Sightings - Early 2008

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between January and June 2008. You can also go to the Sightings for July to December 2008.

March 16th RLo Dyfed
A dragonfly larva amongst a number collected from a very small tributary of the River Teifi (the Cwerchyr I think). The location was the little village of Maesllyn near Llandysul. I originally thought it could be a Hairy Dragonfly larva but after consulting my reference on Dragonflies (book by Brooks & Lewington) and looking at the labium I'm now fairly convinced its a Golden Ringed Dragonfly larva.


April 9th ER Isle of Wight
Not very exciting but in the absence of any other 'hot news' I had a report of one large red damselfly at Bouldnor Forest pond on 9 April 2008.


April 9th RLa Dorset
Just came across your hotnews page, and thought you might be interested in what seems a very early Large Red damselfly, we found it in our garden at Corfe Mullen, Dorset, SY984971, where we have a small pond, but we could find no signs of any exuvia on the plants in the pond.


April 16th PT Somerset
Two teneral Large Red Damselflies seen and one photographed by BDS Member AG Butler at West Hay, Somerset.


April 22nd DSm Devon
Taking advantage of the first warm, sunny day this spring, a Broad-bodied Chaser emerged from my pond in Chudleigh. There have been well-grown larvae there since last August, so it’s no wonder this one was early, considering the cold spring so far. Another larva was at the surface nearby. There was also a Large Red Damselfly on the wing at Chudleigh Knighton.


April 22nd MTu Berks
1 teneral Large Red Damselfly enjoying the sunshine in Sonning (Berks) this lunchtime (22nd April). There were also about 10 exuviae round the pond.


April 20th AP Hampshire
One Teneral Large Red Damselfly at Ash Embankment, Aldershot mid afternoon on Sunday 20 Apr 08. Disturbed from Bramble whilst looking at Peacock Butterfly.
R J Seargent


April 22nd RLa Dorset
A follow up from Corfe Mullen, Dorset. We had four large red damselflies emerge from our very small pond very quickly this morning. SY 984971


April 24th R&CC Devon
Exminster Marshes, nr Exeter, Devon: We saw 1 Large Red Damselfly in the ditch near the RSPB carpark on
Thursday 24th April.


April 25th PT Norfolk
The first Large Red Damselfly of the year for Norfolk emerged from my garden pond this morning. Must have heard about the launch of the new National Atlas project in London yesterday and emerged to be counted!


April 25th R&CC Devon
Two Large Red Damselflies (teneral) at Bystock Pools,
near Exmouth, Devon.


April 26th C&JD Surrey
We saw six Large Red Damselflies and one male Banded Demoiselle on Saturday 26th April at Lakeside NR near Ash, Surrey.


April 27th DSm Devon
At Stover CP today, the BDS meeting found one Hairy Dragonfly exuvia and c25 Large Red Damselflies.


April 27th MT Northants
Large Reds emerging at Yardley Chase today.


April 26th RoyW Middx.
One male Large Red Damselfly and a male Banded Demoiselle seen today.


April 26th TC Essex
I found two Large Red Damselflies at Marks Hall Estate nr Coggeshall, to kick off my season in Essex.


April 26th RWe E. Sussex
Large Red Damselfly at Pevensey Levels


April 26th MT Northants
I have just received a report from Chris E. of teneral Azure Damselfly near Towcester. This is a good two weeks earlier than normal, despite the cold spring.


May 1st VL London
Spotted my first damselflies for the year today. Dozens of tenerals found at Camley St Reserve at lunchtime.


May 1st SH Leics
3 teneral Large Red Damselflies, 2x females & a single male found this morning at Priory Water.


May 2nd SY Devon
Beautiful demoiselle female flying about in Ipplepen South Devon


May 2nd LC Beds.
At least 10 newly emerged Large Red Damselflies at the RSPB heath pond at the Lodge. Watched for about 15 minutes as they lifted off in ones and twos from vegetation and drifted with the wind across over/onto the heath. 1 previously seen there on 28th April.


May 2nd RL Hants.
Visited Crockford Bridge in the New Forest today-numerous Large Red Damselfly's around. More interesting was the presence of 6 Broad-bodied Chasers, 4 on the Lower stream section and 2 on the Upper stream portion. All Female.


May 2nd SC Wiltshire
First odonata of the year found by myself near ponds at the River Ray restoration project in Swindon. Just one female forma fulvipes. Quite mature so probably emerged at the end of April.
Here's hoping for good weather at the launch of the Cotswold Water Park odonata Atlas project at Lower Moor Farm on Sunday!


May 2nd JOw Suffolk
Found first exuvia of the season in my garden pond (Great Finborough) this evening. Although not expert in I.D. I am reasonably certain that it is a large red damselfly.


May 3rd IR N. Ireland
This afternoon (3rd May) I saw a Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) at Peatlands Park (H8961), and about 8 at Selshion Bog (H9854), both near Portadown, North Armagh, Northern Ireland.


May 3rd SRo Lincs.
19 Large-red Damselfly today at Kirkby Moor Linc's Wildlife Trust reserve.


May 3rd VP Cambs.
First Large Red Damselflies of the season emerging from my garden pond in Dry Drayton, near Cambridge, today.


May 4th CD/JS Hampshire
One Downy Emerald and two Large Red Damselflies at Shortheath Common in Hampshire in cloudy but warm conditions today.


May 4th SL Hertfordshire
I had an emergence of Large Red Damselfly from my Stevenage garden pond today, 5 teneral and another 6 exuvia.


May 4th SC Wiltshire
First Common Blue Damselflies of year. One teneral female and one pre-flight emergent at Lower Moor Farm, Cotswold Water Park [found by Colin Twissell]. Also 10+ Large Red Damselflies. All seen during site walk after launch of CWP Atlas Project there. Successful launch with several people signing up to take on tetrads to survey. We were delighted that Kat Parkes came along and lent her support to the project.


May 4th KL Berkshire
At least 11 large red damsel flies at Decoy Heath BBOWT reserve, also 3 Beautiful Demoiselles at Woolhampton gravel pits.


May 5th B&CW Hampshire
1st Four-spotted Chaser, Libellula quadrimaculata, of the year at Southay Pond, close to Woolmer Forest. This is a new site (recovered from rhododendrons) and part of my survey ponds for the year.


May 5th TB Kent
Large red damselfly emerged today on edge of our garden pond. Looks like another is on its way.


May 5th SCh Bedfordshire
Hairy Dragonfly exuviae found on Yellow Flag at Felmersham NR, Bedfordshire.


May 5th MGi Dorset
I saw my first Emperor Dragonfly today flying over fields on the Dorset side of the Avon Causeway. It moved overhead around 20 ft from ground level where I followed it's flight through binoculars until it was lost to view.


May 5th GM Glos.
8 large red damselflies emerged from the garden pond. 2 others unsuccessful as the rains came in.


May 3rd DMcE Berkshire
1 x immature Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens) and 1 x Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) were seen along the Kennet and Avon Canal near Reading at about 12.15pm today. The site is not far from the "Cunning Man" pub, just E of Southcote Bridge at OS Ref SU683708.


May5th PWi Hampshire
At least 25 Blue-tailed Damselflies alongside Fishtail Lagoon, Keyhaven in the afternoon sunshine.


May 6th MT Northants
A visit to Ditchford this lunchtime was rewarded with a 'mass' synchronised emergence of Hairy Dragonflies. I recorded at least 12 at various stages including several adults taking their maiden flights to the tree tops. Also seen were this year's first teneral Common Blue Damselflies and a single Large Red.


May 3rd LC Cambs.
Scattering of large red damselflies (more than 10 in total), incuding one "melanotum" female at Wicken Fen.


May 6th SC Wiltshire
What a difference a couple of sunny days make! I revisited Lower Moor [Mallard Lake] and instead of the 11 Large Red and 2 Common Blue Damselflies on Sunday, I had 75+ and 500+ respectively! And this just in one corner of the lake...
Still no Anisoptera yet - I felt sure there would be a 4-spot Chaser or two.


May 7th PWi Hampshire
At Nursling Substation between 8 and 9 this morning, 1 Hairy Dragonfly and 2 immature male Beautiful Demoiselles.


May 7th LC Beds.
Large red damselflies now appearing at all the main ponds at RSPB Sandy, at least 10 at "Jack's Pond" and a further dozen or so at the main heath pond. The latter included 2 tandem dipping pairs.


May 7th JimA Derbyshire
7 teneral Large Reds around ponds on Poulter Country Park... at long last!


May 5th SD Surrey
A number of large red damselflies were seen (and photographed) along the bank of Beverley Brook in Richmond Park.


May 5th/8th ME Beds/Cambs
5th May: The Lodge, Sandy, Beds
1 Four-spotted Chaser (on bracken some distance from the nearest water) and several Large Red Damseflies
8th May: St Ives, Cambs
1 Hairy Dragonfly by the sailing pit east of the town.


May 6th AW Surrey
Thursley Common - Dozens of large red damselflies both on the wing and emerging. Also, 3 Four Spotted Chasers seen on the wing over the heather.


May 7th AD Wiltshire
Hundreds of Azure Damselflies (mostly teneral) and Common Blue Damselfies at Clattinger Farm SSSI in the beautiful sunshine today, along with tens of Large Red Damseflies and a solitary Emerald Damselfly.


May 7th AGP Lincs.
Many Large Red & Variable Damselflies on the wing at both Baston Fen & Thurlby Fen Slipe LWT Reserves.


May 7th DMcE Berkshire
On an evening walk around our local nature reserve, Hosehill Lake, we noticed 50+ teneral Common Blue Damselflies (Enallagma cyathigerum). Most had gathered on the Butterfly Bank, the high ground on the southern side of Hosehill Lake - a sheltered, south-facing slope with mature woodland at its base. For anyone unfamiliar with the site, the OS reference for the Butterfly Bank is SU648694.


May 7th JGi Lancs.
7th May, First of the season, 20 plus of the Large Red Damselfly observed on some of the Darcy Lever Gravel Pit Ponds.


May 7th JCe Norfolk
Observed first of the year (so far) Common darter sunbathing on gravel path adjacent to lakes at Swanton Morley.


May 8th LC Beds.
Two common blue damselflies and one four-spot chaser at the RSPB Lodge reserve.


May 8th PA E. Yorks.
8 Variable Damselfly and 35 Large Red Damselfly at Broomfleet Washlands. SE868282


May 8th MGi Dorset
I saw my first Scarce Chaser at 13.15 today in the garden which is by the River Stour in Christchurch. Also 1 or 2 Common Blue Damselflies and 3 pairs of Large Red Damselflies egg laying in the garden pond in tandem. Also 4 or 5 other Large Reds throughout the garden.


