Sightings - Early 2009

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between January and June 2009. You can also go to the Sightings for July to December 2009.

March 31st Kent HS
Large Red Damselfly (female) on inside of polytunnel - Photo available


April 11th Gwent HR
I just disturbed a newly emerged large red damselfly and watched as it took its first flight away from my garden pond.


April 11th Devon R&CC
1 Large Red Damselfly (mature male), Exminster Marshes (on path near RSPB car park).


April 13th Berkshire MTu
Took advantage of the sunshine to check out a couple of ponds in Sonning-on-Thames. 2 exuviae with emergent Large Red Damselflies next to them on one pond and 1 exuvia on the other pond with an adult Large Red caught in a spiders web on the side of the pond.


April 13th Dorset RLa
On a walk near Witchampton Dorset grid ref SU 001 075 we spotted 3 Large Red Damselflies.


April 14th Derbyshire JAL
Report of a teneral Large Red from Calke Abbey Estate in south Derbyshire, seen by estate warden. Earliest ever record for county by 3 days (to best of my knowledge).


April 15th Hampshire SMo
Female Large Red Damselfly seen at Bartley Heath near junction 5 of the M3.


April 15th East Sussex PBo
A teneral Hairy Dragonfly, newly emerged judging by the colouration and crumpled wings, weakly flying and basking to dry in the sun at Playden, East Sussex, TQ 921216.


April 13th Wiltshire SC
I have belatedly found out today that a Large Red Damselfly was seen in Swindon on Easter Monday. The lady who informed me runs a cafe which is close to a couple of small lakes in the Rodbourne Cheney district of the town. The female [from her description] got trapped in her cafe and she had to shoo it out with a newspaper [without injuring it I hasten to add!] This is the first reported odonata record for the county this year.


April 15th Essex RoyW
Two teneral Large Red Damselflies. (male + female).


April 15th-18th Norfolk PT
Large Red Damselflies reported from Roydon Common on April 15th (unconfirmed) and Upton Fen on the 18th. I had three emerge from my pond south of Hickling Broad on the 16th, with more the following day.


April 18th Lancs. CA
Two female Large Reds emerged today at Mere Sands Wood (plus several other exuviae).


April 18th Devon HJE
We found 2 exuviae with emergent Large Red Damselflies next to them and 6 other exuviae at our garden pond in Exeter today.


April 19th Cheshire IJW
Hi, saw my 1st today, 5 large red damselflies at Rixton Claypits, Cheshire. SJ 685907. One was emerging on a reed as well.


April 19th East Sussex PBo
A female Broad-bodied Chaser watched and photographed today at Playden, East Sussex.


April 19th Monmouthshire IS
First of the year Large Red Damselfly (male) emerging in my Monmouth garden today. Very early for this site, but we have had some very hot days of late.


April 19th Cumbria AHS
Newly emerged Large Red Damselfly in my garden at Thwaite Head , Rusland


April 19th Hampshire GD
100+ Large red damselflies around the edge and on the heath next to the long pond in Bramshill plantation. This was my 4th site of the weekend and I found nothing at the other three, a bit of a micro-climate here I feel.


April 19th Dorset JS
Young Downy Emerald seen on the Isle of Purbeck, near Creech. Photo on Flickr


April 20th Notts. NW
1 teneral and 1 mature Large Red Damselfly at Naturescape, Langar.


April 21st Berkshire LG
1 Large Red Damsel at Paworth Common (West Berks) and 2 Broad-bodied Chasers at Greenham Common (not far from Newbury)


April 21st Cornwall CMo
Porthcollum Lane, St Erth. 20+ Large Red Damselflies.


April 22nd Berkshire DMcE
There was a further male Large Red Damselfly at a private site, on the artificial ponds at the back of Shinfield Park (SU 727689) about 30 minutes ago. There is a favourable micro-climate around these ponds, with surrounding woodland providing shelter and extensive areas of glass reflecting heat and light. To be honest I'm a little surprised that it's taken till now for them to start to emerge, given the warm weather we've just been experiencing.


April 22nd Leicestershire LE
To get Leicestershire on the list of sightings - two Large Red Damselflies resting on vegetation in the garden pond in Wymeswold. They had just emerged.


April 22nd Northants MT
Seven Large Red Damselflies emerging at Southfields Farm Marsh SSSI. I saw three take their first flight while the rest soaked up the glorious sunshine.


April 22nd Essex RoyW
60-70 Large Red Damselflies + 1 Hairy Dragonfly (and 2 additional Hairy Dragonfly exuviae) at the same pond as the 2 Large Reds seen on April 15th. Nothing yet at other sites (including one searched this morning).


April 22nd Dorset JohnH
2 Broad Bodied Chasers 1M, 1F Stanpit Marsh Christchurch


April 22nd Essex JD
I received reports today of a Hairy dragonfly and a female Broad-bodied chaser, both of which were earliest dates for Essex. The first large red was reported on the 15th.


April 22nd Devon DSm
At my garden pond in Chudleigh, 10 Large Red Damselfly exuviae (3 with adults emerging) and 2 Broad-bodied Chaser exuviae this morning.


April 22nd Gwent WRJ
Two Large Red Damselfly seen today at Newport Wetlands Reserve.


April 22nd West Sussex PMa
A female Broad-bodied Chaser at Rewell Wood, near Arundel.


April 22nd Essex RoyW
A male Blue-tailed Damselfly at Rainham Marshes RSPB reserve. "Fully coloured so presumed to have emerged at least a couple of days ago" - reported by Howard Vaughan, who won't mind me passing the record on.


April 23rd Devon NH
Hairy dragonfly just emerged, still sitting on its exuvia at about 1.30 pm. RSPB Exminster Marshes reserve, where Station Road crosses the main river.


April 23rd Berkshire DLl
At Wildmoor heath BBOWT reserve, 1 adult male Large Red Damselfly on the heath, 3 teneral over boggy areas and ditch lines.


April 23rd Berkshire LG
At Greenham Common today in a sheltered pond came across 2 Broad bodied chasers and a newly emerged 4-spotted Chaser (489646)


April 23rd Norfolk BON
Two Four Spotted Chasers seen today at Upton Fen. Photographs available.


April 21st-23rd Glos IT
10 Large Red Damselflies - 8 female and 2 tenerals seen along the Green Lane alongside WWT Slimbridge 100-Acres. Wardens reported seeing 2 the day before. 17 Large Red Damselflies, again mainly females, seen on 23 April 2009 at the same spot. No sightings of the Hairy Dragonfly as yet. These are the first reported sightings of odonata of the year in Glos.


April 22nd Hants CW
One adult male Common Blue Damselfly, between the golf course and the sand dunes at the southern edge of Hayling Island.


April 20th-23rd Glos MJMcG
At WWT Slimbridge we had a Hairy Dragonfly emerge next to us which flew off to the Green Lane at c1440 yesterday, 23rd April. Also 6 Large Reds in the ditch between 100 Acre gates.
I had 15 Large Reds and three Blue-tailed Damsels today at Gardners Pool, Saul also in Glos. The bluetails consisted of two tenerals and a mature.
Our first Large Red Damselflies were on Monday 20th April with two adults noted.


April 23rd Hampshire B&CW
Thursday's visit (23rd April) to Flash Pond, a SINC within East Hampshire's acid heathland revealed no Large Red Damselflies but one departing dragonfly, flying skywards.
Atypical of Brachytron (not skulking in reeds) and atypical of Cordulia (not holding territory).
Last year in same site had an early (but in May) Libellula quadrimaculata.
I do not/did not have accurate identification but it WAS a dragonfly and I am fairly sure it was L quadrimaculata.


April 24th Surrey/Hants C&JD
1 male Banded Demoiselle, 5 Azure Damselflies and 70+ Large Red Damselflies at Lakeside NR near Ash.


April 23rd Berkshire DMcE
Whilst conducting a BTO survey, one of my colleagues in the Theale Group (Ken Moore) found a male beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx Virgo) at Woolhampton Gravel Pits at SU 565662, on the south side of the Kennet. The damselfly was seen about 11.30pm in fine weather.


April 24th Wiltshire SC
Found what may be the first Ischnura elegans of the year for Wiltshire today. At Semington Bypass balancing ponds. It was a mature male so had obviously been around for a few days. No anisoptera yet however. Last year saw the first L. depressa at this site - none today!


April 24th Cumbria JMa
Four large red damselflies at Bowness-on-Solway Cumbria Wildlife Trust reserve


April 25th Lincs SRo
A visit to Kirkby Moor today got a decent early count of 80 Large-red Damselfly, our first of the year.


April 23rd Surrey SD
2 large red damselfly seen/photographed not far from the river in Walton-on-Thames


April 25th Devon DSm
Two Hairy Dragonfly exuvia found today at Stover CP.


April 26th Norfolk RWi
2 Large Red Damselflies at Dersingham Bog


April 26th Cambs HC
At 9am we visited Woodwalton Fen NNR and saw a male Large Red Damselfly, fully coloured so not today's emergent, then saw a teneral still on the exuvia.


April 26th Cambs MP/SP
We went to Castor Hanglands at 2pm today and saw three teneral Large Red Damselflies take flight, this is just a few days later than the emergence date at this site last year.


April 26th East Sussex PMi
2 Broad-bodied Chasers emerged from small garden pond. Spotted by my son Mathew


April 25th West Yorkshire SGr
A teneral Large Red Damselfly was in my garden in Shelley, nr. Huddersfield. By far my earliest ever sighting of the species locally.


April 26th Berkshire DMcE
At Moatlands Gravel Pit today (3pm) just south of Reading & close to J12 or the M4, there were considerable numbers of teneral Common Blues - some obviously newly emerged, but some having already developed some blue coloration. At the spit at SU 668704, pointing towards the main island, there were 8 Common Blues, some alongside their exuviae (in all, 5 larval cases were counted). At this point we also found 3 mature Large Red Damselflies - 2 female, one male.
The spit is quite exposed but, along the more sheltered path to Burghfield Mill at SU670704 that runs parallel to a shallow stream - we had 52 teneral Common Blues. There were no sign of any larval cases, but it's harder to get to the waters' edge along this stretch (the stream is deep set and surrounded by nettles). There was also a single Large Red male, an immature female Beautiful Demoiselle perched just above the stream, and also 3 teneral Blue-Tailed Damselflies. Even at this early age the slighter build and bi-coloured pterostigma were noticeable. One Blue-Tail was more developed - almost at full adult coloration - which may suggest it has been around a little longer than the others.
At the car park (SU670704) there were approximately 20 Common Blues - all immatures.


April 26th Suffolk RHa
A female Broad-bodied Chaser at Minsmere RSPB. Also a Hairy Dragonfly on 25/04 and the first Large Red Damselfly on 14/04.


