Sightings - Early 2007

This page contains Sightings sent to the BDS between January and June 2007. You can also go to the Sightings for July to December 2007.

Jan 6th Cornwall AP
It may be of interest that on the afternoon of 6th January whilst birdwatching with a friend at Larmorna Cove near Lands End we saw a brownish dragonfly. Unfortunately it was flying away from us into a small quarry just back from the cliff edge so we were unable to identify it, but it appeared to be larger than a Common Darter. Perhaps the particularly mild Nov/Dec could account for this sighting, or is it a migrant? [CM]

March 13th Berkshire CW
I had a look at the Foudry Brook in south Reading today, in case the Banded Demoiselles were going to be earlier than ever. As yet there's little bankside vegetation growth, and the brook is only now approaching normal level after dropping a couple of feet from recent flooding.
Surprisingly, the first of the year was a teneral male Common Blue Damselfly. To mark this strange event, its photo is at
A second teneral took off vertically nearby, landing on a narrow strip of vegetation beside a dual carriageway. I didn't investigate for fear of it's moving into traffic, so that one's unidentified.

March 11th Hampshire DR
What may be of interest is I had a sighting of an unidentified teneral damselfly seen rising into trees by the ponds at Embley Wood Hampshire on 11th March.

March 28th Jersey, C.I. RPr
St. Catherines,Jersey C.I. One Beautiful Demoiselle Fm. This is the earlest I've seen a Demoiselle.

March 28th Devon DSm
The first report of a Large Red Damselfly emerging in Devon was from Robin Khan at Little Bradley Ponds today.

April 6th Berkshire AD
As with many sites no doubt, this beautiful Easter weather has got the Large Red Damselflies emerging at Ali's Pond LNR in Sonning, Berks, today Fri 6th April. Hurray the season is up and flying !

April 7th Norfolk PT
First Large Red Damselfly of the year from my garden pond today. Haven't(yet) had any other reports from Norfolk.

April 14th Devon DSm
In addition to lots of Large Red Damselflies (including 50+ exuviae) at Stover CP today, there was a chaser emerging in mid-afternoon. But a word of caution for those of you keen to see the first Broad-bodied (and especially if you are under 16 and hoping to win a free robotic dragonfly - see and the lack of colour and pattern associated with mature adults makes identification of emergents tricky. Fortunately, sufficient colour was visible before it flew at 4.10pm, including eventually the diagnostic nodal spots of a Four-spotted Chaser - my earliest by nearly a month!

April 15th Lancs. CPA
I've just come back from Hurst Grange Park, Penwortham. 3 Large Red tenerals (from three different ponds). As far as I know, these are the first sightings in Lancashire this year.

April 15th Montgomery MW
Teneral Large Red Damselfly seen on the towpath of the Montgomeryshire Canal near Four Crosses. This is the earliest first date for the Large Reds in Montgomeryshire so far the previous earliest record being made on 24th April in 2005.

April 15th W. Yorks JW
Johnny Browns Common, West Yorkshire. A single Large Red Damselfly at Clayworth's ponds this afternoon.

April 15th W. Sussex AW
I visited a new site for me today, Dry Pond in Horsham, West Sussex (TQ 199 307) and was pleased to see a Large Red damsel emerging and several exuviae in the vegetation. Images can be seen here :- and here :-

April 14th Cumbria LS
The first Large Red Damselflies of the year were on the wing on the 14th April, at Watchtree Nature Reserve, Gt. Orton, Carlisle, Cumbria.

April 11th Wiltshire SC
Submitted a bit late; the first odonata record for 2oo7 for Wilts was of a teneral Large Red Damselfly on 11th April. This is 5 days earlier than the previous earliest for the county. This was found by me at the shallow lake in Chippenham where Red-veined Darters bred 3 years ago. 10+ were seen there on Saturday and one was found in Cotswold Water Park this morning. No other species yet.

April 16th W. Sussex MikeF
Buchan Country Park, West Sussex. Several Large Red Damselflies around small pond in garden and small ponds in Nature Area.

April 17th Derbyshire JimA
After blanking at the weekend I found (probably) the county's first Large Red of the year at Stockley Ponds in the North East of the county. A pure fluke as I was only there to measure up for some fishing platforms and hadn't even thought about looking for damsels when the teneral nymphula fluttered up in front of me. I think this is the earliest date on record for Derbyshire.

April 17th Northants. MT
Teneral Large Red Damselflies emerging along the River Ise at Burton Latimer today. About 10 days earlier than last year.

April 16th Gwent (Monmouth.) WRJ
Large Red Damselfly seen at the Newport Wetlands NNR today, this is my earliest personal record for this species in South Wales.

April 8th-14th W. Sussex NC
I've seen at least 5 or 6 Azure Damselflies down in West Sussex, near the Coombes Road in the Adur Valley. I spotted one on the 8th April, then managed to find less camera shy ones on the 11th + 14th. They all have red on the eyes,which I've not seen before ... but I'm guessing it might turn black once they're fully matured?

April 17th E. Yorks. PA
3 Large Red Damselflies at Tophill Low on 17th kick started the season, seven days earlier than the previous best date. However this was eclipsed by an incredible 81 at Skipwith Common on 18th.

April 18th Surrey FK
Pristine golden-yellow female resting on downland vegetation, Pewley Down, Guildford, 18.4.07. TQ008479

April 18th Shropshire CD
A possible sighting of the first teneral Large Red Damselfly at Attingham Park (Shropshire) was reported on 17th April, followed by a definite sighting on 18th April of a recently-emerged adult P. nymphula at the pond in the deer park.

April 16th-18th Glos. MJMcG
The first Large Red Damselfly had emerged at WWT Slimbridge on 16th April with 30+ in one short stretch of ditch alone on 18th April.

April 17th Hampshire CB
Totton near Southampton in Hampshire: Created a new pond last March 06 and had first dragonfly emergence on 17th April 07. Teneral Broad-bodied Chaser seen flying away from pond area and immediately taken by a Robin! Exuvia later found in the long grass around the pond. Obviously on a 1 yr cycle and also quite early?

April 18th Hampshire GP
1 male Hairy Dragonfly in a garden of a house in the Ridgeway, Pennington, Lymington, Hants. OS 959324. mid morning today 18.4.07, resting on a shrub. Sorry no photo didnt have camera with me. BDS member 49337.

April 18th Surrey SE
Emergent Large Red Damselflies on Surrey Wildlife Trust Reserve - Nutfield Marsh, Surrey. 18.0.07

April 14th-19th Berkshire JWS
Three species were seen today at sites in Swinley Forest, Bracknell. A Four-spotted Chaser was flying around a sunny glade near Mill Ride. Colouration and strong flight suggested it had emerged some days ago, but location about 100 metres from water probably indicate it was not fully mature. Two immature Broad-bodied Chasers, still exhibiting bright yellow colouration, were observed at the Embankment, a new site created in the past couple of years. There were also 4 mature male Large Red Damselflies on the ditch at the Embankment. Teneral LRDs were seen at Mill Ride and the Embankment. On the 15th a mature LRD had flown through our garden, presumably from the neighbour's pond, and on 17th April teneral LRDs were present at Crowthorne Woods (on the bog and pond) and at Swinley Brick Pits.

April 19th Northants. MT
The Hairy Dragonfly is the second species to appear in Northants, with emerging adults recorded at Ditchford Lakes LNR. No Large Reds yet at Ditchford, although they have been recorded from two other sites so far.

April 19th Devon AJ
There was a blue tailed damselfly at the Met Office headquarters in Exeter, Devon today. This is the earliest I've ever seen this species anywhere in the country.

April 19th W. Sussex JZ
Have spotted around 10 red damselflies on the river Adur near Bramber West Sussex today 19 April one pair mating. I took some photographs and these show light yellow/green eyes is this due to being immature?

April 18th Jersey, C.I. RPr
St.Ouen, Jersey, C.I. 18/04/07,nine Blue-tailed Damselflies, earlier than usual.

April 18th N. Ireland IR
Martin Smith reports "a nice reddish damselfly", which can only be the Large Red Damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula, at Peatlands Park, North Armagh, on 18th April.

April 19th Glos. IT
The first sightings today (19 April) of Hairy Dragonfly at Frampton, one emerging from a ditch and another teneral male, easily identified as it settled for a short while. Also 30 to 40 Large Red Damselflies present all along the vegetation bounding the ditches.

April 19th Leics. SH
8+ Large Red Damselflies were recorded today at Priory Water, getting the Leicestershire Odonata season underway.

April 19th Wilts. SC
First Wilts anisoptera of the year today [unless anyone knows different!] a teneral male Broad-bodied Chaser by the River Biss and adjacent balancing pond at Yarnbrook near Trowbridge.

April 19th Cambs. PL
First red damselfly emerged today in my pond, April 19th. I have a raised net over the pond and it couldnt get out, so I think it is the very first. Pond is 8 miles SE of Cambridge.

April 19th Kent IC
Thought you might be interested to hear that I found an Azure damselfly and a female Hairy dragonfly yesterday (19th April) at Shorne in North Kent. Grid Ref TQ6973.

April 20th/21st W. Midlands PLe
Yesterday we had one and today another Azure Damselfly emerge from our pond in Solihull, W.Mids. This pond is 3x1m and last year produced in excess of 700 Azures, a small number of Large Reds, about 10 Southern Hawker dragonflies, and 20+ Common Darter dragonflies. Broad Bodied Chasers were also seen around the pond, maybe they laid?