May 8th IMcC Wilts./Glos.
Wiltshire/Gloucestershire border: Blue-tailed damselflies at Swillbrook Lakes, Cotswold Water Park - just across the road from Lower Moor Farm, for which SC filed a report two days ago.


May 9th SD Surrey
Single blue-tailed damselfly seen at Hampton Wick Pond, Home Park this morning. First blue damselfly I have seen this year.


May 9th VL London
Camley Street Reserve. During lunch, cloudy conditions. No Large Reds as seen last week. Only a single teneral Bluetail.


April 27th-May 10th AN Bucks
At last the season has started. The first Large Reds of the year, to date, were at Walton Lake 3 (Graeme Walker) on 27 April about a week later the usual, Azure 3 at Hanson ESC on 6 May, Banded Demoiselle at Newport Pagnell fishing pits on 4 May (Tony Frost), and today at last 10 May at HESC Blue-tailed 3, Red-eyed 2 imm, BBC 2, Hairy 10+, Azures and Large Reds (Graeme Walker).


May 3rd AN Surrey
Thursley, BBC 1 imm, 30-40 Large Reds emerging 11am from Moat pond many more exuvia and approx another 10 Large Reds on the common.


May 4th AN Suffolk
Minsmere to Dunwich Heath Minsmere 2 Large Red exuvia in old car park pond and 1 Large Red on Heath.


May 9th GHo Lincs.
I had a rare chance to get out today and undertake some decent monitoring. All the following were on the wing today at Whisby Nature Reserve (8 miles SW of Lincoln): 3 Large Red Damselfly; 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly; 10+ Common Blue Damselfly; 1m 1f Azure Damselfly; 2 Four-spotted Chaser.


May 9th DSm Devon
Three Red-eyed Damseflies were emerging from Exeter Canal this afternoon. A search of the ditch section where Scarce Chasers were seen last year revealed no exuviae (although I did find a Hairy Dragonfly exuvia); Large Reds were common and I also saw a Blue-tailed and probably Azure.


May 9th SC Wiltshire
VC7: Swillbrook Lakes; 100's of Common and Azure Blue Damsels, most teneral but some semi mature. 50+ Large Red Damsels including ovipositing pairs. 10+ Blue-tailed Damsels, all mature! 8 - 10 Red-eyed Damselflies, very teneral.
Finally, using Steve Cham's new exuvia and larva guide I identified the exuvia I found there today as Downy Emerald; a confirmation of proof of breeding following Nick Adams record of a pre-flight emergent there a few years ago!
Damian Pinguay found a teneral Broad-bodied Chaser at Somerford Common.


May 10th IT Glos.
First Hairy Dragonflies of the year at Frampton, on the edge of the WWT Slimbridge NR.- 6 adults, including tenerals, probable first-flight emergent, and 2 patrolling males. WWT wardens first spotted 6 on the reserve 2 days ago, and another 3 today. Also present were about 60 Large Red damselflies including tandem pairs, about 15 Azure damselflies, a few male Common Blue damselflies, several Blue-tailed damselflies including immatures, an early female Beautiful Demoiselle, and a newly-emerged Broad-Bodied Chaser: a total of 7 species.


May 10th SH Leics.
Today at Priory Water. 3 teneral Red-Eyed Damselflies & 2 teneral Four-spotted Chasers, plus good numbers of Variable Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly & Large Red Damselfly.


May 10th MT Northants.
Perfect weather prompted a survey of two sites with my kids: At Wilson's Pits, Hairy Dragonfly were emerging along with Azure, Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damselflies.
At Yardley Chase (now 26 degrees!), among hundreds of Large Reds including copulating and oviposting pairs, we found 6+ Four-spotted Chaser with their exuviae, 4 Hairy Dragonfly exuviae (the first found here) and the highlight - a Downy Emerald exuvia.


May 10th TLM Surrey
A pair of Large Red Damselflies, in tandem and egg-laying in a small (less than 3 sq. metres) garden pond. Site: Maybourne Rise, Mayford, nr. WOKING. Also a separate single (m?/f?) teneral, with wing damage - bird beak-shaped v-notch from one wing but flying well! This site is c.500 metres from Prey Heath Common, a typical small parcel of wet / dry heathland - managed by Woking B.C.


May 10th TC Essex
What a difference a week makes. Last saturday I visited Wake valley pond, Epping forest, in search of Downy Emerald to no avail. Just a scattering of Large Red damselflies. This week I found in excess of 20 exuvia of the Downy Emerald with one newly emerged adult still clutching its exuvia. Surprisingly there were also 3 males on the wing holding territories. These have probably emerged a few days ago. The margins were also alive with dozens of Large Reds, a large percentage in tamdem & egg laying. Hairy Dragonfly exuvia was also found (11) & a couple of Blue tails & 3 Large Terrapins completed a good visit.
Went on to Cornmill Meadows, Waltam Abbey. Found extremely high counts of Azure & Blue Tailed Damselflies & lesser numbers of Large Reds. 12 Banded Demoiselles & 9 Hairy Dragonflies (7m & 2 f) on the wing completed a good day.


May 10th SC Wiltshire
First Banded Demoiselle of year; 2 males and 2 females, all teneral, by Bristol Avon at Christian Malford.


May 10th R&LH Devon
Haldon Butterfly walk: SY 870 847: 1xfemale broad bodied chaser; 3xlarge red damselflies.


May 10th JCe Norfolk
One large red and one common blue emerged from my garden pond this am. Had one large red emerge yesterday which I managed to capture sequence images of.


May 10th AWd Suffolk
Yesterday in Wolves Wood in Hadleigh we spotted two female Broad Bodied Chasers. Today in Bradfield Woods, we found a Four Spotted Chaser.


May 10th IS Monmouthshire
Garden ponds in Osbaston. P.nymphula since 1st May. Then on the 10th L. depressa exuvia and teneral C. puella.


May 10th DSn Herts.
Thorley Wash (Herts side): a single female Banded Demoiselle Damselfly along the Stort Navigation. This species was recorded in abundance on 3 May 2007 - so emergence is very late this year. Also several adult Large Red Damselfly and several teneral - also much later than last year. No other species yet observed.


May 10th/11th HJV Cambs.
7 species: Hairy Dragonfly, Four-spotted Chaser, Large Red, Red-eyed, Blue-tailed, Variable and Azure Damselfly. Variable was the most numerous with a couple of pairs ovipositing.
Similar on 11th at Fen Drayton, with two more species - large numbers of teneral Common Blue Damselflies and two Banded Demoseilles along the Ouse (including a maturing male). Good numbers of mature Variable with several ovipositing pairs. Two patrolling Hairy Dragonflies. No mature Red-eyed Damselflies seen.


May 10th RM Suffolk
8 hairy dragonflies: 2 broad-bodied chasers: 2 four spotted chasers: 3 azure damselflies: several large red damselflies all on Walberswick marshes near Westwood Lodge.


May 11th SRo Lincs.
The following species where recorded today at Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR: 49 Blue-tailed Damselfly; 33 Common-blue Damselfly; 14 Azure Damselfly; 24 Large-red Damselfly;
2 Four-spot Chaser; 1 Hairy Dragonfly.


May 11th RLa Dorset
Just an up-date on our previous details of Large Red Damselflies, up to the 10th May, we have had a minimum of 43 emerge from our very small pond in Corfe Mullen.


May 11th JCe Norfolk
Pair of common blues ovipositing in pond today. 4 more large reds emerged this am.


May 11th D&SI Oxon.
2 teneral Clubtails flushed from riverside vegetation & 1 further teneral seen and photographed just north of the railway bridge on the Thames path at Goring, also 2 Banded Demoiselle.


May 11th GP Worcs.
Beautiful Demoiselle - 1 male & 2 females just north of Shrawley Wood where a tributary feeds into the River Severn at SO 811666.


May 11th C&RC Devon
Little Bradley Ponds: 2x Downy Emerald, 2x Four Spotted Chaser, 1x Broad Bodied Chaser (female), 4x Beautiful Demoiselle, Blue tailed Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly and Azure Damselfly
Haldon Forest: Large Red Damselflies and 2x female Broad Bodied Chasers


May 11th JOw Suffolk
The first Azure Damselfly of the year visited the garden this morning (Great Finborough) whilst Large Red Damselflies have been emerging all week and have now begun to oviposit.


May 8th FI Cambs.
Paxton Pits.Two newly emerged Hairy dragonflies today. Found their exuviae in the reeds. Also 2 very new Banded dems by the river. Only one large red, four Bluetails, two azure, 6 ovipositing Commons and hundreds of teneral damsels along the rides.


May 10th DMcE Berkshire
Whilst taking part in our local groups' annual bird race, a teneral Downy Emerald (Cordulia Aenea) was flushed from cover at Woolhampton Gravel Pits this morning. Good numbers of Beautiful Demoiselles and Azure damselflies were present at the same site, as well as a teneral Blue-Tailed Damselfly.
On the same day a teneral Banded Demoiselle and 3 Club-Tailed Dragonflies were found on the west side of the Thames towpath just north of Pangbourne.


May 11th ACh Glos.
Newly created garden pond (less than a week old) when 4 red dragon fly [presumed Large Red Damselflies - Ed] were seen at lunchtime. A beautiful surprise! A pair were flying together and appeared to be mating.


May 11th TC Essex
Visited the river Chelmer/Blackwater at Langford, nr Maldon golf club this afternoon. Good activity with about 15 Hairy Dragonflies on the wing, including a pair in mating wheel which flew up high & landed in the canopy of an Oak tree.
Also good numbers of Large Reds, Blue tails, Azures a scattering of Common Blues. Also about 10 Red Eyed teneral damselflies made their first flights from the bankside nettle beds. One Four Spotted Chaser was found near the car park. No evidence of any Scarce Chasers yet.


May 12th DO Dorset/Hampshire
Today at Delph woods near Poole spotted 3 x Hairy Dragonflies, dozens of Four Spotted Chasers, Large Red Damsels, several Broad Bodied Chasers. At the weekend in the New Forest near to Tiptoe spotted lots of Four Spotted Chasers, Broad Bodied chasers both sexes, Azure Damsels, large Red Damsels and what appeared to be a Downy Emerald, although I didn't get close enough to tell for sure. Desperate to photograph a Hairy this year to complete my collection, but despite watching for hours they would not perch!! oh well patience required.


May 12th JCe Norfolk
This warm weather certainly brings them out. Had three common blue pairs ovipositing in garden pond today along with a pair of large reds in a wheel and then ovipositing. Two surplus males and a damaged female (frogs I think) also present. Numerous large Aeshnae (mainly Aeshna cyanea)larva waiting in the wings, or more precisely around the lily leaves.


