Sightings - Late 2004

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between July and December 2004. You can also go to 2003's Sightings or back to the Sightings Archive page.

1st December Devon PB
Late records of common darter at Stover Country Park, Devon. Male and female common darter seen basking in the unseasonably warm sunshine, last record 1/12/04 our latest to date. This individual was a male, still bright red with wings fully intact. May have later records still if individuals of this condition are still on the wing. This now leaves only 4 dragonfly free months of the year!

23rd November Hants JohnH
A pair of conjoined Common Darters, egglaying, at Setley Pond nr. Brockenhurst, 23rd November.

23rd November Wilts. PJM
I observed a single Aeshna Mixta flying this lunchtime at 13:45 (23/11/04) in The Conigre Mead local nature reserve in Melksham, Wiltshire (The reserve is a Wiltshire Trust reserve.)

17th November Northants GB
Storton's Pit: 12th November 11am 13.5 degrees cent 2 Migrant Hawkers; 2 Common Darters All male

17th November 11.30am 15 degrees cent 1 Common Darter - male still full colours! Frost imminent tonight so could be last this season.

16th November Essex RG
Tandem pair of Common Darter, Coxtie Green, Essex.

13th November Bucks. AN
On 13 Nov Saturday I noted 3 male Common Darters at Tongwell and 3 female CD at Emberton CP plus Graeme Walker noted a female at RSPB lodge Sandy same day. This beats my previous late date 5 Nov. Did not have opportunity to look today but after a good Saturday night frost -3 and one to night this may be the last this season.

11th November Northants GB
Stortons Pits, 11th November 2004 - 14.00 - 10 degrees centigrade, cloudy. Surprisingly on such a dismal day 3 Migrant Hawkers on the wing. No Common Darters recorded.

4th November Berkshire CW
Many Common Darters still present in Reading's Thames Valley Park.... 15 counted. Unless there's a long wet spell, some may survive till December. No Migrant Hawkers seen there, but I photographed a male Southern Hawker on View Island in central Reading.

30th October Middlesex S&SP
Sitting in the garden on a sunny Saturday afternoon I noticed a Common Darter on a short stick by the path. On closer examination it appears that this was a newly hatched specimen as it still had one of its legs in the exuviae. the strange part is that the stick that it had crawled up was at least 5 feet from the edge of the pond. The Darter stayed on the stick drying out for the rest of the afternoon.

October Ireland IR
Ken Bond reports a Black Darter (Sympetrum danae) in the Ballyhoura Mountains, North Cork, on 9th October; this is the first dragonflly I am aware of in Ireland this month.
Christopher Wilson reports Migrant Hawker (Aeshna mixta) at the bottom of a garden on the North Slob, and 3 or 4 on the North Slob Wildlife Reserve, Co. Wexford, "certainly up to 18th", while Paul Archer reports c15 Common Darters on Hook Head, Co. Wexford, on 9th, 3-4 on Brownstown Hd and 2 at Woodstown (both Co. Waterford) on 17th October.
Peter Doyle reports a Common Hawker (Aeshna juncea) at West Bog on Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork, on 16th October.
Brian Hodkinson saw 2 Black Darters on the Co. Tipperary side of Annaholty Bog near the River Shannon some miles NE of Limerick on 18th October.
At last I have managed to see some Odonata in Northern Ireland this month (I haven't heard of any other records), as this afternoon was a bright, calm, and reasonably mild day which coincided with a day I was off work. At Peatlands Park, North Armagh, I saw the following: Common Hawker (Aeshna juncea): At least 2 seen, 1 male identified, though the other was probably also a male as they were seen chasing each other. Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum): Up to 6, only males identified, at 3 widely separated points. Black Darter: 1 mating pair and 18-20 others (probably nearly all males), at 5 widely separated points. All seemed to be in good or very good condition.
Today (24th) was similar to 23rd in North Armagh, both being bright with hazy sun following overnight heavy rain, and if anything 24th was slightly milder than 23rd, though rather more breezy. This may be why I saw somewhat fewer Odonata at the Peatlands Park than on 23rd. Despite visiting the same spot where I saw 2 Common Hawkers yesterday, none were to be seen. However I saw up to 6 Common Darters and Black Darters, though only males were identified.