April 18th/20th Gwent IS
Hairy Dragonfly flying at Newport Wetlands Reserve, Gwent on 20th April - Kevin Dupe
Large Red Damselflies emerging in Monmouth pond on 18th about three weeks earlier than recent years - Ian Smith

April 21st London MH
London Wetland Centre, Barnes: Several pairs Large Red in tandem and ovipositing plus other singles, several Azure and one Blue-tailed damselfly.

April 21st-22nd E. Sussex VicD
Whilst conducting general survey in Friston Forest (21st), encountered a pristine male Brachytron pratense. The sheltered sunny rides of the forest are always considered good maturation sites for Anisoptera, but normally a lot later in the year!
Also on 22nd, four pairs of Pyrrhosoma nymphula laying at Winchester's Pond on Lullington Heath NNR!

April 22nd Berkshire CMcE
2 Immature Common Blue Damselflies found this morning in the Bramble Scrub at the east end of Moatlands Gravel Pit (between Reading and Theale). Also Immature male Banded Demoiselle on the track which runds behind the M4 Eastbound Services from Mill Lane.

April 22nd Sussex PLi
A large red damselfly feeding on freshly hatched flies
in a Haywards Heath town garden (Sussex).

April 21st/22nd Somerset/Dorset JT
Plenty of Hairy Dragonflies on the wing at Shapwick Heath NNR this afternoon (22/4). The first were seen over a week ago (I saw one briefly on 15th, but the first report I have seen was two or three days before that). Also Large Red and Azure Damsels, and a single teneral Red-eyed Damselfly.
A Broad-bodied Chaser was in Top Fields at Portland Bill yesterday (21st).

April 15th-17th Norfolk BP
On holiday at Catfield Norfolk last week saw hairy dragonfly on 17th and lots of large red damselflies from the 15th.

April 22nd Kent SBB
Cromers Wood - Sittingbourne - Kent: Male Hairy Dragonfly seen resting in trees, around 50 metres from small pond – 22nd April

April 22nd-23rd Essex RG
22/4/07: Two large red damselfies at Pound Wood, three at Thundersley Glen and one on garden pond, Leigh-on-Sea - earliest personal records for the area by six days.
23/4/07: Single blue-tailed damselfly at Meadowfield Nature Study Centre, Hockley - also earliest personal record for species.

April 18th/20th Devon PB
Some very early records of beautiful demoiselle - Bovey Tracey Devon, first seen on the 20th April!! Very hot south facing bank alongside small shallow fast flowing stream.
Large red damsels at Stover Country Park 18th April.

April 22nd Surrey SR
Two very early sightings along River Thames/Mole at Thames Ditton (Surrey) on Sunday 22nd April. Weather clear and fine, little wind, probably around 21C. 2 banded demoiselles (males) and 1 broad bodied chaser.

April 24th N. Yorks. SGo
A single Large Red at a garden pond in Harrogate. Probably wishing it had picked a warmer day to emerge!

April 24th London MH
One male Banded Demoiselle flying over the River Wandle in King George's Park, Wandsworth, London SW18 (approx TQ256732) this lunchtime 24 April 2007

April 24th Essex RG
Meadowfield Nature Study Centre, Hockley: Tandem pair of azure damselfly - another earliest personal record.

April 24th Norfolk SS
Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk, warm and sunny: 3 Hairy Dragonflies and 2 Large Red Damselflies. Also Hobby and Marsh Harriers.

April 22nd Monmouth. IDS
Large Red Damselfly at new pond in small Chepstow garden, landing on wet white gloss painted plank, before being rescued! - K. Stinchcombe.

April 25th Essex RG
Meadowfield Nature Study Centre: Male broad-bodied chaser (earlier than usual).

April 25th Derbys. JimA
First reported Blue-Tailed Damsel along with ten Large Reds at Poulter Country Park nr Langwith in north east of county.

April 25th Leics. NW
20+ teneral and 1 adult( male) Variable Damselflies seen on 25 April to the east of Jericho Bridge on the Grantham Canal at Barkestone le Vale in Leicestershire.

April 25th Berkshire CW
Common Club-tails were emerging from the Thames at Reading today, with 2 males and a female about 1 km upstream of Caversham Bridge at noon, still very pale in colour. Later, at 3pm, 6 in full immature colouring were downstream near Tesco's, looking almost ready to fly.

April 21st/26th Oxon./Essex TC
April 21st, Oxfordshire: Whilst travelling last weekend stopped to view the ponds at Minster Lovell, Oxon.
Found 2 Azure Damselfiles, and about 10 Large Red Damselflies.
April 26th Essex: A Four Spotted Chaser and 4 Large Red Damselflies emerged from the pond in the Wildlife garden, Writtle College,nr Chelmsford, Essex.

April 17th/22nd Bucks. AN
Bucks reports to date, at last the season has started. Large Red 17th April at HESC North Bucks Paul Moon and Tony Frost
Azure at Walton Lake North Bucks on the 22nd April Graeme Walker.
I have been looking on many sites and to date only these two species have been reported.

April 26th Staffs. CJ
First trip to Park Hall Country Park, North Staffordshire. Teneral Large Red Damselfly at ponds near to golf course. Past the quarry, second adult Large Red, alighting on my cap whilst trying to photograph it! April 26th.

April 26th Northants. MT
I visited Wilson's Pits today and came across teneral Common Blue, Azure and a few Red-eyed Damselflies. Also, a single Hairy Dragonfly and many Blue-tails. The County total so far is 6 species, which is incredible for April!.

April 26th Monmouth. WRJ
Gwent (Monmouthshire) 26th April - Hairy Dragonfly at Newport Wetlands NNR this morning with a pair of Hobby in near vicinity. Also Hairy Dragonfly, Large Red Damselfly and several immature Azure Damselfly seen at Goldcliff in the afternoon.

April 27th I.O.W. ER
Today I saw one blue-tailed damselfly at Yarmouth and four beautiful demoiselles (two females and two immature males) at Shalfleet.

April 28th Cambs. GHB
Teneral hairy dragonfly at Woodwalton fen NNR

April 28th Lancs. CPA
Today I spotted three Large Red and two Azure Damselflies at Mere Sands Wood. These are the first Azures I have seen this year. I haven't heard of any other sightings in Lancashire yet.

April 27th Hampshire RL
Shortheath Common Nature Reserve, Hants: single Downy Emerald Dragonfly and Club Tailed Dragonfly seen on the Heathland surrounding the pond in the afternoon. Around the pond 10 Large Red Damselfies along with 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies.

April 27th/28th Dorset ABr
27th April at Bourne Valley, Bournemouth, Dorset I saw 10 Banded Demoiselle males, I teneral male (dark navy blue colour and not metallic!) and 3 females.
28th April saw a single male azure damselfly at Corfe Mullen Meadow, Dorset

April 28th Berkshire JWS
At Swinley Brick Pits, between Bracknell and Ascot, 5 species today. Cool breeze took the edge off otherwise excellent conditions. Three mature Downy Emeralds, 2 holding territory over water, 1 flying about in a ride; two mature male Broad-bodied Chasers; four Four-spotted Chasers, 2 matures and 2 teneral; 50+ Large Red Damsels, including 5 pairs, 1 set ovipositing; and a teneral female Azure Damsel.

April 28th Sussex RL
Lords Piece NR, Coates Common, Petworth, Sussex: Visited the pond today saw 10 Large Red Damselflies plus two male Broad-bodied Chasers. No females seen despite looking on the heath.

April 28th Hampshire B&CW
Libellula quadrimaculata flying (1 adult) and 1 exuvium at Ruffs Pond, Bordon, Hants 28/04/2007
Libellula depressa flying 1 female adult The Haywain garden pond (sent to BBC recording network) 28/04/2007
also 56 Large Red damselfly pairs in tandem at Ruffs Pond 28/04/2007

April 28th E. Yorks. PA
Unprecedented emergences at Tophill Low with 459 Large Red Damselflies present. Four further species also making their first April emergences, some beating previous best dates by nearly three weeks:- 63 Azure Damselfly, 4 Common Blue Damselfly, 5 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 1 Four-spotted Chaser.

April 28th Essex RG
Hadleigh Castle Country Park: Two male hairy dragonfly, several blue-tailed damselfly and a pair of tandem large red damselfly.

April 28th Surrey ROM
I went to Thursley, Surrey, this morning and was delighted to see two Downy Emerald patrolling the edges of the Moat Pond and also another Downy Emerald which settled on an outside branch of one of the conifers near to Moat Pond. I was able to take a number of photographs of these. There were also good numbers of 4-Spotted chasers and Large Red Damselflies around the bog and ponds of the NNR, a good sign considering the extent of last years fire. Two Hobbies were also observed searching for prey.

April 29th Lancs. CPA
A total of 13 teneral and 2 mature Large Red Damselflies, and 1 teneral Azure Damselfly at Hurst Grange Park, Penwortham, today.

April 29th Notts. SJe
During a walk along the River Trent at Colwick park this evening 29/4/07 I saw 4 male and 8 female Banded Demoiselle. This seems to be very early for this part of the country.

