Sightings - Early 2010

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between January and June 2010. You can also go to the Sightings for July to December 2010.


Jan 18th AP Lancs.
An apparent Oriental Scarlet Darter (Crocothemis servilia) that emerged from a tropical fish tank in Blackburn on 15 Jan. represents an interesting, if somewhat unexpected, observation!

[See the entry for January 16th at ]


April 15th JFB Devon
Hi, saw c10 newly emerged Large Red Damselflies at Stover CP in Devon enjoying the spring sunshine.


April 16th CMo Cornwall
Breney Common: 1 male & 4 female Large-red Damsels, immature, seen on warm sunny perching places.


April 12th ATo Cornwall
Single male Large Red Damselfly at Red River Valley


April 17th CD/JS Hants/Surrey
One adult and two immature female Large Red Damselflies seen today at Lakeside NR near Ash.


April 17th MTu Berkshire
13 Large Red Damselflies on the wing today at a couple of ponds in Sonning - almost all tenerals. Also 4 emergents and at least 6 exuviae.


April 17th RLa Dorset
Found 3 Large Red Damselflies on a walk between Witchampton and Didlington grid Ref. SU002076 Nr. Wimborne in Dorset.


April 17th DA Bedfordshire
Large Red Damselfly emerging at Duck End NR near Amptill, Bedfordshire, seen by Liz Coulson


April 18th GD Hampshire
Twelve large red damselflies on the sunny side of Bagwell pond, Odiham common.


April 17th THa East Sussex
One large red damselfly on Rottingdean Village pond.


April 19th SC Wiltshire (VC7)
While on the phone to a friend he saw what is the first odonata of the year for the county - a teneral Large Red Damselfly. This was on the North Wilts Canal where it runs through Moulden Hill Country Park, Swindon. Photo [hopefully] to appear on my blog later.


April 19th SDa East Sussex
At last the year is underway for me with one teneral Large Red Damsel on Maiden flight along a ditch at Rodmell.


April 21st GHg Surrey
Single female Large Red Damselfly seen at Arundel WWT. My first of the year.


April 21st SC Wiltshire (VC8)
Hot on the heels of the first odonata sighting of the year for North Wilts by Wayne Clinch, I saw my first [and the first for S. Wilts] today. Another Large Red Damsel but this time at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trusts reserve of Blackmoor Copse, by the King Charles Pond there. It was an immature male.


April 19th/21st DMcE Berkshire
A single teneral Large Red was seen rising from an ornamental pond at the back of Shinfield Park, Reading on Monday 19th, with two more yesterday (21st)at the same location


April 23rd BD Norfolk
Single male Large Red Damselfly seen on Holt Lowes at 10.30am.


April 23rd CA Lancashire
1 exuvia of female Large Red Damselfly at Hurst Grange Park.
Pete Marsh reports a Large Red Damselfly seen at Middleton today also.
So Lancashire continues to lead the way, with its second species of the year - it took us three months to get to two though. :-)


April 22nd PT Norfolk
First Large Red Damselflies for Norfolk reported from Sutton Fen today and one of them almost had its full adult colouration.


April 24th JOw Suffolk
Found the first Large Red Damselfly exuvia of the season on my garden pond this morning (Great Finborough).


April 24th SD Greater London
Single large red damselfly seen/photographed alongside Beverley Brook in Richmond Park.


April 24th SRo Lincolnshire
2 Large-red Damselfly today at Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR, my first personal records for the year.


April 23rd AB/DM Dorset
Walking out on Town Common, an area of heathland and scrub on the outskirts of Christchurch, Dorset we saw two teneral Four Spotted Chasers, one of which has only just emerged. Grid Ref SU138962.


April 26th MT Nothants
Northants first Large Reds emerged today at Southfields Farm Marsh, about 1 week later than last year.


April 26th LE Leicestershire
Wymeswold - 1 Large Red Damselfly landed next to me as I was putting the rubbish out. What a surprise. First I have seen this year.


April 24th VP Cambs.
Observed the first teneral Large Red damselfly at Wicken Fen NT taking flight in sunny weather this afternoon.


April 26th CMo Cornwall
Lizard NNR - Bray's Cot area: 25+ Large-red Damsels. Dull mild morning, improving temperatures into early afternoon - many damsels making their flights away from water - at last some quantity!!


April 27th MT Northants
I returned to the Marsh this lunchtime with the aim of photographing some Large Reds and instead came across an emerging Hairy Dragonfly. I only managed a poor photograph, as she was too low down among the reeds. I also received a report that John Showers saw an Azure Damselfly here earlier this morning, although I did not see it myself. That makes three species for Northants!


April 27th PRi Hampshire
Delighted to observe (and photograph) a young male Broad Bodied Chaser at Kings Hat in the New Forest. I will be posting the photograph on flickr tomorrow.


April 27th GHg Sussex
A visit to Amberley Wild Brooks today produced c10 Large Red Damselflies, many away from the water along the track that leads from Waltham Brooks towards Amberley. Had hoped to spot some other species after the long warm April we are having.
Image on my Flickr page


April 27th LS Cumbria
Teneral Large Red Damselfly CWT Nature Reserve, Bowness-on-Solway, North Cumbria


April 21st DHe Surrey
My Large Red Damselflies started to emerge from my garden pond on 21st or possibly 20th April. At least four exuviae were seen and one teneral was still holding on to a yellow flag Iris leaf at 2pm.


April 27th SC Wiltshire VC7
I found my first Blue-tailed Damselfly of the year today at the balancing ponds adjacent to the Semington Bypass just south of Melksham. this is the second species for Wiltshire so far - but no Anisoptera yet...
Pic on my Blog.


April 27th JPH Suffolk
First sighting of Large Red Damselfly today at a pond in Snape. One emerged teneral and two exuviae.


April 27th NW Lincolnshire
1 Male and 1 Teneral Large Red Damselfly on the Coot Walk at Whisby Nature Reserve


April 26th JHg Leics.
Teneral Large Red Damselfly by Worcester Lake at Watermead Country Park, Birstall.


April 28th JWe Denbighshire
One large red damselfly at Pen-y-Ffrith fisheries and nature reserve in the woodland pond.


April 28th BLe Kent
10-15 Variable Damselflies present at a private site near Sandwich this afternoon. The first Large Reds were present from the 15th April.


April 28th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Seen today at DAGNAM PARK (NE OF ROMFORD),4 teneral LARGE RED DAMSELS - my first of the year.


April 27th LMcC Avon/Bristol
On UWE Frenchay site at Corkes pond 2 Large Red Damselflies on vegetation next to pond. The first I have seen this year.


April 27th JFB Devon
Stover - single Broad Bodied Chaser found emerging.


April 28th JGi Lancs.
Teneral Large Red Damselfly observed today on the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton.


April 29th BLe Kent
Private site near Sandwich today 16 Large red, 8 Variable, 4 Blue tailed damselflies and 3 hairy Dragonflies.


April 18th-27th IT Glos.
Large red damselflies at the following locations:
18th April: A female ovipositing at Cotswold Water Park Lake, 6/canal - the first record of the year.
21st April: A female photographed at CWP Lake 23.
23rd April: 6 tenerals and an exuvia at a balancing pond near Prior's Park, Tewkesbury.
24th April: 8 females along Green Lane, Frampton.
27th April: 1 female at a garden pond, Churchdown.


April 30th MTu Somerset
One Blue-tailed Damselfly at Ham Wall RSPB reserve lunchtime today.


April 30th SRo Lincs.
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries in unsettled conditions today revealed only 1 Large-red Damselfly, but also my first Four-spot Chaser of the year.


April 28th CEm Cambs.
2 female and 2 male Large Red Damselflies at Stanground Newt Pond, Peterborough.
One Hairy Dragonfly flying along edge of wood at Willow Hall Lane, Thorney.


May 1st SDa East Sussex
x7 teneral Variable Damselflies this morning in the ditches by The River Ouse at Southease.


April 30th C&RC Devon
Bystock Pools near Exmouth: 10 large red exuvia on boardwalk posts and 6 teneral large reds warming up on the boardwalk. On 27th April one large red exuvia was seen on the boardwalk.


May 1st C&JD Hants/Surrey
One adult male Azure Damselfly and male and female Large Red Damselfly seen today at Lakeside NR near Ash.


May 1st HC Cambs.
First two 4-spotted Chasers emerged from my garden pond in Whittlesey very early this morning, that's about a week earlier than last year. Hopefully many more to come as there are large numbers of last instar larvae.


May 1st LMcC Somerset
2 Large Red damselflies in reeds next to top pool at Priddy Mineries. 1 damselfly larva seen in water amongst a large number of tadpoles (possibly hunting?)
May 3rd KJ Somerset
Hairy dragonfly seen (& photographed) at Ham Wall RSPB reserve this pm. I didn't know what it was, but met a lady who recognised my photo & suggested I send a report of the sighting to you.


May 3rd LMcC Somerset
Ham Wall Nature Reserve, Somerset Levels - Numerous (50+) Blue Tailed damselflies; 2 Large Red Adult, 6 Teneral; 1 Azure damselfly male; 1 Hairy dragonfly male - may have been the same one as KJ saw as I was the lady who identified his and it was in a similar place to where he saw it. Oddly, it had it's wings up like a damselfly (it was perched on vegetation) - the one KJ showed me a picture of had it wings outspread in the usual manner...


May 4th DMcE Berkshire
Two immature female Azure damselflies (Coenagrion Puella) were found in vegetation around the ornamental ponds at Shinfield Park (SU727689)today. The same site also had a fully mature Large Red (Pyrrhosoma Nymphula).


May 4th NW Leics.
Grantham Canal between Plungar and Barkestone le Vale: 6 Male and 3 Teneral Large Red Dragonfly and over 100 Teneral Variable Damselfly. The briefest glimpse was obtained of a dragonfly along the disused railway line near Plungar Bridge. Identification could not be confirmed. There were no signs of exuviae along the canal to suggest whether this could have been a Hairy Dragonfly or a Four-spotted Chaser.


May 4th PRi Hampshire
Delighted to observe (and photograph) a Downy Emerald at Slufter's Pond, near Bolderwood in the New Forest. Photograph on flickr


May 4th HR Gwent
Newport, South Wales: I spotted four large red damselfly exuvia this afternoon among the newly grown reeds of my wildlife pond. I haven't actually seen any adults yet, but there's definite evidence that some are emerging now.


May 4th CW Berkshire
One fresh-looking Common Club-tail exuvia seen today by the Thames, about 800m upstream of Caversham Bridge, Reading. None seen on May 2nd.