May 12th DSu Kent
My first Blue-tailed Damselfly of the year, seen on the 8/5 on the garden pond.
A male Broad-bodied chaser came to the garden pond around 14.30, today 12/5.


May 12th NPa Lancs.
Lord's lot bog: 4 Broad bodied chaser, 3 Large red damselfly, 10+ Teneral Blue damselflies, c25 Green hairstreak.


May 12th SL Herts.
Had my first Azure Damselfly visit my Stevenage garden pond, also 4 pairs of Large Red Damselfly in ovipositing, plus 5 singles.


May 12th AR Norfolk
At Thompson Common. c5 male Hairy Dragonfly + c10 Four-spotted Chaser. Two mature Blue-tailed Damselfly + many teneral Azure Damselfly. Yesterday 3 teneral Four-spotted Chasers at Sculthorpe Moor Hawk and Owl Trust reserve. On 10th inst 2 Broad-bodied Chasersat Guist. Has anyone seen Club-tails in West Sussex yet this year? Visit


May 10th JJ Dorset
Lone male Broad-bodied Chaser on my pond in Ibberton, plus a few (Small/Large?) Red Damsels and Comon Blue Damsels.


May 12th HJV Cambs.
An evening visit to Fen Drayton produced a teneral Scarce Chaser, together with Four-spotted Chaser, Hairy Dragonfly, Banded Demoiselle, Large Red, Red-eyed, Blue-tailed, Variable, Common Blue and Azure Damselfly


May 11th-13th TG Cambs.
Wandlebury NR, TL 494533: Sunday 11th - one male Chaser, presumed Broad-bodied, but might have been Scarce, which are rapidly becoming much less so. Distance 10 m, so positive ID difficult. However, return visit on Tuesday 13th added female, which was more cooperative for photography, and definitely BB. Very rapid in-air cop (2 sec) followed by laying.


May 13th JJ Dorset
Now have a mating pair of Broad-Bodied Chasers. Female is actively laying.


May 13th NW Leics.
Plungar Bridge, Grantham Canal: 6 Hairy Dragonfly exuviae found 100 metres east of Plungar Bridge. Collected 2 which were both male. No signs of any tenerals or adults.


May 13th MTu Berkshire
1 Emperor exuvia found in Sonning today. Pond was only dug last spring, but I recorded Emperor there early last June. Also 1 Broad-Bodied Chaser flying around the pond.


May 12th IR N. Ireland
On 12th May I saw 3 more Odonata species for the first time this year. In the morning there were 2 Common Blue Damselflies at Tannaghmore Gardens near Lurgan, Co. Armagh, probably strays from nearby Craigavon Lakes where there were about a dozen (although I only covered a fairly small area as time was limited). In the afternoon, surprisingly, I did not see this species in the Navan Quarry/Loughnashade area of Armagh, but there were several Coenagrion spp. of which 1 was identified as a teneral male Variable Damselfly. Also seen was a male Hairy Dragonfly which is a new species for the site and brings the total to 13 species. Several Large Red Damselflies were also seen.


May 13th DMcE Berkshire
There was a lot of dragonfly activity around the small ponds at Shinfield Park in Reading (behind the old Shire Hall Building). In the space of just 20 minutes I saw 100+ Azures (Coenagrion Puella) including many ovipositing pairs) and 4 Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma Nymphula). Two Anisoptera were also present - a single Downy Emerald (Cordulia Aenea) was patrolling edge of a small reed bed and frequently settling on a tall, ornamental bamboo. This is apparently the first record for the species on this site.
There was also an immature Four-Spotted Chaser (Libellula Quadrimaculata), the first I've seen this year.


May 13th/14th RMcH Cheshire
Tues 13th May, saw Four spot chaser, several hundred Large Red damsels and 4 Azures @ Risley Moss Nature reserve Cheshire.
Today Ben McHale and I searched for Club Tailed Dragonflies at Farndon, Cheshire. We spotted 4 exuvia and one nymph that emerged later, which was a female.


May 14th GMcL Glos.
Beautiful Demoiselle (1 male and 1 female) seen today near Berkeley at ST 661 991.


May 14th JCe Norfolk
Spotted a solitary blue tail and a pair of large reds around a water feature on the UEA campus today


May 14th DSm Devon
The first Emperor Dragonfly emerged from my garden pond in Chudleigh overnight. At Little Bradley Ponds today there were 5 territorial Downy Emeralds, plus one making its maiden flight and 7 other exuviae. Also there, 3 Beautiful Demoiselles, 2 Broad-bodied Chasers and lots of Large Red, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies.


May 14th NW Worcs.
Croome Park Landscape Gardens: One female Broad-bodied Chaser and large numbers of Large Red Damselflies and Azure Damselflies.


May 14th DSh Essex
1 Hairy Dragonfly in the borrow dyke between Leigh-on-Sea and Benfleet about 1km from the Leigh end.


May 11th FT Hampshire
1 x immature male Beautiful Demoiselle seen at Bentley Station Meadow: SU794429


May 13th RB Oxon.
Gomphus vulgatissimus 21 exuviae and 1 damaged teneral adult at Little Wittenham - mostly on north side of bend of river Thames below Days Lock.


May 14th IR N. Ireland
There were about 15 Blue-tailed Damselflies at one of the lakes at Carnagh Wood near Keady, Co. Armagh, today along with at least half a dozen Variable Damselflies and a male Hairy Dragonfly; the latter is I think new to the site. At nearby Straghans Lake, there were several Variable Damselflies and about a dozen Large Red Damselflies, but no Common Blue Damselflies were seen at either site.


May 14th PWi Hampshire
My first Keeled Skimmer of the year with a teneral at Shatterford, NF.


May 14th ICo Berwickshire
15-20 emerging Large Red Damsels, some flying in bursts of sunshine .. Gordon Moss SWT reserve.


May 14th JWS Berkshire
I visited three sites in Swinley Forest, south of Bracknell. At Mill Pond (Grid ref 888653), there were 4 mature Downy Emeralds holding territory over water, plus an immature in the Ride. Also singletons of 4-spotted Chaser and Common Blue Damselfly were observed. At the Embankment (Grid ref 889649), there were 7 male Four-spotted Chasers, plus an ovipositing female, and two immature Broad-bodied Chasers. At Bush Fields (Grid ref 887646), three male Broad-bodied Chasers were over water, a female was ovipositing, and two immatures were found amongst grassy habitat. A mature male Four-spotted Chaser was also present. Large Red Damsels were present at all three sites.


May 14th AGP Suffolk
Lakenheath Fen RSPB - Many Large Reds, Azure & lesser numbers of Blue-tailed; plus at least 6 Four Spots & 5 Hairy.


May 14th-16th JJ Dorset
14th: Lone Emperor Dragonfly (female?), teneral, but with 3 of 4 wings still badly crumpled at the end of the day.
15th: 11 further Emperors this morning. All appear female (but I'm no expert!). Yesterday's Emperor still in the same place with 3 crumpled wings.
16th: 1 further Emperor, on exuvia, this morning. Emperor with crumpled wings still there ...


May 14th PH Glamorgan
Neath-Porttalbot: Hairy dragonfly, female, Tennant canal bank, llandarcy, Neath.


May 15th TLM Surrey
Seen (and photographed!) at c.4.00 pm, a solitary male Broad-bodied Chaser, at eastern end of the (long) lake, within the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew.


May 14th/16th JWe Gwynedd
14th: Blue tailed damselfly Conwy RSPB, on dipping pool.
16th: 7 four-spotted chasers near Pensychnant, Conwy Mountain, and 2 large red damselflies.


May 16th MT Northants.
I explored the River Nene after work today (1700hrs, and 10 degrees) intending to collect Scarce Chaser exuviae for Dave Smallshire's DNA project, just as the day-long rainfall was finishing. I found about 20 emerging, including about 6 larvae perched on the phragmites and sedges sitting out the weather, presumably they chose the wrong day and the rain prevented delayed their emergence. The others were all safely out with inflated wings. Hopefully they will complete tomorrow although the weather forecast is for more of the same. I managed to get 2 exuviae, which are now drying out in my living room - I will return for the rest over the weekend.


May 17th SRo Yorks/Lincs.
A visit to the excellent Crowle/Thorne Moors NNR, got a large count of 656 Large-red Damselfly along with 50 Four-spot Chaser.


May 10th THa Dorset
Frome water-meadows near Wool and East Burton. Several large red damsels many in tandem and a solitary female Hairy Dragonfly ovipositing in the ditches


May 16th/17th IR N. Ireland
During the last few days I have recorded 3 new Odonata species for the first time in 2008 in Northern Ireland;
(i) Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly: 2 immature males at Tonnagh Quarry near Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh, on 16th May.
(ii) Four-spotted Chaser: Very numerous at Montiaghs Moss NNR, Co. Antrim, on 18th May, including ovipositing females.
(iii) Azure Damselfly: There were quite a few Coenagrion sp. at the Lagan Canal at Broadwater near Aghalee, Co. Antrim, on 18th May; I suspect all were Coenagrion puella; 2 males and a female were identified.
I also saw a Hairy Dragonfly beside a wood west of Bunnahone Lake near Derrygonnelly, Co. Fermanagh, on 16th May; on 17th May there were 2 mating pairs, a female and about 4-6 males at Montiaghs NNR, and 2 males in a field near Broadwater, both near Aghalee, Co. Antrim. The latter may be a new site.


May 18th JOw Suffolk
This afternoon I walked the River Gipping from Great Blakenham to Stowmarket. Banded Demoiselle were present along most of the river, being particularly abundant near Gt. Blakenham and in a sheltered sweep of the river near the Rare Breeds Farm at Baylham. Large Red Damselflies were also plentiful and I observed a couple of Blue-Tailed, one Common Blue and one Azure Damselfly. I also found my first Anisoptera of the season. Frustratingly most were too far away to ID with any certainty. One was probably a Hairy Dragonfly going by its jizz, but the highlight was 4 Broad Bodied Chasers (3F,1M) hunting in a sun trap near Needham Lake.


May 18th SRo Lincs.
A visit to Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR and the river Eau at Susworth,produced the following sightings today.
Messingham Sand Quarries: 20 Common-blue Damselfly, 3 Four-spot Chaser, 268 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 7 Azure Damselfly, 4 Hairy Dragonfly, 1 Teneral male Red-eyed Damselfly, 3 Large-red Damselfly.
The River Eau, usworth: 53 Variable Damselfly, 10 Four-spot Chaser, 2 Hairy Dragonfly, 7 Large-red Damselfly, 300 Blue-tailed Damselfly.


May 18th MR Cambs.
Woodwalton Fen: Several Scarce Chasers and many Hairy Dragonflies plus a few Variable Damselflies in the sheltered areas.