April 30th Wiltshire SC
An afternoon visit to Lower Moor Farm and Swillbrook Lakes produced 5 species of damselfly and one dragonfly. The most amazing sighting was of thousands [10,000+] of Common Blue Damselflies emerging all around the perimeter of Mallard Lake at Lower Moor Farm. This lake is renowned for it's 'fly' hatch [it's a well known Trout fly fishing lake] but this was spectacular. There were also mature individuals including several in tandem. Other species: Azure [50+]; Large Red [20+ incl. mature]; Blue-tailed [20+ incl. mature]; Red-eyed [20+ all appearing to be teneral males]. Four-spotted Chaser [7 incl. one just emerged from exuvia].
There were also 2 Hobbies taking advantage of this bounty!
This brings the county total to an unprecedented 8 species before the end of April with possibly Scarce Chaser and Beautiful Demoiselle to add to the list. What an amazing start to the season!

April 28th Inverness-shire SCc
First sighting of teneral Large Red Damselflies in Garten Wood ponds near Boat of Garten on Saturday 28th April. At least 8 recently emerged Large reds spotted and several more mature Large reds active over the pond and spotted 2 large reds in final stage of emergence. Also saw a terenal Four-spotted Chaser at the site which is a very early record for the Cairngorms.

April 30th Berkshire MTu
5 immature Common Clubtail in vegetation on edge of R Thames at Reading (by Tesco's). Also 1 female banded demoiselle and a possible female beautiful demoiselle.

April 30th Surrey ABa
In the Parkgate area of Surrey TQ2043 the following were
observed today 30/04/07 :- male Beautiful Demosille, male Common Blue Damselfly, male Blue Tailed Damselfly and several Large Red Damselflies.

April 25th Monmouth. IDS
25th April late PM, Penallt, south of Monmouth Town in the Vice County of Monmouthshire. Female Broad-bodied Chaser seen by Ian Rabjohns.

April 29th Suffolk HC
A new site for us at Lakenheath Fen RSPB, just near the station. Good numbers of fully coloured Large Red Damselflies, mostly male, rather less Azure Damselflies, and quite a few Blue-Tailed Damselflies, with tenerals of all sorts. Also saw ~10 Hairy Dragonfly males and females, and a newly emerged Four-Spotted Chaser. A good site, many new ponds, and Golden Oriole too !

April 30th Devon NP
Teneral black-tailed skimmer this morning along Exeter Canal, (near south west water buildings), Devon

April 30th Berkshire AD
A quick check of the wet grasslands at Thames Valley Park Nature Reserve near Sonning in Berks, revealed Four-spotted Chaser, Banded Demoiselle, Common Blue Damselfly, Azure Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly today 1st May. These are all earliest dates for these species for me in 11 years of recording at this site.

May 1st Wiltshire SC
Well, after my message of yesterday I visited the Bybrook near Castle Coombe and saw 20 Beautiful Demoiselles. Some of these were semi mature so I can safely add another to the April list making it 9 for Wilts. Sadly, no Scarce Chasers on the Bristol Avon yet - shouldn't be long though.

April 24th Hampshire DTh
24 April 2007. There were 2 males and a female Southern Damselfly on the Upper Peaked Hill Stream, New Forest Hampshire.

April 28th Cambs. M&NE
Five species out at Fen Drayton Gravel Pits, Cambridgeshire on the 28th April: Hairy Dragonfly (2), and Variable (3+), Azure (5+), Blue-tailed (20+) and Common Blue (50+) Damselflies.

April 28th/May 1st Bucks. GW
28/04/07 A pleasant afternoon spent at HESC, Milton Keynes. 6 Hairy dragonflies including a female ovipositing, 1 female Broad Bodied Chaser, plus Large Red, Azure and Blue Tailed Damselflies.
01/05/07 My wife reported a mature male Hairy dragonfly present in our garden at lunch-time, plus a teneral one snatched by a sparrow. She's still in counselling. Unfortunately I can't find any exuvia to prove it is from our pond.

May 1st Gwent WRJ
River Usk, May 1st; Three female and one male Broad-bodied Chasers seen, plus 30+ Beautiful Demoiselle, 5 Large Red Damselfly and 6 Azure Damselfly.

May 1st N. Ireland IR
After seeing at least 2, possibly 3, Large Red Damselflies Pyrrhosoma nymphula at Milford Railway Cutting near Armagh today (1st May) I saw a Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense), probably a male, at the edge of a wood at Carganamuck near Armagh later in the afternoon.

April 30th/May 1st Hampshire R&CM
My wife and I witnessed the emergence of two Emperor dragonflies from our Wickham, Hampshire pond in the latter hours of the 30th April followed by one more during the next day and four more on the night of the 1st May. It's certainly early for our pond. Last year they emerged on the 23rd June, although the factor there could be that the pond was only put in in July 2005.

May 1st Kent IC
20+ Hairy Dragonflies, 1 immature male Broad-bodied Chaser, possibly 2 Brown Hawkers (although I'm not 100% certain on those, it seems very early). Also 500+ Azure damselflies and 100+ Blue-tailed damsels. All on Shorne Marshes, North Kent.

May 1st Surrey SCh
A number of Cordulia on Moat Pond at Thursley on 1st May. They were holding territory so must have emerged at least one week earlier. Also quads, elegans. Loads of P.nymphula ovipositing.

May 1st/2nd Lancs. DMcG
Here are the first Odonata records for 2007 from Blackpool, Lancs.
1st may - Large Red Damselfly in my Bispham garden
2nd May - Blue Tailed damselfly around the Heron's Reach footpath.

April 21st/May 1st Cumbria IB
First large red damsels at Foulshaw Moss on 21/22 April.
1st May down to a regular site at Hale Moss, South Cumbria to see if large reds had emerged - at least 23 pairs with another 4/5 spare males and several tenerals. But more surprising a couple of four-spot chasers; a single azure blue damsel and 2/3 blue-tailed damsel - most of these sightings some 60 to 150 metres from the pond.

April 29th Cambs. MP/SP
Wicken Fen 29 April: Dipping Ponds 7/8 Four Spotted Chasers, (7/8 Exuvia Collected) Large Red Damselfly 3/4, Blue Tailed Damselfly 3/4. From Vistor Centre to Brick Pit Ponds: Hairy Dragonfly 2/3, Large Red Damselfly 4/5 Blue Tailed Damselfly 4/5 Azure Damselfly in Cop and single.

April 30th Glos. WJH
4 Four-Spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) Horcott Gravel Pit Lakes, SU149989, along a nettled path just north of Fairford airfield. (Gloucs) around 10.30

May 2nd Glamorgan WRJ
Parc Penallta: First sighting of Hairy Dragonfly from this location today, plus 3 Broad-bodied Chasers. Many Large Red Damselfly in tandem, plus Azure, Common Blue and also a few Blue-tailed Damselfly.

May 3rd W. Sussex JZ
Today Thursday spotted a broad boddied chaser at woods mill in west sussex at least i think it was i do have a photograph cold be a scarce chaser, hard to tell !!

May 1st Surrey SD
Single Azure damselfly, male and female banded demoiselles on vegetation along the Thames Path at Walton-on-Thames (seen on 1st May). Also half-dozen large red damselflies seen near the carpark at Walton Bridge.

May 3rd Sussex DK
Spotted today at least four Downy Emeralds at Buchan Country Park West Sussex. Grid ref: TQ 2334

May 3rd Lancs. JGi
Darcy Lever Gravel Pits Bolton lancs: First of the seasons Large Red Damselflies 50 + were observed on three of the ponds on the 29 th April and the first Azure Damsels were observed to-day 3rd May.

May 3rd Wilts. SC
Downy Emerald reported from Bentley Wood, East of Salisbury, today by Les Stride. The first for Wiltshire this year and the tenth species on the wing!

May 1st N. Wales ALa
I saw a male Beautiful Demoiselle in Bodnant Gardens, Snowdonia, North Wales on 1st May, by the bridge over the stream in the Dell.

May 4th N. Ireland IR
4th May was another warm sunny day in Co. Armagh. In the morning I was surprised to see a Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) in fields near my home at Portadown; this species used to occur up to about 1984 when a flooded quarry was filled in, but since then there has been no substantial water in the area.
In the afternoon I saw a male Hairy Dragonfly (Brachytron pratense) at Clare near Tandragee, North Armagh, while near a pond at Slieve Gullion Forest, South Armagh, there was another Four-spot Chaser and 2 Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula).

May 4th Surrey ROM
Wey Navigations/Riverside Park :- Good numbers of Banded Demoiselles and a few Beautiful Demoiselles along the canal. Some Large Red Damselflies and huge numbers of teneral Blue-tailed Damselflies around Stoke Lake suggesting a mass emergence that morning.

May 5th Devon R&CC
Bystock Pools, Exmouth, Devon: One emerging Downy Emerald, 3 male Hairy Dragonflies, 1 female Hairy Dragonfly ovipositing and Large Red Damselflies
Squabmoor Reservoir, Exmouth, Devon: 1 male Hairy Dragonfly and Large Red Damselflies

May 6th N. Ireland IR
Brian and Shirley Nelson (see, on a visit to Cullentra Lough near Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone (a good site for this species where it was first recorded in 1986) report seeing "several fully-coloured Crescent Bluet/Irish Damselfly Coenagrion lunulatum in the fields on the south side of the lake. This is easily the earliest ever Irish date I am aware of for this species (previous earliest 10 May in 1990), one I usually associate with June."

May 4th/5th Carmarthen. CJo
Two Four-spotted Chasers, 2/3 Hairy Dragonflies and several Blue-tailed Damselflies at the "Starfish" Pond in Pembrey Forest on May 4th. one Four-spotted Chaser, 4 Hairy Dragonflies and 10+ Azure Damselflies at the Millenium Wetlands of the National Wetland Centre Wales at Llanelli on May 5th.