May 5th MT Northants.
100+ Common Blue Damselflies and ~20 Red-eyed Damselflies emerging and on-the-wing at Ditchford this lunchtime. Also 4 emerging Hairy Dragonfly and several exuviae.


May 5th MCh Kent
An absolute revelation to me this afternoon (damselfly spotter virgin!!). Whilst watching newts in our relatively small pond, I watched about 20 damselfly 'hatchlings' sit on pond fauna & as they "dried out" & waited until their wings were ready, then took flight in small droves. Fascinating. Don't know their variety, but will be looking avidly to find out more.


May 5th CMo Cornwall
Boscathnoe SW Lakes: 25+ Blue-tailed Damsels, males & females, all immature.


May 1st C&MM Warks.
We were delighted to observe and photograph an early female Banded Demoiselle at Middleton Lakes RSPB reserve, Warwickshire, on 1 May 2010.


May 6th DEG Middlesex
Two blue-tailed damselflies, one teneral and one mature, at Hampton Wick Pond (Hampton Court Park) this afternoon.


May 6th SDa East Sussex
A warm sunny day brought out 1 female Broad Bodied Chaser by New Bridge on The Cuckmere. Further up stream I counted 337 Large Red Damselflies just south of Arlington Weir.


May 6th PGr Suffolk
Minsmere - 100+ large red damselflies, 1 common blue damselfly and 7 broad-bodied chasers (photographed)


May 6th KNo Brecknock
About six teneral Common Blue Damsels at Llangorse Lake


May 6th SRo Lincs.
A visit today to Messingham Sand Quarries revealed the following counts of 5 species today:5 Azure Damselfly, 2 Large-red Damselfly, 23 Common-blue Damselfly, 10 Blue-tailed Damselfly and a single Four-spot Chaser.


May 6th DMcE Berkshire
Although cooler conditions meant that there were fewer invertebrates flying than on earlier visits, I did have my first teneral Blue-Tail (Ischnura Elegans) today along with a single Azure.

No sign as yet of any demoiselles or chasers.


May 7th KL Berkshire
On a less than ideal cool & breezy evening, I saw
my first Beautiful Demoiselle of the year at Woohampton gravel pits, also 1 teneral Common blue.


May 4th GHB Cambs.
Wicken Fen: 2 or 3 immature Coenagrion pulchellum, 1 C. puella and of course a number of Pyrrhosoma along the ride past the Brick Pit hide. Is this early for pulchellum?


May 9th AN Bucks.
To date Bucks records are Large Red Blue Lagoon April 30th C Coppock
Common Blue Teneral HESC (permit only site) May 4th T Wood
On a brief lunch time stroll May 9th at HESC Azure c 20 and LRed 3. Not much happening so far too cool wet windy. Please send in your Bucks records to


May 9th SRo Lincs.
My first Hairy D's of the new season today with 3 seen at Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR,also recorded today where 19 Common-blue Damselfly, 16 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 14 Azure Damselfly, 3 Large-red Damselfly and 2 Four-spot Chaser.


May 9th CMo Cornwall
Windmill CWTR: 1 male Common Blue Damsel. 10+ teneral female Azure Damsels and emerging and very recently emerged individuals. 2 mature male Large-Red Damsels. 1 unidentified Chaser briefly seen (2 Chaser-type exuviae found at this location in water - 28 April).


May 9th DMcE Berkshire
Although weather conditions were decidedly cool for today's visit to Hosehill Lake LNR at Theale (and our visit was aimed more at birds than invertebrates as we were escorting a group of Cub Scouts on a guided trip) we did find three teneral Common Blue Damselflies at SU 651679 and SU 646696, along with several exuviae. Overall numbers still seem quite low for the time of year, though.


May 7th IT Glos.
An afternoon visit to The Mythe near Tewkesbury, yielded approx 50 newly-emerged Red-eyed Damselflies, as well as 9 exuviae, alongside the Fishing Lake, with another 12 tenerals nearby. Also seen were 5 Blue-tailed Damselflies, 3 of which were fairly mature, and 40 Large Red Damselflies - both sexes being present.


May 9th SH Leics.
Priory Water: a walk around the reserve yielded the following species; Large Red Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Variable Damselfly and the first teneral Red-eyed Damselflies of the year, possibly the earliest recorded date for this site.
A single Four-spotted Chaser was also observed.


May 9th PD Wicklow, Ireland
1-3 Four-spotted Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata & 15+ Large Red Damselfly, Pyrrhosoma nymphula at Blackditch NR, Five Mile Point, County Wicklow, Ireland on the 9/5/2010.


May 10th SC Wiltshire
VC7/8 [on VC boundary!]: Ian Bartlett reported to me today the first sighting for the year of Banded Demoiselle in the county. This was on the Kennett and Avon Canal near Trowbridge.
Still no Anisoptera sightings yet though!


May 10th JHw Somerset
Shapwick Heath Somerset today: 20 plus Hairy Dragonflies (Brachytron pratense) Males & Females.
The following was also seen: 2 Broad bodied Chasers; 10+ Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula); 10+ Azure Damselflies (Coenagrion puella); 4 Blue-tailed Damselflies (Ischnura elegans); Variable Damselflies (Coenagrion pulchellum). Photos of all except for the Broad-bodied Chasers.


May 10th GD Hampshire
At Ansells farm nature reserve, on a windy and dull afternoon, 10 large red damselflies, 1 four-spotted chaser and 1 broad-bodied chaser.


May 11th PGr Suffolk
Minsmere - away from the cold wind, one four-spotted chaser, one broad-bodied chaser, one hairy dragonfly, numerous large red damselflies, one common blue, one blue-tailed and two male variable damselflies.


May 11th IP Essex
Bedfords Park, Romford: 2 Large red damselflies on Damselfly pond & one teneral red-eyed damselfly on Lake on a very cold day for May!


May 12th ABr Dorset
River Stour, near Dudsbury, this morning saw 2 Banded demoiselles, Large red damselflies, and teneral Blue-tailed damselfly.


May 12th AN Bucks.
A single Red-eyed Damselfly last night at HESC North Bucks (Mrs GW) also Common Blues in greater numbers. It was 4.5 Deg C at 2100hrs. A single Hairy Dragonfly recorded on 5 May at HESC (TF). As yet I still haven't received any South Bucks records


May 12th SMi W. Sussex
One banded demoiselle and nine large red damselflies along the Arun at Broadbridge Heath.


May 13th JWS Berkshire
At Swinley Brick Pits (between Bracknell and Ascot) this morning, T=12C, I recorded and photographed a Downy Emerald. Also present, one Four-spotted Chaser and 5 Large Red Damsels. The damsels were over water, but the dragons, although their wings had hardened, were still going through the maturing process a short distance away from water.


May 13th SC Wiltshire
VC7/8 [on VC boundary]: A quick lunchtime visit to the Caen Hill Locks on the Kennet & Avon canal produced two new species for the year for Wiltshire; Common Blue and Red-eyed Damselflies. Plus a single mature male Blue-tailed Damsel. Pics on my blog.


May 14th CD/JS Hampshire
Two Downy Emeralds at Shortheath Common near Kingsley today.


May 14th SDa E. Sussex
Bevern Stream from Red Bridge To the Old Railway Bridge i counted x50 Large Red Damselflies and x5 Beautiful Demoiselles (all Females)today.


May 14th GHg Hampshire
Visit today to Brook Meadow in Emsworth produced: 6 Large Red Damselflies, 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 1 Azure Damselfly. Images on


May 14th DWh Norfolk
At Sparham pools near Norwich, large numbers of large red damselflies, a few azures starting to reach mature colouration and a couple of blue-tailed. No sign of any anisopteran dragonflies.


May 14th SRo Lincs.
A look around Kirkby Moor LWTR revealed the following species and numbers:57 Large-red Damselfly, 4 teneral male Red-eyed Damselfly, 2 Four-spot Chaser, 2 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 5 Azure Damselfly.


May 15th MT Northants.
Downy Emerald, Four-spotted Chaser and Hairy Dragonflies were emerging at Yardley Chase today in lovely warm sunshine. I have posted a photo of the emerging Downy on my blog.


May 15th TC Essex
Wake Valley Pond, Epping Forest, Essex: Over two hours of hard searching eventually yielded three newly emerged Downy Emeralds. Two in trees about 1.5 metres up and one low down at waterside in rush.My personal latest date for this species which I normally find most years between dates of 2nd and 10th of this month. Hopefully the main emergence of better numbers will occur in the next week.


May 15th LMcC Somerset
At Priddy Mineries on a windy day with intermittent sun I found 2 x Downy Emerald Exuvia (one on a dandelion), 1 very damaged teneral Downy Emerald male on the path near Waldegrave pond, several (5+) adult Downy Emeralds in woodland and scrub, 5+ Large Red Damselflies, 4 Blue-tailed Damselflies plus an unidentified damselfly. Photos of all can be seen on flickr.


May 15th SRo Lincs/S. Yorks.
A trip out to Crowle/Thorne Moors to see what numbers and species were present saw the following sightings being seen: 1202 Large-red Damselfly, 51 Four-spot Chaser and 2 Common-blue Damselfly.


May 16th KPa Shropshire
Pyrrhosoma nymphula: 1 teneral adult male; 6 exuviae (from the old Conservation Officer's garden pond - first sighting this year - finally!)


May 15th C&RC Devon
Bystock Pools, near Exmouth. 1 freshly emerged Downy Emerald which we watched take its maiden flight. 3 x teneral Large Red Damselflies.


May 15th JOw Suffolk
I walked the River Gipping from Ipswich through to Stowmarket on Saturday. I encountered low levels of Large Red Damselflies along the route, mostly in ones and twos although there were fifteen or so in a sun trap near Claydon. I also spotted a solitary male Banded Demoiselle as I approached the industrial area near Stowmarket together with a dragonfly which was frustratingly too far away to be identified. My guess would be a Four-spotted Chaser.


May 16th A&BT Inverness-shire
2 Teneral Large Red Damselflies at Insh Marshes RSPB reserve near Kingussie, then 2 more near the north end of Loch Insh by Kincraig.


May 15th DMcE Berkshire
Quite a busy day. Whilst my wife and others were out on the annual Berkshire Bird Race, I took the opportunity for a walk along the Thames between Pangbourne and Streatley. Two Club-Tailed Dragonflies (Gomphus Vulgatissimus) were found - one close to the Child Beale Park at SU620782 and the other flushed from vegetation at SU601795.