April 26th East Sussex PBo
A female Variable Damselfly, a male Azure Damselfly and 50+ Blue-tailed Damselflies, all at Castle Water, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Photo of Variable on


April 28th Berkshire CW
Three Common Club-tail exuviae, by the Thames about 1Km upstream from Caversham Bridge, Reading, at noon. The tenerals had left the scene.


April 28th East Sussex PBo
At least 5 Variable Damselflies, male and female, at Iden Moat. Photos on


April 28th Hants NMl
Saw Pair of Large Red Damselflies in Tandem and Ovipositing. Bartley Woods Hants


April 28th Leics NW
20+ teneral Variable Damselflies and 10 teneral Large Red Damselflies on the Grantham Canal at Plungar Bridge.


April 29th Surrey SD
At Thursey Common today, there were many teneral four-spotted chasers, mainly in the heather to the west of Moat Pond. Also 50+ large red damselflies, most on the gorse bushes to the west of Moat Pond, but many over the heather as well. Also a single female blue-tailed damselfly was seen/photographed.


April 29th Lincs. SRo
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries today revealed my first records of Blue-tailed Damselfly (1 male)and Common-blue Damselfly(5), the Blue tail was a mature individual and the Common blue's where all tenerals. Also seen were 10 Large-red Damselfly.


April 29th London PF
First sightings at Mordon Hall wetlands. About a dozern Large Red Damselflies including 2 pairs laying eggs. A few blue tailed damselflies and a single Azure Damselfly (photos available for all of these). I visit the wetlands each week and had not seen anything till now but the Large reds must have been there a while.
There was also a brief glimps of a teneral dragonfly, pale coloured weak flight so I suspect it had just emerged. Could not identify or photograph but suspect it was a darter of some kind from its size


May 1st Beds. LC
Newly emerged and weakly flying Four spot chaser at the heath pond at the RSPB reserve at the Lodge, Sandy. Reasonable numbers of fresh and more mature Large red damsels but nothing else yet.


May 1st Bucks. KTu
Male Large Red Damselfly in ditch at Little Marlow GP.


May 1st Surrey SE
Female Banded Demoiselle, Nutfield Marsh Nature Reserve.


May 1st Northants. MT
I saw a few male and females Azure Damselflies along with the Large Reds at Southfields Farm Marsh, during a windy lunchtime.


May 1st/2nd Northants MT
I received a report from the County Butterfly recorder of Common Blue Damselflies on 1 May at Summer Leys.

On 2 May, Hairy Dragonflies were undergoing their characteristic mass synchronised emergence at Yardley Chase, with over 10 adults emerging and a 5 further exuviae. Up to 100 Large Reds were also present including many emerging.


May 2nd Surrey SE
Female Banded Demoiselle, large red and blue-tailed damselflies. Nutfield Marsh Nature reserve.


May 2nd Herts/Essex SL
At Lea Valley Country Park, Fishers Green. 2 male and 1 female Banded Demoiselle and a 'pink' form Blue-tailed Damselfly. All behind the Bittern hide on the River Lea.


May 2nd East Sussex PBo
Male Beautiful Demoiselle (C. virgo) at Bivelham Forge near Burwash.


May 2nd Lincs. SRo
Quite good numbers of Damsel's on the wing today at Messingham Sand Quarries and the first Dragon's of the year: 96 Common-blue Damselfly, 10 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 1 Hairy Dragonfly, 10 Azure Damselfly, 5 Large-red Damselfly and 1 Four-spot Chaser.


May 2nd Essex AWo
A walk this morning on the north marsh of Hadleigh Country Park produced 35+ Large Red Damselfly, 30+ Blue-tailed Damselfly, a couple of teneral Azure Damselfly, 8 Hairy Dragonfly and a teneral Broad-bodied Chaser.


May 2nd Oxon. ABx
20 Common Clubtail exuviea collected, 7 tennerals observed, on the Thames at Little Witenham Oxfordshire.


May 2nd Warks. PR
Two newly emerged Club-tailed Dragonflies, females, were found on the Avon at Marlcliff, one at 12.30 and the second at 13.30.
Further upstream, just below Welford-on-Avon the exuvia of a male was found.
A further male was found emerging just upstream of Welford mill at 17.45. This is the furthest upstream breeding has been proved on the Warwickshire Avon. Banded Demoiselle were also evident.
Web site:


May 2nd Glos. IT
Several teneral Red-eyed Damselflies, several female Azures, a few female Large Reds and a single female Beautiful Demoiselle at The Mythe, between the R. Severn and the Fishing Lake, near Tewkesbury. No dragonflies as yet.


May 2nd/3rd Cumbria etc. IJW
02.05 - SD445818, Meathop Moss, Cumbria - 20+ Large Red Damselflies
02.05 - SD416907, Barkbooth Lot, Cumbria - 50+ Large Red Damselflies
02.05 - SD483774, Gait Barrows, Lancashire - 2 Large Red Damselflies
03.05 - SJ684903, Rixton Clay Pits, Cheshire -12+ Large Red & 3 Common Blue Damselflies


May 3rd Leics. SH
Priory Water; 6 species of Damselfly recorded today, Large Red, Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue, Variable and Red-eyed Damselfly. No sign of any Dragonflies as yet.


May 3rd Devon C&RC
Little Bradley Ponds, near Bovey Tracey. 1 Four spotted chaser (newly emerged with exuvia), 1 Azure Damselfly, small number of large red damselflies.


May 1st-3rd Bucks. AN
North Bucks reports - Adult Large Red reported 22nd April appeared around typical date for N Bucks. Confirmation of Azure, Blue-tailed, Hairy on 2nd May and a chaser spp reported on 1st May, Red-eyed on 3rd May. Thanks to all who have sent in sightings


May 1st Bucks/London VL
River Colne between Iver and Uxbridge. Dozens of Banded Demoiselle and a few Large Red Damsels.


May 2nd Essex TC
A walk around Wake Valley pond, Epping Forest, Essex this lunchtime revealed 2 Hairy Dragonfly & 2 Downy Emeralds that had emerged. Plus quite a few Large Reds including pair in tandem.


May 2nd Cornwall CMo
Ellenglaze Stream, nr Holywell Beach, Cubert. 1 female, 2 male Beautiful Demoiselles


May 2nd Cambs. ISh
10+ teneral Common Blue Damselflies near Swavesey


May 3rd Kent RoyW
An immature male darter (Sympetrum) species seen briefly well away from water at Dungeness. It flew off into the distance almost immediately so was not properly identified - something about it made me think of Red-veined Darter though...


May 2nd Berkshire DMcE
Following the reports on the BDS website last week, I thought it might be worth checking our local colony of Variable Damselflies. At the time of our visit (3.30pm on Sat 2nd) it was warm and quite humid. Whilst there was nothing along the Kennet itself, once we turned into the Offshoot we found good numbers of damselflies all along our route. Over 20 Beautiful Demoiselles (Calopteryx virgo) were found, many now in full adult colouration and looking quite superb in the sunlight. Surprisingly, there seem to be no sign of any Banded Demoiselles yet.
Most notable finds were a good number of immature Red-Eyed Damselfly (Erythromma najas) at SU 684708 and again deeper into the Offshoot/Searle's Lane Gravel Pit complex at SU 687708, the first I've personally seen this year. Azures (Coenagrion puella) were also conspicuous, with many males fully-coloured and both blue and green female variants seen. Common Blues (Enallagma cyathigerum) were numerous, especially at SU 687708 but mostly still brown/black immatures.
Blue-Tails (Ischnura elegans) and Large Reds (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) were found in small numbers between the two points.
4 well-developed Variables (Coenagrion pulchellum) were found close to the main colony site at SU 688709, with 3 tenerals close by. No exuviae were found despite a careful search.
No large anisoptera were found - Club-Tails (Gomphus vulgatissimus) have been recorded here in the past, but I suspect our visit was a little late in the day.


May 5th Bucks. SMcI
Found 4 spotted chaser and took photos. Milton Keynes small man made ponds near to Caldecotte Lake.


May 5th Gwent WRJ
Two male and one female Beautiful Demoiselle seen along with two female Large Red Damselfly near the River Usk on the Clytha National Trust Estate.


May 6th Northants. MT
Two recently emerged female Banded Demoiselle taking their maiden flights on a windy day, on the River Ise between Kettering and Burton Latimer.


May 6th Surrey DJP
Observed at RHS Wisley at lunch time on a sunny and warm day. Male Banded Demoiselle, several Large Red Damselfly, an immature Common Blue and an Azure.


May 6th Hampshire NMl
First sighting of year of (5) White legged Damselfly sighted at Bartley Wood Hants plus first (Blue) Mature Male Broad Bodied Chaser at same site.


May 3rd Kent PLa
Three Brachytron pratense seen within one hour search of dyke boundried orchard at RSPB Northolt, Highhalstow, Kent. Weather sunny, slight breeze 16 degrees. Sighted between 15:15 and 16:15 hours.


May 7th Lincs. SRo
Another visit to the excellent Messingham Sand Quarries nature reserve today saw increased numbers of Damsels and Dragons on the wing: 180 Common-blue Damselfly, 112 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 48 Azure Damselfly, 48 Large-red Damselfly, 6 Hairy Dragonfly, 3 Red-eyed Damselfly and 2 Four-spot Chaser.


May 7th Shropshire SKn
15 club-tailed dragonflies and 3 white-legged damselflies today at Atcham on R.Severn


May 9th Devon C&RC
Bystock Pools - 3 emerging Downy Emeralds plus 1 exuvia. Large Reds (teneral and mature).


May 9th Lincs. SRo
A visit to firstly the river Eau at Susworth revealed the following sightings: 1 Four-spot Chaser, 89 Variable Damselfly, 9 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 1 Common-blue Damselfly and 1 Large-red Damselfly and then another visit to Messingham Sand Quarries got us excellant numbers of the following species: 305 Common-blue Damselfly, 277 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 12 Hairy Dragonfly, 32 Azure Damselfly, 1 Four-spot Chaser, 9 Red-eyed Damselfly and 30 Large-red Damselfly.


May 9th Leics. LE
Four-spotted Chaser, female, seen midday just outside Wymeswold. Also lots of Large Red, Blue-tailed and Azure damselflies


May 8th Cornwall CMo
Boscathnoe Res. (SW Lakes) 20+ Blue-tailed damsels, teneral many still beside exuviae on yellow water-lily flower stalks.
Ventongimps Moor : 5+ Blue-tailed damesls, 5+ Azure Damsels, Large-Red Damsels of which 5+ pairs ovipositing at pond.


May 9th Essex TC
I had a walk round Wake Valley Pond, Epping Forest, Essex today around the middle of the day. This revealed at least 15 Downy Emeralds at various stages of emergence, including two with theirs wings fully spread ready for their maiden flight. Two Hairy Dragonfly exuviae was also found. Good numbers of Damselflies were also emerging, mostly Large Red & Blue Tailed.