May 5th/6th Essex/Suffolk TC
5th May; Wake valley pond, Epping Forest, Essex: After my last two visits in as many weeks had drawn a blank, Downy Emeralds were present today, although the weather was considerably cooler & overcast compared to the past couple of weeks. I arrived at 10.30am to find 5 exuviae climbing their way up some reeds. I also found 6 adults with their wings clasped, but no evuviae cases nearby. I suspect these had emerged maybe the day before & were resting before taking flight later in the day as the temperature raised. Two Hairy dragonfly exuviae were also found & dozens of Large Red & Blue tailed damselflies were on the wing.
6th May; River Stour, Stratford St Mary, Suffolk. Again a cool day with a strong wind. Very good numbers of Damselflies were present. 100+ Banded Demoiselles, 50+ Large Red Damselfly, 15+ Blue Tailed, 3 Azure,30+ teneral Red Eyed, & 1 very early teneral White Legged.

May 7th Devon R&CC
Little Bradley Ponds, Devon: 2 x Downy Emerald on the wing. Several freshly emerged Four-Spotted Chasers, Large Red Damselflies, Azure Damselflies, Blue Tailed Damselflies and Beautiful Demoiselles.

May 2nd Oxon. WCa
Club-tailed Dragonfly photographed at Aston Upthorpe SU544834 (near Goring-on-Thames) on 02/05/07. My husband and I saw two there while looking for butterflies.

May 9th Northants. DS
Recently emerged male Scarce Chaser on the River Nene near Thorpe Waterville in Northamptonshire, 9 May 2007 at around 13:00.

May 12th/14th Wilts. SC
12th: The first Scarce Chaser of the year was reported to me [with photo]. It was found by Shelley Powell at Conigre Meat Wilts Wildlife Trust reserve on Saturday 12th May. This reserve is adjacent to the Bristol Avon but has never had this species reported from there before. This is the furthest upstream that this species has been found - a small range expansion?
14th: The first White-legged Damselfly was found on the Bristol Avon today near Whaddon by Mike Hamzij. He also saw at least 9 very teneral Scarce Chasers with several of them pre-flight emergent. How will they cope with this continuing bad weather though?

May 14th N. Ireland IR
At Brackagh Bog NNR near Portadown, Co. Armagh, on 14th May there were a number (c. 20+) of blue damselflies; a male of both Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella) and Variable Damselfly (Coenagrion pulchellum) were definitely identified, and a teneral Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ischnura elegans). These are the first of these species I have identified in 2007 though 1 or 2 blue damselflies seen at Montiaghs Moss NNR, Co. Antrim, on 6th May were possibly Variable Damseflies. Also seen were several Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) and about 10 Four-spotted Chasers (Libellula quadrimaculata), the latter including a mating pair and an ovipositing females. Surprisingly no Hairy Dragonflies (Brachytron pratense) were seen though earlier on 14th I saw a male for the 2nd time this year at Clare Glen near Tandragee, Co. Armagh. On 13th 2 Large Red Damseflies were seen, 1 by Joe Devlin by the pond in the walled garden at Slieve Gullion Forest Park, and the other by both me and him in flushes above Killevy Castle, about a mile to the north, both in South Armagh.

May 13th Cambs. MR
13 May, several recently emerged Scarce Chasers in the rain near the entrance to Woodwalton Fen.

May 12th Staffs. GHM
Visit to Chartley Moss with Tim Beynon, Graham French and Kat Parkes in poor conditions gave us sightings of 2 or 3 Large Red Damselflies and approx. 5 White-faced Darters, some emerging at edge of pools and some on first or second flight with filmy wings.

May 10th/15th W. Mids PLe
Had a Common Darter on 10th, and today we watched our very first Broad Bodied Chaser (female), emerge from our pond giving us three dragonfly species (inc Southern Hawker), and two damselflies ( Large Red and Azure). Solihull

May 16th/17th Lancs. DMcG
Dragonfly sightings for 17th May in Blackpool, Lancs. - about 25 4-spotted Chasers along the Heron's Reach path between the end of Woodland Gardens and Dauntesy Avenue.
16th May - During pond repair works at Marton Mere LNR a single larva of Broad Bodied Chaser was found. Last year was the first year adults were seen at this site.

May 17th-18th Devon DSm
On 17th, 4 male Downy Emeralds were on territory at Little Brdley Ponds, but only one exuvia could be found. on the morning of the 18th I found 25 Scarce Chasers emerging along the Grand Western Canal - the first conclusive proof of breeding in the county, although the species has been present there for the last two years. Most emerged on Yellow Iris, right at the edge of the canal where there was a 2-3m belt of emergent vegetation, between Westcott and Ebear Bridges. Three Red-eyed Damselflies were also present on lilies, plus many Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies, fewer Common Blues and Beautiful Demoiselles.

May 18th Somerset CI
Male Banded Demoiselle seen on the Wellow Brook at Stony Littleton, Somerset. First sighting of 2007.

May 19th Devon HJE
Little Bradley Ponds, Devon: beautiful demoiselles, common blue damselflies, large red damselflies, azure damselflies, 2 four-spotted chasers, 1 female broad-bodied chaser, 1 male emperor.
Chudleigh Knighton Heath, Devon: 3 male broad-bodied chasers, 1 female broad-bodied chaser (ovipositing).

May 19th Berkshire JWS
At Wildmoor Heath, very windy and generally overcast, with brief sunny intervals. Little about. However, flushed immature Emperor Dragonfly from heather. Other sightings: singletons of Broad-bodied Chaser, Large Red Damsel and Azure Damsel over water.

May 2nd-6th Dorset/Hampshire MGi
An excellent year for odonata around our garden pond. On 2/5/07 three Broad-bodied Chasers had freshly emerged, one on the side of the pond by exuvia which later flew off. There were also 2 pairs of Large Red Damselflies egg laying and one or 2 Azures. On 3rd May another Broad Bodied Chaser flew up to our buddliea to dry it's wings with a male Banded Demoiselle nearby. I also saw my first Scarce Chaser of the year nearer the house around 13.15. I live between the River Stour and Avon at Christchurch Dorset and this species is a regular garden visitor, but this was a really early record early for here.
At Titchfield Haven, Hampshire on 6th I saw 8 - 10 Hairy Dragonflies, 3 or 4 females egg laying. These were on the wing until 18.30. I also saw one Downy Emerald here.

May 19th Dorset MGi
I saw my first 3 White-legged Damselflies today (19/5/07), 1 pale blue male (not fully mature and 2 creamy buff tenerals). These were in the meadow area of my Christchurch garden near the River Stour and were present all day. Also seen were 2 Common Blue, 4 Azure and 6 Large Red Damselflies. All were photographed and videoed.

May 20th Staffs. CJ
20th May, 3 or more Common Blue Damselfly, single Banded Demoiselle at Staffordshire University Nature Reserve, alongside River Trent.

May 19th/20th Essex MA
May 19th: River Chelmer/Blackwater, Langford, Maldon Golf Club. Early pm, Found about 15 Hairy dragonflies.Males flying over water & several females/tenerals in the long grass of the meadow. 2 freshly emerged Scarce chasers on nettles. Lots of smalls, including good numbers of WLD & Large Red eyed, including pairs in tandem.
Roman River, Layer De La Haye, nr Colchester, late pm. 30+ Beautiful Demoiselles. Only found 2 Banded Demoiselles though.
May 20th: Visited the wildlife pond at Writtle college around 9.30am to find over 20 Emperors had emerged & flown since the same time yesterday when i visited,when no sign of exuviae. Two however had not made their maiden flight & I checked back several times over the next hour or so before they did. Two Quads & a Broad Bodied Chaser visited the pond during this time.
Ashlyns Organic farm reservoir,nr North Weald, late pm. The water & surrounding bankside vegetation was alive with hundreds of Common Blue Damselflies.Good numbers also of Large Reds & Azures. Also flushed out an very early fresh teneral Blacked Tailed Skimmer, from bankside vegetation.

May 21st Hampshire RL
Shortheath Common: Visited site this afternoon warm sunny intervals saw 5 Broad-bodied Chasers all female interestingly found no males. Numerous Downey Emeralds present, 3 Four Spotted Chasers, 3 Emperor Dragonflies, 2 immature female black-tailed skimmers. Numerous Damselflies including the Red-eyed, Large Red, Blue tailed, Common Blue etc.

May 21st Wilts. SC
First Black-tailed Skimmers of the year seen. 12+ very teneral at Mallard Lake, Lower Moor Farm, Cotswold Water Park. Exuviae collected. Also 2 male Downy Emeralds there holding territory.

May 14th Inner Hebrides AL
Large Red Damselfly on Coll. First one of year seen at Totronald on 14 May.

May 20th Northants. CE
Three White legged Damselfly were noted on the R Tove at Cappenham Bridge Towcester on Sunday 20th May.

May 22nd Staffs. CJ
River Trent, from Stoke Town Centre to Hanford, 1 Blue-tailed, 8 Banded Demoiselle male, 2 Banded Demoiselle female within 1/4 mile stretch.