There were also 7 teneral Beautiful Demoiselle and small numbers of Common Blue, Azures, Blue-Tail and Large Red.

Later my wife confirmed that during the race she found a single immature Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx Splendens) at Moor Green Lakes, with other teams reporting "good numbers" of immature Common Blues along the Kennet.


May 16th DSm Devon
Nineteen of us 'enjoyed' a most cloudy and sometimes wet day for the first Devon Group meeting of the season! At Stover, we found 2 Hairy Dragonfly exuviae; small numbers of Broad-bodied and Four-spotted Chaser emergers, larvae and exuviae; 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly; and good numbers of Large Red Damselfly exuviae and a few emerging. A few sunny spells at Little Bradley Ponds helped 3 emerging Downy Emeralds and larger numbers of Azure Damselflies on their maiden flights.


May 16th CHa Worcs.
Whilst walking along the River Avon near Eckington bridge on a warm Saturday afternoon, I flushed a Common Clubtail from the riverside vegetation. I looked carefully but I was unable to find any others. Several Banded Demoiselle present.


May 17th KTu Berkshire
River Thames @ Wargrave: 3 Banded Demoiselles (2f, 1m)
female/imm male Club-tailed Dragonfly.
Photographs to follow:


May 17th RC Hampshire
1 Hairy Dragonfly at Brownwich, near Titchfield Haven.


May 17th ATo Norfolk
A single female Broad Bodied Chaser at Hempton Marsh today


May 17th DJP Norfolk
Just a single blue tailed damsel at Welney by the dipping area amongst the rain drops


May 17th LE Leics.
Grantham Canal - Hose to Harby - Large Red, Azure, Common, Variable and Red-eyed damselflies,
Wymeswold - Blue tailed, Large Red and Common Blue damselflies and a Broad Bodied Chaser. The latter will sadly probably be bird food tomorrow, as its wings have not opened well.


May 17th TC Essex
Garden pond, Hook End, Blackmore, Essex: A mass emergence of at least 12 Four Spotted Chasers took place this morning at garden pond.


May 18th MSi Cleveland
Female Red Veined Darter on the roof of Corus Beam Mill at Lackenby Redcar at 11am this morning. NZ 560 222 This site is within sight of the coast near Redcar.
Pale centred Pterostigma bordered with black were noted, along with Red Veining on the wing. Wings were yellow based. Blue lower part to eye colour wasn't noted. Abdomen yellowish with two black lines on each side.
Unable to photograph as I was working at the time with no camera!


May 15th SFB Oxon.
One male Downy Emerald at Otmoor. Photo on my website


May 15th SC Wilts. VC7
A late afternoon visit to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Swillbrook Lakes reserve in the Cotswold Water Park yielded my [and the county's?] first Four-spotted Chaser of the year. Five were seen in all. Another county year 'tick' was Azure Damselfly. Also present were Large Red, Common Blue and Red-eyed Damselflies.


May 18th IT Glos.
The Mythe, Tewkesbury: On a fine sunny still morning, the first sighting of a female Scarce Chaser, as well as 17 Beautiful Demoiselles - the highest number ever seen here, 16 Banded Demoiselles and 8 newly-emerged White-legged Damselflies. Also present were Red-eyed and Blue-tails, Large Reds in cop, and ovipositing Azures.


May 18th SC Wilts. VC7
A lunchtime visit to Rove's Farm scrape, near Sevenhampton, produced the first Broad-bodied Chasers of the year. I found 3 in all plus 2 Four-spotted Chasers and numerous teneral Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselflies.


May 9th SC Wiltshire VC7
A belated record just received by me from Steve Davies of a Downy Emerald at Swillbrook Lakes Wilts Wildlife Trust reserve in the Cotswold Water Park. A small image has been posted on the CWP blog. It looks like a reasonably mature individual so had probably been around for a few days!


May 19th CJu Essex/Gtr London
River Ingrebourne,Harold Park: 2 male Banded Demoiselles by the bridge, my first of the year + tandem pair Large Red Damsels.


May 19th ATo Norfolk
Titchwell Rspb. 2X Male Hairy, 1x Female Hairy. 8x Azure damselfly. 50 plus Large Red damselfly (many copulating and in tandem)


May 19th MTk Surrey
3 Red eyed Damselflies, 3 Azure Damselflies, 2 Red eyed Damselflies, 5 Large Red Damselflies at Wetlands Centre Barnes


May 19th LC Cambs.
Wimpole Hall lakes. At least 10 tandem pairs Large red damselflies plus as many singles; single Common blue damselfly; 10-15 Blue-tailed damselflies; female Broad-bodied chaser.


May 20th KL Berkshire
Decoy Heath BBOWT reserve 1pm-3pm: 2 White legged damsels, 4 Common blue, 16 Azure, 1 large red & 3 Broad bodied chasers.
Woolhampton gravel pits 3pm-6pm: 15 Beautiful demoiselle, 10 Banded demoiselle, 11 Blue tailed, 50+ Common blue, 30 Azure damselfly (many of the above were not around the main pit, but from a footpath which follows the Kennet upstream suggested by a fisherman)


May 20th AN Bucks.
North Bucks First record of Banded Demoiselle 1 female (GW) at HESC 20 May. First record of BBC a single male in flight reported 14 May mid Bucks (PJMCarey.) It's still very quite in Bucks with fewer Hairy dragonflies than last year so far.


May 19th HT Dorset
Bennetts Water Gardens near Weymouth, 2 four spotted chaser exuvia and one recently emerged four spotted chaser photographed at length!


May 21st GHg Hampshire
A wander around Brook Meadow this morning produced: 3 Large Red Damselflies (all male), 2 Banded Demoiselle (females).
Images on my Flickr page


May 21st MT Northants.
Taking a detour on my way home to the River Nene at Waddenhoe, I saw my first Scarce Chaser of the year and found an exuviae. I checked a couple of sites and only found the one. This time last year there were many around, so I guess the warmer weather hasn't quite made up for the prolonged cold spell for this species. There were also ~100 Banded Demoiselle flying around the river margins, a few Red-eyed Damselflies and a single Hairy Dragonfly.


May 21st JHg Leics.
Blue-tailed Damselfly (male) outside Edward Herbert Building at Loughborough University SK520189. A long way from the nearest water!


May 21st SDa E. Sussex
A walk around the ditches near Charleston reed bed along the Cuckmere i found x1 Teneral Male Black-tailed Skimmer, x1 4-spotted Chaser, x19 Hairys inc one pair in Cop. A few blue-tailed and many Azures and Large Reds inc x4 in tandem.


May 22nd NW Leics.
Grantham Canal - Plungar at the wide section near the 20 mile milepost: Mass emergence of over 200 Variable Damselfly. Large numbers of exuviae remain on the waterside vegetation. Also small numbers of adult Large Red Damselfly, Variable Damselfly and Azure Damselfly.
No signs of any dragonflies.


May 22nd NW Notts.
Grantham Canal-Wild's Bridge to Irish Jack's Bridge (Owthorpe to Kinoulton): Large numbers of Azure, Large Red, Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damselfly in all stages from teneral to ovipositing pairs. Large numbers of exuviae on waterside vegetation.
As with the stretch from Dove Cottage Tea Room to Barkestone in Leicestershire, visited this morning, there were no dragonflies present.


May 22nd CMo Cornwall
Windmill CWTR, Lizard. Large-red, Azure, Blue-tailed Damsels. Many Common Blue Damsels, teneral and immature. 25+ 4-Spots - immatures, males over water, pairs and ovipositing females. Broad-bodied Chaser - 4 males, pair, and ovipositing female. 1 teneral Black-tailed Skimmer. Emperor exuviae collected 10 male & 13 female; also seen 2 live large larvae near water's edge.


May 22nd A&BT Inverness-shire
Saw 3 Four-spotted Chasers at Uath Lochans in Glenfeshie today.


May 22nd AN Cambs.
Wood Walton Fen. Arrival just in time to see a mass emergence off Fulva c 200 near bridge in an hour also on site 1 female Emperor, Hairy 25-30, 4spot 40+, Red-eyed, Azure, Large Red, Blue-tailed and Variable. A very hot day!


May 22nd LE Leics.
Grantham Canal - at Barkestone le Vale at least 10 Hairy dragonflies, including ovipositing female, over 100 variable damselflies plus Large Red, Azure and Blue tailed damselflies.
Wymeswold garden pond - Four spotted Chaser, Broad bodied Chaser, Large Red, Azure and Blue tailed damselflies.
Barrow on Soar - Banded demoiselles, Broad bodied Chaser, Large Red, Azure and Blue tailed damselflies.


May 22nd GA Norfolk
Whilst walking on Barnham Cross Common, Thetford (on the river side of the common), I had an immature male Broad Bodied Chaser, approx 20 Large Red damselflies, some in tandem and, on the river, my first Banded Demoiselle, a male, of the year.


May 22nd JHg Staffs.
At least 10 White-faced Darter on Natural England/BDS trip to Chartley Moss. One 'Quad' and a few bluets, 1 Common Blue Damselfly and 6 Azure Damselfly


May 22nd HJV Cambs.
Fen Drayton: 3 Scarce Chaser, 5+ Hairy Dragonfly, 2 Broad-bodied Chaser, 100's Red-eyed, Blue-tailed and Variable Damselfly, a few Common Blue amongst the Variables (in a few weeks time it will be vice-versa), 3 Banded Demoiselle and 1 Azure


May 23rd OK Cheshire
Rixton Clay Pits: about 5 four-spotted chasers along with numerous large red, azure and blue tailed damselflies.


May 23rd KPa Shropshire
First dragons! Libellula depressa, 2 male, one female and L. quadrimaculata along with P. nymphula and an unidentified blue damselfly at Brown Moss, nr. Whitchurch.


May 23rd CMo Cornwall
Windmill CWTR, Lizard: 5 Broad-bodied Chaser, male; pairs and ovip. females. 25+ 4-Spot, males, many pairings, females ovip. 1 teneral Black-tailed Skimmer. Damsels- including many more teneral Common Blue. Also Emperor exuviae collected for 2nd day - 33 female and 46 male also some 15+ in water. 1 Emperor glimpsed flying in late afternoon.
Bray's Cot area, Lizard NNR: 2 teneral Keeled Skimmers, 5 immature Broad-bodied Chasers. 30+ Large-red Damsels, some Azure.