May 18th TC Essex
This afternoon visited Roman River, Layer de La Haye. Found 15 teneral Beautiful Demoiselles together with a few Large Reds & a blue Tailed. Strangely no Banded Demoiselles were found on this stretch of river yet which it usually shares with the Beautiful, even though I have seen them on other rivers. Travelled on to a stretch of the river Colne nr Ford street. Plenty of Banded Demoiselles were found in abundance here together with good numbers of Large Reds & a few Blue Tails. The star of the day was a solitary teneral Scarce Chaser TL9327.


May 18th DSm Devon
The sun shone (though temperatures remained down) for the BDS meeting to the Grand Western Canal this morning. We found 7 teneral Scarce Chasers, plus one dead one and only one exuvia - emergence was probably a few day's ago, before the weather broke; no emergence was evident today.


May 15th JGi Lancs.
Observed 50+ Large Red and 40+ Azure Damsels on the wing and ovipositing on the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton; also got four first of the season's exuviae of the 4-Spotted Chaser from two of our ponds.


May 18th AN Bucks.
Hanson ESC, early records of 2 Black-tailed skimmers (Graeme Walker). North Bucks has now 10 species on the wing, and again at HESC another good season for BBC's 10 individuals noted, and unusual for this site huge numbers of red-eyed damsels, but very few C Blues.


May 18th THa Sussex
Rottingdean village pond. 5 or 6 male Broad bodied chasers fighting for territory. Uncountable blue tailed damselfly. 1 Common blue damselfly. Nice easy place to visit. Nice pub right next-door. :)


May 19th SD Surrey
Single large red-eyed damselfly (male) seen and photographed at Hampton Wick Pond, Kingston. Also many blue-tailed damsels about, but still no dragons.


May 20th PH Glamorgan
Neath Port Talbot: Several ischnura elegans , blue tailed damselflies, at Margam park.
Well over 1000 Variable damselflies, Coenagrion pulchellum. Around thirty Azure damselflies, Coenagrium puella. Two Bluetail damselflies, Ischnura elegans. Two large red damselflies, Pyrrhosoma nymphula. One male hairy dragonfly, Brachytron pratense. 6 B. pratense exuvia, one of which was positioned upside down on the stem. Overcast conditions. Tennant canal, Llandarcy.


May 7th KWh Glos.
I saw a flying red bodied dragonfly, which I couldn't identify to species level, but which was most likely a Common Darter. Locaton: near the pool at Saul Lodge, Fretherne grid ref: SO744084


May 18th AWa Essex
I saw a lovely four spotted chaser today at Fingeringhoe Wick nature reserve along with green hairstreak butterflies


May 19th WRJ Monmouthshire
Nine teneral Club-tailed Dragonfly seen today on banks of River Wye near Monmouth, also thirty plus Beautiful Demoiselle sharing same habitat.


May 20th DS Surrey
One male large red damselfly, Bushy Park Heron pond, nothing on the Diana Fountain pond yet, and it looks like the pond weed has been removed from last year!


May 18th C&RC Devon
A visit to Squabmoor Reservoir was fairly successful even though the weather wasn't brilliant. We had 1 Downy Emerald, 4 Red-Eyed, 2 blue-tailed, Large Red and lots of Common Blue Damselflies.


May 21st IR N. Ireland
I saw my first Banded Damselfly of 2008 along the River Bann between Dynes Bridge (c. 3 miles south of Portadown) and White Bridge near Gilford, Co. Down, this afternoon, a mature male.
A couple of miles away at Brackagh Bog near Portadown, there were about 4 or 5 Hairy Dragonflies (most or all males), with 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies, about 8-10 Large Red Damselflies, 25-30 Four-spotted Chasers, and dozens of Coenagrion spp. of which 1 or 2 were identified as Azure Damselfly, though probably the majority were variable damselflies.


May 21st SMi Sussex
I saw approximately a dozen or more Scarce Chasers in a field along the banks of the River Arun at Broadbridge Heath this morning. They weren't there yesterday. Also 100+ Banded Demoiselles and large numbers of Large Red Damselflies and a few Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damselflies.
I attach a link to a picture of one of the Scarce Chasers
Scarce Chaser


May 21st MikeF W. Sussex
Burton Mill Pond in one location on west side in the coppiced alder Scarce Chaser, dozens of Variable Damselflies, Red eyed damselfly, Blue tailed damselfly - 1 pair plus several individuals, and 3 or 4 Large red damselflies.


May 21st ClareC Devon
Saw 1 Hairy Dragonfly on the Alphin Brook (middle of the Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Exeter).


May 22nd RG Essex
Meadowfield Nature Study Centre, Hockley. 1 male hairy dragonfly - first record for site.


May 6th SCc Moray
First Large Red Damselflies adults seen this year around Grantown-on-Spey after a particularly cool and snowy spring.


May 21st SRo Lincs.
Another visit to Messingham Sand Quarries LWTR produced some improved numbers on my last visit at the weekend. The following was recorded: 333 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 229 Common-blue Damselfly, 15 Red-eyed Damselfly, 5 Hairy Dragonfly, 109 Azure Damselfly, 13 Large-red Damselfly, 8 Four spot Chaser (including 1 cracking example of the form 'Praenubila').


May 22nd JMcC Moray
I pictured several Large Red Damselflies in woodland by a small loch - they had a liking for resting on blades of grass near the water.


May 22nd JWe Clwyd/Cheshire
There were at least 4 club-tailed dragonflies and 10 banded demoiselles on the River Dee at Holt.
There were also at least 3 white-faced darters and 2 large red damselflies at Whixhall Moss.


May 22nd MT Northants.
The River Ise produced its first teneral White-legged Damselflies today. Also seen were a male Hairy Dragonfly competing for territory with male Banded Demoiselles and oviposting Large Reds. Hairys are a rare sight on this river and this was a welcome sighting.


May 22nd KL Berkshire
A lunchtime vist to Decoy Heath BBOWT reseve yielded the following: 50+ large Red Damselflies,many in tandem & ovipositing; 20+ Azure Damselflies; 10 Blue-tailed Damselflies; 3 immature Common Blue Damselflies; 24+ Four spot Chasers; 4 Broad-bodied Chasers; 2 Downy Emeralds. Finally a first for me at this site 1 White-legged Damselfly an immature female of the form Lactea. Not bad for a 1 hour visit.


May 23rd ICo Berwick
10-15 Blue Tailed Damsels, 1-2 fully mature, mostly emerging. 10+ Large Red in full colours, chasing micro moths in the shelter of hawthorn. All at Oldcastles nr Chirnside .. railway pond.


May 23rd JCe Norfolk
Numerous Azure, Common Blue and Blue Tailed along with large Reds, all singly and in tandem, within the surrounding area of a small woodland pool. Estimated 25 ovipositing pairs of Azure, 15 of Common Blue, 10 of Blue Tailed, and 15 large Reds. Estimated Total of all species would be in region of 150 - 160. Pond size no greater than 50 metres square, quite surprising. First sighting, for me anyway, of a hairy dragonfly; (Brachytron pratense).


May 23rd KP Shropshire
4 adult White-faced Darters and 8 exuvia collected. Whixall Moss SJ 49, 36


May 23rd TC Essex
Early evening visit to river Chelmer, Maldon Golf Club, Langford yielded very high numbers of immature White Legged Damselflies which had emerged over the past few days. Still no signs of Scarce Chaser here yet.


May 24th DFe Bucks.
7+ Downy Emeralds on the woodland rides by the heathland area. Broad-bodied Chaser and 4-spot Chaser on the heathland pond. Also Large Red and Azure Damsels.


May 24th DMcG Lancs.
Blue Tailed Damsels emerging this afternoon from my small garden pond in Bispham, Blackpool. The first time this has occured, despite the presence of several large fish (orfe and goldfish) in the pond.


May 23rd C&RC Devon
Bystock Nature Reserve, near Exmouth - 1 very fresh Keeled Skimmer, 1 female Hairy (ovipositing), 1 male Hairy, 3 Downy Emerald (plus 1 exuvia), 1 male Broad Bodied Chaser, Large Red, Blue-Tailed and Azure were also present. Four-Spotted Chasers had been seen earlier in the day.


May 24th CBr Wiltshire
This afternoon I saw the first dragonfly of the year in my garden - a teneral scarce chaser. These dragonflies have appeared in the garden in late spring for the past two years since we constructed a pond.


May 24th TC Essex
River Colne, Cymbeline Meadows, Colchester. An early teneral Black tailed Skimmer made an appearance here amongst the huge numbers of Banded Demoiselles.
River Colne, West Bergholt. 30 plus immature Scarce Chasers were sunning themselves along sunny side of hedge/nettles about 25 metres from river bank.
Tributary to River Colne (flowing over a gravel/stony bed) towards Hillhouse Wood, 10 Beautiful Demoiselles observed. Only second site for Essex, discovered in 2006. TL9427
River Stour, Nayland, nr Anchor Inn, Heritage Farm. Large counts of immature White Legged Damselflies along this stretch.50 plus Scarce Chasers found in an sheltered sunny spot, out of the strong wind, in nettle beds/hedge by the Lock Pond.


May 24th THa Kent
Large red damselfly and Azure damselfly on private pond in Blean. Large reds mating.


May 24th PBi Cambs.
6+ imm male Scarce Chaser, large numbers of White Legged Damselflies and Banded Demoiselle, and one or two Common Blue Damselflies at Houghton Mill.


May 24th BPe Cornwall
4 empty cases on Iris leaves in my pond. Never saw them emerge, but for the past 2 years we have had visits from brown hawkers and common hawkers.
25th May. One more "shell" on a reed. Slightly larger than the others.


May 25th THa W. Sussex
River Arun where the A272 bridges it near Billingshurst. Healthy numbers of Azure and Large Red damsels. Also both Banded and Beautiful demoiselles in good numbers. Unidentified skimmer/chaser, immature orange, flying across and into the tree tops. Just one male blue-tailed damsel.


May 25th LB Surrey
Thursley Nature Reserve: Lots of Four Spotted Chasers on the main pond and all along the boardwalks. At least 2 Downy Emeralds at the main pond and plenty of damsels.


May 25th SW Devon
Lower Bruckland Ponds mid to late afternoon: 2 Scarce Chaser, 10+ immature Black-tailed Skimmers, 2 immature Common Darters. In previous days up to 6 Red-eyed Damselflies and 5 Four-spot Chasers here.


May 26th ICo Berwickshire
6-12 Azure Damsels, following the emergence of Blue Tailed and Large Red, awaiting Common Blue emergence in usual sequence .... strong NNE wind is hindering things a little. Oldcastles nr Chirnside, railway pond.