May 20th-22nd N. Ireland IR
I saw 3 male Irish Damselflies at Montiaghs Moss NNR near Aghalee, Co. Antrim, on 20th May, along with 2 male and at least 1 female Hairy Dragonflies, a number of Large Red Damselflies, Four-spot Chasers and Variable Damselfly.
On the same day Peter Doyle saw at least 20 Irish Damselflies (though he says there could have been up to 60) at Cullentra Lake near Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone, along with 6+ Four-spot Chasers, at least 1 male and 1 female hairy Dragonfly, Blue-tailed and Variable Damselflies.
On 22nd May David Nixon and Ted Rolston visited Montiaghs Moss NNR and reported 24 Irish Damselflies, 2 male Hairy Dragonflies, and many Four-spot Chasers, Variable and Large Red Damselflies.

May 22nd E. Yorks. PA
Variable Damselfly, a new species for Yorkshire. After a late tentative record in 2006, this species has now been confirmed as being present in Yorkshire, 60+ were observed at Broomfleet Washlands (SE868282) in East Yorkshire. Several photographs are now viewable on the East Riding Dragonflies website.

May 20th/23rd Devon DSm
A further 34 Scarce Chasers emerged from a 200m section of the Grand Western Canal at Westcott on 20th, when one of the ponds at Braunton Burrows NNR had Emperor, Black-tailed Skimmer, Four-spotted and Broad-bodied Chasers, and small numbers of Common Blue and Large Red Damselflies. On 23rd, the first Keeled Skimmer was seen at Haldon and Golden-ringed at Stover (Ron Champion). (The earliest Golden-ringed was also at Stover on 4th May.)

May 23rd Surrey ROM
Thursley Moat pond, sitting amongst waterside plants with its exuvia, a female Brilliant Emerald (Somatochlora metallica) which had emerged earlier in the morning and which was soon to fly into nearby trees. Also Male Keeled Skimmer seen and photographed near Pudmore pond on Thursley SSSI.

May 23rd N. Ireland IR
I met Chris Maguigan from Scotland who had come over with the aim of seeing Irish Damselfly at Montiaghs NNR near Aghalee, Co. Antrim. We were successful in seeing this species (3 males). Other Odonata seen were Hairy Dragonfly (1 or 2 males), Variable Damselfly (many males, and 2 female caught), Large Red Damselfly (2), Azure Damselfly (1 male), Four-spot Chaser (1 adult and 1 exuvia seen on vegetation by a pond).

May 24th London SD
On 24th May at Hampton Wick Pond (in Home Park), male emperor dragonfly was seen patrolling the edge of the pond. Also half-dozen newly emerged dragonflies were seen flying up into the trees but were too quick for me to identify! There is a huge amount of damselflies on the pond this year - mostly blue-tailed, common blue and red-eyed. Also a few male and female banded demoiselles have been seen in the last couple of days.

May 1st Kent GavinH
1 female Broad-bodied Chaser in East Blean Woods (recorded on BDS online survey); 6x male & 2 female Hairy Dragonflies, 2 male & 1 female Blue-tailed Damselflies & 1 female Variable Damselfly on Chislet Marshes (TR2365)

May 13th/20th London (Surrey VC) GavinH
13th May: 4 male Large Red Damselflies, & 2 male Azure Damselflies in Croydon Crematorium Memorial Garden (TQ3067)
20th May: 2 female Black-tailed Skimmers 15m from water’s edge at Beddington Sewage Farm, London Borough of Sutton. Several female Azure Damselflies also present on nettle, well away from water (TQ2866)

May 23rd Oxon. WJH
109 Banded Demoiselle River Cole Oxfordshire 7.00-9.00 am. Calopteryx splendens 75 males 34 females total counted along 4km stretch in wet grassland edges. SU234935-SU209974.

May 24th Wilts. SC
I visited Chippenham Lake where I found mature, territory holding Black-tailed Skimmers and a patrolling Emperor. All obviously emerged some days ago again making for very early county records. Scarce Chaser from yet another new location, this time in East Melksham - the furthest North and East they have yet been found in the county. Also Beautiful Demoiselle at a new site - on the Bristol Avon at Whaddon.

May 24th Devon R&CC
Upham Farm Fishing Lakes, near Farringdon, Devon: I decided to make a visit here to see what was about and found good numbers of large reds and azures. Also saw a few blue-tailed and my first emperor of the year.

May 19th Norfolk ABn
I have seen on 19-5-07 a Scarce Chaser in Narborough, Norfolk. Its the 1st time I have seen this away from South Norfolk.

May 26th Norfolk CPA
Whilst on holiday in Norfolk, we visited Thompson's Common. The weather was poor, and we only saw two damselflies, 1 male Azure, and one early female Emerald.

May 25th Norfolk J&JR
We observed male Broad-bodied Chaser on two occasions around our large natural pond this week (Downham Market). This is the first sighting in this garden after 25 years residence and so early!!! Was seen settling on grasses and other plants around our pond.

May 25th Surrey KT
Two exuviae of male Southern Hawkers were found on the Iris leaves in our garden pond this morning. This is about three weeks earlier than last year.

May 28th N. Ireland IR
I found a teneral female Common Darter Sympetrum striolatum beside a couple of small shallow ponds at Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh, today (28th May). This is I believe the earliest record for Northern Ireland (the earliest I have seen it previously was 2 in North Armagh on 8th June 1986, interestingly after a very cool spring), although recorded on 10th May 2003 (Nelson & Thompson 2004). I also saw 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies, 3 Azure Damselflies and about 6 Four-spotted Chasers in the Peatlands Park area, including a pair of Azures ovipositing in the same pond where the Common Darter was seen.
On the River Bann a few hundred yards south of Dynes Bridge near Portadown (Co. Armagh/Down) I saw about 4 female and 3 male Banded Damselflies Calopteryx splendens; a few hundred yards south of this (which would definitely have been in Co. Down) there was another female Banded Damselfly and 2 male Coenagrion species, of which was caught and found to be an Azure Damsefly.

May 25th Hampshire GHo
Just spent a week on holiday in the New Forest and visited Mill Lawn Brook, Burley on 25 May where the following species were recorded. 20+ Beautiful Demoiselle, 10+ Large Red Damselfly, 1 female aurantiaca phase Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly, 30+ Southern Damselfly, 10+ Azure Damselfly, 6 Small Red Damselfly (a little early?) and 6 Broad-bodied Chaser.

May 20th/24th W. Berkshire AEDH
Greenham Common 20 May 2007: Male Downy Emerald patrolling pond east of Control tower car park. First record for reserve as far as warden is aware. Also multi emergence of Emperors. Several flew during visit and 35 exuviae collected/counted. Also present: Broad-bodied Chaser, Four-spotted Chaser, and Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue and Red-eyed Damselflies (latter most common species).
Padworth Common 24 May 2007: Superb male Downy Emerald seen at pond c200m west of car park. Excellent views of it settled on bush. Probably new for reserve. Also present: Broad-bodied Chaser, Four-spotted Chaser and Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue and Large Red Damselflies (Beautiful Demoiselle seen here on 18 May).
Thatcham lakes and reedbeds 24 May 2007: Odonata survey: Eight species found: Four-spotted Chaser, Red-eyed, Common Blue, Azure, Blue tailed and Large Red Damselflies and Beautiful and Banded Demoiselles (good numbers of latter).

May 31st Lancs. JGi
Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton: First Male Broad Bodied Chaser of the season was observed on the Gravel Pits [Pond 5] to-day 31st May.

May 24th Berkshire JWS
Visited two sites in Swinley Forest, south of Bracknell, under cloudy conditions with brief sunny intervals. At The Embankment it was a surprise to find 2 teneral Keeled Skimmers, beating my previous earliest sighting for this species (obtained last year on 8th June) by over a fortnight. Other species recorded there were Four-spotted Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser, Azure and Large Red Damselflies. At Mill Pond 5 Downy Emeralds, 1 Emperor, 2 Four-spotted Chasers (including an ovipositing female), and several Azure and Large Red Damselflies were on the wing.

June 1st Lancs. JGi
Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton: The First Four Spotted Chaser and Blue Tailed Damsels were observed on the Gravel Pit Ponds on the 1st of June.

June 1st N. Ireland IR
I saw 4 male Irish Damselflies at Drumnahavil Bog (aka Drumcarn ASSI) near Keady, Co. Armagh; see this afternoon (1st June). Weather was bright at times but with periods of cloud and rather breezy; I suspect there may have been more around some of the larger pools. This is the first time I have seen it in Co. Armagh this year, though it has also been seen in Co. Tyrone (on 5th May) and Co. Antrim. Also seen was an immature Common Darter (surprisingly early at this somewhat elevated site, though I had seen 1 on 28th May at Peatlands Park, Co. Armagh). Also seen were 2 Four-spot Chasers, a Blue-tailed Damselfly and a few Variable Damselflies.
At Straghans Lake a few miles away there was a Common Blue damselfly, a Large Red Damselfly and a few Variable Damselflies.

June 1st C. I. RPr
St.Catherines Jersey C.I. Two male Emperor dragonflies and one female Black-tailed Skimmer,and a female Emperor at Noirmont, forty-seven Beautiful Demoiselles plus eleven Azure and nine Blue-tailed damsels.