May 10th Northants. MT
I went to Yardey Chase again, following promises of great weather and saw 7 species (not bad for early May):
Downy Emerald - 1 female emergent & 4 exuviae.
Large Red - 100+ adults inc oviposting and emerging.
Four-spotted Chaser - ~20 emerging and 1 adult.
Broad-bodied Chaser - 2 Adults (M&F) and 1 emerging female.
Azure - 50+ adults inc emerging.
Hairy Dragonfly - 10 including emerging, males at territory and 1 pair in-cop.
Blue-tailed Damselfly - ~10 adults.


May 10th Fermanagh, NI RNo
Today, 10 May, at Lough Coole, Co. Fermanagh, IH2543, there were some Coenagrion puella and Enallagma cyathigerum. I caught one of each.


May 10th Norfolk RWi
Blue tail, Large Red and Azure Damselflies


May 10th Inverness-shire A&BT
Over 50 Large Red Damselfies - Pyrrhosoma nymphula - were seen at Uath Lochans in Glenfeshie, grid ref NH8301. Many were teneral and were basking on the boardwalks and nearby vegetation. Not bad when you consider there was fresh snow on the Cairngorms only 3 days previously! We got some nice photos as well.


May 10th Berwickshire ICo
The first few Large Red Damselfly on the wing at the Oldcastles Railway ponds nr Chirnside.


April 19th-29th Bucks AN
North Bucks sighting thanks to Tony Frost. Early dates for Banded Dem 19 April, Azure 19 April, Common Blue 24 April, Hairy 29 April


May 10th Surrey SD
Single immature male broad-bodied chaser and 2 or 3 four-spotted chasers disturbed from undergrowth on Esher Common. Many four-spotted dragons and large red damsels at Thursley Common. The damsels were seen in tandem and oviposting.


May 10th Leics. JHg
Male Hairy Dragonfly on the Grantham Canal east of Barkestone-le-Vale at SK780356. Good numbers of Variable, Azure and Common Blue Damselfies. A few Blue-tailed Damselfly as well.
On 9 May 2009, Dave Gray found a Four-spotted Chaser at Cossington Meadows adjacent to Tern Pool.


May 11th Berkshire MTu
1 teneral Club-Tailed Dragonfly (Gomphus vulgatissimus) on the River Thames at Kennetmouth, Reading (just behind Tesco) at lunchtime today.


May 11th Berwickshire ICo
Large Red Damselfly 100+ Billie Mire. 2 Azure Damsels same locale.


May 11th Shropshire PCo
At Whixhall & Fenns Mosses:
5 four spot chasers
1 newly emerged white face darter
60+ large red damsels
1 male black darter- orange blocks on body instead of yellow?
2 un identified darters, probably male blacks


May 11th Devon TBr
First Black-Tailed Skimmers of the season at the "Orchid Pond" at Braunton Burrows. Two very recently emerged insects stuggling in extremely high winds this afternoon.


May 11th East Sussex SDa
Friston Forest. A walk to day along the sheltered rides produced the following, 1 Male Emperor, 3 Hairy, 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 1 Common Blue Damselfly.


May 11th Midlothian L&HC
Two Pyrrhosoma nymphula tenerals and four Coenagrion puella tenerals observed Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.


May 5th Glos. IT
Green Lane, Frampton: A belated record of a female and a male Hairy dragonfly, both photographed at rest. Also a mating pair disturbed from grasses which flew off into the nearby trees alongside 100 acres Slimbridge WWT.


May 9th Oxon. ISh
Little Wittenham Woods. 14 Club-tailed Dragonflies, all recently emerged, perched on vegetation within 20m of the Thames.


May 9th-12th Glos. IT
9th May: The Mythe - Newly emerged female Club-tailed Dragonfly, 1 male Banded Demoiselle, 1 male and 2 female Beautiful Demoiselles, as well as approx 30 Blue-tailed damsels (also a few seen on 2nd May)and other damsels previously mentioned on 2nd May.
10th May: The Mythe - 1 male and 1 female Club-tailed Dragonflies, approx 40 Red-eyed damselflies at all stages - teneral to mature, 8 Banded Demoiselles - male and female, as well as other previously reported damsels.
12th May: Twyning - 21 male and female Banded demoiselles, 10 Common blue Damsels and 1 Blue-tailed damsel, on a blustery but mainly sunny late morning.


May 10th Cambs. HC
First emergence of Scarce chaser at Woodwalton Fen NNR (pics available), seen by Tina Lindsay of Flag Fen; this is a little earlier than recent years.


May 10th Bucks. SMcI
I captured an emerging sequence of a four spotted chaser in photos. During a 3hr period I took a number of photos. Some of the photos are available at The emergence took place at the small man made ponds in Milton Keynes near Caldecotte Lake.


May 11th Surrey SD
Single hairy dragonfly seen/photographed at Lakeside Nature Reserve. May also have been an emerald and a broad bodied but not seen long enough for a positive id.


May 12th Barkshire KTu
Lavell's Lake: Male and female Banded Demoiselle, Large Red Damselfly, Lots of Common Blue Damselflies.


May 12th Cambs. ISh
Wicken Fen. 8 Hairy Dragonflies, 1 Four-spotted Chaser, 30+ Variable Damsels (inc. 8 ovipositing pairs), 1 Red-eyed Damsel, 3 Large Red Damsels plus a few Azures.


May 12th/14th Hampshire RC
12th: 4 Beautiful Demoiselles at Durley Mill - my first this year.
14th: 3 Banded Demoiselles at Meon Canal, Titchfield - seen by Carole Dennis.


May 14th West Sussex SDa
A walk along a short stretch of The Rother at Shopham bridge produced 3 Scarce Chasers, 19 Beautiful & 67 Banded Demoiselles, 1 Red-eyed & many Azures, Blue-Tails, Common blue, Large red, and a few Variable Damselflies.


May 10th Kent THa
Broad Bodied Chaser on a small private fish pond. Blean Nr Canterbury


May 14th Devon TBr
6 Emperors emerging on Typha angustifolia early this morning at our pond nr. Torrington. Conditions were humid warm and overcast and all had taken their maiden flights before 9:30 A.M.


May 16th Northants MT
I have received a call from Darryl, who has recorded this year's first Scarce Chaser at their usual site on the Nene. This is the exact same date they were first seen last year - emerging like clockwork!


May 16th W. Sussex THa
R. Arun where it crosses the A272. Good numbers of Banded Demoiselles and a few Beautiful. Many Large Red and Azure damsels. An unidentified immature chaser probably Scarce heading for the tree tops. One Hairy patrolling the adjoining canal.


May 16th Dorset RLa
On a trip to Arne RSPB Reserve in Dorset today 16th May we found 8 L-Red & 1 Common Blue damselflies. 4 Broad-bodied Chasers, 12-15 Four-spotted Chasers, 3 Downy Emeralds, & 2 (1) Emerging Hairy Dragonflies.


May 14th W. Sussex SMi
3 teneral male scarce chasers, 20+ banded demoiselles and 20+ large red damselflies along the Arun at Broadbridge Heath. Photo at


May 16th Hampshire RGr
At Titchfield Haven, Hants, on Saturday 16th May - an ovipositing female Hairy Dragonfly on the pond near the middle hide on NW side of the reserve. Also a Four Spotted Chaser, pair of Large Red Damselflies in tandem and a few Common Blue Damselflies. Not ideal conditions for odonata! but the above pond was out of the wind.


May 17th Cambs. CPu
Woodwalton Fen. Cambridgeshire: 12 scarce chaser and 1 hairy dragonfly. Ccommon blue, blue tailed, azure, variable and red eyed damselflies.


May 9th/14th Aberdeens/Highland SCc
09/05/09: Aberdeenshire: First sighting of damselflies in the north of Scotland this year - 2 teneral Large Red Damselflies in Bog Woodland at the Forest Enterprise Cambus O'May site near Ballater.
14/05/09: Highland: First sighting of a dragonfly in the north of Scotland with a teneral Four-Spotted Chaser seen at one of the ponds in Revak Estate near Grantown, along with 20+ Large Red Damselflies.


May 17th Inverness-shire A&BT
Around 10 Four-Spotted Chaser - Libellula quadrimaculata - at Uath Lochans, they were recently emerged and basking in the vegetation.
Also a Common Blue Damselfly - Enallagma cyathigerum near Feshiebridge.


May 18th Suffolk CJa
One Male Banded Demoiselle Waveney Meadow Beccles Suffolk. TM4190


May 18th Cambs. HC
Four-spotted chaser emerged in the wind and rain from my garden pond; we've found four exuviae in the last few days but this is the first adult seen.


May 18th Norfolk BD
Several newly emerged Keeled Skimmers seen on Holt Lowes Norfolk, late morning. Surprisingly there does not appear to be much else on the site at present apart from Large Red Damselflies.


May 17th Kent LB
One male Hairy Dragonfly, possibly another, seen at Elmley Marshes RSPB reserve in Kent. One photo can be seen here. A very windy day, hence a slightly blurred shot.


May 19th E. Sussex SDa
A walk along The Cuckmere south of Arlington produced, x46 Banded and x10 Beautiful Demoiselles, x4 Hairy, x1 Broad-Bodied, x8 Scarce Chasers. Lots of Large Reds, Azures & Blue-Tails, some in tandem and ovipositing.


May 12th-19th Berkshire LO
Numerous libellula depressa, three or four daily, over the past week. All brown colouring. Would these be females or young males? Resting on various plants. Not easily dislodged as I found out when cutting some aquilegia! They are quite beautiful.


May 20th E. Sussex SDa
On the drainage ditches North of Exceat on The Cuckmere I saw the following, x4 Four-spotted, x6 Hairy, (inc 1 female ovipositing), x1 emerging Scarce Chaser. A few Common Blues and many Azure, Blue-tailed, Large Reds, some in tandem.


May 20th Shropshire PCo
At Whixhall & Fenns Mosses - 1 female white face darter & 1 4 spot chaser, 30+ large red damsels. Cold windy & raining, nothing flying.


May 20th Beds. KFu
The first ever Scarce Chaser at RSPB The Lodge, an immature male, was found today. Photo:


May 20th Surrey SD
Teneral black tailed skimmer seen at Hampton Wick pond. Also red eyed damselflies seen for the first time this year.


May 21st Essex IP
Pristine four spot chaser in meadow at Willow Park; at least 50 yards from water


May 21st Hampshire NMl
Bartley Wood, Hook Hants. First sighting of year of Four Spotted Chaser. 20+ Azure Damselfly in Tandem and Ovipositing. 20+ Large Red Damselfly again in Tandem and Ovipositing. 10-20 Broad Bodied Chaser 3 females Ovipositing


May 10th/20th Wiltshire SC
Belated news [I've been away on holiday]. A report of a Club-tailed Dragonfly in a garden in Oaksey on the 10th May. An experienced recorder so reliable sighting. Some distance from nearest Thames colony so possibly a local outlier. If weather suitable I'll investigate at the weekend.
On 20th, Beautiful Demoiselles in strength on R. Biss near Trowbridge. Also on 20th, 3 teneral Scarce Chasers on Bristol Avon at Whaddon.