18th October Northants GB
Beautiful October day and in the various sun traps at Stortons plenty of dragonfly activity. Migrant Hawkers - 6 pairs in flight in tandem, 2 pairs in cop on hawthorn, 10 males picking off small fly swarms. Common Darter - 10 pairs in flight in tandem, 2 pairs ovipositing, 1 pair in cop on hawthorn, 4 very tatty males on path.

2nd October Beds. DS
2 October 2004, Felmersham, Bedfordshire. Plenty of migrant hawker activity, with an estimated 40 insects still hunting amongst the hawthorn glades. One pristine (recent emergence?) male was sighted resting on a blackberry branch, also an old female taking cover in the long grass. Other sightings included 4 common darter, one of which was a female.

26th September W. Sussex DP
There were plenty of Migrant Hawkers at Pagham Harbour on Sunday 26 September. I saw about thirty in total with several gangs of four or five attacking midge swarms like dolphins might attack a bait ball. I also photgraphed a pair of Common Hawkers mating and saw many Common Darters, still in good condition, along the footpath and at Church Norton.

24th September Berkshire CW
At Searles Lakes, SW Reading, 3 Red-eyed Damselflies were still in evidence, down from 60 seen on the same route on Sept 8th. They were at the limit of binocular range, so I had to wade out to get a good look. Definitely not Small Red-eyed! No Common Blues seen on this visit, though there were still 2 at another Reading gravel pit on the 23rd.

23rd September Powys AD
Just returned from an "official" visit to the very headstreams of the Severn on the Eastern edge of Plynlimon, where the Forestry Commision are clearing swathes of Sitka Spruce from riparian strips of some 50 kms of upland ditches, streams and rivers to encourage natural regeneration of native broad-leaved trees and ground flora. My lot, the EA, created some 20 or 30 ponds in various parts of these broad cleared strips of ground earlier this year, and today 23rd Sept, when they showed me round, we were pleased to see lots of Black Darters, several in tandem, using the brand new ponds. For the record, we also saw Common Darter and on the Severn itself nearby, Southern Hawker.

18th September I.O.M. EP
One Migrant Hawker seen 180904 at Baldrine, Isle of Man. Adult male resting low down on sheltered sunny bank near small lake on reclaimed wetland - positive identification made; first known IOM record

8th September Northants MT
The dragonflies of the River Ise were capitalising on the beautiful weather this lunchtime. I saw many male Migrant Hawkers patrolling patches along the river, and in some areas densities were high enough to cause quite a few fights as territories overlapped. A pair in-cop flew straight down the middle of the river attracting other males to converge and attempt to wrestle the female away, without success! The Brown Hawkers carried on oblivious, ignoring the Migrant activities. Plenty of Common Darters were in evidence too. Of some excitement was the sighting of a couple of male Ruddy Darters, and what appeared to be a female oviposting alone by flicking her abdomen towards some emergent vegetation some distance above the water. I have seen this oviposting behaviour in Ruddys elsewhere and not in Common Darters. This species appear to be colonising this stretch of the river, with several sightings over the last couple of years. This is the first record of potential breeding. A single Blue-tailed Damselfly flew in between the grasses along with the last few White-legged Damselflys (both male and female). This marks the latest date so far for White-legs in Northants, although I am sure that if I visit this site tomorrow they will still be there!

4th September Hants DP
On Saturday I visited Warren Heath where there are a cracking set of ponds containing many dragonflies some of which, according to the books, should no longer be on the wing. I counted twelve species notably: Southern, Brown and Migrant Hawkers, Red-eyed, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damsels, Common, Black and Ruddy Darters, one Beautiful Demoiselle, one Large Red Damsel and one Brilliant Emerald. If these ponds are not an SSSI then they should be!

24th August Devon KR
A single male Keeled Skimmer was recorded at Dawlish Warren, Devon on 24/8/04, this was the first record for the reserve.

20th August Suffolk PCh
On Friday 20th August there was a male Small Red-eyed on my garden pond (approx. 7m x 3m) just south of Saxmundham, Suffolk. Male Emerald Damselfly is also present. The other new addition to my pond list this year is Ruddy Darter. My garden list is now 9 dragonflyspecies and 6 damselflies.

15/21 August Essex AMcG
Thought you might like to let people know The Small Red Eye Damselfly has turned up in Epping Forest. I was at the lake in the Lower Forest on 15 August and saw a male and an ovipositing pair perched on Canadian pondweed.