May 23rd GHg Wilts.
Visited Bentley Wood predominately for Pearl-bordered & Marsh Fritillaries, arrived to late for any images although plenty of PBF. Dropped in to the pond area, and was very happy to observe 5 or 6 Downy Emerald, 1 male Broad-bodied Chaser, numerous Large Red Damselflies in cop and egg laying and a couple of Blue damselflies species X as I could not get that close to confirm ID.


May 23rd PCo Shropshire
Whixall Moss - About 15 teneral White Faced Darters and 6-8 adults. Sighted all over mosses, not many on WFD pools yet, only about 6 seen on there. 20+ Four Spot Chasers, Large Red and Common Blue Damsels plentiful.


21st May IT Glos.
Woorgreens/Dilke Lagoon, Forest of Dean: First sightings of the year of Downy Emerald - two males and one female, all newly-emerged, alongside two exuviae. Also present were 25 Four-spotted Chasers, with 11 exuviae collected, one male and two female Broad-bodied Chasers, and a few Large Reds and Blue-tails.


May 22nd GCBa Oxon.
Teneral female Club-tailed Dragonfly at approximately 16:30 at Goring, on river bank 100 to 200M west of the viaduct


May 22nd SRo Lincs.
Good numbers around Messingham Sand Quarries at last, involved the following counts: 434 Common-blue Damselfly, 103 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 104 Azure Damselfly, 7 Large-red Damselfly, 12 Red-eyed Damselfly, 4 Hairy Dragonfly and 3 Four-spot Chaser.


May 22nd/23rd C&RC Devon
22nd - Bystock Pools, near Exmouth: Saw 11 Downy Emerald take their maiden flights. 1 x Hairy dragonfly emerging (plus 1 exuvia found the day before), 1x Azure, 1x Broad Bodied Chaser (female), 1x mature Downy Emerald feeding up on the edge of the woodland, 20+ Large Red. Over the 21 and 22 May we found over 30 Downy Emerald exuvia.
23rd - Squabmoor Reservoir near Exmouth: 1x Beautiful demoiselle, 1x Blue tailed and small numbers of Large Red.


May 23rd/24th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
23rd - Bedfords Park LNR,North Romford. A brief visit to the lake in the early evening (sunny and still very warm): 60+ Red-eyed Damselflies (some in tandem), 20+ Common Blues, 10+ Blue-tailed, a few Large Red and Azure Damsels, but no Four-spot Chasers seen.
24th - Dagnam Park LNR, NE of Romford. Late am - midday visit: 7 teneral Four-spotted Chasers (+ exuviae), 100's of Azure Damselflies (many ovipositing pairs), numerous Large Red and Red-eyed Damsels and a few Blue-taileds (looked at 4 ponds,1 particularly good).


May 23rd BD Norfolk
At least six emergent Keeled Skimmers on Holt Lowes.


May 24th NW Leics.
Grantham Canal- Barkestone le Vale: 15 Hairy Dragonfly including 2 pairs in cop and one female ovipositing. The variable cloud cover resulted in good views of 2 males resting, one on the waterside vegatation and one on the Hawthorn hedge by the towpath. A female was observed and photographed resting in the Hawthorn bush next to the "Weak" Bridge. In addition there were large numbers of Variable Damselfly including pairs in cop and ovipositing as well as Large Red Damselfly and Azure Damselfly.


May 24th JBa Suffolk
In my garden at Kelsale, nr Saxmundham, East Suffolk and 8 miles inland from Minsmere; watched the Broad-bodied Chaser /Libellula depressa for about half an hour. Having found your website recognised it as a female. A positive sighting.


May 24th IT Glos.
The Mythe, Tewkesbury: First sighting of the year of a newly-emerged female Common Clubtail; also present was a newly-emerged Emperor with exuvia nearby, a newly-emerged male Black-tailed Skimmer with exuvia nearby, and three newly-emerged Scarce Chasers. 8 exuviae of Scarce Chasers were collected; this is the first proof of breeding at this fishing lake site. Also present were damselfly species previously reported.


May 24th NMl Hants.
10+ Large Red (ov) 10+ Azure Damselflies 4x Broad Bodied Chasers (Mature) 3x Four Spotted Chasers sighted at Bartley Wood. First sightings at site this year (Later than usual).


May 24th JHg Leics.
1 female Broad-bodied Chaser in Swithland Wood this afternoon. Images on my blog


May 22nd DSm Devon
Transect counts at Stover included only 4 Red-eyed Damselflies, at least 4 Hairy Dragonflies and an emerging Downy Emerald (plus another exuvia). At Little Bradley Ponds there were 2 Downy Emeralds and 2 Hairy Dragonflies on territory.


May 23rd DSm Devon
The dozen folk gathered for the BDS meeting to look for Scarce Chasers along the River Axe were disappointed! In fact there was very little around, which was surprising, given the recent Scarce Chasers emergences elsewhere. Even Lower Bruckland Ponds could only mustered 7 Red-eyed Damselflies, lots of Common Blue Damselflies, a couple of Four-spotted Chasers and an Emperor exuvia, in addition to the usual common damselflies.


May 24th HR S. Wales
Newport, South Wales: Two male broad bodied chasers fighting for territorial rights to my garden pond today. Wow!
One exuvia recovered from the grass at the edge of the pond, which also looks very much like broad bodied chaser exuvia. I didn't see it emerge - so don't have positive i.d. but it's much larger and fatter than the common darter exuvia I'm used to finding. I hope there might be more lurking beneath the water ready to emerge.


May 24th GHg Hampshire
An early morning walk around Farlington Marshe, on the ponds very little activity, but one pond produced hundreds of Blue-tailed Damselflies. The ditches around the inside of the sea wall produced 3 or 4 Hairy Dragonflies.


May 25th MT Northants.
White-legged Damselflies emerging on the River Ise today, along with ~60 Banded Demoiselle, mating Large Red Damselflies and a few Azure Damselflies.


May 25th DSm Devon
At Finlake (near Chudleigh) this morning, a Keeled Skimmer emerged from an overgrown wheel rut! An Emperor was also on the wing.


May 25th GHg Sussex
A visit today to New Bridge - River Arun - West Sussex, in search of Common Club-tail's and Hairy Dragonflies produced 50 Banded Demoiselles (70% / 30% Male - Female split), 1 or 2 Female Scarce Chasers, 1 female Broad-bodied Chaser loads of Large Red Damselflies manly seen in tandem and egg laying, a few Blue Damselflies but no close views to confirm ID.


May 25th DJP Rutland
At Barnsdale Gardens, near Rutland Water, at around lunch time today. Three large red with two in tandem, several Variable Blue and a single Broad Bodied Chaser. All around the pond in the middle of the garden.


May 25th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Risebridge Golf Course, Romford: A female/imm. Broad-bodied Chaser in a sheltered spot SW corner of the GC early evening (sunny with cool NE breeze) - my first of the year.


May 24th/25th SC Wiltshire
24th, VC8: First survey of the year at Landford Heath SSSI [private site] in SE Wilts.
4 Downy Emerald males holding territory, 100's of Large Red and Azure Damsels. A few Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damsels plus 3 male and 1 female BB Chasers. Finally, 3 teneral Keeled Skimmers including one pre flight near it's exuvia [collected and determined].
A nearby farm pond also had a similar assemblage of species [minus the Keeled Skimmers]. Hopefully a visit later in the season will reveal a continuing healthy Small Red Damselfly population.
25th, VC7: Both White-legged Damselfly and Beautiful Demoiselle have been reported to me by Mike Hamzij on the Bristol Avon at Whaddon, near Trowbridge. Both are first sightings for the year. Pictures on my blog.


May 26th KNo Brecknock VC42
A Southern Hawker emerged from my small garden pond in Brecon, gave great opportunity to photograph the whole process. At Llangorse on 22nd fields between Lake and road full of mostly immature damsels - thousands. Most of the identified adults were Common Blue, some Variable, including pairs. Broad-bodied Chasers at Penlan, Brecon on 23rd, Mynydd Illtyd on 25th, with more than 100 Azure Damsels at both sites.


May 27th DJP Cambs.
At Wicken Fen....yes an easy place to see so much and there were many Red Eyed Damsels, Variable and Common Blue. But what made a difference was the Four Spot Chaser. The first just perched, gripping a reed so tightly and for so long I was able to move the plants around to view and photo. Then later an aerobatic display by 3 males fighting for territory...delayed my visit by 15 minutes at least.


May 27th PCo Cheshire
At Rixton Clay Pits, a single male Broad Body Chaser, 4 Four Spot Chasers and a teneral female Black Tailed Skimmer. Loads of damsels.


May 27th SC Wiltshire VC7
A late afternoon return visit was rewarded with 6 teneral Black-tailed Skimmers - my first for the year. Also present were 3 mature male BB Chasers holding territory [when the sun shone!] and an ovipositing female. No sign of the 4-spots which were emerging last week but plenty of damselflies skulking in the undergrowth. Pics on blog.


May 28th PWi Hampshire
1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly hawking the hedge at the entrance to Testwood Lakes NR (seen by the warden)


May 28th LMcC Avon
One female common blue damselfly in my garden in Bristol, BS3! Very excited about this as this is the third I have seen in 2 weeks in my garden which perhaps suggests a local population?


May 28th JF Norfolk
Holt Lowes, nr Holt, north Norfolk. Recently emerged female Keeled Skimmer and Four-spotted Chaser 'on the bog'! Sole dragons present.


May 28th SRo Lincs.
A survey of the species breeding along the banks of the river Eau in the north of the county revealed the following: 1978 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 311 Variable Damselfly, 26 Red-eyed Damselfly, 25 Common-blue Damselfly, 5 Four-spot Chaser and finally 18 Hairy Dragonfly (Which included 4 pairs in cop and 4 ovipositing females).


May 28th PCo Shropshire
At Whixall Moss: 40+ White face Darters, on the wfd pools and spreading out on the mosses along with 10 Four spot Chasers. Spotted 1 teneral Hairy near the car park


May 28th SC Wiltshire VC7
Damian Pinguey reported a teneral male Emperor hunting in Mortimer's Wood, Chippenham this morning. First Wilts record for the year. Mike Hamzij emailed me the first sighting of Scarce Chaser this year, a female, by the Bristol Avon at Whaddon, Trowbridge.


May 30th MT Northants.
Very windy today, but still managed to find ~100 Scarce Chaser in a sunny ride between Achurch and Lilford. The ride protected the Chasers from the wind and they were enjoying the sun trap conditions.