May 21st Glos. PHo
The Mythe, Tewkesbury: 6 Club-tailed Dragonflies (3 male and 3 female), Single Teneral Male Scarce Chaser, Abundant Red-eyed Damselfly, Good numbers of Banded Demoiselle and Several Beautiful Demoiselle.
See attached Links for video of Club-tails and Scarce Chaser.


May 22nd Northants. MT
At Ditchford today, despite the poor weather, was a single male Variable Damselfly - a first for Northamptonshire outside of the area that is in modern-day Cambridgeshire. I have posted a photo on my blog, accessible via the website.


May 22nd W. Sussex SDa
On a Sunny but windy walk along The Rother I saw my first Club-tails today, 4 emergent females. Also x10 Scarce, x7 Broad-bodied, x2 Hairy, Circa 200 Banded Demoiselles, with many Azure, Large Red and Blue-Tailed Damselflies.


May 23rd Notts/Leics NW
Langar, Notts: One each of female Broad-bodied Chaser, male Banded Demoiselle and female Blue-tailed Damselfly in Oilseed Rape field next to Langar Hall Hotel.
Grantham Canal, Leics: 7 Hairy Dragonflies including 2 females ovipositing on the stretch eastwards between Jericho Bridge, Barkestone and the pipe bridge.


May 23rd Lincs/Yorks SRo
A visit to the excellent Crowle/Thorne Moors NNR today resulted in an excellent count of 1925 Large-red Damselfly and 82 Four-spot Chaser,with smaller numbers of Azure,Common-blue and Blue-tailed Damselfly.


May 23rd Devon DSm
At the first Devon BDS Group meeting of the year, and indeed at the start of Dragonfly Week, 9 members gathered at Stover Country Park. Despite a cool and mainly cloudy morning, we found nine species, including at least 5 Hairy Dragonflies and 18 Red-eyed Damselflies; most unusual, though, was an emerging Southern Hawker - my earliest ever. A quick look at Little Bradley Ponds later revealed another two species, including at least one Downy Emerald.


May 23rd Cornwall CMo
Lizard - Croft Pascoe Pool: mid-day 20+ 4-Spots, inc. many couplings and females ovipositing. Many Large-Red Damsel pairs, also Azure and Blue-tailed.
Brays Cot, Lizard NNR: 10+ 4-Spots, 1 Male Broad-bodied Chaser, same Damsels.
Windmill CWT: Late afternoon - 2 male Broad-bodied Chasers, 20+ 4-Spots over ponds and heath, same Damsels.


May 23rd Beds. KFu
Along a half-mile stretch of Great Ouse riverbank, from Roxton to Roxton lock: Scarce Chaser, 45 (all orange); Banded Demoiselle, 100+; Common Blue Damselfly, 20+; Blue-tailed Damselfly, c15; Red-eyed Damselfly, 2; Hairy Dragonfly, 3 (including 2 mating).
Some images here.
Katie Fuller, John Day, Darren Oakley-Martin


May 24th Oxon. SFB
2-3 Hairy Dragonflies in the pools beside the main track at Otmoor. Also numerous Four-spotted Chasers.


May 24th Cambs. BW
Observed a scarce chaser in our garden in Ely near our pond.I have some photo's if required.


May 24th Cheshire IJW
There were plenty of Club-tailed Dragonflies along the river Dee near Alford (SJ415596) today, easily two dozen, along with double that in Banded Demoiselles. Also Hairy Dragonfly and several Large Red damselflies.


May 16th Dorset AN
Near to Ashley Heath species noted Emperor exuvia, 4spots +exuvia, Downy, Large Red, Azure, Red-eyed and Blue tailed in less than favourable conditions


May 24th Devon C&RC
Bystock Pools, near Exmouth: 5 Beautiful Demoiselle, 2 Keeled Skimmer, 1 Four Spotted Chaser, 5 Downy Emerald, 2 Hairy, 70+ Large Red and 10 Azure.


May 24th Cornwall CMo
Windmill Farm CWTR: 1 male Emperor over water, several Emperor exuviae. 1 teneral Black-tailed Skimmer, 5+ Broad-bodied Chasers-male, also coupling - females ovipositing. Numerous 4-Spots, couplings, females ovipositing. Many Damsels: Large-Red, Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue.


May 23rd/24th Cambs/Bucks AN
23rd, Cambs: All day team trip to Woodwalton Fen produced 10 spp - Scarce Chaser 80+ only 2 blue males, Hairy 30+, 4-spots 10, BTS 2, Banded 1, high numbers of Azure, C Blue, Red-eyed and a few Blue-tailed
24th, Bucks: North Bucks sitings; first record of white-legged and BBCs also on the wing Banded, Azure, Common Blue, Large Red, Red-eyed, Blue-tailed, Hairy, 4-spots and unconfirmed reports of BTS


May 24th Cambs. JOw
Plenty of dragonflies on the wing at Wicken Fen. Four-spotted Chasers, Hairy Dragonflies, Azure, Variable, Large Red and Red-eyed Damselflies in abundance.


May 24th Cambs. ISh
Wicken Fen: Scarce Chaser (female or immature male). This is apparently a relatively new species at this site (since 2005 according to the Wicken Fen website).


May 25th Cheshire IJW
Although very warm the sun only burst through several times during a visit to Rixton Clay Pits SJ685907. First this year for myself were a couple of Four-spotted Chaser. Large Red, Common Blue, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies were all present and in good numbers.


May 25th W. Berkshire LG
My first Emperor of the year recorded on Greenham common.
Along with numerous Broad-bodied chasers and 4-spotted chasers


May 25th Norfolk ATo
Many newly emerged male and female Keeled Skimmers at Holt Lowes today. Emergence continued throughout the day and was on going when I left at 4.30pm. Also present were good numbers of Large Reds also found in tandem and ovipositing. Only three Quads and two Azures which seemed surprisingly low. Would Bernard Dawson whom I met today and who left the posting here on 18th May re Holt Lowes please contact me as I have some emergence pics he may like.


May 24th/26th Merseyside DSc
24th: First Anax imperator (female) emerged in our pond today
Also, eight mating and ovipositing pairs of Azure Damselflies. Many more males (20+) looking for females
26th: Four Emperor Dragonflies (two male, two female) emerged in our garden pond in the morning. Five Emperor Dragonflies emerged in the evening (gender unknown)
I may be wrong, but it looked like frogs were hunting the nymphs - luckily without success.


May 25th Norfolk Rle
An early morning visit to Catfield Fen produced good numbers of Variable Damselflies (70+), 20+ Large Reds, 5+ Four-spots, 2 Hairies & a teneral Norfolk Hawker.


May 26th Hampshire NJ
While watching butterflies with David Walsh at Martin Down we came across a male Red-veined Darter on one of the paths. It gave excellent views, showing off red veins in wings and the partial blue to the lower part of the eye. Perhaps associated with the large Painted Lady influx?


May 26th Cheshire PCo
On the river dee at Aldford, 6 common club tail dragonflys, 2 hairy dragonflys, 30+ banded demoiselle,plus reds ,blue tail and common blue damsels. couple of red eye damsels.


May 27th Merseyside DSc
During quite heavy rain nine Emperor Dragonflies emerged by about lunch time. One female was unable to fly due to a curly rear wing. One male pumped up its body before its wings, but both front wings were malformed and had no structural strength.


May 28th Berkshire AEDH
Male Red-veined Darter at Greenham Common at small pond along course of old runway at approx SU49652 64784, west of the runway "cross".


May 29th Herts. DSn
My first authenticated record of HAIRY DRAGONFLY
(Brachytron pratense) along the north bank of the Stort Navigation at THORLEY WASH, Hertfordshire. A pair was seen in Tandem, then the female was observed ovipositing. Some photographs obtained but they are not of a good quality.


May 29th Kent CP
Seen around Buxford Meadow, Ashford this morning, a single Broad Bodied Chaser, two Emperor Dragonflies, and several Banded Demoiselle & Common Blue Damselflies along with a couple of Large Red Damselflies & Blue Tailed Damselflies.


May 29th W. Berkshire LG
My first golden ringed dragonfly of the year patrolling on Padworth common. There were also Broad-bodied chasers, Black tailed skimmers, Common blue and large red damsels.


May 29th Cheshire IJW
Absolutely roasting today at Rixton Claypits SJ685907.
First this year for myself and children was a female Broad-bodied Chaser. This was constantly getting chased by one of a dozen Four-spotted Chasers. The youngest saw the Broad-bodies Chaser first with the remark "that's yellower than the other". Sure enough it was! Pleased to say we also noted three Banded Demoiselles. Also present were Large Red, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies. The latter being the commonest species of the day.
Due to the number of Painted Ladies, I was hoping there might be a Red-veined Darter or two! There is a pond there that would be attractive to them, gave it a good search, but found nothing.


May 29th Guernsey, C.I. JMe
One male Lesser Emperor Anax parthenope at St Pierre Park Golf Course + Two Emperor Anax imperator.


May 29th Hampshire PWi
Dave Holt and I watched a very active mature male Red-veined Darter at Slufters Pond (SU222095) around 2pm today. I'm reliably informed that superfinder Les Stride saw it on 28/05! Also present two Downy Emeralds, Broad-bodied and Four-spotted Chasers, Emperor, Common Blue, Large Red and Blue-tailed Damsels.


May 29th Sussex KT
Blackhole and Burton Pond Sx WT Reserve. Several Scarce chasers and a Golden Ringed female and numerous Large Reds at Black Hole; at Burton Pond many Variables and usual blues, also several mating pairs of Scarce Chasers as well as Downy Emeralds, Red eyed and Broad-Bodied Chasers.


May 29th Cornwall CMo
Windmill Farm CWTR, Lizard: 3 immature Common Darters, 2 Emperor females ovipositing, 4 Emperor males, 3 teneral Black-tailed Skimmers, 6 Broad-bodied Chasers male, 2 Broad-bodied Chasers female, 20+ 4-Spots. Also numerous Large-Red, Common Blue, Azure and Blue-tailed Damsels.


May 29th Cumbria MAE
Scalesby: 15 White faced Darters, 40+ Teneral White Faced Darters, several still emerging 14:00hrs today. 2 ponds quite productive last year have dried up.


May 29th E. Sussex SDa
A very sunny morning along the Cuckmere at Frog Firle I found, x2 Scarce, x6 4 Spotted, x6 B-Bodied, x3 Hairy, x3 Emperor, x3 Banded Demoiselle, Many Azure, Blue-tailed, and a few Large Red and Large Red-eyed Damselflies.


