armagh today (15th October) on a fine mild and bright afternoon, though a little breezy. There was no sign of any damselflies, though I had seen both Common Blue and Common Emerald damselflies there on 1st October.



October 17th Lancs. DMcG
Martin Mere, Blackpool : Today 17th Oct - 3 Migrant Hawkers and a female Common Darter.
On website the sightings of 10+ Common Hawkers from Oct 13th are more than likely Migrants.



October 20th/23rd Lancs. NPa
20th October: Mere sands wood: 5+ Migrant hawker, 20+ Common darter.
23rd: Grimsargh reservoirs: Male Common darter.



October 25th N. Ireland IR
This afternoon (25th) I saw about 8 Darters at Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh; probably all of these were Common Darters (3 males and a female were identified) rather than Black Darters, though the latter like the Common Darter are often seen in early November at this site.



October 26th Norfolk SL
Holkham Pines, North Norfolk. Close to the Joe Jordan hide, a single Migrant Hawker cruising slowly up and down the track feeding, a hover fly and midges taken in the 5 minutes I watched it.



October 28th S. Yorks. CE
At the Old Moor RSPB Reserve near Barnsley in Yorkshire. Despite the overcast skies and showers two male and one female Migrant Hawker Aeshna mixta were noted.



October 28th Somerset ST
Hinkley Point, Somerset: 5+ male common darter near to power station and one hawker sp (probable common) flying high over car park.



November 1st Lincs. BH
Gibraltar Point NNR, Lincs: Migrant Hawker 2, Common Darter 5



November 1st/2nd Monmouth IS
Southern Hawker trying to oviposit into garden decking in Monmouth on 1st November and a Sympetrum seen at distance basking on bank of River Monnow on 2nd November.



November 2nd N. Ireland IR
Although after a nice bright spell late this morning (which brought out 2 Red Admirals and a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly in my garden at Portadown) it was mostly cloudy from then on, it was still mild, and I disturbed 2 Common Darters from the board walk in the Bog Garden at Peatlands Park, North Armagh, in the afternoon.



November 2nd Devon DSm
In the continuing warm (20 degrees C), calm and sunny weather, there were over 80 Common Darters at Stover CP today, with 10 ovipositing and 3 in cop. Also 4 Southern Hawkers, but surprisingly no Migrant Hawkers. One male Common Darter is still at my garden pond today.



November 2nd Northants. MT
Today I saw an immature, though not teneral, Red-eyed Damselfly at Wilsons Pits!! I was just moving on from photographing a Common Darter basking on a yellowing leaf, when my eye caught sight of a large(ish) insect fluttering over the emergent club rushes, and there it was. It quickly became very camera shy and flew into a tree too high to photograph. I waited around for it to re-appear, but to no luck. This area has a very shallow scrape pond that must have warmed up in the good autumnal sun and given the larva enough incentive to emerge. What a mixed-up year this has been!



November 3rd East Berks. JWS
One Migrant Hawker, together with 80+ Common Darters (inc 22 mating pairs, of which 8 were ovipositing) at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield.



November 2nd Berkshire CW
Red-eyed Damselfly! My last ones this year in Reading were Oct 4th, and I thought they were late!



November 9th Glos. MJMcG
7 Common Darters on the Severn Way at Saul Warth, Gloucestershire on 9th November



November 11th Norfolk Rle
1 female Common Darter on the wing at Sheringham in Norfolk today



November 11th Hants. RSo
Male Common Darter at Beaulieu Road Heath, Hants, becoming a snack for a Great Grey Shrike!



November 11th Lancs. JGi
Darcy Lever Gravel Pits Bolton. following a number of recent frosts, I still observed a Common Darter basking in the cool early morning sunshine.



November 22nd E. Berks. JWS
Three male Common Darters on the wing at mid-day today at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield.



November 26th Norfolk AR
My Friend Nigel Middleton (Warden at the Hawk and Owl Trust reserve at Sculthorpe Moor, West Norfolk) recently told me about his purchase of 'weed' for his tropical aquarium. From amongst it a large Odonate nymph 'emerged'. Concerned that it might be an 'alien' species, I picked it up the following day. It turned out to be a Black-tailed Skimmer. From where was the garden centre getting it's supply of 'weed' I wonder? The local ditches? If so, it's money for old ropey stuff.

All of our Dragon photo's for 2007 can now be viewed on Let's hope for a better summer in 2008. I hope all at BDS have a lovely Christmas and New Year.



November 29th E. Berks. JWS
Counted 6 Common Darters at Felix Farm Trout Fishery, Binfield, in sunny but breezy conditions - two pairs and two unattached males. One of the pairs was ovipositing in a sheltered patch of water created by flooding, some 15 metres away from the lake.



November 29th Northants. MT
I have just received a report of a male Common Darter at Yardley Chase on 29 Nov, beating the County record for this species by 2 weeks! This is despite heavy frosts, snow and generally wintery conditions during the last few weeks. The Chase is a heavily wooded area with numerous small ponds and possibly provides a 'warm' micro-habitat that may protect late species.



December 11th Devon RH
Please find attached a photo of a common darter taken at Bystock Pools nature reserve, Exmouth, Devon - SY840020 - on December 11th this year. It was a sunny but cool day about 6 deg C. As it is a late sighting I feel that it would be of interest.