May 27th RFo Wiltshire
A single Scarce Chaser was on the Conigre Mead nature reserve in Melksham today


May 13th RPe Suffolk
Lakenheath RSPB (Hockwold Fen) Nature Reserve: Hairy dragonfly - 4 males and one newly emerged female still hardening wings. Four-spotted Chaser - at least 10 seen. Common darter - a single male was unexpectedly early. Azure Damselfly - 20+. Large Red Damselfly - 5+. Blue-tailed Damselfly - 2.


May 14th SC Wiltshire
Delayed posting of a report I received via Les Stride, made by Julie Thomas on 14th May. She and friends recorded 20+ teneral Scarce Chasers around the feeder ponds for the Caen Hill flight of locks on the Kennet and Avon Canal at Devizes. This is a totally new location well away from the original population on the Bristol Avon.


May 18th BI Devon
Broad Bellied libellula, seen at Rosemoor garden


May 22nd/26th IR N. Ireland
22nd May: Brackagh Bog NNR, Portadown, Co. Armagh (J0251): Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula (1); Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans (1); Azure Damselfly Coenagrion puella (several); Variable Damselfly Coenagrion pulchellum (several).
26th May : Milford Ulster Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve near Armagh (H859428): a male blue damselfly was seen but not identified, but probably an Azure or Variable, most likely the former. The only damselfly seen on the site previously is the Large Red. A pond has been created in recent weeks by the Ulster Wildlife Trust and it will be interesting to see what if any Odonata species colonise it. Lough Keelan near Downpatrick, Co. Down (J564453): Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense (2-3, with 1 of each sex identified; 1 of the males was filmed at rest eating an unidentified damselfly, possibly Enallagma cyathigerum); Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans (1); Azure Damselfly Coenagrion puella (at least 1); Variable Damselfly Coenagrion pulchellum (c. 15; Common Blue Damselfly Enallagma cyathigerum (c. 15). Ballykilbeg Fen near Downpatrick, Co. Down (J4440): Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense (1). Has been seen several times before at this site (in at least 1 case several were seen) although there is little open water in summer apart from a boundary ditch.


May 19th-24th IT Glos.
19th May: Twyning, near Tewkesbury, along the R. Avon - 26 Banded Demoiselles, with an occasional Azure Damselfly.
20th May: The Mythe, Tewkesbury - 12 Common Clubtails and 12 Scarce Chasers - all newly-emerged, as well as 200+ Azures, 200+ Blue-tailed, 100+ Red-eyed, 10 Beautiful and 9 Banded Demoiselles and 5 teneral White-legged damselflies. Clubtailed and Scarce Chasers have never been seen in these numbers here before.
21st May: Whelford Pools NR, CWP - about 10 Downy Emeralds and 1 Broad-bodied Chaser, along with hundreds of teneral damselflies.
22nd May: Twyning - 11 freshly emerged Scarce Chasers, and 1 Common Clubtail, which we have never seen at this site before.
22nd May: WWT Slimbridge - a single newly emerged Scarce Chaser - a new location.
24th May: Twyning - 10 newly emerged Scarce Chasers and 2 newly emerged Common Clubtails. Also found were exuviae of these 2 species.
Also lots of damselflies present - various species - on these 2 visits.


May 29th NW Notts.
One male Banded Demoiselle on the Stroom Dyke, Langar. Historically,this has been a good site for Banded Demoiselles but was heavily dredged over the winter. Hopefully more will emerge.


May 29th SMi W. Sussex
A walk in the rain near the river Arun at Broadbridge Heath produced 50+ Banded Demoiselles and 10 Large Red Damselflies amongst the vegetation. One male Scarce Chaser in the buttercups. Made me smile on a grey day. Pictures at: Scarce Chaser
Scarce Chaser


May 29th NW Leics.
Grantham Canal,Plungar to Barkestone le Vale: 3 male Hairy Dragonflies, 2 Four-spotted Chasers and large numbers of Azure and Variable Damselflies. Many pairs of damselflies were in tandem and "in cop".


May 21st/29th AR Norfolk
21st: One male Downy Emerald Dragon at it's only (?) site in Norfolk.
29th: Delighted to report the finding of Hairy Dragon at the Hawk and Owl reserve at Sculthorpe Moor - a new species for the site. Also today, three teneral Black-tailed Skimmer and several Broad-bodied Chaser. Given the concern over the poor numbers of this species recorded last year, this is particularly encouraging. Three Red-eyed Damsels and a single male Banded Demoiselle added to the excitement. Nine spp in all. See


May 29th SRo Lincs.
A trip out to look for my first Black-tailed Skimmers of the year at Rosper-road Pools LWTR,resulted in me finding 5 teneral males and 1 adult female, other species recorded were 292 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 5 Azure Damselfly and 3 Common-blue Damselfly.


May 29th MT Northants.
A break in the weather caused a flourish of activity at Ditchford this lunchtime: Many male Hairys at territory hunting for females and two lucky ones who found them; hundreds of emerging Red-eyed Damselflies and a few Four-spotted Chaser. Along with Azures, Blue-tail and Common Blue Damselelfies and a single Banded Demoiselle from the nearby River Nene.


May 29th WRJ Monmouth.
At least 10 Hairy Dragonfly seen today at Newport Wetlands, also first immature Black-tailed Skimmer on the wing.


May 29th ST Shropshire
River Perry, Rednal, Oswestry: 15+ Banded demoiselle, 5 Azure damsels and 1 large red damsel along the river.


May 30th JWe Gwynedd
First emergence of common blue damselflies at Conwy RSPB plus several blue tailed damselflies. A chaser reported, likely to be broad bodied.


May 30th ST Somerset
Wick Moor: A single male broad bodied chaser plus 10+ azure damsels in flight this afternoon


May 31st THa W. Sussex
River Arun where the A272 bridges it nr Billingshurst. Uncountable Azure damsels many mating. 30+ Large Red. Uncountable Banded demoiselles. 20+ Beautiful demoiselles. 2 Hairy hawkers. 2 Scarce chasers, 1 male 1 female.


May 31st JWe Gwynedd
Estimated 28 four-spotted chasers, 15 common blue, 10 large red and 7 blue tailed damselflies plus 2 male broad bodied chasers on three ponds on Conwy Mountain.


May 31st MT Northants.
At Yardley Chase we saw 6+ Downy Emeralds, mostly males clashing with Hairy Dragonflies over their shared territories, and one female Downy ovipositing. We also located 5 Downy exuviae. The County's first Emperors had emerged and we located a couple of exuviae along with three still emerging Southern Hawker! This last sighting is the most significant as Southern Hawker have never before been recorded in May in Northants.


May 31st BSp Dorset
At my Dragonfly local patch in Weymouth there were several Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies including a couple of aurantiaca phase females. Also Red-eyed Damselflies seen. A total of 10 species have been recorded from the site so far this year.


May 31st GPo Tyne & Wear
Single male Broad bodied chaser today at Clara Vale LNR, Gateshead. Also blue-tailed (incl. form rufescens), large red and azure damselflies.


May 31st KF/DOM Beds.
Along River Great Ouse, from end of Ford Lane, Roxton, south to point where Ivel joins Ouse: c250 Banded Demoiselles; 20 Scarce Chasers (one male showing some pruinescence; all others orange); 5 Hairy Dragonflies; 5 White-legged Damselflies (freshly-emerged); 4 Red-eyed Damselflies; plus Common Blue, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies. Photos at


May 31st AE Suffolk
Norfolk Hawker 1 teneral male (the second I have seen this year, the first being on 24th May at Waveney Forest, Fritton), Scarce Chaser 15+, Banded Demoiselle 1 male. Also small numbers of Variable, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies.


May 31st SMi W. Sussex
A walk across the two fields by the River Arun, Broadbridge Heath, produced good results this afternoon. The White Legged Damselflies have emerged, with 50+ being seen. There were 200+ Banded Demoiselles and we saw two pairs in cop. Roughly 20 Large Red, again with a few in cop, 5 Blue Tailed and 2 Azure Damselflies were present and we saw 8 Scarce Chasers.
Here is picture of one of the White Legged Damselflies, you can tell she is immature because she is picking her nose. White-legged Damselfly


May 31st JM Kent
Stodmarsh NNR: A brief search produced 20+ Variable Damselflies in ditch-side vegetation. A probable Hairy Dragonfly also shot through.


May 31st T&NL Hampshire
1 male broad bodied chaser flying from perch near garden pond in Southampton; also 2 pairs large red damselflies ovipositing & 1 common blue damselfly resting


May 31st AR Norfolk
One teneral Keeled Skimmer at Buxton Heath. Yesterday three Scarce Emerald Damsels at Thompson Common. Also a myriad of Azure Damsels. Visit


June 1st JCe Norfolk
Numerous (30) blue tailed damsels sheltering in tall grasses along side a pond today. Including 6 of the colourful form "rufescens". Also (20+) mix of Common Blue, Azure and Variable spread throughout the area. 2 banded damsel in the river riparian zone near the site.
I went back to get pictures of the "Rufescens" variant observed earlier and discovered 4 Red eyed damsels which when I checked with my key found to be small Red eyed damsels. Peculiar habit of dropping further into foliage when approached. Assumed to be recently hatched as not flying over water surface as so often cited that they do.


June 1st PCl Somerset
Female broad bodied Chaser spotted at Steart Point Bridgwater Bay and photograph taken.


May 22nd HTE Northumberland
A freshly emerged male Broad-bodied Chaser was observed near a pond in the Wark Forest, Northumberland by Duncan Hutt an official of The Northumberland Wildlife Trust. This specimen was photographed and viewed by both myself and Dave Clark. A photograph of a nymph in the same pond has also been identified as belonging to this species. Although there are several sightings of mature specimens of this species in both South Northuberland VC67 and Co,Durham V.C.66, this is the first time this species has been proven to have been breeding in either county.


May 27th JMa Yorkshire
Broad bodied chaser female, at Great Givendale. GR SE822535


May 29th/31st PH Glamorgan
29th: Margam Park, Port Talbot. Two male broad bodied chasers, 1 female. 2 male beautiful demoiselles. 7 or 8 large red damselflies. 2 female hairy dragonflies (egg laying observed). 20 + blue tailed damselflies. 15 + azure damselflies.
29th: Tennant canal, Llandarcy, Neath. 500 + variable damselflies. 3 large red damselflies. 30 + azure damselflies. 20 + blue tailed damselflies. 2 hairy dragonfly exuvia found.
31st: Park Slip, Bridgend. 1 female beautiful demoiselle. 1 pair of azure damselflies in tandem.