May 30th NA London/Surrey
Kew Gardens: Downy Emerald patrolling section of lake margin (my first record here, one was recorded last year at nearby London Wetland Centre)), 6 Broad-bodied Chaser (1 ovipositing), many Azure, smaller numbers Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Large Red + 2 Red-eyed Damselflies


May 30th JHw Somerset
River Avon upriver from Keynsham - Bristol: 4 x White-legged Damselflies, 10 + Scarce Chasers, Abundant Banded Demoiselles, 2 x Beautiful Demoiselles


May 30th SRo S. Yorkshire
A visit today to Potteric Carr YWTR revealed a pretty impressive total of 11 Broad-bodied Chaser which included 4 males and 7 females. Other species recorded included Four-spot Chaser, Large-red, Blue-tailed, Azure and Common-blue Damselflies.


30th May LMcC Somerset
A variously sunny and overcast day with a strong wind at Waldegrave Pond, Priddy Minereies - 5+ Downy Emerald males flying over water, 1 Downy Emerald female ovipositing, abundant Blue Tailed and Common Blue damselflies several mating and ovipositing. Lucky enough to be able to watch male Four Spot Chaser develop from just after emergence to wing hardening and see another one flying over water. Pics on flickr -


May 28th ISh Beds.
Priory Park, Beds. Along one of the channels of the Great Ouse: 1 male Hairy Dragonfly on patrol plus the following damselflies: 50+ Azure, 20+ Red-Eyed, 5+ Large Red, 5+ Blue-Tailed, 50+ Banded Demoiselles, 5+ Common Blue plus 1 male White-Legged.


May 28th-30th LE Pembrokeshire
28th - Gellifawr in the Preseli Mountains - Broad Bodied Chasers and Large Red damselflies. Brynberian - Beautiful demoiselle, Large Red and Azure damselflies.
Cardigan Wildlife Centre- Beautiful demoiselle, Broad Bodied Chasers, Four Spotted Chasers, Blue- tailed, Azure and Large Red damselflies.
Porth Clais- Beautiful demoiselle, Variable, Common Blue, Azure and Large Red damselflies
30th - near Skomer Island - Four spotted Chasers and Large Red damselflies.
Marloes Mere -Hairy dragonfly, Four spotted Chasers, Broad Bodied Chasers, Azure, Blue tailed and Large Red damselflies.
Broad Haven Slash Pond- Emperor dragonflies, Broad bodied Chasers, Azure, Blue-tailed and Large Red damselflies.
That was 10 species in a beautiful area thanks to a wedding (but no chance to hunt for more on the 29th!)


May 30th TC Essex
Langford,nr Maldon Golf club, Essex. Came here specifically to look for Scarce Chaser and wasn't disappointed on a very windy but mostly bright afternoon. Found about 15 in nettle beds and 3 emerging on the brick wall of the lock, though one looked like it wings were deformed, probably from being battered from the heavy winds.
Large numbers of Banded Demoiselles, W L Damselflies, Large Reds, Azures, B tailed were also present. Two Hairy Dragonflies and one Broad Bodied Chaser completed the list.
Two notable early sightings from last weekend.
22/5/10 A single Scarce chaser from the River Stour, Essex between Nayland and Stratford St Mary.
23/5/10 A single Black tailed Skimmer on Wicken Fen, Cambs.


May 31st SRo Lincs.
A visit this afternoon to Messingham Sand Quarries,saw the following being recorded in my four hour visit: 358 Common-blue Damselfly, 33 Red-eyed Damselfly, 292 Azure Damselfly, 625 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 2 Large-red Damselfly, 6 Four-spot Chaser and finally 5 Hairy Dragonfly.


May 31st C&RC Devon
Bystock Pools near Exmouth. 1 male Emperor, 1 Keeled Skimmer, 11 Beautiful Demoiselle (7 female, 3 teneral males and 1 mature male), 2 Downy Emerald, 3 Hairy dragonflies (2 male, 1 female) and 10+ Large Red.


May 30th DMcE Berkshire
I had an interesting few hours exploring the Holybrook Linear Park and Kennet Offshoot on Sunday. Although the weather was a little breezy, it was warm and sunny and there were plenty of Odonata on the wing.
No real surprises in the Linear Park - though it was nice to see good numbers of Common Blue, Azure, Large Red and Blue-Tailed Damselflies. The demoiselles seem to be having a particularly good year in 2010, with over 220 Beautiful Demoiselle (both adults and immatures) and several exuviae. This is by far the highest single count I've had at this location. Banded Demoiselles were also plentiful, with smaller numbers of Coenagrions.
The Kennet Offshoot (just E of Southcote Bridge) had a good mixture of species, though nothing unusual. The site's best known for the only (as far as I'm aware) colony of Variable Damselflies in this part of the county, and in the space of an hour I counted over 90 adults and several breeding pairs at the usual site at SU 687708.
There were good numbers of demoiselles here too (counts of both Banded and Beautifuls both in the hundreds) with clouds of Common Blues wherever you looked in the grass, and flying low over the surface of the water. Azures (numerous clusters of breeding pairs in the shallows), Red-Eyed Damselflies (80+), Blue-Tails and Large Reds  were also present.
There were also 6 Four-Spotted Chasers flying across the lakes just south of the Offshoot at SU 688709 - including several immatures and one exuvia - along with two male Downy Emeralds.
No sign of any Club-Tails.


June 1st CMo Cornwall
Windmill CWTR- Lizard: After a night of very heavy rain, only clearing near mid-day: 25+ 4-Spots, males, pairs and ovipositing females. 6 male B-bCs, pairs, females ovipositing. 2 male Emperor, 1 pair in copula, 2 female seen, feeding over water. 1 mature Black-tailed Skimmer and 8+ teneral, recent emergers. Many Azure Damsels, 3 Large-red, and many teneral damsels flying up all day. 25+ Beautiful Demoiselles, males and female - late afternoon, alongside stream.


May 30th JWS Berkshire
I had a highly unusual record of Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) at Whitmoor Bog, near Bracknell, on 30 May. This was only the third sighting of this species in the Bracknell Forest Borough, the first this century, and was for the first time over water. The habitat was also unusual. This sighting was over a new, small pond, created during the winter 2009/2010 by a local conservation group, in the middle of a large boggy area, and the marginal vegetation was short. All very different from the usual habitat. I watched it at close quarters for more than 30 minutes. The Hairy was continually hassled by Four-spotted and Broad-bodied Chasers which were also present.
June 2nd GHg Hampshire
A visit today to Brook Meadow in Emsworth produced a best count so far of the season: The majority of the Dragonflies sightings took place between 10:30-11:20 - after 11:20 I stopped counting to concentrate on the butterfly transect.
Dragonflies & Damselflies included: Banded Demoiselle M-4 / F-6, Azure M-2 / F-1, Large Red M-2, Blue-tailed M-2 Broad-bodied Chaser F-1 and Hairy Dragonfly 2.
I am also 95% sure I spotted a Beautiful Demoiselle, but failed to re-find it once I had managed to disturb it.


June 2nd JHg Leics.
Burbage Common Extension: Teneral Broad-bodied Chaser SP451950. Dave Gray has also reported a probable Hairy Dragonfly at Watermead Country Park North SK605113.


June 2nd DCy Derbys.
4 X Male Broad Bodied Chasers dog fighting over territory at Pennytown Ponds Somercotes Derbys.
AT LAST some activity ! I have been regularly reading the HOT NEWS reports with envy and seeing the sightings in more southerly counties. It seems after a week of being treated to low pressure the change to a high and a lovely sunny day has finally triggered emergence. Stuck a twig in the bank and got some nice photos!.


June 2nd PWi Hampshire
There was a male Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly and 7 Southern Damselfly at the start of Silver Stream (SU270027). Also good numbers of Keeled Skimmer from tenerals to blue males.


June 2nd NMl Hampshire
Bartley Wood, 50+ Azure Damsel 20+ Large Red Damsel 10x Broad Bodied Chaser 5x Four Spot Chaser 1 X Beautiful Demoiselle Location seems to have caught up after a slow start this year.


June 2nd CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Bedfords Park LNR, North Romford. Sunny all day, a midday - mid-pm visit. Lake: male Hairy Dragonfly patrolling NE corner, 6 Broad-bodied Chasers (4 males, 2 ovipositing fem), 3 Four-spotted Chasers, 2 teneral Black-tailed Skimmers, Azure, Red-eyed and Common Blue Damsels (all into three-figures), 10+ Blue-taileds and 7 Large Reds. And on the Damselfly Pond: 2 B-b Chasers (m + f), 1 Four-spot, 285 Azure Damselflies (many ovp and tandem prs) and a few Large Reds. Finally, in grassland south of the Visitor Centre, my first Emperor of the year (immature male) completing a very rewarding site visit today, with 10 species in total.


May 31st HC Oxon.
In cool overcast weather on the River Thames collected ~30 fresh exuviae and saw 4 newly emerging Common Club-tailed dragonflies between Goring and the railway viaduct.


June 3rd DMcE Berkshire
Have just seen my first Emperor (Anax Imperator) of the year - a mature male was patrolling the larger of the two ponds at Shinfield Park, together with 3 Four-Spotted Chasers and 100+ Azures (including 14 ovipositing pairs).


June 3rd LMcC Avon
At small pond (car park settling pond) on Bristol Business Park, Frenchay 1 x male Emperor holding territory over water and 2 x male Broad Bodied Chasers sparring and perching on vegetation. At least 2 pairs of Large Red damsels tandem ovipositing. Also large numbers of Common Blue (I think!) and Blue Tailed damsels present. Pics of the Chasers on Flickr but have ommitted the several blurred ones of the Emperor in flight!


June 3rd DSm Devon
At Decoy Pool (Newton Abbot) this afternoon I was pleased to see 3 Downy Emeralds joined by a female - which was quickly grabbed by one of the males and taken into the treetops. Also 20 Red-eyed Damselflies, plus another 6 on the small, turbid Magazine Pond. 3 teneral Scarce Chasers have been seen on Exminster Marshes in the last week, at 2 sites away from the ditch where seen in 2007.


June 2nd/3rd JWS Berkshire
Following the unusual record of Hairy Dragonfly at Whitmoor Bog on 30 May, searching nearby has yielded two more sites. On 2 June, 2 males were present at Englmere Pond, and one male was observed at Swinley Brick Pits. The two males were again present at Englemere on 3 June. Plenty of Downy Emeralds, Four-spots and damsels around. The first Emperors were also seen yesterday. Searches of two further sites for Hairy drew blanks. No females observed yet.