May 30th Dorset JJ
Male & Female Four-spotted Chasers mating (none last year). One Emperor flying (had several earlier emergences, but all with severe wing damage/loss, apparently due to emerging in strong winds). Two Emperors emerging this evening. In comparison, last year had large numbers of Emperors emerge (100+ from one small patch of rushes, but majority lost in subsequent cold spell). One male & female Broad-bodied Chaser earlier in the week, not evident today.


May 28th Gwynedd EU
A broad-bodied chaser on a small (10 square metres?) pond at LL53 7PN (= SH317342, iirc)


May 29th Merseyside DSc
Four Emperors emerged in the morning (one got eaten by a bird). In the evening and during the night, however, a further 34 emerged, of which six failed. This brings the total up to 76 Emperors so far this year - all from a pond measuring 3 x 4 x 1 metres! Not to mention the 450 odd damselflies that have emerged so far.


May 30th Glos. PHa
The Mythe, Tewkesbury. Large number of Banded Demoiselles. White-legged Damselflies greatly outnumber Large Red, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies. Single imm. male Scarce and Broad-bodied Chasers.


May 30th Devon DSm
In two-year old ponds at Finlake, near Chudleigh, there were at least 2 male Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies. The site is not far from likely breeding sites in the Bovey Basin clay workings, but the Finlake ponds are raw enough to have them breeding for a year or two. Also there, Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 7 Broad-bodied and 4 Four-spotted Chasers, plus lots of Large Red, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies. Other recent Devon news: on 28 May a male Hairy Dragonfly patrolled a West Hill garden pond and Southern Hawker emerged from my garden pond in Chudleigh.


May 30th Leics. PWh
Earl Shilton: One Broad-Bodied Chaser in our garden.


May 30th W. Sussex PMa
At Woods Mill (SWT Reserve) I saw 2 Emperor, 1 Hairy Dragonfly, 4 Downy Emerald, 20+ Banded Demoiselle, lots of Azure, Blue-tailed, plus a few Large Red and Large Red-eyed Damselflies.


May 30th Somerset LMcC
Waldegrave Pool, Priddy Mineries: Large numbers of small red damselflies - several mating pairs, also blue tailed damsels and several unidentified other blues. 10+ Downy Emeralds patrolling and hunting on water (one came very close and buzzed me), 10+ four spotted chasers. Day very bright and sunny.


May 31st Merseyside DSc
Another 41 Emperor Dragonflies emerged since last night. Only one failure.


Last week of May S. England AP
There has been a significant influx of Red-veined Darter into southern England during the last week of May, with records currently from at least seven sites (no doubt they have been accompanying the Painted Lady butterflies!). Observers are encouraged to be on the lookout for the species.


May 31st Cambs. SBo
At least two Scarce Chasers at Milton Country Park


May 31st Shropshire PCo
At Fenns/Whixall mosses: 40+ white face darters, 6 + in tandem, others laying. 40+ 4 spot chasers, 12+ in tandem, 4 broad body chasers, 3 common hawkers & 1 unidentified all pale green dragonfly with a very thin abdomen, slightly larger than 4 spot chaser.


May 31st Cornwall CMo
Boscathnoe SWLT: 1 male Emperor, 1 female Broad-bodied Chaser, 2 teneral Black-tailed Skimmers. Much activity with damsels pairs - Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed. 1 male Red-Veined Darter seen - then in tandem with female, ovipositing together minutes later.


May 31st W. Yorkshire DPr
4 Banded Demioselles at Bradley Hall Farm. 1 Broad Bodied Chaser at Elland gravel pits.


May 31st N. Bucks. AN
Milton Keynes area First Emperor and Downy Emerald of the season. Very good numbers of Hairy Dragonflies to date only a few BBC's.


May 31st Cambs. HC
A female Red-veined darter was observed and photographed at Wicken Fen today. Also the 17th 4-spotted chaser emerged from garden pond only to end up as blackbird food!


May 30th Pembrokeshire DFam
Female Emperor dragonfly spotted on busy pavement alongside noisy, busy road in Tenby. Very reluctant to fly or move at all. Kids were fascinated by the huge size ... like something from Alien! We spent a good 20mins on hands and knees identifying her and watching until a small bird (sparrow?) came down and snatched her!! The kids cried.


May 31st Hampshire DP
One adult male Red-veined Darter on a gravel track at Martin Down.


June 1st Merseyside DSc
'Only' 11 Emperor Dragonflies emerged from our pond between last night and this morning.
The Azure ovipositing phase seems to be coming to an end, to be replace by the Blue Tailed phase


June 1st Powys JWa
A number of large red-eyed damselfly seen on short stretch of Montgomery canal at Berriew. Several tandem pairs seen and one pair with semi submerged female ovipositing. Also Azure damselfly and banded demoiselle.


May 31st Cambs. TC
Had a wonderful day watching dragonflies at Wicken Fen on Sunday. Highlights were large numbers of Hairy Dragonfly, Four Spotted Chaser, 1 Scarce Chaser, 1 Banded Demoiselle. A fleeting glance of I think a Southern Hawker, but cannot be sure. Plus a wide range of Damsels, Large Red, Azure, Variable, Blue tailed & Red Eyed damselfly with a few of the "Petit" form. Its worth looking carefully when observing this (Petit)red eyed as it can look at first glance a small red eyed.
The star of the day was a Female Red Veined Darter which I was able to photograph.
A visit to this site is highly recommended if you get the chance.


June 1st/2nd Avon PHa
1st: "Reservoir" at Cabot Park, Avonmouth. A number of Red-veined Darters showing very well and being harassed by Black-tailed Skimmers.
2nd: "Reservoir", Cabot Park, Avonmouth. At least six male Red-veined Darters holding territories around the reservoir edges. One female seen briefly.


June 2nd E. Sussex CBo
Exuvia of Golden-ringed Dragonfly in Brede High Woods at same site as adult in flight last year.


June 2nd Cornwall JFo
Red Veined Darter - 54 males, including 5 which were in egg-laying pairs along West bank of Drift Reservoir.


June 2nd Herts. SL
Visited King's Meads near Hertford this morning and saw 3 Hairy Dragonfly, 5 male Emperor Dragonfly, 1 Black-tailed Skimmer, lots of Broad-bodied and Four-spotted Chasers, 4 Red-eyed Damselfly, 6 Banded Demoiselle, lots of Azure, Large Red, Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselfly


June 2nd Worcs. GP
Eckington Bridge (River Avon): 2 male Scarce Chasers, 3 Club Tailed Dragonflies, 1 male Emperor, Good nos of White Legged Dragonfly & Banded Demoiselle and a few Large Red Damselfly & Blue Tailed Damselfly


June 2nd Hampshire CB
Immature Scarce Chaser at Testwood Lakes this evening.


June 2nd Leics. LE
Cossington Meadows - 1 Black tailed Skimmer, lots of Banded Demoiselles, White-legged, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed, Large Red, Azure and Common damselflies.
Wymeswold - Emperor male patrolling garden pond, with Broad-bodied Chaser pair and Four-Spotted Chaser female also egg laying.


June 2nd E. Sussex SDa
In the drainage ditches north of Exceat on The Cuckmere today I saw the following. x12 Hairy, x5 Emperor (4 male 1 female), x14 4-spot, x1 Scarce (new emergent) x8 Broad-bodied (2 pairs cop and females then ovipositing). Many Blue-tail, Azure Dams and a few Large Red Dams.


May 29th Norfolk AR
At Hawk and Owl Trust nature reserve, Sculthorpe Moor (transect results): 28 Large Red Damsels, 3 Red-eyed Damsels, 11 Common Blue Damsels, 23 Azure Damsels, 2 Blue-tailed Damsels, 2 Hairy Dragons, 10 Four-spot Chasers, 1 Broad-bodied Chaser, 4 Black-tailed Skimmer. Nearby, at Sculthorpe Mill, 2 Banded Demoiselle.


June 2nd Hampshire CRH
Over 1100 Odonata counted in four hours at Eelmoor SSSI, 16 species including the first Ceriagrion tenellum of the year (38, most still pale form), one Platycnemis (from adjacent canal) and almost 600 Pyrrhosoma nymphula. Brachytron pratense (five, one oviposting), Anax imperator (13), Cordulia aenea (1), Libellula quadrimaculata (116, a site record) and Orthetrum coerulescens numbers building well (91).


June 2nd Essex/Gtr. London CJu
Bedfords Park, north Romford. 11 species of Odonata today. On lake: 1 male Red Veined Darter (present 1.15pm - 2.00pm), 1 male Hairy Dragonfly, 4 male and 1 female Emperor, 6 Black Tailed Skimmers, 3 Broad Bodied Chasers, 2 Four Spotted Chasers (both chaser species declining here), many Common Blue, Red Eyed and Azure Damselflies, small numbers of Blue Tailed and Large Red Damselflies.

On Damselfly Pond: 175+ ovipositing and tandem pairs of Azure Damsels and 25 pairs of Large Red.


June 2nd/3rd Cornwall CMo
2 June, Windmill Farm CWTR: 8 adult male Emperors, 2 female Emperors ovipositing. 50+ 4-Spots, males & females ovipositing, 5 male Broad-bodied Chasers & 2 females ovipositing, 6 adult males Black-tailed Skimmers & females in tandem, ovipositing, 3 adult & 1 immature male Keeled Skimmers, 10+ male Red-Veined Darters. Many Damsels - Azure, Common Blue, Blue-tailed & Large Red.
3 June on Penzance model boat pool 25+ male Red Veined Darters, 2 tandem pairs.


June 3rd Devon TBr
10 species present this afternoon at our pond site near Torrington: 8 x Emperor, 4 x Broad-Bodied Chaser, 6 x Four-Spotted Chaser, 20 x Large Red, some Common Blue, 500+ Azure, a few early Blue-Tailed and Red-Eyed Damsels, 25 x Beautiful Demoiselle and (for the first time ever) a solitary male Banded Demoiselle. Also, whilst photographing the swarms of ovipositing Azures, I found a female Common Blue Damsel in tandem with a male Azure. Many hundreds of Painted Lady's in the garden this last week but sadly no Red-Veined Darters arrived with them.


June 3rd W. Yorkshire DPr
6 (2m 4f) broad bodied chasers at Elland gp also 7 blue tailed damselflies (first of the year for this site)


May 30th Beds. DA
2 Red-veined Darters seen at Marston Vale Country Park by Dave Ball & Martin Palmer.


June 3rd Devon DSm
At least 2 Scarce Blue-tails still at Finlake, where a Common Darter emerged. (A few Scarce Blue-tails have also been seen at a pond in Devon Exmoor recently.) At Little Bradley Ponds, 6 Downy Emeralds and 2 Red-eyed Damselflies.