June 1st/2nd Cheshire DK
A sighting by Harry Davies of a single teneral female White-legged Damselfly alongside the River Dee above Farndon on June 1st was the first ever for Cheshire and led to a visit on June 2nd where I was able to see at least 25 individuals in varying stages of maturity. It appears that this species has made the jump from the Severn to the Dee and is becoming established in Cheshire.
More details and images on the Cheshire Odonata website:

June 2nd Suffolk TC
Arrived to park my car by the railway crossing, for North Cove (Nr Lowerstoft), Suffolk wildlife trust reserve & was plesantly suprised to find at least 10 Norfolk Hawkers feeding in this warm sunny sheltered spot. The list for this reserve included at least 20 Norfolk Hawker, 3 Hairy, 2 Scarce Chaser, 2 Quads, 3 Black Tailed Skimmers. Good numbers of Common blue, Blue tailed, Azure, & Large Red Damselflies.
Later walked down to the river Waveney, adjoining Castle Marshes. Very disappointed to find only 2 Banded Demoiselles & 3 Scarce Chasers along a mile stretch I walked, which in previous years has been rich in these species. Not sure if this is anything to do with the recent bank/wall improvement work that has taken place. Would be interesting to see if there is an improvement on these species numbers in a couple of weeks time. Blue Tailed Damselflies were found in good numbers, with a handful of Azure, 1 Red eyed & 1 Emerald Damselfly.

June 3rd Lancs. MP
I was out for a walk this afternoon at Brock Bottoms, Nr Claughton, Lancashire this afternoon (3rd June) when to my surprise I came across a lone male Banded Demoiselle. We parked at the Brock Bottoms Picnic Site and came across the Demoiselle near to the narrow footbridge just before the ruins of old Brock Bottoms Mill & cottages. We observed it for a good ten minutes, but were unable to find any others.

June 2nd Sussex JL
12 Red-veined Darters found initially by Keith Noble on Saturday June 2nd. I went there today with my wife and found approx 15 all males, certainly a record number for Sussex. Park and check out at SSCP Visitor Centre. RVD's found on River Cuckmere where it forms a lagoon (TV517985).

June 3rd Essex TC
River Chelmer/Blackwater, Langford, Maldon Golf club, Essex: What a contrast to the River Waveney yesterday. The Scarce Chaser was by no means scarce at this site. They were everywhere. Beautiful Orange immatures were found on the bankside nettle beds & in the tall vegetation in the adjoining meadow. Counts were well in excess of 100. Also at least 10 mature males were found to be holding territories along the river in this area. Other species found here this afternoon were, Hairy Dragonfly, Banded Demoiselle, White Legged, Red Eyed, Common Blue, Azure, Large Red & Bue tailed Damselflies.

June 2nd Hampshire DP
I visited Benyon's Enclosure in north Hampshire on Saturday and was pleased to see up to three Brilliant Emeralds, four Downy Emeralds, two Emperors in cop, two Broad-bodied Chasers and Large Red, Azure, Blue-tailed and many Red-eyed Damselflies. One male Brilliant Emerald was patrolling a small pool up on the heath until the Emperors appeared, another was feeding along a ride and the last was seen briefly over the main pool.

June 2nd Essex RG
Rainham Marshes: Very numerous four-spotted chaser, a handful of emperor dragonfly and black-tailed skimmer, 3 male hairy dragonfly and 2 immature ruddy darter (very early!?). Also large numbers of azure damselfly plus a few blue-tailed.

June 4th Essex IP
Essex, Fobbing Marsh: 20+ scarce emerald damselflies found this a.m.; Mostly females but at least three males. My earliest date for this species; also 6 immature common darters.

June 4th Devon DSm
Following a sighting of an immature Scarce Chaser on Exminster Marshes on 29th May, further investigation revealed four pristine males - none (yet!) showing any mating abrasion on their abdomen. Lots of Hairy Dragonflies also - some of the c60 there in May. Other recent news: first Southern Damselflies at Colaton Raleigh Common on 28th May, with lots more subsequently, and a fully-coloured(!) male Common Darter at West Hill on 22nd May.

June 2nd Cambs. LC
I am a recent convert to dragonflies after a lifetime of ornithology. I was at Wicken Fen on Saturday 2nd June and was very surprised to see a very active Brown Hawker at the pool near the Brickpits. It subsequently rose to above tree height and then flew off out of sight over the fields. At least 500 metres away. From my limited knowledge and the "literature" this seems to be quite an early record. This sighting came on top of a good day when, having failed to find any Scarce chasers at Sutton Gault, I did find two at Wicken, along with at least two Broad-bodied chasers, a single Emperor, several Hairy and various 4-spot chasers. A most enjoyable day, which was followed up on the 3rd, when again at Wicken Fen, I was able to get reasonable photos of all three spp of chasers. I am afraid I have yet to master damsels so apart from Red-eyes at Wicken (5-10 noted) and 3 Banded at Sutton Gault on the 2nd, these still remain a mainly blue and mysterious blur!

June 4th Northants. DS
Six male Scarce Chasers holding territory on Harpers Brook, Northamptonshire, of which it was evident that three showed signs of mating. On a nearby fishing lake there were hundreds of blue-tailed damselflies sheltering from the breeze on the leeward side of a reed bed.

June 5th Devon DSm
Checking Lower Bruckland Ponds today for Red-veined Darters emerging (one was seen yesterday), I found an immature Scarce Chaser at the extreme western edge of the site. Most likely it had come from a hitherto undiscovered colony on the River Axe, 1km to the west. Although no Small Red-eyed Damselflies appear to have emerged yet, four male Red-eyed were on territory. Also present were 3 emergent and 3 teneral Common Darters, and single Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Four-spotted Chasers.

June 5th Wiltshire GH
Swillbrook Lakes Reserve (Lakes 46/48), Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Cotswold Water Park, nr Somerford Keynes.
1 male Lesser Emperor found at reserve, considered to be freshly emerged due to teneral sheen on wings, freshness of body and weak flight. Was seen near to a hawker exuviae (as observed through binoculars) but obviously cannot be certain that it originated from this! The male was being hassled continuously by Four Spotted Chaser. Also present: 1 female Emperor was ovipositing nearby alone, many Black Tailed Skimmer, Common Blue Damsels, Blue Tailed Damsels and Red Eyed Damsels.
Please observe from the northern end of the reserve, adjacent to the public footpath, in the vicinity of the area where Lesser Emperor were observed ovipositing in 2006. In order to minimise disturbance to nesting birds (in particular Nightingale) and impact upon the reserve, please keep to the public footpath. Please avoid trampling marginal vegetation. Please only view lake from by seat in the north-east corner.

June 3rd/5th W. Berkshire AEDH
Greenham Common West Berkshire: Two superb male Red-veined Darters patrolling 2 rather barren looking ponds just SE of the Control tower car park (approx SU 501 651). Often clashed with local male Black-tailed Simmers. New for reserve and quite possibly new for West Berkshire (Source NBN website).

June 7th Wiltshire SC
At least 15 male Scarce Chasers discovered holding territory around a balancing pond near Melksham. This serves a comparatively new bypass for Semington. This site is approx one mile from the Bristol Avon and is the first record for this species on still water in Wilts. No females seen but at least 5 of the males had mating marks on their abdomens!
Also BB Chasers, 4-spot Chasers, Black-tailed Skimmers and Emperors present. Plus Common Blue, Blue-tailed and a few Red-eyed Damselflies.

June 5th Gwent WRJ
Aberbargoed Grasslands, Gwent on June 5th. The first 3 Emperor Dragonfly seen from this unlikely location today, along with 2 Broad-bodied Chasers.

June 5th Berkshire JWS
On a sunny but very windy day at Swinley Brick Pits, 10 species were on the wing. Both mature adult and teneral Small Red Damselfly (10 in total) were found in one sheltered corner of the site. Other records included a single teneral Brilliant Emerald, and 19 Downy Emerald, including a mating pair. Other species were Four-spotted Chaser, Emperor, and Red-eyed, Azure, Large Red, Blue-tailed, Common Blue Damselfly.

June 7th Hampshire GJo
Yesterday a.m. (7th June) 2 fellow observers and I found 4 Red-veined Darters at Lee on the Solent in an area known as Cherque Farm. The area is opposite a housing development off Cherque Way. Also seen in the area: male and female Black-tailed Skimmers, an Emperor, a Four-spotted Chaser; Azure, Common and Blue-tailed Damselflies

June 8th Derbys. JimA
Today at Pleasley Pit Country Park I saw 4 male and a possible female Red Veined Darter. This was on same pond that I observed 26 RVDs last year. No sign of any exuvia, but can’t spend all day at work searching haystacks for needles!

May 17th/19th Cambs. MOS
17 May in our garden in Hartford, Huntingdon 150 yards from river Gt. Ouse. 3 Female scarce chasers in the border. They were very approachable to photograph. 19 May many more on the riverside meadows at Hartford.

June 8th Devon DSm
Today I checked the River Axe for Scarce Chasers, following the teneral at Lower Bruckland on the 5th. I found 6 near Colyford (1 north and 5 south of the A3052 bridge) and 1 teneral near Whitford weir. There were also about 250 each of White-legged Damselfly, including many emerging, and Banded Demoiselle, Black-tailed Skimmer, a few Beautiful Demoiselles, Emperors, and dozens of Azure, Large Red and Blue-tailed Damselflies. At nearby Lower Bruckland Ponds, there were 5 mature Red-veined Darters, including pair egg-laying, Scarce Chaser, 2 Red-eyed Damselflies and more than 30 Common Darters emerging.