June 3rd LE Leics.
Grantham Canal - section from just west of Dove Cottage near Harby to Redmile - 42 Hairy Dragonflies seen, some in every 1km. grid square. Many hundreds of Variable and Azure damselfly also seen along the whole length surveyed. 32 Four spotted Chasers, numerous Red-eyed damelflies, 1 Broad bodied Chaser, 2 Banded demoiselles, 1 Large Red damselfly and 1 Blue tailed damselfly. In the section to the west of Redmile there are more Yellow Flag Irises than I have ever seen before, and we did see a heron with a huge fish in its beak.
Wymeswold at the end of the day and a surprise to see a Southern Hawker having just emerged on vegetation in our pond, but not yet ready to fly off. Four Spotted Chasers seem resident at the moment, and I hope they haven't scared off the Broad bodied Chaser which was ovipositing yesterday.


June 3rd BAH Argyll
A visit to the Black Lochs near Oban produced large numbers of Four-spotted Chasers fewer Downy Emeralds and four Hairy Dragonflies. 20+ Beautiful Demoiselles were dancing over a local burn and large numbers of Large Red, Common Blue with fewer Blue-tailed and Variable Damselflies all showing well.


June 4th RLa Dorset
We saw 2 Scarce Chasers, 10/12 White-legged Damselflies, 15+ Banded Demoiselles, on the river Stour Nr. Wimborne, Dorset grid ref. SY 991 998.


June 4th ROM Surrey
Thursley SSSI - Teneral Female Brilliant Emerald (recently emerged) together with its exuvia seen and photographed plus a vacated brilliant emerald exuvia.


June 4th QG Sussex
River Arun, N of Stopham Bridge Pulborough: Four male Club-tailed Dragonflies plus a pair joined in mating flying up to top of oak tree, also 1 Four-spotted Chaser, many Hairy Dragonflies, Large Red, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies, Banded Demoiselles.


June 5th MT Northants.
At the old National Dragonfly Museum in Ashton, I walked along the river and counted 100+ Scarce Chaser. This species was unknown here when Ruary and the team were in residence and shows how well this species is doing in Northants.


June 3rd BL Merseyside
Rimrose Valley Country Park. 15+ male & 3 female Broad-bodied Chasers on cleared reed bed area of Rimrose Brook (SJ336994), plenty of territorial behaviour. 50+ Azure & 12+ Blue-tailed damselflies. Just a few Blue-tailed on nearby Leeds-Liverpool Canal.


June 5th CJu Essex/Gtr London
Dagnam Park LNR, NE of Romford (12.15-14.45) On a pond in the NW corner of Hatters Wood, 373 ovipositing pairs of Azure Damselfly and 41 ovp prs of Large Red Damselfly. The overall total (with tandem prs and other individuals in dense vegetation around the pond) probably 4-figures for Azure and 3-figures for LRD - certainly one of the best ponds I have seen for both species locally. Elsewhere in the park (on 4 ponds), 27 Four-spotted Chasers, 2 Emperors, 1 imm/fem Black-tailed Skimmer, still more abundant Azures, numerous LRD's and Red-eyed Damselflies, but only a few Common Blues and Blue-taileds.
Also, on the 4th, Gidea Park Sports Ground (Romford), a female Banded Demoiselle - approx 2km away from the nearest breeding site, River Ingrebourne.


June 5th BH Shropshire
Attingham Park (National Trust): Beautiful Demoiselle 6 (flying side-by-side with following species); Banded Demoiselle 100's; Red-eyed Damselfly 20; Azure Damselfly 100's; Large Red Damselfly 100's; Common Blue Damselfly 10's; Blue-tailed Damselfly 20.


June 5th C&RC Devon
Grand Western Canal, Ebear Bridge. Good numbers of Scarce Chaser, Hairy dragonfly, Azure, Common blue, Emperor, Banded Demoiselle. Cycled along the whole stretch of the canal down to Tiverton and spotted one Scarce Chaser near Battens Bridge and one near Sellake Bridge (Halberton).


June 5th THa W. Sussex
5 Clubtail on the River Rother at Lower Fittleworh. Fanstastic displays of Banded Demoiselles. TQ014180
Large Red-eyed Damselfly up the river from Stopham bridge. TQ032187


June 5th CMo Cornwall
Lizard NNR, Bray's Cot Pools, and surroundings:6 male Emperors, 1 female ovipositing late in afternoon. 20+ 4-Spots, 4 female B-bCs and 1 male with immature colouring. 4 male Keeled Skimmers at water, 1 female taken in copula and ovipositing after much jostling by male, also 2 tenerals. Damsels present: Large-Red, Azure, Blue-tailed and Common Blue.
Windmill CWTR: late afternoon, very dull, cool windy - 1 female Emperor ovipositing, 4 4-Spots, 10+ Beautiful Demoiselles, at stream, some alert, others turned away from water with wings outspread.


June 5th PHo Devon
Grand Western Canal at Wescott/Ebear Bridge.
30+ Scarce Chaser
Exminster Marshes Good numbers of Hairy Hawker


June 5th SRo Norfolk
A visit to a few sites around the county,saw the following being observed: Strumpshaw Fen RSPB - 4 Norfolk Hawker, Banded Demoiselle, Black-tailed Skimmer, Red-eyed Damselfly, Common-blue Damselfly and Azure Damselfly. How Hill - 16 Norfolk Hawker, 38 Four-spot Chaser, 9 Hairy Dragonfly, 20 Red-eyed Damselfly and 6 Black-tailed Skimmer. Catfield Fen - 11 Variable Damselfly, 13 Hairy Dragonfly, 6 Norfolk Hawker, 3 Black-tailed Skimmer, male Banded Demoiselle, 10 Red-eyed Damselfly and 5 Four-spot Chaser.


June 2nd DFW Argyll and Bute
Just to the east of the middle of the three Black Lochs, I found a male Keeled Skimmer and a female Northern Emerald. In the wettish clearings which run in a NE direction through the woods east of the first two lakes starting at NM927318, I found 5 Golden-ringed Dragonflies, c10 Hairy Dragonflies, c10 Downy Emeralds, 4 Variable Damselflies, c5 Beautiful Demoiselles, and numerous Large Red, Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselflies and Four-spotted Chasers. Given the cool weather, many of the insects were seen perched, with many giving fabulous views.


June 3rd DFW Highland
To the south of the A82, just east of the Pass of Glencoe, around Lochan na Fola I located a female Northern Emerald (perched just east of the lochan) as well as numerous Common Blue Damselflies, Large Red Damselflies and Four-spotted Chasers


June 3rd DFW Argyll and Bute
In the bog pools between the minor road and the river Orchy (between Bridge of Orchy and Loch Tulla) in square NN2941 I found 3 Northern Emerald, 2 White-faced Darter, and numerous Four-spotted Chasers and Large Red Damseflies. Most of the pools west of the road were dried out, so the best habitat was east of the road (west of the river)


June 4th BLe Kent
Just South-West of Sandwich, Amongst hundreds of Azures there were 40+ variables, a few blue tailed damsels as well as 2 Emperors, 35 Hairy's 50+ 4spot chasers and 5 freshly emerged Common Darters. The most interesting observation of the day was a 4 spotted chaser mating with a Hairy dragonfly, something I have never seen before and I cant imagine it has been seen many times before!


June 4th CRH Hampshire
Seen during four hours recording pools, ponds and ditches at Eelmoor Marsh SSSI: Large Red (840, including many pairs); Azure Damselfly (170); Beautiful Demoiselle (2 males by Cove Brook); Blue-tailed Damselfly (8); Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly (2); Small Red Damselfly (13 recently emerged including two in mature colour); Hairy Dragonfly (5); Emperor (3); Broad-bodied Chaser (11), Four-spotted Chaser (39); Keeled Skimmer (42, some immature).


June 5th PWi Berkshire
Among 16 species seen in a three and a half hour visit to Decoy Heath (BBOWT) was a teneral female Common Darter.


June 4th SD W. Sussex
Stopham Bridge - a couple of female scarce chasers and a white-legged damselfly
Burton Mill - male & female scarce chasers, golden-ringed dragonfly, variable and azure damselfly
New Bridge - 100s of banded demoiselles plus a few beautiful, azure and large red damselflies to the north & south of the bridge, emperor and hairy dragonflies on the river south of the bridge


June 7th IT Glos.
Another visit to The Mythe, Tewkesbury yielded a female Club-tailed (with 2 possibles that flew up into the trees!), 4 Scarce Chasers, 1 Black-tailed Skimmer, and the first sighting of the year of a teneral Emerald Damselfly. All the other damselfly species already reported were present, with numerous mating Red-eyes on the lilies on the lake.


June 9th MS Hampshire
25+ Scarce Chasers mostly males holding territories at Testwood Lakes


June 10th BAH E. Lothian
100+ Azure Damselflies today at Inveresk Gardens Pond near Musselburgh. Many egg laying in tandem not common in large numbers in this area.


June 9th BD Norfolk
Half a dozen immature Scarce Emerald Damseflies seen at private pond near Holt.


June 11th CMo Cornwall
After a dull week with rain, very sunny but windy conditions.
Lizard NNR-Bray's Cot area: 4 male Emperors. 6 Small Red Damsels. 35+ 4-Spots - pairs and ovipositing. 15+ Keeled Skimmers, pairs and ovipositing, also 2 teneral. 5 female B-bCs, 3 male. 2 male Beautiful Demoiselles. 20+ Large-red Damsels, also some Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed.
Windmill CWTR: 4 male Emperors (1 took a Black-tailed Skimmer as prey) 3 females - ovipositing. 30+ 4-Spots, pairs and ovipositing. 25+ Black-tailed Skimmers, pairs and ovipositing. 1 immature Keeled Skimmer. Many Large-red, Azure, Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damsels. 6 Beautiful Demoiselles.