On Sunday 21 August I was at South Weald Park near Brentwood Essex and watched the Small Red Eye ovipositing on the Lower Lake in good numbers, in fact it was the commonest species there by far. There was E.najas for comparison as well as Blue tailed damselfly, Ruddy Darter, Common Darter, Common Blue, Brown Hawker and ovipoisting Migrant hawker.

21st August Shropshire KF
Wellington, Shropshire. Yesterday (Sat 21/8) we had an excellent close-up view of a Southern Hawker dragonfly ovipositing on a moss covered rock alongside our newly built garden pond (built to encourage this type of wildlife into our garden). We were able to identify the species and what it what doing from your website. Hopefully we will see many more in the weeks and months to come.

17th August Northants MT
Small Red-eyes are now popping up all over the place in Northants!. After the recent records received, I returned to Higham Ferrers Pocket Park - a site I have been monitoring for Small Red-eye without success for a while now. This site has significant areas of Rigid Hornwort as well as lily pads. Ignoring the many Migrant and Brown Hawkers, Common and Ruddy Darters that were present (!) I focused my binos on the Hornwort and was rewarded with 5 male Small Red-eyes - the increased blue on the end of the abdomen was clearly visible. There was a general increase in Red-eye activity compared to my last visit a few weeks ago, including several oviposting pairs, the females of which appeared yellowish suggesting they were "Large" Red-eyes. I have also received reports of another Small Red-eye site near Daventry, raising the total to 5 in the county so far.

17th August Hants. SKW
Small Red-eyed Damselflies present in numbers (10+) today at Soton Common boating lake, Hampshire. Park by the Cowherds pub on Bassett Avenue, then head north about 200m to the concrete boating lake (very algal) on your left. The beasties were in the northern bay this morning.

17th August Kent RN
Several (up to 15 so far) Southern Emerald Damselflies are being seen at Sandwich Bay in Kent - including mating pairs. When in Sandwich, follow signs for golf courses, go through toll to the estate. Turn left to the sea front and left again to head North along to coast road - continue and park on the right just before the entrance to Princes Golf Course. Walk North past the old and new club houses until you reach a kissing gate. Go through the gate and then head for the juncus/sedge strip about 100 metres to the North-West of you. The damselflies are on the East and Northern edge of the juncus/sedge. They are extremely confiding and seem to be present whatever the weather they are looked for in!

15th August Essex TC
Stour Estuary Woods, RSPB reserve, Wrabness, Essex.
This afternoon, i observed Migrant Hawkers in profusion, counts into the hundreds. Quite a sight. I wonder if these are true migrants, rather than bred locally?

August Northants MT
Various dates in August - I have received several records of Small Red-eyed Damselflies in Northamptonshire. At last!! They appear to be scattered from the Castle Ashby area, close to the border with Beds, to Ravensthorpe Reservoir and Long Buckby in the north west. There must be other sites out there too.

15th August Essex RoyW
Small Red-eyed Damselflies on several gravel pits in the Lee Valley Country Park. The best site seemed to be the South-west corner of Seventy Acres Lake with at least 25-30 individuals (including 3 ovipositing pairs). This species has also been reported from several sites at the northern end of the Lee Valley Park in the last week or so (Amwell, Rye Meads and Kings Mead).

7th August Surrey KT
Four Small Red-eyed damselflies were perched on Lily pads on Peter's Pond at the Bay Pond Reserve at Godstone. This is the first time that they have been recorded here. The reserve belongs to Surrey Wildlife Trust and is normally closed to the public but permission to visit can be obtained by contacting SWT at their Pirbright HQ.

14th August Somerset JT
A sighting (good description, reliable observer) noted to me from this afternoon of a Red-veined Darter at Decoy Lake, Shapwick Heath (West), by the corner where the track from the disued railway line down the side of the wood meets the lake. Otherwise the usuals on Shapwick Heath (East): Brown and Migrant Hawkers, Black-tailed Skimmer, Common Darter, Red-eyed Damselfly. Lots of Migrant Hawkers at Berrow this evening.