May 31st/June 1st TC Essex
May 31st: Hadleigh Castle Marshes Country park. Found good numbers of Scarce Emerald Damselflies today 30+. Also 3 Emperor dragonflies on the wing & 2 fully coloured up male Broad Bodied Chasers. Good numbers of Azure & Blue tails with a scattering of Large Reds.
1st June, Marks Hall Estate, Coggeshall, Essex.
Main drive pond had 35 Emperor exuviae & 15 Four Spotted Chaser including one which hadn't emerged at 2.30pm. Went back an hour later & watched it pull itself from upside down to upright. Had to leave it at 4.00pm, still had a way to go pumpimg its wings fully. Plenty of Azures, Blue tails & Large Reds.


May 31st MGi Hampshire
I saw my first Southern Damselflies of the year on a visit to Burley in the New Forest, around 6 were seen. Also seen were 6 Broad-bodied Chasers, 40+ Beautiful Demoiselles,3 Azure Damselflies, 20+ Large Red Damselflies.


June 1st/2nd IR N. Ireland
Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly: About 3 mating pairs, 1 or 2 female (aurantiaca) and about 6 males, varying from teneral to fairly mature, in pools at Tonnagh Quarry near Derrygonnelly. Blue-tailed Damselfly: 1 at Tonnagh Quarry near Derrygonnelly. Common Blue Damselfly: 1 female on roadside at Kinarla near Enniskillen. 2 or 3 males at Meenameen Lough in Lough Navar Forest. Large Red Damselfly: 2 or 3 at Callow near Derrygonnelly. 1 at Tonnagh Quarry near Derrygonnelly. Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly: 1 or 2 at Callow near Derrygonnelly. 8-10 including mating pairs and ovipositing female(s) at Tonnagh Quarry near Derrygonnelly. Perhaps surprisingly, no Hairy Dragonflies were seen.
On 2nd June I visited Drumnahavil Bog (briefly) near Keady in Co. Armagh and also Navan Quarry near Armagh and made the following observations: Irish Damselfly: c. 20 males and 2-3 mating pairs seen. Blue-tailed Damselfly: c. 4 at Navan Quarry. Azure Damselfly: 1 male at Navan Quarry. Variable Damselfly: A few noted at Drumnahavil Bog and Navan Quarry. Large Red Damselfly: 1 on Co. Armagh side and 1 on Co. Monaghan side of Drumnhavil Bog, and 2 at Navan Quarry. Four-spot Chaser dragonfly: Several at Drumnahavil Bog and Navan Quarry. Hairy Dragonfly: 1 male at Navan Quarry; I saw 1 a few hundred yards some days ago.


June 3rd PH Glamorgan
Neath canal, Melincryddan. 150-200 blue tail damselflies (many pairs in cop). 100+ azure damselflies. 50+ variable damselflies. 10+ large red damselflies. 15+ hairy dragonflies, all males.


June 4th PWi Hampshire
There was an immature male Red-veined Darter at Cherque Farm Lake (Lee-on-Solent) late morning. Red-veined Darters were seen up to early November 2007 at the site.


June 4th SC Wiltshire
Beautiful Demoiselles still in good numbers on the R. Biss south of Trowbridge where they were discovered two years ago. Teneral male Black-tailed Skimmer [first of year in Wilts for me] at the Semington Bypass balancing ponds. No Scarce Chasers evident there yet though. Maybe they breed elsewhere and use the ponds for feeding only.
Also photos of an emerging female Emperor sent to me taken at the recorder, Maggie Worthington's, pond at the weekend. The first reported this year for Wilts.


June 4th LWS Denbighs.
Spotted on vegetation alongside River Elwy in St Asaph, 3 male black/electric blue Beautiful Demoiselles.


June 4th PH Glamorgan
Margam park, Port Talbot. 30-40 azure damselflies, many in cop. 10-12 blue tailed damselflies. One hairy dragonfly male. 10 or more broad bodied chasers male. Two pairs of broad bodied chasers in cop.


June 4th/5th CBr Wiltshire
Late morning on 4th June in the reeds in my pond I saw an emperor emerging and taking its first flight. We have a dozen large exuviae attached to the vegetation in our pond. A teneral scarce chaser was also seen on 4th as well as many assorted damselflies. Today - 5th June a male broad bodied chaser was seen briefly visiting the pond.


June 4th JGi Lancs.
Darcy Lever Gravel Pits Bolton, Visiting the Gravel Pits 4th June many Azure and Large Red Damsels were Ovipositing, also observed on the wing were Female Broad-bodied Chasers and Four-spotted Chasers, highlight of the day was when I collected the first of the seasons Exuviae of the Emperor Dragonfly from one of the ponds a beautiful specimen at 56mm long. Steve Cham's Field Guide is an excellent identification tool building up my collection of exuviae and observation records.


June 1st-5th CMo Cornwall
Seen at Boscathnoe Reservoir, near Penzance.
1 June: 1 male Emperor, numerous Azure Damsels, few Blue-tailed Damsels.
3 June: 4-Spot Chaser, Emperor, briefly. Damsels as before.
5 June: Black-tailed Skimmer, male and female in tandem, female ovipositing. Damsels as before.


June 5th RL W. Sussex
Visited the Black Hole, Burton Mill Pond, West Sussex today at least 10 Scarce Chasers present. There was also a several four-spotted Chasers and a Hairy Dragonfly present along with numerous Damselflies. Went to near by pond on Lords Piece 5* Downy Emeralds, 2 Four Spotted Chasers, 7* Broad-bodied Chasers along with a lone Emperor Dragonfly. Also present were numerous Damselflies.


June 5th DMcG Lancs.
Female 4-spotted Chaser ovipositing in one of the ponds at the recently created Lawsons Wetland in Blackpool.


June 5th MD Hampshire
Just outside Odiham and near the Basinstoke Canal I saw several White Legged Damselflies.I think that they are new to the area.


June 6th RA W. Sussex
Beautiful Demoiselle on small stream flowing through new Barratt Housing development at Maidenbower, Crawley. Seen a few in other locations on the network of streams around Maidenbower but first in this area. Special for me as it was right outside my front door!


June 6th JCe Norfolk
Female anax imperator observed today near Blickling lake. flying between the showers. Also anax imperator exuviae (2) found in reeds.


June 6th SW Devon
Five newly emerged Scarce Chasers on the west bank of River Axe just south of A3052 along with large numbers of White-legged Damselflies. A further two immature Scarce Chasers at nearby Lower Bruckland Ponds.


June 5th DRa Cambridgeshire
Fowlmere Nature Reserve: Hairy dragonfly ovipositing. Emperor first date.


June 7th IJW Cumbria
A visit to the Bowland Bridge area produced a first for myself today. 3 Downy Emeralds were continuously circling a small body of water. Also seen was 1 male Beautiful Demoiselle, a dozen or so Four-spotted Chasers and countless Large Red, Common Blue and Azure damselflies.


June 7th KWo Devon
Two immature male Red-veined Darters at Lower Bruckland Ponds.


June 7th/8th IMcC Wiltshire
7th: One hawker seen in flight in Savernake Forest. Apple-green thorax. Presumed immature Emperor. The forest has ten ponds: Broad-bodied Chasers observed at all ten - large numbers on several of them. Also large numbers of Azure Damselflies, some Large Reds and a few Four-spotted Chasers.
8th: Mature male Emperor in Savernake Forest.


June 7th SRo Worcs./Shropshire
At the Wyre Forest the following species where observed: 11 Broad-bodied Chaser, 2 Azure Damselfly, 5 Large-red Damselfly, 16 Beautiful Demoiselle and 2 Emperor. At Alvely, on the river Severn, large numbers of White-legged Damselfly with at least 350+ being seen, other species were at least 50 Banded Demoiselle and smaller numbers of Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies but no Club-tails sadly.


June 7th SW Devon
Two immature male Red-veined Darters at Lower Bruckland Ponds, at least the third year in a row they have been present at this site. Photographed by Karen Woolley.


June 7th JOw Norfolk
Despite overcast and cool conditions, spotted a solitary Norfolk Hawker on Hickling Broad.


June 7th IMcC Oxfordshire
Failed to find any mature Club-tailed at Goring either today or on previous visit on 30th May. Have seen emerging insects on previous visits, and plenty of exuviae. But where are they breeding? The river is in spate after recent rain: could this be a problem?


June 8th MHo Cleveland
Broad Bodied Libellula on my large garden pond.


June 8th WR Swansea
A four spotted chaser, female, flew into my conservatory today. Observed it and caught it and let it fly away. Lovely to see.


June 8th CBo E. Sussex
Iden Moat near Rye. Downy Emerald-two males clashing plus three other sightings of males patrolling/hovering. Azure, Variable, Blue tailed, Red eyed, White legged Damselfly - various/ovipositing.


June 8th TC Essex
River Chelmer/Blackwater,Maldon Golf Club, Langford Essex.
At last the Scarce Chaser has emerged here after a couple of ealier visits had drawn a blank. Huge numbers of lovely orange immatures were everywhere, nettle beds being their favourite perches. I gave up counting after 100, there must easily been over 200. Also found 2 immature Black Tailed Skimmers, including one sad specimen that had just emerged. Unfortunately it had picked the wrong emergence support, a strong main line of a Spiders web! It had manged to fully emerge from its exuvia but one of its wings was badly damaged & entwined. Good views of Hairy Dragonfly (7) & plenty of Damsels, White Legged, Azure, Large Red, Red Eyed, Blue Tailed & huge amounts of Banded Demoiselles.
Finished the afternoon of with a good view of a early Southern Hawker feeding by the trees near the small car park bridge.


June 9th BH Norfolk
Snettisham Coastal Park, Four-spotted Chaser 20, Black-tailed Skimmer 1, Common Blue Damselfy 1000's, Azure Damselfly 100's
Blue-tailed Damselfly 15


June 9th JWS Berkshire
Visited two Crowthorne sites with restricted access, Wellington College Lakes and Butter Bottom Ponds (fished by Broadmoor Staff Angling Club). Saw four Brilliant Emerald on the wing, two at each site, my first records for the species this year. Good numbers of Downy Emerald were also present at both sites (this species seems to have done very well round here this spring). Several Emperors were flying at both sites. All the usual damsels about.


June 10th R&CM Hampshire
Two Common Darter tenerals seen leaving our garden pond this morning. Two Small Red Eyed tenerals were seen on the 8th from same pond.


June 9th & 10th CMo Cornwall
9 June: Boscathnoe Res. nr.Penzance. Several male Emperors, 1 observed ovipositing female. 3 4-Spot Chasers of which 1 ovipositing female. 1 male Broad-bodied Chaser, briefly. Many male & female Black-tailed Skimmers. Azure & Blue Tailed Damsels.
10 June: Trengwainton NT Garden. 1 male Golden-ringed Dragonfly (first seen this year). 3+ Beautiful Demoiselles. Numerous Damsels including Large-red.
Boscathnoe Res: as day before but no Chasers seen today.