June 7th-11th PA Highlands
Annual visit to Scotland produced the following sightings that may be of interest to others:-
7th June, Loch Bran - 8 Brilliant Emerald two of which were pre-flight emergents, 50+ Four-spotted Chaser, 1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and several Common Blue Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly.
Little Mill Wood NH702362 - 4 Four-spotted Chaser, 20+ Common Blue Damselfly and Large Red Damselfly.
9th June, Glen Affric, poor weather resulted in only 2 Four-spotted Chaser, 1 Common Blue Damselfly and 1 Large Red Damselfly. The following exuvia were collected, 49 Downy Emerald, 16 Four-spotted Chaser and 2 Common Blue Damselfly.
Lochan Dubh, again poor weather, exuvia collected 14 Four-spotted Chaser and 1 Brilliant Emerald.
10th June, Beinn Eighe Visitor Centre, clearing north-east of car park. 1 Azure Hawker, 6 Northern Emerald, 1 White-faced Darter, 4 Four-spotted Chaser, 3 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and 40+ Large Red Damselfly.
Slattadale Forest, NG886723, the highlight was 12+ Azure Hawker in a clearing west of the picnic site. Walk west from the car park until reaching a wooden bridge across the stream. Turn left and after 100 years the hawkers were present along the path readily resting on rocks and bare timber. Also present 4 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and 2 Four-spotted Chaser.
Loch Maree, boggy area in trees at NH003646. Park on Loch Maree shore at the Glas-Leitre Trails car park. Walk south along the road for 200 yards before going up through the trees away from the Loch, 5 Northern Emeralds, 4 White-faced Darter, 2 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 20+ Four-spotted Chaser and 2 Large Red Damselfly.
11th June, Loch Garten, poor weather conditions, 1 pre-flight Four-spotted Chaser and 3 exuvia in the small pool before the Osprey Hide. 2 Northern Damselfly and 2 large Red Damselfly from the boardwalk of the roadside pool west of Loch Garten.


June 12th NW Notts.
Grantham Canal - Wild's Bridge, Owthorpe to Irish Jack's Bridge, Kinoulton: 30+ Four-spotted Chaser, including one pair ovipositing, one male Emperor, 200+ Common Blue Damselfly including pairs in tandem, in cop and ovipositing and 50+ Red-eyed Damselfly including pairs in tandem, in cop and ovipositing.


June 12th MRi Northumberland
Female Golden-ringed Dragonfly at Haughton Strother is the first dragonfly of the season here.


June 12th DJP Cambs.
At Wicken Fen: I did lose count of the Red Eye both male and female and in pairs along the Wicken Lode and Monks Lode. Also Blue Tailed, Variable and Common Blue Damsels in lesser numbers. Along Wicken Lode both Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damsels as well as Emperor and Scarce Chaser Dragons.
In the early afternoon, along Wicken Lode, Both Emperor and Four Spot Dragons as well as more Red Eyed and Common Blue Damsels. Through Sedge Fen more Common Blue, including a Teneral. Then along Breed Fen many mating pairs of Common Blue and Red Eyed Damsels, one female Four Spot Chaser with Two Males along with a Hairy Dragon.
Added to the Brimstones, Tufted Duck and Egrets a delightful day.


June 12th JHg Pembrokeshire
A female Keeled Skimmer by the coastal path along St David's Head SM731275.


June 13th CD/JS Hampshire
A male Lesser Emperor at Tundry Pond near Dogmersfield giving good views also Emperor, Black-tailed Skimmer, Four-spotted Chaser, Beautiful Demoiselle, Red-eyed Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Azure, Common Blue and Large Red Damselflies on the pond and adjacent canal.


June 9th SCo Devon
A male Lesser Emperor was at Stover Country Park, Devon. Flying up and down the south western end of the track under the power cables. Grid Ref SX831753


June 11th SD London
Male and female white-legged damselflies seen in The Woodland Gardnes within Bushy Park. Also large red, azure, common blue and blue-tailed damselflies, plus a large number of banded and beautiful demoiselles were also seen.


June 14th A&NC Durham
A dead male or female (unfortunately the abdomen was squashed! not by us!) Golden ringed dragonfly was found.


June 15th LE Leics.
A Brown Hawker is emerging now in the garden pond. A bit late in the day as it is now 6.45p.m. and it hasn't yet spread its wings. It is just as well that it is still sunny as it should be able to fly off later. Four Four-spotted Chasers were also here today, in cop and ovipositing. On coming back from holiday on Sunday I found an Emperor exuvia floating in the pond, but don't know which day it emerged.


June 16th MT Northants.
On a windy day, I came across my first emerging Brown Hawker at Ditchford. One emergee had damaged wings and another emerged right into a spider's nest and was sucked dry by the time I found it. Also several Black-tailed Skimmer, Hairys and the usual Damselflies.


June 13th DAd Suffolk
Saw 3 Norfolk Hawkers at Sizewell Belts SWT reserve on Sunday. Followed the path by the main dyke, which wasn't all that productive, but looking across to one of the dykes in the grazing marsh on the other side I was able to pick out the Hawkers (at some distance, with binoculars) by their green eyes.


June 17th KTu Hampshire
Two visits to Tundry Pond for the reported Lesser Emperor but with no success. Anyone know where it was seen?
Other species here: Red-eyed Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Black-tailed Skimmer, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Four-spotted Chaser, 3-4 Emperor Dragonflies, Beautiful Demoiselle ... and a Hornet!


June 17th WPB Oxon.
2 Downy Emerald and 1 Hairy Dragonfly at Radley gravel pits, first record for both at this site I believe!
There was also banded Demoiselle, Azure damsels, Common blue damsels, Blue tailed damsels, Red eyed damsels, 2 Brown hawker, 4 Emperor dragonfly, 1 Club-tailed dragonfly, Four spotted chasers, Black tailed skimmers and a Teneral Common darter.


June 16th MSH Norfolk
Several Norfolk Hawkers including a freshly emerged one giving good photo opportunities - also variable damselflies and female hairy dragonfly. Upton Fen, Norfolk Wildlife Trust Reserve, Norfolk. Other species present e.g. Four spot etc. Couple of swallowtails also on the wing.


June 18th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Bedfords Park LNR, North Romford. At the Damselfly Pond early afternoon, I had good views of 2 Scarce Emerald Damselflies (immature male and female) plus another imm. male emerald species present but no definite ID. Also here on 11th june, a male Hairy Dragonfly and fem Banded Demoiselle. Both are wanderers recorded annually in the park, with H.Dragonfly sightings increasing in recent years.


June 19th BSp Dorset
My first Small Red-eyed Damselfly of the year at Granby Ponds, Weymouth. Photo on my blog.


June 19th C&RC Devon
Bystock Pools Nr Exmouth: Our first Small Red Damselflies of the year: 3 males. Also had the usual suspects: Downy Emerald, Emperor, Four Spotted Chaser, Azure, Blue Tailed, Large Red, Beautiful Demoiselle, Keeled Skimmer.
Also on the heathland situated on the opposite side of the road we had Golden Ringed and Black Tailed Skimmer.


June 20th NW Leics.
Grantham Canal - Dove Cottage Tea Room to Plungar:
The 13 people (and 2 dogs) who attended the Langar cum Barnstone Dragonfly Hunt along this stretch of the canal were treated to both glorious weather and some superb sightings, especially with close views of 2 female Hairy Dragonflies ovipositing.
In addition to the above there were sightings of 6 male Hairy Dragonfly, 2 male Emperors, 20+ Four-spotted Chaser, large numbers of Azure Damselfly, Red-eyed Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly. In all cases pairs were seen in tandem, in cop and ovipositing. Finally a pair of Small Red-eyed Damselfly were seen ovipositing in the wide stretch of water near Plungar.


June 20th DFW Norfolk
Along the south side of the Spider Trail at Redgrave Fen I saw my first Ruddy Darter of the year today - a fresh immature male. This is my earliest ever sighting.


May 30th JHi W. Glamorgan/Swansea
One female (ovipositing) and 2 to 3 male Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) at a pond on the western slope of Ryer's Down on the Gower peninsula (SS451923). Also seen were numerous Azure and Large Red Damselflies together with Broad bodied and Four-spotted Chasers (cop.)


June 19th BAM NW Highland
Walking in the hills on Saturday behind Lochcarron I counted seventeen golden ringed, as many as I have seen in one day, several four spotted chasers were on the wing and only two large red damselflies, it was a sunny but windy day.


June 20th C&RC Devon
Exeter Canal: Emperor, Hairy dragonfly ovipositing, Banded Demoiselle, Blue Tailed, Red-Eyed, Common Blue and White Legged damselfly


June 21st GA Dorset [Hampshire]
As it was a glorious day, I went to Mill Lawn Brook, Burley and had an absolutely fantastic odonata day. This really is a fabulous place. There were quite good numbers of Azure damselflies, many in tandem. I only noted a couple of Common Blue Damselflies. There seemed to be Large Reds everywhere with Small Reds numbering about half the large reds but still good numbers. There were good numbers of Beautiful Demoiselles which were most numerous on the main stream although not as many as the last time I visited last year. Along the seepages higher up towards the gorse, I found about 10 Scarce Blue Tailed (which was a new species for me) and smaller numbers of Southern Damselflies. Along the same seepages were about 12 Broad Bodied Chasers (mainly males) with absolutely loads of Keeled Skimmers. To round off, a couple of Golden Ringed Dragonflies flew by. All in all, one of the best days dragonflying I have every had.


June 21st JHi W Glamorgan/Swansea
10-20 Southern Damselfy (C.mercuriale) seen around seepage on Cefn Bryn, Gower (SS505907).
Also seen nearby were Broad Bodied Chasers, Four spotted Chasers, Azure,Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Large Red Damselflies together with several Emperors (ovipositing) and a single female Golden Ringed Dragonfly.


June 22nd PGn Pembrokeshire
Dowrog Common, near St David's - 3 Small Red Damselflies, 6 large Red Damselflies, 6 Blue-tailed Damselflies, fem Keeled Skimmer, 16 Four-spotted Chasers, 1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and 2 Emperor Dragonfly.
Ivor's Pond, near St David's - 6 male Black-tailed Skimmers and 4 Four-spotted Chasers.


June 22nd IP Essex
Bedfords Park, Romford: Two male (with pruinosity) and two female Scarce Emerald damselflies on the Damselfly pond this a.m.


June 22nd PCk Somerset
I dug a pond approximately 4m x 3m in the summer of 2008. It was intended as a wildlife pond and I was delighted when we had a good crop of tadpoles and mature frogs in 2009 & 2010. This morning at around 11.00, I watched a dragonfly - almost certain it was an emperor - emerge and start to dry out. It was amazing to watch it throughout the day and a source of great interest to my neighbour's 5 year old twins who are "doing" pond life this week. They are off to school tomorrow with photographs and the split empty case. Brilliant!


June 18th JB Devon
Dartmoor: at least 27 Southern Damselfly seen, inc. 2+ pairs in tandem and a male trying to shoehorn himself between a mating pair of Large Red Damsel. Also 25+ Keeled Skimmer, mainly teneral, though one mating pair seen. A teneral Beautiful Demoiselle, numerous Large Red Damselfly and a handful of other species as well.