9th August Norfolk AB
9 Migrant Hawkers hunting around the lampposts by the fish and chip shop on Magpie Road in Norwich between 6pm and 7.30. (6pm is when I arrived - the hawkers were already there). Several passers-by stopped to ask what I was looking at, and over half, when the dragonflies were pointed out, asked do they bite/sting! Clearly we have some way to go in educating the public. (or is it just Norfolk?)

8th August Essex RG
Pound Wood, Essex, 8th August: Several Southern Hawker and Common Darter over the pond, plus a number of Azure Damselfly. Also a male Ruddy Darter (present again after first record last year) holding territory.

7th August Montgomery MW
An immature male Migrant Hawker was recorded and photographed on the Montgomeryshire Canal between Rhysnant Bridge and Maerdy Bridge near Four Crosses. This is the first record of this species in mid and north Wales. Photographs can be seen here

31st July Kent TJW
At Cliffe Marshes about 10 Scarce Emerald Damselflies in ditch by cattle grid opposite the second viewing point. Very easy to see and photograph in cloudy conditions. Only other species there were about 10 Ruddy Darters (only 1 male) and a few Blue-tailed Damselflies. Plenty of Wall Browns.

1st August Cambs. MP/SP
July 31 Aug 1 Wicken Fen: Brown Hawker, Southern Hawker, Ruddy Darter, Common Darter, Migrant Hawker, Blue Tailed Damselfly, Emerald Damselfly, Red Eyed Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Variable Damselfly, Four Spotted Chaser, Emperor Dragonfly, Commn Blue Damselfly and Banded Demoiselle.
for and on behalf of the Dragonfly Project

1st August Essex TC
1st August, River Wid, Lawford lane area, Writtle, Essex.
Today I saw my first two Migrant Hawkers of the season, flying & then resting in trees sunny side of hedge, Lawford lane. Several Brown Hawkers & Southern Hawkers also on the wing. Large numbers of Banded Demoiselles still present in the area.

1st August N. Ireland IR
In early evening of 1st August, though it was still warm and bright, I saw up to 3 Keeled Skimmers at Bloody Bridge River Valley south of Newcastle, Co. Down. 1 male was identified, and I suspect one of the others was a female though cannot be sure. 2 Common Hawkers and a Common Darter were also seen. Earlier there were about 6 Common Darters in a gravel pit near Cranfield East, Kilkeel, Co. Down, with a probable Common Hawker there also.

31st July Essex MAH
Abberton Reservoir: Emerald (1+), Small Red eyed (20), Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damselflys. Migrant, Southern, and Brown Hawkers, Emperor, Black Tailed Skimmer, Common and Ruddy Darters.
Also 18 species of Butterfly present.

31st July Somerset JT
No sign today of the Lesser Emperor at Waldegrave Pool, Priddy Mineries - last seen Monday when photographed by Paul Burrows (see record shots at ). Sightings today included Common Hawker (2), and several each of Emperor, Four-spotted Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, and Common Blue Damselfly. Black Darters and a single Downy Emerald seen on Tuesday, but not today.
At Shapwick Heath NNR today: Brown Hawker (2+), Migrant Hawker (3+), Southern Hawker, Ruddy and Common Darters.

31st July Surrey KT
There were at least two Small Red-eyed Damselflies sitting on algal mats on the pond at the traffic light on the A22 at Blindley Heath today. Also present were Emperors ,a Four-spotted Chaser, a Banded Demoiselle and Blue-tailed and Common Blue damselflies.

31st July Surrey KT
There were at least two Small Red-eyed Damselflies sitting on algal mats on the pond at the traffic light on the A22 at Blindley Heath today. Also present were Emperors ,a Four-spotted Chaser, a Banded Demoiselle and Blue-tailed and Common Blue damselflies.

29th July Devon SW
12 male Southern Damselflies at Aylsebeare with 26 Keeled Skimmers and 7 Emerald Damselflies. Also 5 Emperors, 2 Golden-ringed, 19 Common Darter, 4 Black-tailed Skimmers and plenty of Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies with only one Azure being identified.