June 7th PWi Hampshire
Made a short morning visit to Ober Water. Eleven species seen including two Downy Emeralds, a few each of Keeled Skimmer, White-legged, Small Red and Southern Damselflies and a single Banded Demoiselle with the masses of Beautifuls near the footbridge to the west of Clumber Inclosure (c.SU260033).


June 9th AEDH Oxfordshire
Dry Sandford Pit, BBOWT reserve, NW of Abingdon. About 20 Southern Damselfies seen well in Fen area. All mature so must have emerged at least a week or so ago. Also seen: Broad-bodied Chaser, Four Spotted Chaser, Azure, Common Blue and Large Red Damselflies. Also reported and photographed by another observer was imm male Keeled Skimmer, apparently the first for the site for many years.


June 9th SMi West Sussex
A hot sunny day in Broadbridge Heath brought the Scarce Chasers out, I observed 26 single males, 2 single females and 9 pairs in cop. One mating pair were so desperate to get a prime perching spot by the river that they landed on top of another pair, much to their disgust. You never have the camera handy when you need it, do you!

Link to mating Scarce Chasers picture.

A new sighting for me were 3 Downy Emeralds. There were still over 100 Banded Demoiselles around, 1 pair observed in cop, approximately 20 Large Red Damselflies, again 1 pair in cop, approximately 20 White Legged Damselflies, a couple of Blue Tailed and a couple of Azure Damselflies.


June 9th RWi Norfolk
Dersingham Bog: 20+ Four Spotted Chaser, Azure Damselfly, Common Blue


June 10th TJH Greater Manchester
I saw a very impressive male Broad-bodied Chaser on a small pond on the Chorlton Ees nature reserve in the Mersey valley in Manchester. I watched it for about 20 minutes during which it rested on a reed very close to me a couple of times so I got a very good look at it.


June 7th - 9th T&NL Hampshire
3 consecutive daily sightings of female broad bodied chaser near garden pond (male seen 1 week ago); 12 mating large red damsels, several common blue pairs, and 2 blue tailed


June 8th THa Surrey
Thursley Common. Downy Emerald on the Moat Pond in large numbers. Four spotted chasers on the marsh in the hundreds. Various damsels.


June 8th THa Hampshire
Odiham. Broad Oak Lane. In the field near the car park. 3 or 4 female White Legged Damsels. Couldn't find any males but had limited time.


June 7th THa Hampshire
Visited Crockford and saw Southern Damsel. :) Thanks for the tip. Then on to Eyeworth pond where Black Tailed Skimmer and Downy Emerald were ruling the roost. Plenty of Common Blue and Azure as well as Large Red.


June 9th MT Northants
At Ditchford this lunchtime: Two recently emerged Brown Hawker taking their maiden flights, one with a badly crimpled wing. Several Black-tailed Skimmer emerging, a few Four-spotted Chaser at territory along with Hairy Dragonfly and the usual Damselflies. Numbers of all species were quiet low considering the 26 degrees sunshine.


June 8th DMcE Berkshire
Beautiful weather encouraged us to have a long-overdue walk along the Kennet Offshoot, just E of Burghfield Bridge, mainly to check on the colony of Variable Damselflies at SU686708. Numbers were a little lower than this time last year, with just over 50 males and 15 females being found, but these proved particularly obliging and sometimes allowed a very close approach & even examilation in the hand. Also had vast numbers of ovipositing Common Blues and Red-Eyed Damsels - so many they seemed to form a haze over the surface of the water (must've been at least 5000+). There were also good numbers of Large Reds, Blue-Tails, Azures, 4-Spotted Chasers (including one teneral) and a Downy Emerald laying her eggs just a few feet away in the shallows.


June 8th HJV Norfolk
Strumpshaw Fen: 1 Norfolk Hawker - near pumping station, Hairy Dragonfly ovipositing, Four-spotted Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Banded Demoiselle, Azure, Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and Large Red Damselfly


June 8th CJ Staffordshire
First dragonfly of the season for me. Teneral Southern Hawker over river Trent. Couple of dozen Banded Demoiselle on show. Fortnight earlier at Doxey Marshes occasional Beautiful Demoiselle.


June 9th DTa Staffs
1 male Beautiful demoiselle photographed with phone camera at belvide reservoir,staffordshire flying over fast moving water on the outflow side of the reservoir.


June 10th PH West Glamorgan
Neath canal, (Melin) and nearby square pond. Several large red damselflies, 100 + blue tailed (many in cop), 150+ azure (many in cop), 50+ variable (some in cop), 2 female emperor dragonflies (both egg laying), 10 + emperor males, 1 broad bodied chaser male, 5-6 black tailed skimmer males, 1 female hairy, 4-5 hairy males, 4-5 four spotted chaser males and one grass snake!


June 8th JM Kent
Westbere Lakes, nr Canterbury: Upto 6 scarce chasers along a 200m stretch, also seen were 1 male hairy dragonfly, banded demoiselle, azure, common blue & blue-tailed damselflies.


June 8th SCh Bedfordshire
Dozens of Downy Emeralds patrolling small lake at private site near Leighton Buzzard. I have never seen so many even at major strongholds in counties in SE England. On occasions 4-5 males were clashing at once. Females ovipositing and to avoid male aggression they drop down into bankside vegetation and sit and wait until males fly off. I filled up 8GB of memeory cards with inflight photos!! The sites in this area are part of the range expansion seen in recent years.


June 11th AR Norfolk
At Thompson Common today. Numbers of Scarce Emerald Damsel numbers appear to be well down on last year. Only c20 seen. All males still appear to be 'sub-adult'. Most remarkable record was that of a freshly-emerged female Ruddy Darter. The presence of an early Large Skipper butterfly was equally surprising. Also seen were: 100+ Azure/Common Blue Damsels (not the myriad noted in my last report!); 10+ Large Red Damsels; 1 Common Blue Damsel; 10+ Blue-tailed Damsels; 1 Emperor; 1 Black-tailed Skimmer; 2 Hairy Dragons; 3 Four-spots.


June 11th MAld Cornwall
Never seen one before. Length of body about 2.5 inches, wingspan about 3.25 in. Body very wide (0.3 in) and short (1.0 in), colour greeny brown with four luminous-type spots each side. Body curves up at tail. Wings usual size, with black tips to ends at front, black/orange patches at roots. This is a very "heavy-looking" dragonfly, so much so that I originally thought it was a large flying cockroach. Caught it in a net in conservatory- still have it, alive, in a large jar! WHAT IS IT ?? [Concensus of opinion is that this is a Broad-bodied Chaser - Webmaster]


June 4th BOB Oxfordshire
Broad Bodied Chaser male and female. Over new pond created in the garden. Female seen laying eggs (I assume, all new to me) Seen on several evenings since, wonderful colours, first I have ever seen, thanks to the website for being able to identify them.


June 9th/10th ROM Surrey
Thursley SSSI
9th June - 3 Brilliant Emerald exuvia found.
10th June - 2 more Brilliant Emerald exuvia found and a Male Brilliant Emerald seen and photographed close-up in flight.


June 10th SSe Surrey
Ashington Community Woodland Pond. 2 Four spotted Chasers and a possible female Broad Bodied Chaser but they are extremely rare up here so I may be mistaken. Common Blue, Azure, Blue Tailed and Large Red Damsels about too.


June 11th TM Yorkshire
Good pictures of a female broad bodied Chaser resting inside an electrical panel building facility at post code S25 2JZ (Dinnington Rotherhan). Photos indicate to us a larger than usual size according to what books we have consulted. Photographed alongside a plastic ruler. After resting for sometime the dragonfly was eased gently on a sheet of paper taken to the door where she flew of very high directly north.


June 13th LMcC Somerset
At Westhay on the gravel track to Reception Hide - 10+ Male Black Tailed Skimmers, 1 pair Copulating Variable Blue Damselflies. Reasonably windy so saw more activity away from water in sheltered areas.


June 14th TC Cambs.
Was passing through Cambridgeshire & made a division to Wicken Fen NT for a flying visit early evening. Proved worthwhile with my first Ruddy Darters of the year (10) tenerals. Also a solitary Hairy & a nice young male Scarce Chaser in colour transition from orange to blue. Also interestly observed a pair of Red eyed damselflies in tandem with the female egg laying. Started above water on a Iris stem, but then gradually climbed underwater to a depth of 6 inches where the remained for 10 minutes. The male then surfaced with the female still sitting on stem underwater. Not sure how long she remained there as i had to move on. I had never before observed this behavior which I had read about in the past.


June 14th RL Hampshire
Visited Shortheath Common, conditions were cloudy with sunny spells. Saw the normal Emperors, Four-spotted Chasers, Broad Bodied Chasers, Black-tailed Chasers, Downey Emeralds along with various Damselflies including 2 Banded Demoiselles. However there was 1 immature Southern Hawker present which posed happily for photographs.


June 15th DSm Devon
The Devon BDS Group/Axe Vale Conservation Society meeting to the Axe Valley managed to avoid rain, but paucity of sunshine kept activity down. On the river near Colyford we found 3 or 4 Scarce Chasers (plus one exuvia), lots of White-legged Damselflies and Banded Demoiselles, with a few Beautiful Demoiselles, Blue-tailed, Large Red and Azure Damselflies. At Lower Bruckland Ponds, a Scarce Chaser was seen, and later we located a single Red-veined Darter, 5 Red-eyed Damselflies, and a scatering of other species. The total for the day was 14 species. [Incidentally, the unknown species in Cornwall below sounds like a female Broad-bodied Chaser - see under Libellula depressa in the "UK Species" list.]


June 15th RL Sussex
Visited The Black hole at Burton Mill Pond, nr Petworth - 5 Scarce Chasers seen, along with 8 Four-spotted Chasers, 3 Hairy Dragonflys and two Golden-ringed Dragonflys one of which posed willingly for its picture to be taken! Also present were numerous damselflies of various sorts.


June 16th GS Devon
Have checked your website, I think I have just seen a golden ringed dragonfly, I have never seen one before. Location is very urban, in the Efford area of Plymouth, a long way away from any stream or water. It was hovering around the hedge.


June 16th LS Cumbria
Many teneral and some slightly more mature Lestes sponsa on the wing at Watchtree Nature Reserve, North Cumbria.


June 16th WRJ Glamorgan
Recorded the first Downy Emerald seen in Glamorgan for several years this morning, when seven individuals were seen on the wing at a woodland lake in Hensol Forest.