June 20th-23rd DSm Devon
Lots of dragonfly activity with the continuing hot weather, though many ponds have low water levels and some have dried out already. On 20th a brief look at the old Brisworthy Settlement Pond at Cadover Bridge (SW Dartmoor) revealed about 25 Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies at this long term site. On 21st, Lesley Kerry counted 65 Southern Damselflies and 7 Small Reds at Colaton Raleigh Common (there's a Devon Group meeting here on Sunday 27th). 3 Southern Hawkers had emerged from my garden pond overnight on 22nd, when Stover had a Hairy Dragonfly, lots of Black-tailed Skimmers, 3 teneral Emerald Damselflies but only 8 Red-eyed - the die back of the water lilies (for unknown reasons) will hit them hard. Good news of 18 Scarce Chasers along Exminster Marshes ditches south of the M5 on 23rd - the most recorded there to date. I also checked Exeter Canal by Countess Wear Sewage Works for Small Red-eyed Damselflies, but only found dozens of (Large) Red-eyed.


June 23rd DMcE Berkshire
It's hard to believe it's that time of year already. I've just had a walk around the ponds at Shinfield Park (mainly to search for early Small Red-Eyed Damsels on the lily pads) and came across a teneral Common Darter (Sympetrum Striolatum) that came out of a reed bed, perched for a moment and flew a short distance up into a nearby willow. I couldn't see any sign of its larval case, but think it was probably no more than an hour into its adult life. Whilst it was settled it allowed a fairly close approach and there's no doubt as to its ID. Also had singles of Emperor (Anax Imperator), Brown Hawker (Aeshna Grandis) and Four-Spotted Chaser (Libellula Quadrimaculata). Amongst the damselflies there were 4 x Blue-Tails (Ischnura Elegans), 1 x Large Red (Pyrrhosoma Nymphula) and numerous Azures (Coenagrion Puella) and Red-Eyed Damsels (Erythromma Najas).
No sign of SRED, but I think I'll settle for what was there!


June 23rd DFW Suffolk
At Market Weston Fen today, I found a male and a female Scarce Emerald Damselfly adjacent to the largest pond (with the information board). Also 2 Ruddy Darters there, and a male Emperor nearby.


June 23rd GV Hampshire
Surely Mill Lawn Brook, Burley is Hampshire (New Forest)and not Dorset ??? Refer recent Hot News.


June 23rd KW Durham
1st Brown Hawker of the year for the county chased of by male Broad Bodied Chaser from the small pond by the carpark at Wingate LNR


June 24th FI Northants.
Breezy and overcast but we saw our first Common Darter of the year at Burghley House in much the same place as last year. Also Brown Hawker, Black Tailed Skimmer, Emperor, Banded dems, Common, Bluetail, Red Eye and Large Red Damsels.


June 23rd IBo Gtr. Manchester
Dunham Massey Trafford: 2 red eyed damsels (More seen previously by other spotters), 2 blue tailed damsels. Quite a few large Red damsels. Hoards of Azure damsels. Over 20 male banded damsel and 4 female, emp male dragon fly on Island Pool, 6 x 4 spotted chaser.
4 Common Darter near Old mans pool.
Also fell over the skunk cabbage


June 25th JF Norfolk
Dersingham Bog: 2 Black Darters, newly emerged
Male & 2 female Emperor - one ovipositing.


June 25th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
Bedfords Park LNR, North Romford. Midday onwards, very hot. On the lake: 10+ Small Red-eyed Damselflies in the NW corner - first this year in the park. Good views of 2 fully mature males, 6 immature males and one imm pair in tandem. Also, 100s of Common Blue Damsels plus Red-eyeds, Azures, Blue-taileds and Large Red. Good numbers of Black-tailed Skimmers, c10 Emperors inc females ovipositing, several Four-spots and 1 male Broad-bodied Chaser. On E side of Lake 3 teneral Ruddy Darter, also 1st of the year here. Damselfly Pond: 5m Scarce Emerald Damselflies (2 almost fully mature), many Azures, a few Blue-taileds and Large Reds also female Four-spot and B-b Chaser, both ovipositing.
(site visit with Alan Hamilton)


June 21st AP Kent
Gill and John Brook report finding a female DAINTY DAMSELFLY (Coenagrion scitulum) on the Isle of Sheppey on 21 June. If accepted, this will be the first British record since the species became extinct in the early 1950s.


June 25th R&CM Cumbria
On a holiday visit to the Claife Heights area, we saw a male emperor patrolling Wise Een Tarn. Many common blue damsels and numerous emerald damsels, large reds and dozens of 4-spots. Several keeled skimmers on the boggy margins and some blue-tailed damsels. One definite azure damsel male. Five downy emeralds seen on the tarns. On the negative side, no white-faced darters seen despite good conditions. Are they stil here? 20+ small pearl-bordered fritillaries, one silver-washed, one meadow brown, two small heaths,7 small torties.


June 25th/27th ROM Surrey
Wey Navigations (Canal) - Brilliant Emerald Males flying over the water but most times close to the tow path in the tree-lined sections near Worsfold Gates (27th) and south of Triggs Lock (25th). Good opportunities for photography!


June 26th MM Suffolk
2 Norfolk Hawkers at Eastbridge in dyke just left of bridge over Minsmere River.


June 26th SRo N. Yorkshire
An all day effort at the excellent Fen Bog YWTR resulted in some good numbers of species which included: 8 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 35 Keeled Skimmer, 10 Large-red Damselfly and 6 Four-spot Chaser.


June 26th WPB Bucks.
Went to Stowe gardens NT in the hope of seeing Small red eyed damselfly, only managed to see 1 male on one of the smaller lakes full of hornwort. Also had beautiful demoiselle, banded demoiselle, common blue damsel, azure damsel, blue-tailed damsel, red eyed damsel, brown hawker, emperor dragonfly, four-spotted chaser and black tailed skimmer.


June 24th NJ Hampshire
First male Small Red-eyed Damselflies of the year on our garden pond, with two seen taking up territories on the water lilies.


June 25th LMcC Somerset
While working backstage on West Holts stage at Glastonbury festival I watched a male Emperor flying around for a couple of hours and later a male banded demoiselle dropped by for a visit!


June 27th BH Lincs.
Butterwick Common
Joint BDS and Lincolshire Naturalists' Union meeting.
Nine species recorded: Variable Damselfly 1 (our target species), Common Blue Damselfly 40,
Azure Damselfly 100s, Blue-tailed Damselfly 20, Large Red Damselfly 10, Red-eyed Damselfly 100s (mainly on lily pads), Emperor 2, Brown Hawker 1, Black-tailed Skimmer 30


June 27th MleM Durham
An emperor dragonfly holding a territory on the lagoon at the John Baarda nursery in Billingham, Teesside.


June 28th NRo Suffolk
Male and female Emperor Dragonflies on our pond again today. Female spent about fifteen minutes laying eggs while male patrolled overhead.
Picture of female here:
and male (taken yesterday) here:
Lots of damselflies as well:
and many more pictures if anyone is interested.


June 28th DFW Suffolk
At Redgrave Fen, I located c25 Scarce Emerald Damselflies today including several pairs in tandem. They were along the Waveney Trail between points 6 and 7, to the south of the path in an area of spiky grass adjacent to a rapidly drying out pool. This area is known as the 'Sink' and is close to the source of the River Waveney.


June 28th PRi Dorset
First Southern Hawker of the season spotted and photographed along the lane in Kilwood Coppice, Nr. Corfe, Dorset.


June 28th/29th CJu Essex/Gtr. London
28th: Dagnam Park, near Romford: 4 Small Red-eyed Damselflies, many Azures, smaller nos of Red-eyed, Large Red, Blue-tailed and Common Blue, 20+ Four-spotted Chasers, 4m,1f (ovipositing) Emperor and 3 teneral Ruddy Darters. At nearby Noak Hill (Priory Pond) late afternoon - 24 Small Red-eyed Damsels inc 3prs ovp and the majority of males with mature colouration, Red-eyed, Azure, Blue-tailed and Common Blue, 4 Four-spots and 1 m Emperor. On 26th, imm Common Darter in Gidea Park Sports Ground (my 1st of the year) and a male Banded Demoiselle on a small pond Romford GC.
29th: Dagnam Park LNR, NE of Romford: Another visit today, 4 male Scarce Emerald Damselflies, 1 teneral Common Darter and more (12+) teneral Ruddy Darters - otherwise same species as on 28th.


June 30th GKW Somerset
Portishead, Somerset. Libellula depressa - Broad-bodied Chaser on a patch of derelict land that nature is reclaiming. Houses with ponds adjacent. Spotted by Genevieve - age 10.


June 30th LE Leics.
Grantham canal - south of Dove Cottage to Barkestone-le-Vale. 11 species seen today in lovely warm weather: hundreds of Azure, Blue tailed and Variable damselflies, 1 Common Blue Damselfly, 1 Red eyed damselfly, 1 Banded demoiselle, 22 Four spotted chasers, 5 Emperor dragonflies, including one female ovipositing, 5 Brown Hawkers, 2 Ruddy Darters and, after searching, 1 Hairy Dragonfly. A massive drop in their population in the past couple of weeks. On the 23rd June we saw a Black tailed Skimmer in the same area.
In Wymeswold yesterday an Emerald damselfly had emerged, and a male Emperor perched for long enough for me to get some photos. The female was ovipositing earlier in the day. A female Broad bodied Chaser was depositing eggs on the lawn - she couldn't get near the pond, the Four Spotted Chasers are still dominant. More than a dozen Black tailed Skimmers were at the local fishing lakes, along with a good population of Common Blue damselflies.
Much time has been spent by our builders and decorators by the pond over the last week or so, distracting them from their work. It has been very amusing to be called out of the house in order to see something special at times when I thought they were working! They had a lovely time borrowing my binoculars and pond dipping to get a close look at larvae.


June 25th/27th PR Warks.
Richard Lamb reported three male Scarce Chasers on the Avon at Marlcliff near Bidford-on-Avon on Friday 25 June. This is the first record for the species in Vice County 38, Warwickshire.
Kay and Peter Reeve visited the site on Sunday 27th June and after a bit of searching found two, possibly three, males. See the Warwickshire Group website for a photo and more detail.


June 26th GIr Gtr. Manchester
One male Banded Demoiselle seen at Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton, on main path alongside gravel pits area


June 30th MFo Lancs.
At least 4 male Black-tailed Skimmers patrolling pool between Heysham and Middleton.