30th July Northants. MT
A very sunny and hot day (25 degrees) sparked a good deal of activity at Ditchford Lakes. The path up to the lake was swarming with immature Common Darters and I caught sight of a pair of Ruddy Darters flying in-cop. Reaching the lake I began hunting for Red-eyes in the vain hope of finding a Small Red-eyed (still no records in Northants!!). Only a few Red-eyes remain on the lily pads, although I did see a couple in tandem. Still plenty of Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies seen in cop and oviposting. There were also many Ruddy Darters (50?) around the margins and several more in-cop. I collected 26 Darter exuviae and left many more behind. All keyed out as Common Darters. Brown Hawkers were also in abundance with 12 seen oviposting into the exposed mud on the banks. Migrant Hawker exuviae were also collected, but no adults seen.

30th July Northants. MT
A very sunny and hot day (25 degrees) sparked a good deal of activity at Ditchford Lakes. The path up to the lake was swarming with immature Common Darters and I caught sight of a pair of Ruddy Darters flying in-cop. Reaching the lake I began hunting for Red-eyes in the vain hope of finding a Small Red-eyed (still no records in Northants!!). Only a few Red-eyes remain on the lily pads, although I did see a couple in tandem. Still plenty of Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies seen in cop and oviposting. There were also many Ruddy Darters (50?) around the margins and several more in-cop. I collected 26 Darter exuviae and left many more behind. All keyed out as Common Darters. Brown Hawkers were also in abundance with 12 seen oviposting into the exposed mud on the banks. Migrant Hawker exuviae were also collected, but no adults seen.

30th July N. Ireland IR
The last time I visited Killevy Castle near Slieve Gullion Forest, South Armagh, on 18th July, I only saw a single (male) Keeled Skimer. As on 30th July it was 12 days later and weather was broadly similar (well probably a little warmer), I thought I might not have seen any; however I soon disturbed a mating pair. Another male was seen not far away, and a dark brown dragonfly settled near it, which I caught. It turned out to be female, and when I released it another medium-sized dark brown dragonfly chased it, presumably another female. This could have been the female of the mating pair though I doubt it. Thus there was probably 5 specimens altogether. The only other Odonata seen were 1 or 2 Common Hawkers.
Since 18th July the only species I have seen are:
Banded Damselfly: c. on River Bann at Dynes Bridge c. 3 miles south of Portadown (Co. Armagh/Down) on 27th July. 2 on River Blackwater at Argory near Loughgall, Co. Armagh, on 27th July.
Emerald Damselfly: 4 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.
Variable Damselfly: 1 or 2 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.
Brown Hawker: 1 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July. 1 hawking over River Cusher near Tandragee, Co. Armagh, at about 9 pm on 21st July. 1 on River Bann south of Dynes Bridge, Portadown, Co. Armagh, and 1 at Argory near Loughgall, Co. Armagh, on 27th July. Probable specimen at Carne near Portadown, Co. Armagh, on 28th July.
Four-spotted Chaser: 1 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.
Ruddy Darter: c. 6 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.
Common Darter: 3-4 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.
Black Darter: 2 at Montiaghs Bog NNR, Co. Antrim, on 21st July.

29th July Devon JB
Some sightings from Smallhanger ponds, Devon (29th July). Initially sunny & hot, but clouded over to become muggy & humid.
Common Emerald Damsel 80, 2 male Azure Damsel, a solitary male Large Red Damsel, 160+ Common Blue Damsel, 4 Blue-tailed Damsel, at least 80 Small Red Damselfly, 2 male Common Hawker, 9 Emperor, 12 Keeled Skimmer, a very tatty male Broad-bodied Chaser, 11 Black Darter and 26+ Common Darter. Tandem pairs of Small Red and Common Blue seen, plus an ovipositing Emperor.

28th July Hampshire CW
Warren Heath, from SU 786589 to 776586, looks a lot different today than this time last year; great numbers of trees have been removed, but the old watercourse and lakes are unaffected and new pools and seepages have appeared.
18 species were seen: Emperor, Brown and Southern Hawker, 4-spot, Keeled and Black-tailed Skimmer, Black, Ruddy and Common Darter, Large and Small Reds, Emerald Damsels, Common Blue, Azure, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed Damsels, Golden-ringed, and a single Brilliant Emerald. Most frequent were Black Darter, Emerald and Common Blue Damsel. Also many Grayling butterflies.