June 3rd/4th E. Sussex/ Hants SDa
3rd: Sussex/Hants Boarder: While walking part of the South Downs Way today just above Buriton Pit I was very surprised to see a male and female Beautiful Demoiselle sunning themselves in some trees. How far from running water?
4th: E. Sussex: This afternoon at Old Lodge Res, Ashdown Forest the following were noted, x7 Male, x6 Female Broad Bodied,(Cop & Ovipositing) x6 Exuvia found. x6 Four-spotted. x4 Male & x1 Female Emperor, (Ovipositing) plus x5 Exuvia found. x1 imm male and x1 emergent Female Keeled Skimmer. Many Large red and Azure Damselflies in tandem and ovipositing.


June 3rd Breconshire KNo
About 10 male Red-veined Darters at Brechfa Pool, Brecknock Wildlife Trust nature reserve. Also Broad-bodied Chasers, Black-tailed Skimmers, an Emperor, and Common Blue and Azure Damsels.


June 4th Glos. IT
The Mythe, Tewkesbury: Excellent 3hrs+ observing 11 species of odonata - 5 Clubtails including a newly-emerged on its maiden flight, 6 Emperors with 2 males chasing one female and then one pair in cop, 2 immature/female Scarce chasers, 5 male and one female Black-tailed skimmer, approx 1000 Blue-tailed damsels (I've never seen so many)- many in cop, approx 50 Red-eyed - with many cop pairs/ovipositing, approx 50 Azures - with many cop pairs/ovipositing, approx 30 Banded demoiselles - male and female, approx 10 White-legged, approx 10 Common blues and 5 Large reds. All accompanied by the call of the cuckoo, the song of Cetti's and many more warblers, as well as a singing male Yellow wagtail. An ace place!


June 4th Hampshire KTa
Observations at Crockford Bridge, New Forest include Keeled Skinmmer, Broad-Bodied, Emperor, Southern, Large Red, Small Red and Blue-Tailed.


June 7th Beds. SCh
This afternoon the first Southern Hawkers of the year are emerging at our garden pond. This is a week later then the last two seasons. Their delayed emergence has almost certainly been effected by the cool wet weather and heavy rain. The sun is now shining so this maybe gave them the opportunity they needed.


June 6th/7th Hampshire PWi
On 6th I managed to find 11 White-legged Damselflies in the Clumbers area of the Ober Water - all teneral except one male. Also a single Banded Demoiselle amongst the 100s of Beautiful. On 7th there was a teneral male Emerald Damselfly at Rushbush Pond - my earliest ever.


June 7th Devon RBi
Drakelands Corner: Enallagma cyathigerum - plenty including several mating pairs, Pyrrhosoma nymphula - several, Ischnura elegans 1, Ischnura pumillio - 1, Anax imperator - 10+ (and 18 exuviae), Libellula depressa - 4, Orthetrum cancellatum 1, Sympetrum sp - 5, Sympetrum fonscolombii - 1 adult male.


June 7th Devon SW
Lower Bruckland Ponds; 4 male Red-veined Darters, 8 Red-eyed Damselflies and 1 male Scarce Chaser. Nearby on River Axe by A3052 2 Scarce Chasers (1 mature male) and large numbers of White-legged Damselflies.


June 4th Merseyside BH
Pond near Hale village. Four-spotted Chaser 10, Azure Damselfly 300, Blue-tailed Damselfly 40, Large Red Damselfly 50. Breeding activity noted for all species.


June 9th Suffolk CJa
Minsmere RSPB Reserve old car park Pond: Aeshna isosceles (Norfolk Hawker) one (quite an attraction for the visitors); Libellula quadrimaculata (four Spot Chaser)>5; Anax imperator (Emperor) Female egg laying; Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Large Red Damselfly)<10


June 11th E. Sussex SDa
Cuckmere just south of Arlington Res. x11 Male Scarce Chasers. x3 Hairy. x2 Male Beautiful Dem. Many Banded Dem (cop). x20 White-legged Dam (a few tenerals). x30 Large Red-eyed Dam ( in tandem and ovi). Along with large numbers of Azure, Blue-tailed and Large Reds all with lots of signs of breeding(tandem and Ovi).


June 7th IOW MHt
Male Red veined darter at the Needles headland area of coastal chalk downland. I was able to watch it at close range through binoculars for about 10 minutes at 17.30.


June 11th Northants. DS
First Brown Hawker for the county seen adjacent to the River Nene at Higham Ferrers gravel pits, Northamptonshire.


June 12th Lincs SRo
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries today revealed slightly lower numbers of the common Damselfly species, but a few dragons were seen. The following is what I saw: 10 Hairy Dragonfly, 2 Black-tailed Skimmer and 3 Four-spot Chaser.


June 12th E. Sussex SDa
At a private farm pond today near Southease I saw x7 emergent Common Darter, x2 4-spotted, x2 Male and x1 Female Emperor (ovi). x8 Male and x2 Female Black-tailed (cop and Ovi) x1 Hairy. With just a few Common Blue, Variable, Azure and Blue-tail Damselflies.


June 7th Suffolk RR
2 female Scarce Chasers on River Gipping, just downstream of Alderson Lake, Needham Market.


June 11th Berkshire JWS
I visited 5 sites in Swinley Forest south of Bracknell. At Mill Pond I saw my earliest ever Brown Hawker (imm) and at Rapley Lake recorded Brilliant Emerald, first of the year. Overall, there were 12 species around including Downy Emerald, Keeled Skimmer (imm), Broad-bodied and 4-Spot Chasers, Emperor, plus Common Blue, Azure, Large Red and Red-eyed Damsels, and a wandering Banded Demoiselle. Incidentally, the whole area is swarming with activity associated with the filming of the latest Harry Potter film.


June 12th Kent CP
Seen at Buxford Meadow pond, Ashford, a pair of (large) Red-Eyed Damselfies, a Male Hairy Dragonfly and a Male Downy Emerald, there were several others flitting about, but were to fast to ID.


June 13th Norfolk JCe
1 female broad bodied chaser adjacent to woodland pool at St faiths (N. Norwich); 8 four spot chasers and 2 hairies plus numerous damsels


June 13th Derbyshire JAL
2 males Red-Veined Darters seen on the main lagoon at Pleasley Pit Country Park. This is third successive year for RVDs at this site Large nos (20+) seen in 2007 with several pairs seen ovipositing. A possible breeding population?


June 13th Carmarthenshire CJo
3 male Red-veined Darters at Skateboard Pond east of Burry Port harbour this morning. Also one seen in the last few days at Starfish Pond in Pembrey forest. Unconfirmed report of Lesser Emperor and Red-veined Darter at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo


June 13th Argyle CDS
Black Lochs nr Oban: Beautiful Demoiselle a stunning male found in Bracken nr Kilvaree Farm, with a fresh female Highland Darter nearby. Downy Emerald and Four-spotted Chaser's were very common, for instance 100+ individuals of both species were seen within one 100 yard stretch. Brief views of a male Hairy Dragonfly also.


June 13th Devon RBi
Coxside, Plymouth: 1 Sympetrum fonscolombii


June 14th Breconshire KNo
At Brechfa Pool 4 male Red-veined Darters, 3 Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 Broad-bodied Chasers, an Emperor and many Common Blue Damsels.


June 14th Bucks AN
In North Bucks Milton Keynes: The first Common Darter of the year to date. Good numbers of BBC reported and recorded another good year for this spp.


June 11th Devon DCh
I saw 10 Scarce chasers, 5 black tailed skimmers, 2 Emperor dragonflies, 5 red eyed Damselflies, 100+ Azure damselflies, 100+ Blue tailed Damselflies all close to Halberton bridge on the grand western canal.


June 13th Berkshire DMcE
Had a walk along the Kennet Offshoot on Saturday that proved pretty interesting. There are still quite a few Variable Damselflies in the usual site along the footpath on the northern end of the Searles Lane complex, with 60+ at SU 688709 (including several breeding pairs). Common Blues were extremely common, with so many breeding pairs over the lake that they formed a blue haze over the water! There must have been several thousand at least. Mixed amongst them were good numbers of breeding Azures and Red-Eyed Damselflies, with others amongst the water lilies or in the long grass adjacent to the path. Four-Spotted Chasers, Emperors, Downy Emerald (2), Broad-Bodied Chaser, Large Red Damselfly and good numbers of Banded & Beautiful Demoiselles were also present. Blue-Tailed Damselflies were also common, and seemed more numerous than in previous years.

There was a fresh exuvia of Club-Tailed Dragonfly on a wooden post on the Kennet & Avon (the jetty adjacent to the Cunning Man pub) at SU680707. Unfortunately there was no sign of the dragonfly itself, but it was the first time in several years that I've come across the species on this stretch.

There was also a very nice view of a passing kingfisher.


June 15th Surrey GHi
Thursley Common: Black Darter 1 teneral


June 16th Northants. MT
I saw our first Emerald Damselflies of the year at Pitsford Nature Reserve this lunchtime. They were all female!


June 16th Leics. NW
Cossington Lock, Grand Union Canal: 100+ Banded Demoiselles including pairs in cop, females ovipositing and tenerals. Large numbers of Red-eyed and Common Blue Damselflies also present. Surprisingly, not a single dragonfly was seen during 1 hour at the site.


June 16th Surrey THa
Thursley Common. 12 Species seen once the clouds had passed. On the paths and boardwalks: Four spotted chaser, keeled skimmer, black-tailed skimmer, large red damsel and azure damsel. Amongst the grasses towards pine island: Teneral black darter and small red damsel plus mature looking common blue damsel. On the moat pond small red eyed damsel and common blue tailed damsel.


June 16th Hampshire CRH
North Hampshire: Recorded on southern parts of Eelmoor SSSI in two hours before cloud stopped play: One Calopteryx virgo near Cove Brook. At pools and mire areas Pyrrhosoma nymphula(170), Ischnura elegans (19), I. pumilio (4), Coenagrion puella (126), Ceriagrion tenellum (83), Brachytron pratense (1), Libellula depressa (2), L. quadrimaculata (38), Orthetrum coerulescens (101).


June 16th Glos. IT
Coombe Hill Canal and Meadows NR: A total of 11 species seen - the first female Emerald Damselfly and the first female Common Darter - both tenerals, as well as excellent photo opportunities of a mating pair of Emperors. The other species seen were Four-spotted and Broad-bodied Chasers, Black-tailed Skimmer, Banded Demoiselle, Red-eyed, Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed damsels. After the floods of Summer 2007, the damselfly numbers seem very depleted, but showing some signs of recovery. The dragonfly numbers seem to have recovered more quickly.


June 17th Notts. NW
1 Brown Hawker and large number of Azure Damselflies near pond on Newlands Farm, Langar.