June 9th N. Ireland IR
Banded Damselfly: About 4 males and 4 females on about 100 metres of the Drumadonnell River. Large Red Damselfly: Surprsingly common at Drumadonnell River with about 10 seen; a few also at Lackan, but probably 15 including several mating pairs at Lackan. Blue-tailed Damselfly: 1 at Drumadonnell Rover and 1 at Lackan Bog; a male Ischnura species seen near a deeper flush at Leitrim could have been this species or Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly; it looked more like the former in size though I am not aware of its having been seen yet at the site. Irish Damselfly: About 8 males seen mainly holding territory around floating leaves of Pondweed (Potamogeton spp.) over a single fairly open pool at the south end of Lackan Bog. ?Azure Damselfly: One male Coenagrion species at Drumadonnell River seems most likely to have been this species on habitat grounds; possible female at south end of Lackan Bog. Variable Damselfly: A few around the pool at Lackan Bog. Hairy Dragonfly: 1 or 2 males at Lackan Bog. Four-spot Chaser: At least 1 at both Lackan Bog and Leitrim near Hilltown. Keeled Skimmer: About 24, mainly very teneral, but several a deeper yellow brown, in flushes at Leitrim near Hilltown.

June 8th Tyne & Wear PI
On the Metro Friday 4:30 pm from Wallsend into Newcastle, Tyne and Wear a Common Darter Dragonfly Female (I think) flew in to the carriage and landed on the window. It freaked fellow passengers. I feared it would get squashed. I assured people it wouldn't sting and I put out my hand which it climbed on. It stayed still and peaceful for a minute and when I came to the next stop I opened the door and gently blew on it and it flew away. I have to say in my 33 years on the planet I have sighted wildlife but that beats. I didn't do it any harm encouraging onto my hand!

June 9th Glos. RFo
I found a Red-veined Darter at the Orchard Pools, Severn Beach, South Gloucestershire today.I have a record shot on my blog page There were also a lot of Four-spotted Chasers and Black-tailed Skimmers present.

June 9th W. Sussex DP
There were good numbers of Scarce Chasers on the River Arun near Billinghurst on Saturday 9th June and one or two Hairy Dragonflies. I was also surprised to see three Brilliant Emeralds at this site, one of which I photographed as it hid in a clump of nettles. This site (no. 74 in the site guide) must be the southern-most outpost for this species in the UK.

June 9th Devon DSm
After yesterday's success on the River Axe, I though I ought to check suitable stretches of the Exe and its tributary, the Culm upstream from Exeter for Scarce Chasers. Although the Exe around Brampford Speke held the expected White-legged Damselflies, conditions didn't seem quite right for the Chaser, but not so the Culm, which looks really nice upstream from the confluence, around Stoke Canon and Rewe. However, it was after 6pm when I finally found an almost mature male Scarce Chaser on territory NE of Rewe, at SX953997. The River Culm clearly needs more attention!

June 7th Highlands DSG
2 azure hawker at Loch Arkaig butterfly conservation reserve. proceed uphill through the reserve to the forestry road, turn left and enter the plantation. On the right / northern side of road is a ditch holding several golden ringed, 4 spots and large red damsels. After 200 yards and before the clear felled area scan the tree trunks on both sides of the road.

June 10th Berkshire MN
Single male Red-veined Darter seen at Greenham Common on the pond west of Control Tower car park. Also present several males each of Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer and Emperor. One female Emperor and one female Black-tailed Skimmer ovipositing.
Previously on 2nd June, Club-tailed Dragonfly well seen and photographed at Goring beside the railway viaduct over the Thames. Also good numbers of White-legged Damselfly and Banded Demoiselle.

June 10th Glos. RFo
Three Red-veined Darters (2m,1f) at the Orchard Pools, Severn Beach, South Gloucestershire today (Sun 10th). I have a couple of pictures of a pair ovipositing in tandem on my blog page

June 10th W. Midlands JO
This afternoon there were 2 male Red-veined Darters at Marsh Lane NR, West Mids. I believe this is the first record for the reserve.

June 10th N. Ireland IR
I visited a disused basalt quarry at Brockagh between Garvagh and Dungiven, Co. Londonderry, today (10th June). I counted approximately 15 mating pairs of Ischnura pumilio (3 or 4 pairs examined were all found to be this species, and no Ischnura elegans were seen), with a single female and about 8 mature males; this makes about 40 which is among the most I have ever seen anywhere, and they were seen over a larger area of the quarry than I remember before. The only other Odonata were 3 or 4 Large Red Damselflies.

June 9th Bucks. DFe
On 9th June I saw a male Red-veined Darter on the north shore of the return lake at the Dorney Lake Rowing Complex which is to the west of Slough. This may be only the second record for Bucks. Also present were Back-tailed Skimmers, several Banded Demoiselles and hundreds of Common Blue Damselflies.

June 9th Berkshire SFB
On Saturday, 9th June, there were several Downy Emeralds at the BBOWT reserve at Sole Common Pond, Berks. Other species included Four Spotted Chasers, and various damselflies.

June 11th Lancs. JGi
First of the seasons Emerald Damsel, and Common Darter were observed on the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits Bolton.

June 5th-9th Sussex PD
05/06/07: Late afternoon visit to Slaugham Pond after arriving at Gatwick Airport: 1 male Downy Emerald, Cordulia aenea and 2 male Black tailed Skimmer, Orthetrum cancellatum. This site was followed by a brief late afternoon inaugural visit to the River Arun between Billingshurst & Wisborough Green: 2 male Scarce Chaser, Libellula fulva. 1 Red eyed Damselfly, Erythromma najas, many Banded Demoiselle, Calopteryx splendens, and a few ‘blue’ damselflies also noted.
06/06/07: Stopham Bridge near Pulborough: Low ambient temperature produced few odonata on this inaugural morning visit: 2 White legged Damselfly, Platycnemis pennipes, and a few ‘other’ damselfly species noted. Oisin (my son) flushed one male Scarce Chaser. 1 unidentified (Roesel’s?) cricket & 1 grasshopper species also noted. Arun River between Billingshurst & Wisborough Green: Ambient temperature had risen significantly on this late afternoon visit producing ‘good numbers’ of odonata. 15+ Scarce Chaser (mostly mature males); 2 Brilliant Emerald, Somatochlora metallica – 1 observed perching through ‘scope for some time; salient features noted. 2 Downy Emerald (1 each north and south of the bridge. The one observed north of the bridge was seen chasing another unidentified ‘emerald’ species). 1 male Hairy Dragonfly, Brachtron pratense. 1 male Emperor, Anax imperator. Red eyed Damselfly and many Banded Demoiselle also noted.
07/06/07: Sheffield Park Gardens: 2 male Emperor, 2 male Black tailed Skimmer, Large Red and ‘a few blue’ damselflies noted.
08/06/07: Harting Down: 1 male Emperor on a small water supply pond. Stopham Bridge: 1 male Club tailed Dragonfly, Gomphus vulgatissimus. Observed in flight for approximately 1-2 minutes over the river before landing beside us and remaining for about 15 minutes. It gave confiding views before flying off and was not subsequently relocated. 8+ male Scarce Chasers. ‘Good numbers’ of White legged Damselfly and many Banded Demoiselle also. Arun River between Billingshurst and Wisborough Green: 1 (probable) Brilliant Emerald. Many Banded Demoiselles and 2 male Scarce Chasers again noted. Cooler conditions than previous visit.
09/06/07: Bateman’s pond, near Burwash: 2 male Emperor, 2 male Black tailed Skimmer. Azure & Common Blue Damselfly. 1 Beautiful Demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo. 1 teneral Common Darter, Sympetrum striolatum. Wakehurst Place: 3 Downy Emerald & 1 (probable) Brilliant Emerald. 5+ male Emperor. 2 male Beautiful Demoiselle. ‘Good numbers’ of Azure, Common Blue and Large Red Damselfly noted. Blue tailed Damselfly present at all sites visited.

June 10th Devon R&CC
Exminster Marshes, Devon: Found 5 Scarce Chasers, including 1 pair in cop. Good numbers of Hairy, 2 female Banded Demoiselle and Emperors (one ovipositing). Azure, blue-tailed and Large Red also present.

June 9th Essex TC
Hadleigh Marshes, country park, Essex. After reports of sightings of Scarce Emerald Damselflies I thought I would give this site a look for any early specimens. Alas, still too early here I think. A couple of hours searching the ditches on the grazing marshes revealed fair numbers of Emerald damselflies, together with large numbers of blue Tailed. Also found some freshly emerged Common Darter tenerals. Throughout the country park also found several Emperor Dragonflies, Black Tailed Skimmer & Broad Bodied Chaser.

June 13th Somerset ST
Nr Hinckley Point. 1 male golden-ringed dragonfly, 6 banded demoiselle, 1 azure damselfly and 5 blue-tailed damselfly present this morning.

June 12th-13th Lincs. KD
12th June: 12 white-legged damselflies on the River Welland SW of Stamford Lincolnshire. I believe this is the first record for this species for Lincolnshire.
13th June: As well as the usual species approximately 10 red-veined darters on Langmere (east Wretham Heath) Norfolk. Binoculars are needed as the insects are patrolling well out over the water, I only saw males. Nearby plenty of scarce emerald damselflies at Thompson common.

June 8th Glamorgan WRJ
Parc Cwm Darran; Glamorgan on 8th of June the first of this years Golden-ringed Dragonfly seen along with Keeled Skimmer and Broad-bodied Chaser near a traditionally maintained meadow farm pond, the type that you once found throughout the British Isles, but are now sadly rarely encountered.