24/25th July Norfolk ME
24th July, Catfield Fen, Norfolk. At least 10 Norfolk Hawkers still present, chiefly hawking over areas of recently cut sedge fen. Also Brown Hawker, Ruddy Darter and Common Blue and Emerald Damselfly.
25th July, Frost's Common near Great Hockham, Norfolk. 2 male Scarce Emerald Damselfly by pond on the edge of clearing, TL944934. Also a number of emergent Common Darters on pondside vegetation.

24th July Somerset JT
At least four observers (Stuart Holdsworth and myself, the finders, plus Richard Mielcarek and Dave Murdoch) saw a Lesser Emperor (Anax parthenope), apparently male, at the Waldegrave Pool, Priddy Mineries NR, Somerset this afternoon (24 July). Other Odonata noted today included Black Darter (1), Emperor (6+), Four-spotted Chaser (numerous), and Black-tailed Skimmer (5+) - Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damsels were also present. Downy Emerald also continues to be present at this site this year, with a report to me today of 2 still present yesterday.

19th July Lancs. PM
Middleton ponds, Heysham, Lancs.
Terrible weather for dragonflies: i.e. until yesterday (19th) the sunny weather was accompanied by cool windy polar air. This has hampered searches of the Middleton Industrial Estate new pond. However, a male Red-veined Darter was seen well & photographed on 13th July (myself & Heysham NR warden (Reuben Neville)). The weather on 14th was "impossible". An ovipositing female Darter spp. on 15th July could quite easily have been this species but the i.d. was not clinched before it disappeared despite pale-centred pterostigma. There was no sign of the male from 13th. Earlier in July a teneral was a strong RVD candidate until it was swept high into the air by a gust of wind.
Then promising weather on 18th-19th produced absolutely zilch despite fairly intensive searching. So, as predicted, any continuation of our four-year run of breeding RVD is looking exceedingly dodgy.

19th July Northants DS
19 July 2004 - Miserable year so far for dragonflies, one Brown Hawker seen flying over the waste ground that is Moulton Park. The road side pond has almost dried out, the path side pond is overgrown with reeds.

18th July N. Ireland IR
Weather has not been especially good recently in Northern Ireland (well since mid-June) tending to discourage distant exploration. The following are species seen by me in recent days:

Ruddy Darter: 3 caught and identified at Brackagh Bog NNR, Co. Armagh, on 16th July; about 10 other Darters seen were probably this species, 1 of which showed red colouration.
Common Darter: 1 at Navan Quarry, Armagh, on 16th July.
Four-spotted Chaser: Still common around several pools at Brackagh Bog on 16th July, with about 15 seen.
Brown Hawker: c. 4 at Brackagh Bog NNR, Co. Armagh, on 16th July. 3-4 at Reilly Wood NNR, Co. Fermanagh, on 17th July.
Common Hawker: 1 a few yards from our front garden in Portadown on 16th July. 1 in field near Marble Arch Caves, Co. Fermanagh, on 17th.
Keeled Skimmer: 1 male at Killevy Castle, Slieve Gullion, South Armagh, on 18th.
Emerald Damselfly: 1 at Navan Quarry on 16th and 1 at Reilly Wood NNR, Co. Fermanagh, on 17th.
Azure/Variable Damselfly: Of small numbers of Coenagrion sp. seen at Brackagh Bog on 16th, a female Azure and a mating pair of Variable Damselflies were identified.
Common Blue Damselfly: 2 males at Navan Fort and c. 6 at Navan Quarry near Armagh on 16th July.
Blue-tailed Damselfly: 2 at Brackagh Bog and 1 at Navan Quarry on 16th July. 1 at Reilly Wood NNR on 17th July.

16th July Dumfries & Galloway MHa
Azure Hawker seen at Silver Flowes, Dumfries and Galloway, 16/07/004 as described by the site guide.

13th July W. Sussex MleM
Black Hole West Sussex
In mixed sun and shade one female Emperor laying. Several Four-spotted Chasers over pools and at least one female laying. One, possibly two, Golden Ringed males in the area but keeping clear of the open water. They are very trusting; I was closer than the binoculars could focus. Ruddy Darters everywhere, they particularly like to sun themselves on the boardwalk. Plenty of Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damsels and one Large Red Damsel as well.

10th July Cambs. MP/SP
Dragonfly Project at Wicken Fen - Species seen 10/07/2004
Brown Hawker, Ruddy Darter, Four Spotted Chaser, Azure damselfly, Blue-tailed damselfly, Black-tailed Skimmer, Emerald Damselfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Common Darter (three emerging) and Variable Damselfly.