June 16th Glamorgan WRJ
Kenfig NNR: A few hours on the pools shoreline saw 30+ Red-veined Darter, 40+ Black-tailed Skimmer, 12 Emperor Dragonfly, 5 Hairy Dragonfly and excellent numbers of the commoner damselflies after what must have been a major hatch period. Highlight of the day though was a Lesser Emperor.


June 19th Monmouthshire MCa
We observed a nymph in our tropical fish tank after setting it up with new substrate and plants (possibly how it got in). It disappeared for a while and we thought the fish had got it, but today we noticed a damselfly sitting on the spraybar still drying its wings! Having looked through your site we believe it was a "small red damselfly" or Ceriagrion tennellum. After taking a few pictures we then released it in our garden by our pond.


June 18th E. Sussex CBo
Brede High Woods: Male Broad-bodied Chaser, and exuvia of Southern Hawker at same small pool.


June 16th/17th Norfolk AR 1 imm male Scarce Chaser at Strumpshaw Fen. Also 3 Norfolk Hawker. 7 Scarce Emerald Damselfly in poor weather at Thompson Common.


June 21st N. Yorkshire DPr
3 keeled skimmers at fen bog


June 21st Devon DSm
Only 6 people attended the Devon BDS meeting today, which was a pity, as we saw 16 species! We failed to see Scarce Chasers by the R. Axe, but found about 4 (3 males) nearby at Lower Bruckland Ponds. Also at the ponds was at least one male Red-veined Darter, 3 Red-eyed Damselflies (but no Small Red-eyed yet) and a Keeled Skimmer.


June 16th Oxon. ISh
Dry Sandford Pit - amongst other damselflies, 8 Southerns, including 2 pairs.
Parsonage Moor - 2 male Keeled Skimmers, 4 Four-Spotted Chasers plus numerous Large Red Damselflies (and a Scarlet Tiger Moth)


June 21st Norfolk ISh
Upton Fen - 8 male Norfolk Hawkers patrolling ditches plus 10+ Black-tailed Skimmers, 3 Four-Spotted Chasers and numerous damselflies (mostly Variable).
Strumpshaw Fen - 4 male Norfolk Hawkers on patrol, 4 Four-Spotted Chasers plus numerous damselflies, incl. 1 immature female Emerald and 1 female Banded Demoiselle.


June 21st Northumberland MRi
A single male Banded Demoiselle on the North Tyne at Haughton Strother.


June 20th/22nd E. Sussex SDa
20th: Old Lodge reserve. I saw x2 Downy Emeralds, x1 Broad Bodied, x2 Emperor, x2 4 Spotted Then the clouds arrived.
22nd: Cuckmere, Frog Firle. x1 Beautiful Dem, x3 Banded Dem, x3 Common Darter(Maiden flight) x6 male and x1 female Emperor. x13 4 Spotted(cop), x4 male and x1 female Scarce Chaser. x6 Large red eyed. x4 male and x2 female Broad bodied (ovi) x5 male and x2 female Black-tailed Skimmers (cop&ovi) x2 male and x2 female Ruddy Darter (Cop) Plus usual large reds and blues.


June 22nd Wiltshire SC
Male Southern Hawker patrolling at the unusual location of a retail park car park while I was enjoying a meal al fresco at the adjacent Frankie and Benny's. Mine and possibly the county's first for the year.


June 22nd Berkshire JWS
At Butter Bottom Ponds (restricted entry, fished by Broadmoor Staff Angling Club) there were 10 species in total. This is an interesting site. It is surrounded by high trees but these seem to be no obstacle to new colonisers. The site has the only colony of White-legged Damsels in the area. Just over 50 were recorded yesterday, including ovipositing pairs. A single male Brilliant Emerald was patrolling. Could be a good year for this species as I have now seen singleton males at 4 sites (the others are Rapley Lake, Wellington College Ponds and Crowthorne Wood). I obtained a new record for the site, Keeled Skimmer. There is a short runnel linking the two ponds. A female was ovipositing here, and there were three males about, adjacent to the runnel. Also seen were Downy Emerald, Emperor, 4-spotted Chaser,and Red-eyed, Common Blue, Blue-tailed and Large Red Damsels.


June 23rd S. Yorkshire DW
A single Hairy Hawker this evening on Hatfield Moors nr Doncaster. Although I am not an experienced dragonfly watcher, I have been taking an interest over the last 2/3 years and saw this species recently at Messingham Sand Quarries, so I'm happy with the i.d. Also 3 Emperor, and a few each B-t Skimmer and Four-sp Chaser.


June 23rd Surrey SD
At least 15 species observed at Thursley Common: large and small red, azure and blue tailed damselfly; banded and beautiful demoiselle; downy emerald, brown and common hawker, keeled skimmer, four spotted and broad bodied chaser, emperor, teneral common and black darter. Golden-ringed was also seen by a third party. Water levels surprisingly very low.


June 23rd Berks/Hants SL
Had a day out on 23/6/09, first stop River Thames at Goring, we saw male and female Banded Demoiselles, Blue-tailed Damselfly and a slightly damaged, but still beautiful, female Club-tailed Dragonfly. Next stop Hatchet Pond, New Forest, very active with good numbers of most species. We saw Large Red, Small Red, Common Blue, Azure, Southern, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed (showing characteristics of red-eyed, but slightly smaller than the Commons and Azures in the same area) and a female Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies. Black-tailed and Keeled Skimmers, Broad-bodied and Four-spotted Chasers, Emperor and Downy Emerald. Final stop Crockford Bridge for Beautiful Demoiselle, Southern, Small Red and Large Red Damselfly more Keeled Skimmer and Broad-bodied Chaser and last species for the day, male Golden-ringed Dragonfly. 17 species for the day, brilliant!


June 23rd/24th Essex TC
The Scarce Chaser has been discovered on the river Wid & Can on the Writtle College estate, nr Chelmsford Essex. MH the college recorder on a regular survey on Tuesday found 5 on the river Wid & 2 on the river Can. I walked the rivers yesterday evening & saw 5 females & 2 males on the Wid & one female on the Can. I also saw 3 Brown Hawkers my first of the season.


June 24th Hampshire SDa
A walk from Mill Lawn Brook and Ober Water I found the following. x200 plus Keeled Skimmers (emergent, cop, ovi). x12 Golden-ringed. x50 plus Small Red Dams (tandem cop) Hundreds of Beautiful Dem (cop/ovi). X1 male Banded Dem. x11 4 Spotted. X50 plus White-legged Dams (Tandem/ovi). x5 Broad-bodied (cop/ovi). x2 Southern Dams (tandem) but no sign of any Scarce Blue-tails.


June 25th Lincs. SRo
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries today revealed a few species on the wing, which included 3 Teneral male Southern Hawker, 4 male Hairy Dragonfly, 1 male Black-tailed Skimmer and 7 Four-spot Chaser.


June 25th Notts. NW
Grantham Canal: Section between Wild's Bridge and Irish Jack's Bridge, Kinoulton. 50+ Four-spotted Chasers, 1 immature male Black-tailed Skimmer, 2 male and 1 female (ovipositing) Emperors in addition to large numbers of Azure, Common Blue and Red-eyed Damselflies.


June 25th W. Yorkshire DM
3 Large Red Damselfly, 1 mating pair + single male around small garden pond, 5ft x 2ft, (mating pair regularly landing on lily pads)in a suburban housing estate in Leeds. Thought it might be interesting for people to know you don't have to go looking too far to see them. 1st time we've had any damsel or dragonflies.


June 16th Oxfordshire DEG
Oxfordshire, Thames Path 2 miles east of Radcot, 16 June, White-legged damselfly. Also Red-eyed and Common Blue Damselflies, Banded Demoiselle, Emperor and Black-tailed Skimmer.


June 25th Strathspey ER
One male white-faced darter at RSPB Abernethy on the pool just before the osprey centre.


June 27th Northants. MT
I received a call from NR reporting Red-veined Darter at a site just outside Northampton. Needless to say, I rushed off and confirmed the sighting. I have posted photos on my blog site.


June 27th Monmouthshire IS
River Monnow at Osbaston: 3.3km upstream of River Wye confluence at Monmouth. Long hoped for and at last seen were 3 Club-tailed Dragonfly on this slow moving section of the river. Also present were newly emerged White-legged Damselfly plus 100's in cop, 2 Emperors on patrol, single Banded and Large Red Damselflies and 1 female Broad-bodied. 5.1km upstream, Common Blue (less than 10), Banded (2) 1 female Broad-bodied as expected. 100 plus of White-legged in cop and ovipositing is expected, but not the 1000 everywhere in the adjacent meadow (uncut)and even 'spilling out' onto the road verges 170 metres from the riverbank. The final suprise was a single female Black-tailed Skimmer visiting a sandy river beach. Max temp of the day was 31 degrees and this might be the cause of these Odonata explorations?


June 28th Dorset BSp
Found several Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies at a new site in Weymouth at Chickerell rifle range today. Unfortunately there is no public access to the site. At nearby Granby Ponds by the new Chickerell road saw a few Scarce Blue-taileds on 24th May, but none since and this, the only other site for this species in Weymouth, has I fear become too overgrown now. The first Small Red-eyed Damselflies were out at Granby Ponds on 14th June. Also, saw 3 Red-veined Darters at Radipole Lake on 5th June including a tandem pair.


June 28th Devon RBi
Smallhanger/Drakelands Corner: 10 species in bad weather: L. sponsa (20+), P. nymphula, C. puella, E. cyathigerum, I. elegans, I. pumillio (10+), A. imperator (+ ~20 exuviae), L. depressa (Ov), O. cancellatum, S. fonscolombii (2).
Also observed a male P. nymphula try to predate/mate with a male I. pumillio!


June 28th Lincs. SRo
Another visit to the excellent Messingham Sand Quarries in good conditions today resulted in the following sightings: 8 Brown Hawker, 7 male Emperor, 24 Four-spot Chaser, 26 Black-tailed Skimmer and 1 male Hairy Dragonfly.


June 28th Surrey SE
Nutfield Marsh Nature Reserve: Emperor, Brown Hawker, Black-tailed Skimmer, Broad-bodied Chaser, Common Darter, Banded Demoiselle, Common Blue Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly.


June 28th Glos. MJMcG
At WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre today we have recorded two Brown Hawker, 5 Four-spot Chasers, c150 Black-tailed Skimmer, 12 Emperor, a Banded Demoiselle, 5 Common Darter, thousands of Common Blue and Blue-tailed Damselflies, a few Large Red-eyed, 2-3 Hairy Dragonfly and a male Scarce Chaser without searching very hard, if only I could spend all day looking at them!.
On 23rd June I noted our first Southern Hawker of the year. The last Large Red Damselfly was noted on 16th June.


June 28th Suffolk JOw
Saw my first Brown Hawker of the year at Barham. Also on the wing were Black Tailed Skimmers, an Emperor, some Common Blue, Red-eyed and Banded Damselflies.