June 16th CR Tyne and Wear
Gateshead. There has been what I now know to be an Emperor Dragonfly on my gate for the last two days. It is alive but has not moved since I noticed it last night. I have not seen this type of dragonfly in this area before.


June 17th NW Notts
Unfortunately it looks as if the winter dredging of the Stroom Dyke at Langar has had a serious impact on the Banded Demoiselle population. Since my last report on 29th May there have only been two further sightings, each of a lone male.


June 17th TC Essex
Wake Valley Pond, Epping Forest, Essex: My first Small Red Eyed Damselflies were seen today on the lily pads. Good numbers of Downy Emeralds all round pond. Proved very entertaining with the males clashing & also territorial battles with Four spotted Chasers. Several were also seen pairing up in wheel & flying high into the trees. A few Emperors were seen as were a few teneral Black Tailed Skimmers on Sunshine Plain.


June 17th JM Kent
Sandwich Bay: 1 male Hairy Dragonfly in dune slacks and female Black-tailed Skimmer on dune path.


June 18th ICa Cumbria
3 Male Banded Demoiselle on the banks of the River Eden in Rickerby Park Carlisle no sign of any females yet.


June 19th ROM Surrey
Esher Common - Black Pond, 3 to 4 Male Brilliant Emerald seen fighting for territory with the victor being photographed on patrol, despite the numerous dogs which often occupy and disturb the same stretch of water. This sighting maybe an encouraging sign for Don Tagg's BDS visit on July 13th, especially as I did not see any Brilliant Emerald dragonflies there last year!


June 19th JWe Gwynedd
male emperor dragonfly on Conwy Mountain pool along with 3 four-spotted chasers and male broad-bodied chaser plus several large red and blue-tailed damselflies.


June 19th IMcC Wiltshire
Spent three hours by the Avon in rural location at Whaddon. Large numbers of Banded Demoiselles and White-legged Damselflies as expected. Several male Scarce Chasers and one female. But far fewer Blue-tailed Damsels than I have seen here in previous years. And the large quantities of litter, both in the river and on the banks, was quite appalling.


June 19th THa Kent
Cliff marshes. single female Lestes. Didn't get close enough before it flew off for definite ID but I would make an educated guess at Dryas.


June 19th IMcC Wiltshire
Teneral Common Darter in Savernake Forest.


June 20th LMcC Somerset
Despite rain and overcast conditions at Priddy Mineries (Pool nearest road) saw 4 Blue Tail Damselflies and 1 Variable Damselfly male in vegetation around pond. No activity over water.


June 14th/22nd/23rd AN Oxon/N. Bucks.
Oxfordshire RSPB Otmoor 14 June: Common and Ruddy Darters emerging in good numbers. Many other species of damselflies in good numbers
North Bucks 22 June: Brown Hawkwer at HESC (G Walker)
and today 23rd Emerald damselfly


June 23rd SW Dorset
Located one male Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly and at least seven male Small Red-eyed Damselflies at a site near Weymouth. Interesting seemingly no sign of any SRED's over the border at Lower Bruckland Ponds in Devon as yet.


June 23rd IMcC Wiltshire
Female Lesser Emperor in Savernake Forest. Photograph taken.


June 22nd LMcC Somerset
In vegetation (mainly ferns) by Westhay hides lots of common blue, blue tail and possibly an azure damselfly (have photo). Also 1 male Red eyed Damselfly - the first one I have ever seen. Weather very windy with intermittent showers.


June 23rd THa Kent/Sussex
Kent: Returned to cliff marshes. Definitely ID'd Lestes dryas. Photos can be found at my flicker page.
Sussex: Rottingdean village pond. The chasers have been displaced by a hoard of Emperors. Mating and ovipositing observed. Several teneral common darter also seen. Azure and blue tailed still in residence.


June 23rd DL Devon
5 Adult Scarce Chasers at Lower Brucklands. A pair were in cop. and the other 3 were all unmated males, with no abdominal markings.


June 20th/22nd/26th JCe Norfolk
20th: belated report (had to make sure of ID)
10+ single scarce chasers and 2 pairs in wheels observed today (Sunday) at Whitlingham park; South Norwich. Numerous Azure, Blue tailed and red eyed damsels around lakes along with Banded Demoiselles around the drains. Huge numbers (100+) of azure and blue tailed sheltering in one area in full sun but out of the wind. Fantastic site to see.
22nd: 4 black tailed skimmers flying around a drainage pond for a main road. (The sediment in this pond when disturbed has a very strong smell of hydrocarbon contamination, which is expected when considering the water derives from a busy road junction). Also noticed blue tailed and red eyed damsels along with a a large hawker, but unable to ID Hawker. Found Exuvia among iris stems in my back garden for Southern hawker today. No sign of adult!
26th: 15+ four spot chasers vying and defending territories noticed today along with one common darter, a number of red eyed and azure damsels and two southern hawkers working the tree lines. A number of the 4 spot chasers had wing damage suggesting either numerous "clashes" or longevity.


June 20th JBl Shropshire
I have recently observed (and photographed) the Scarce Chaser at a couple of sites near Attingham, Shropshire. I have been in touch with the Shropshire Dragonfly Group, and have been led to believe that this is a first for Shropshire. I guess that would make it hot news! (Photo)


June 26th SE Surrey
Nutfield Marsh Nature Reserve: good range of species - Emperor*, Broad-bodied Chaser*, Black-tailed Skimmer, Four Spot Chaser, Ruddy Darter. Banded & Beautiful Demoiselle, Large Red, Common*, Azure* & Blue-tailed Damselflies.
(*denotes observed ovipositing)


June 27th CP Kent
A single Emperor Dragonfly male was seen sunning itself on a pond near Singleton Lake, Ashford. I have a photo.


June 24th/26th NW Cornwall
Tuesday 24th June: Trebah Gardens: Female Emperor ovipositing with male present plus two male Broad-bodied Chasers on Dinky's Puddle. One teneral male Southern Hawker in the Bamboozle.
Thursday 26th June: Trevarno Estate: 12+ male Beautiful Demoiselles plus one female above the cascade. One male and one female Emperor on the lake.


June 27th JPH Middx.
Visited Bushy Park (prompted by earlier Hot News)and found, amongst other damsels, large nos. of Erythromma viridulum (?) around the Heron Pond and along the dykes. Also surprised to find Platycnemis pennipes (only one) near the dyke furthest from the pond/s. Photographed them if anyone needs confirmation.


June 28th DSm Devon
30 people turned up for the BDS/Exeter City Council/Devonshire Association meeting at Countess Wear this morning. In dry but windy conditions with sunny spells we found 3 Red-eyed and 10 White-legged Damselflies, 2 Black-tailed Skimmers, 1 Beautiful and a few Banded Demoiselles, plus lots of Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies. At Exminster Marshes there were 2 unmated male Scarce Chasers, 5+ Hairy Dragonflies, Four-spotted Chaser and lots of Emperors (plus a Hobby as we left). The numbers and variety were disappointing, perhaps because of the fresh wind but more likely a result of the indifferent weather in recent weeks.


June 28th DH Hampshire
Ipley Pond, New Forest. 3 Black Darters, almost fully mature males.


June 28th/29th SRo Hampshire/Surrey
28.06.08, New Forest Sites: Latchmore Brook. 9 Southern Damselfly, 15 Scarce-blue tailed Damselfly, 26 Small-red Damselfly.
Mill-lawn Brook. 9 Southern Damselfly, 4 Small-red Damselfly.
Hatchet Pond. 1 male Downy Emerald, 1 male Southern Damselfly, 5 Small-red Damselfy.
Matley Bog. 13 Small-red Damselfly.
29.06.08, Thursley Common. 1 female Golden-ringed Dragonfly, 3 Small-red Damselfly, 2 male Downy Emerald, 1 male Brilliant Emerald.


June 29th DSm Devon
A dozen people came along for Devon BDS Group's final meeting of Dragonfly Week, to brave a cool, breezy morning at Prewley Moor. We managed to find 67 Southern Damselflies sheltering, plus a few Keeled Skimmers. We also found exuviae of the latter and one of Common Hawker. A slightly brighter afternoon at Lydford Station revealed disappointingly few dragonflies, though these included teneral Keeled Skimmer and Common Darter. (The highlight here, though, was a Devon cream tea, courtesy of the owners - many thanks, Barry and Fiona!) A final, unplanned, visit to Cadover Bridge revealed 6 Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies in the later afternoon sun - a nice end to Dragonfly Week!
Cadover Bridge: 6 Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies


June 24th BSp Dorset
Late news I know but computer was broken. At my local dragonfly patch, Granby Ponds, Weymouth, grid ref:654798, the first of the Small Red-eyed Damselflies were noted on 9th June with many, including lots of tandem pairs and egg laying noted on 24th June.


June 30th KFu Beds.
RSPB The Lodge: Brown Hawker and a female Broad-bodied Chaser resting in brambles/nettles not far from the hide. On the edge of the heath was a Common Darter resting on some bracken. Lots of teneral damselflies on the heath itself, too.


June 30th/July 1st SRo Lincs.
30/6: A trip out to Messingham Sand Quarries nature reserve today to see if there was any Hawkers on the wing yet, didn't disappoint, with 4 species being seen. Here is the full list of species observed: 348 Common-blue Damselfly, 134 Blue-tailed Damselfly, 12 Black-tailed Skimmer, 8 Four-spot Chaser, 4 Brown Hawker, 2 Hairy Dragonfly, 1 female Emperor, 1 teneral female Southern Hawker, 1 male Red-eyed Damselfly and 1 Large-red Damselfly.
1/7: A visit to Crowle NNR today recorded the following species: 2 Southern Hawker, 11 Four-spot Chaser, 44 Large-red Damselfly, 7 Azure Damselfly, 1 Emerald Damselfly, 4 Common Hawker, 1 teneral male Black Darter, 1 teneral male Ruddy Darter, 1 Brown Hawker, 1 male Blue-tailed Damselfly and 3 Common-blue Damselfly. In general, the emergence dates and numbers of species in North Lincolnshire seem to be at least 2 weeks later than last year.


June 30th IMcC Hampshire
Spent 3-4 hours at Crockford Stream. Lots of Southern Damselflies, Keeled Skimmers and Beautiful Demoiselles, and a fair number of Large Reds, all more or less as expected. But I was surprised to see only one Golden-ringed, just fleetingly, and no Small Reds.

NOTE: It seems likely that the insect I reported as a Lesser Emperor [June 23rd] was in fact Anax Imperator. It did have unusual protuberances at the back of the eyes, but I am advised that these are different from those which are diagnostic of Anax Parthenope. I remain puzzled, though, as to what they are.