The highly respected Journal of the British Dragonfly Society is published and distributed to members twice a year. It contains articles relating to dragonflies and damselflies and their habitats, covering mainly the UK but also looking at European species where there is relevance to the UK. Articles are written by academics and amateurs and reviewed by experts prior to publication. Articles for publication can be submitted by anyone and assistance can be provided to help a new author.

Articles for publication should be sent to the Editor:                                       

P. J. Mill
8 Cookridge Grove
Leeds LS16 7LH


The following indexes are available to locate a particular article: 

Index to Contents by Volume

Index to Contents by Species

Index to Contents by Author

A copy of a particular article can be obtained by application to our Conservation Officer. It will be provided free of charge to students.  Others will be asked for a small donation to the Society to contribute to costs.

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