June 28th Cambs. HC
At 2pm in very warm humid weather today we saw what we believe was a Migrant Hawker in our garden in Whittlesey; this is quite an early record for the species for this area. Due to difficult lighting and the short duration of the encounter no photography was possible, but the size and flight pattern certainly indicated mixta. I would be interested to hear if any other early Migrants are observed in this warm weather.


June 25th Notts. BH
Pretty sure I saw an early migrant hawker at the Ratcliffe on Soar power station site. Size, shape and flight height seemed right for the species.


June 26th Highland HJV
Bridge of Grudie, weather very warm and sunny but stiff wind. 1 male Azure Hawker near burn, 4 White-faced Darter in heather and on ponds near Loch Maree, 10+ Northern Emerald across the site. Also Common Hawker, Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Four-spot, Large Red and Common Blue. Nearby along the forest walk at Beinn Eighe 1+ Azure Hawker, c.10 Northern Emeralds, Common Hawkers, Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Large Red Damselfly.

Next day at Abernethy, White-faced Darter on pool by track to Osprey Centre and Northern Damselflies on pool towards Boat of Garten (NH 966 192)


June 28th Hampshire SCh
Warren Heath ponds - large emergence of Emerald Damselfly at top pond. Many exuviae found. Many Small Red Damselflies and Keeled Skimmers around the bog pools. The latter emerging in good numbers from tiny pools. Many other species spread across the three main ponds. The jewel in the crown was the Brilliant Emerald which appears to be in higher numbers this year. Very good views of males close enough to photograph in flight. Also at least two females ovipositing in middle pool within a metre of me. This species was flying amongst Downy Emeralds. Golden-ringed Dragonfly in good numbers along the stream.


June 28th Shropshire JHg
Whixall Moss: at least 3 teneral Black Darter (photos). Still good numbers of White-faced Darter. Female Emperor ovipositing. Plenty of Quads; Emerald, Azure, Blue-tailed and Large Red Damselflies.


June 29th Bucks. KTu
Little Marlow Gp: Brown Hawker (my 1st this year); Common Blue Damselfly; Black-tailed Skimmer x1; Red-eyed Damselfly; Blue-tailed Damselfly; Emperor x2; Large Red Damselfly x2; Azure Damselfly.


June 29th Norfolk NWy
I saw quite a few Broad Bodied Chasers along the banks of the River Chet.


June 29th Suffolk MM
2 Small Red Eyed Damselflies on main pond at BT Martlesham Heath 29/06/09.


June 29th Cornwall JFo
Still 14 male Red-veined Darter at Drift Reservoir.


June 29th Kent OLe
7 male Red Veined Darters at a private drinking reservoir in north Folkestone. There has been a small number of sightings along the Kent coast from Dungeness to Sandwich in the last week.
2 male Red Veined Darters on shingle at Greatstone (Dungeness NNR)end of Roberts Rd late afternoon.


June 26th Norfolk PHo
Thompson Common Norfolk: Good numbers of Scarce Emerald Damselfly at by Pingo immediately after the trail leaves the wood.
Single female Emerald Damsel also noted


June 29th Norfolk SDa
Strumpshaw Fen today came up with the following, x16 Norfolk Hawkers, x1 Hairy, x1 Emperor (Male). x1 Scarce Chaser, x12 4-spotted, x9 Common Darter. A few Emerald Dams, Variable, Large Red, Black-Tailed Skimmer, Large red-eyed. All the regular Blues and Banded Demoiselles. Later at Thompson Common x10 Scarce Emeralds inc 2 pairs ovipositing in the grass 2-3 metres from the waters edge. x10 Ruddy Darters and many Emerald Dams.


June 30th Herefordshire SCl
Observed a female Broad-bodied Chaser and got quite a good photo of it.


June Hampshire PWi
I've been sent some images which show that there's been one (probably more) Red-veined Darter at Badminston Gravel Pit from 1st June and still there at the end of the month.


June 28th Norfolk LT
Visit to Pentley Gravel Pits - actually looking at birds - but saw several black tailed skimmers; common blue damsels; common blue tailed damsels; broad bodied chasers; brown hawker, emperor and one red eyed damsel on the large main pool next to the workings. Time of visit was approx. 1.30p.m. to 3.15p.m. weather hot and humid with very little wind.


June 28th Bucks. JCS
I saw a male golden-ringed dragonfly in Black Park, a couple of miles North East of Slough. It landed several times. I think this may be noteworthy as Bucks is not renowned for acidic streams.


June 30th Suffolk JOw
Spotted a Southern Hawker on patrol in Northfield Wood late in the evening. Also spotted my first Darter of the season on my garden pond (Gt. Finborough) which disappeared before I could get a species ID.


June 30th Dorset BSp
2 male Red-veined Darters at Chickerell Rifle Range, Weymouth. Also 10+ Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies, with copulation and egg laying observed.


July 1st Surrey RA
At Reigate Castle Ponds 1x Emperor and 1x Brown Hawker. Lots of blue damselflies.
No Chasers seen this year. Has the draining, clearing etc. in prior years affected this I wonder. Lots of carp now present versus smaller roach previously.


July 1st Hampshire PWi
A male Red-veined Darter was flying over and around the model boating lake on Southampton Common at lunchtime today - clashing with the numerous Black-tailed Skimmers. A Golden-ringed Dragonfly along a ride on the eastern side was also a good record.


July 1st Northumberland MRi
Male Broad-bodied Chaser on N Tyne at Haughton Strother. Also a Four-spotted Chaser, 2 Large Red, 30+ Common Blue and 3 Blue-tailed Damsels.


July 1st Cleveland AMi
At RSPB Saltholme reserve today 1 Black-tailed Skimmer, 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies and 40 Common Blue Damselflies.


July 1st Breconshire KNo
Seven male Red-veined Darters still at Brechfa Pool (photographed) four weeks after first sighting. Also 3 Emperors, 4 Broad-bodied including one ovipositing, 6 Black-tailed Skimmers, and blue damsels, mostly Common. At a small pool on Llandefalle Hill 2 Emperors, 5 Four-Spotted, 5 Broad-bodied, 2 Black-tailed Skimmers, and damsels including Scarce Blue-tailed.


June 23rd-26th Orkney GW
Whilst holidaying on the island of North Ronaldsay, we discovered a small colony of Blue-tailed Damselflies at Loch of Garso. Local reports suggest that this was established last year. There may also be Emperor in the area, sadly not seen by us, so if anyone happens to be passing...


July 1st Devon RBi
Drakelands Corner - evening visit for emergents/exuviae: L. sponsa 150+ (+ 10 exuviae), C. puella 1, E. cyathigerum 100+ (+ Cop, Ov), I. elegans 5 (+ Ov), I. pumillio 20+ (+ Cop), P. nymphula 1, C. tenellum 2, A imp 3 (+ 8 exuviae), S. danae 1 recently emerged. Also 29/6 2 Aeshnid sp Plymbridge Woods


July 1st Surrey SD
Thursley Common - small number of black darters seen oviposting. Good numbers of other species particularly keeled skimmers and four spotted chasers. Emerald damselflies now also starting to appear in good numbers. Water level dropped significantly since last week.


July 1st Devon RME
At Drakelands Corner 15 species seen: 1 beautiful demoiselle, damselflies included 6+ large red, 4 small red, many common blue, 3 scarce-blue tailed, 5+ blue-tailed. 4 emperor, 3 golden-ringed dragonflies, 3 four-spotted, 4 broad-bodied chasers, 10+ black-tailed, 6+ keeled skimmers, 1 common, 1 black and at least 4 red-veined darters.


July 2nd Leics NW
Grantham Canal between Bridge 45, Stathern and Bridge 51, Barkestone le Vale: In approximately 3 miles along this stretch of canal the following were seen: 3 Brown Hawkers, 2 male Emperors, 4 Four-spotted Chasers and 1 female Common Darter in addition to Common Blue and Azure Damselflies.
These numbers are well down on previous years and may be due in part to the lack of open water as this length has become heavily overgrown. Sites previously rich in Chasers now have none as there is no open water over which they can hunt and oviposit. As this is a SSSI it is particularly disappointing.


July 1st Cambs. HJV
Male Scarce Chaser on the River Cam in Cambridge, between Chesterton and Fen Ditton.


July 2nd Merseyside PSm
At least four males and a pair (ovipositing) of Red-veined Darters at Sands Lake, Ainsdale, this afternoon zooming about with Emperors, Black-tailed Skimmers, Four-spotted Chasers, etc. Just like the Camargue - same temperature too!


July 2nd Northants. MT
Several Small Red-eyed Damselflies including tandem and oviposting pairs at Higham Ferrers Gravel Pits. Also, many Brown Hawker, Emperor, Black-tailed Skimmer, "Large" Red-eye and Common Blue.


July 2nd Renfrewshire JMT
Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, Cornalees, Clyde Valley: Us Countryside Rangers at Cornalees thought you may be interested in our findings today. Myself personally is conducting a project over the summer to record the number of dragonflies and damselflies present in this region of the Regional Park. I will forward my results on at the end of the summer so you can see my findings. But for today (02/07/09) we have seen:
2 Golden Ringed Dragonflies,
20+ Large Red Damselflies,
5 Four Spotted Chasers, and
3 Blue tailed Damselflies


July 2nd Yorkshire SRo
We visited the excellent Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve at Fen Bog today and got fantastic views of the 2 special species that inhabit this reserve ,this what we recorded: 5 male Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 41 Keeled Skimmer, 2 Four-spot Chaser and 15 Large-red Damselfly.


July 2nd Cumbria LCa
2 male broad bodied chasers on newly established small garden pond. I only comment on this because my location seems to be at the very north end of their range. Lyth Valley Cumbria.
1 female broad bodied chaser. Same location on June 8th


June 23rd-July 3rd E. Berkshire JWS
Highlights from the past two weeks include several more sightings of Brilliant Emerald to add to the four in my previous report (23 June). The additional records were for two males at Forest Pond and singleton males at Mill Pond (both in Swinley Forest), Englemere Pond (between Bracknell and Ascot), and on the River Blackwater at Sandhurst, a rare record for this stretch of water. A further unusual record on the Blackwater at Sandhurst on the same day was a male Golden-ringed. Three male Golden-ringed were also recorded at Gormoor (Swinley Forest). Plenty of Keeled Skimmers and Small Red Damsels about at heathland sites. Five male Small Reds were seen at Rapley Lake, which was a new site record for me, made possible by rhododendron clearance from the margin, allowing access to the habitat on the western corner of the lake. Mature Common and Ruddy Darter were present at Felix Farm Fishery, Binfield (FFF), and Englemere had both teneral and mature Emerald Damsel. On the butterfly front, I was lucky enough to come across White Admiral at Rapley Lake and Silver-washed Fritillary at FFF.