12th July Scotland DP
A week in Scotland allowed me to look for some of the national rarities. Although the weather was less than ideal for dragonflies, mainly cloudy, cool and showery, there were sufficient sunny intervals to allow me to visit
Bridge of Grudie, Beinn Eighe NNR, Inverewe Gardens (Pinewood Trail) and Loch Garten on at least one occasion. The end result was three Azure Hawkers (one superb male at close quarters), 4/5 White-faced Darters, three teneral Highland Darters, four Northern Emeralds and at least five Northern Damselflies. The damselflies were obligingly perched in the bankside vegetation and were reluctant to move in the cool cloudy conditions allowing me to inspect them closely. There was also a supporting cast of Common Hawkers, Four-spotted Chasers, Large Red and Common Blue damseflies.

21st June/13th July West Sussex MikeF
St Leonard's Forest
21 June: In a glade in mature conifer plantation a male Downy Emerald resting on Bracken Frond. Also White legged Damselfly nearby on another frond.
White legged damselflies again regularly seen over wide area of the Forest well away from water. Tandem pair noted on ride on 6th July. Breeding site(s) not known. Ephemeral streams are now dry.
13 July: Broad Bodied chaser egg laying in pool created by volunteers last winter in a "heathy" area. Also 3 pairs of Azure Damselflies with females egg laying. Several lone males also flying around pool.

4th July Cambs? MP/SP
Hinchingbrooke Country Park 4/07/2004. Emperor M/F, Black Tailed Skimmer, Red Eyed Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue Tail Damselfly, Common Darter, Ruddy Darter.

4th July Devon SW
4 male Southern Damselflies at Alyesbeare in much less than perfect conditions (some rain, much wind, very little sun [if any]). No Small Reds seen (just few Large) but 2 Golden Ringed, Common Darter and Emerald Damelfly out, also usual BB Chaser, Black-tailed and Keeled Skimmer (3 of latter). Obviously Azures present but only one Common Blue seen (a young male) and few Blue-tailed Dameslflies. Only 1 male Emperor seen.

26th June-4th July Essex TC
Wake valley pond, Epping Forest,Essex. The pond was very busy this afternoon. There were numerous Downy Emeralds everywhere. Every bay had a least one patrolling, & numerous aerial battles were encounted with rivalling Quads. At least two male Emperors were patrolling, with one female ovipositing. One Southern Hawker was briefly seen hawking around the edges of the reed beds. Several Black tailed skimmers were in attendance, prefering the bare muddy bank areas.Also a glimpse of a teneral Brown Hawker was sighted as a strong gust of wind seemed to assist it out of some reeds high into a nearby beech tree. The usual smalls plus a teneral Ruddy darter completed a very busy afternoon.
1st July, River Wid, Lawford lane, Writtle, Essex. Walked along this small river late this afternoon, in search of Hairy dragonfly which was sighted last week (would be a first for this site), but to no avail. Seems like an exceptional year for Banded Demioselles here. Seemed like a count of Four figures along this stretch. The emergent river vegetation was litrally plastered with mostly males, with females in the fieldside vegetation. I noted two teneral White legged damsels also.
4th July, Hadleigh Castle Country park, marshes, Essex. The Scarce Emerald Damselfly was very abundant today, with dozens found on every ditch on the marshes, including several pairs in tandem.Much better count than my visit last year at a similiar time. One female Emperor was oviposting on one of the wider ditches.Lots of Ruddy darters about, including two prs in tamdem.Also fair numbers of Common Blue & Blue tailed damsels.
For anyone interested in Crickets?, i found a bright green one, the biggest ive ever seen, about 3 ins, it was more like a Locust!

1st July Lancs. PM
Plenty of Black-tailed Skimmers at Middleton Industrial Estate near Heysham c/f Leighton Moss posting. They arrived in force last year following 2-3 casual records in previous years. Tandem & ovipositing observed on several occasions. Female BB Chaser ovipositing on Heysham NR pond but no males recently (chased off by Emperors?)
The weather is dreadful up here with too much wind for darter spp. on the RVD pond at Middleton. Tantalising glimpse of a probable RVD teneral but no conditions to encourage any mature specimens to return to the pond & no exuviae found.