June 10th W. Midlands JO
On 10th June there were 2 male Red-veined Darters at Marsh Lane NR, West Mids, with at least one still present on 12th June. I believe this is the first record for the reserve.

June 9th/12th Glos. GH
An update on the Swillbrook Lakes (Cotswold Water Park) Lesser Emperors.
A male was seen at the northern end of the reserve on Saturday 9th (Rosie Ray) and probable female the following day (Sunday 10th) (Nick Adams, Reserve Warden). Several Emperor Dragonfly also noted, along with the first Emerald Damselfly of the season for this site.
Fieldwork elsewhere across the CWP on the 13th June revealed my first Southern hawker of the season (a female at CWP 123, near Lechlade), several Emperor Dragonfly along with many Four Spotted Chasers, Black Tailed Skimmer and hundred/thousands of Common Blue Damselfly at Horcott, near Fairford (Lakes 129 and surrounds).

June 15th Northants. MT
I ventured to Wilson's Pits today in a brief dry spell between heavy rain showers. There were many Emperors roosting in the overgrown areas in the meadow, and I counted 6 in total including one male at territory on the scrape pond. Hundreds for Blue-tails and Common Blues were in mating mode, with a few Black-tailed Skimmer. I disturbed one male Brown Hawker, my first of the season, while photographing an immature Skimmer. On the way out I spotted a teneral Emerald Damselfly some distance from its known breeding area at this site.

June 16th Devon R&CC
We saw our first Small Red Damselflies of the year at Bystock Pools, Near Exmouth. We only found two Small Reds but the weather wasn't ideal. Also saw Emperor, Azure, Large Red, Blue-Tail, Four-Spotted Chaser and a Hairy.

June 15th/16th Highland TR
15th June: Male Azure Hawker at Allt Mhuic NR - Showed very well along the path beyond the wooden road bridge. Good numbers of Golden-ringed Dragonfly also.
16th June: Several teneral Highland Darter at Loch Bran. Golden-ringed Dragonfly and Four-spotted Chasser also present. 5+ Northern Emerald in the Bridge of Grudie area.

June 16th/17th Surrey/Sussex DSm
The top dragonfly sites visited during our 22nd Dragonfly Weekend at Juniper Hall Field Study Centre were virtually rain free and often bathed in sun. In total, we succeeded in finding 23 species: not a bad start to Dragonfly Week! Starting at Thursley NNR on the 16th, the Moat Pond duly provided Downy Emerald and Small Red and Red-eyed Damselflies, plus emerging Four-spotted Chasers and Common Darter, and a Brown Hawker exuvia. The heath held lots of teneral Keeled Skimmers and Common Darters, plus a few Emerald Damselflies, with Beautiful Demoiselles along the stream. The 17th was spent along the Arun Valley, first at Stopham Bridge, where Brilliant Emerald was the first we've seen in 12 visits there. More predictable were the Scarce Chasers, Hairy Dragonflies, Red-eyed and White-legged Damselflies, though Southern Hawker and Ruddy Darter were nice surprises. Club-tail eluded us here, so we checked the River Rother at Fittleworth and, with the help of a good sunny spell, saw one well, along with more Scarce Chasers. A final visit to Amberley Wildbrooks gave us a few Variable Damselflies to compare with the Azures. An excellent weekend, despite dire weather predictions. [Dave Smallshire and Andy Swash]

June 16th/17th Cambs. MP/SP
Dragonfly Project Wicken Fen: 4 Spot Chasers, Red eye Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Variable Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly, Scarce Chaser, Blue Tail Damselfly, Hairy Dragonfly, Common Blue Damsel, Common Darter, Ruddy Darter, Banded Demoiselle, Emperor Dragonfly and Black Tailed Skimmer. Good numbers of all.

June 18th Norfolk BH
Snettisham Coastal Park area: Black-tailed Skimmer 1, Four-spotted Chaser 14, Common Darter 5, Blue-tailed Damselfly 100's, Common Blue Damselfly 1000's. No sign of expected hairy dragonflies, red-eyed damselflies, emperors or azure damselflies.

June 19th Lancs. PM
Middleton Industrial Estate dragonfly ponds:
Red-veined Darter; Sightings hampered by weather but three tenerals (two on 10th and one today) seen as well as at least four different more mature males. All but one on the usual 'model boat' pond but one was seen for the first time on the new scrape c400m away. This is a well-established breeding site.
Black-tailed Skimmer; Goes on from strength to strength in north Lancs with 'lots' in the Silverdale limestone areas and up to 34 at Middleton.
Broad-bodied Chaser; Singles have been seen at Heysham Nature reserve, Swarthdale, Warton Crag and Silverdale. This species has not, however, really 'taken off' anywhere in this area with scattered individuals (mainly at Heysham NR) for four years now and occasional records prior to that.
A Variable Damselfly report from the Gaitbarrows area by a White-tailed Plover twitcher has not elicited a response to the request for info. Anyone know any details about this please?

June 19th Cambs. KD
A visit to Maxey pits Cambridgeshire on 19-6-07 where red-veined darters bred last year produced 2 males patrolling open water at the northern end of the pit. Binoculars are needed.

June 21st Northants. MT
Many Emerald Damselflies and Ruddy Darter emerging at Pitsford Nature Reserve.

June 2nd/19th Berkshire JWS
Poor weather has restricted recording opportunities recently. Nevertheless some useful records have been collected at sites around the Bracknell area. A single male Red-eyed Damselfly was seen at Wildmoor Heath on 2nd June, followed by two males on 13th June. Although present on other local sites, this species had not previously been recorded at Wildmoor. This brings the total number of species recorded here since 1993 to 25. The main features of other site visits are as follows. A singleton Brilliant Emerald was recorded at Forest Pond (8 June). At Chaucer Woods Ponds on 19 June, 9 species were flying, including singleton males of Downy Emerald and Brilliant Emerald. Butter Bottom Ponds (permit only) yielded 12 species later on 19 June, including 9 Downy Emerald, 1 Brilliant Emerald, 86 White-legged Damselfly, including over 20 ovipositing pairs (this species was first recorded here as recently as 2005), and an early Brown Hawker. Small Red Damselfly has been recorded at Wildmoor Heath, Crowthorne Woods and Caesars Camp. Keeled Skimmer has been recorded at 5 sites.

June 22nd N. Ireland IR
I saw a teneral Emerald Damselfly (Lestes sponsa) at Brackagh Bog NNR, Co. Armagh, this afternoon (22nd June), the first I have seen this year. Also seen were 2 male and 1 female Banded Damselflies (probably strays from the Cusher or Bann Rivers not far away); a number of Darters Sympetrum spp. of which about 3 each of Common Darter Sympetrum striolatum and Ruddy Darter Sympetrum danae were identified; about 6 Four-spotted Chasers; 1 or 2 possible Hairy Dargonflies; 2 Blue-tailed Damselflies, and several dozen Coenagrion spp. of which a couple of Azure (Coenagrion puella) and Variable Damselfly (Coenagrion pulchellum) were identified.
Yesterday evening I saw a few Common Blue damselflies at Craigavon Lakes, Co. Armagh.

June 22nd-24th Devon DSm
June 22nd: After some pretty rotten weather during Dragonfly Week, it was a nice surprise to find the sun shining for a well-attended BDS meeting to Countess Wear, Exeter this morning! We had good views of White-legged and Red-eyed Damselflies, Banded Demoiselles and 3 Common Darters on along Exeter Canal and the adjacent Alphin Brook, but the weather broke and heavy rain ensued, keeping any other anisopterans out of site.
June 23rd: Unfortunately, the 25 or so folk arriving for BDS meeting to the Grand Western Canal met drizzle and low temperatures, so they were treated to an indoor presentation on dragonflies until the sun appeared. At this point we dashed to the canal near Ebear Bridge to see good numbers of the common damselflies, and eventually a male Scarce Chaser, Black Skimmers and Emperors ... but then the rain started again and reluctantly made our way back to the pub for lunch!
June 24th: About 30 people attended our last Dragonfly Week meeting, held jointly with the Devonshire Association and Devon WT. The morning at Stover was cool and mainly damp and we only managed to find damselflies, including several Emeralds. Pond dipping provided Common Darters and Emerald Damselflies, all ready to emerge when the weather improves. The afternoon was spent at Bovey Heathfield, where a nice spell of sun brough out Emperors, Broad-bodied Chaser and Black-tailed Skimmers. One small pool had 5 Common Darters and 2 Southern Hawkers emerging, one of the latter taking its maiden flight after the clouds had returned - but before a deluge which saw us retreat for the day. What an end to Dragonfly Week: we must try to avoid clashing with Glastonbury if we want decent weather in future!

June 25th Jersey C.I. RPr
Several Black-tailed Skimmers and Emperors seen at various locations around the island also good numbers of Beautiful Demoiselles, Azure, Blue-tailed and Large red Damselflies,and the first sighting this year of a male Broad-bodied Chaser at St. Saviour.

June 26th Lancs. SC
In response to comments posted by Pete Marsh about the paucity of BB Chaser sightings in the Silverdale area. Not sure if Leighton Moss RSPB would come under this area but I saw several from each hide so must have been into double figures. This was on the 10th - the White-tailed Plover day!

June 28th Jersey C.I. RPr
St Brelades Jersey C.I.
Thirty-six Southern Emerald Damselflies [Lestes barbarus] some teneral at one of two established sites on the Island, plus eleven Willow Emerald Damselflies [Lestes viridis] at the same site, although the Willow Emerald can be found over most of the island.