To encourage the study of dragonflies by all ages the British Dragonfly Society has an award scheme for its membership:


Corbet Moore Award

Applications are invited from BDS members for grants from the Corbet Moore Award Fund. This fund was established in recognition of two great odonatologists and their contributions to the BDS. Philip Corbet was founding President of the BDS and a leading expert in odonate biology. Norman Moore was a champion of dragonfly conservation. Norman established the BDS Dragonfly Conservation Group in 1986 and was its first Convenor.

Grants of up to £250 are available for each application.

The purpose of the fund is to provide some financial support for BDS members who are engaged in, or wish to establish, a small odonatological research project. The potential research topics are wide-ranging and could involve almost anything that may further our biological or ecological knowledge, or support the conservation of British dragonflies. Grants will not normally be awarded for projects outside the UK. One previous award under a separate scheme aided the investigation of relationships between ditch vegetation and invertebrates, particularly larval hawker dragonflies, at Strumpshaw Fen RSPB Reserve. The area of study was chosen with particular reference to Norfolk Hawker and its possible connection with Water Soldier plants. The potential predation of hawker larvae by some water beetles was also looked at.

On another occasion a grant was used to support the monitoring of White-faced Darter in Cheshire where some tiny populations had been declining and have since disappeared. The environmental reasons for this decline required investigation and the project made several suggestions for management changes to favour the species concerned.

There is no application form. Candidates should initially submit a written application giving a brief outline of the aim/s of the project and likely outcomes. This should include details of the date and location of the proposed project and the expenses for which the grant is requested. Their BDS membership number should also be quoted. Potentially successful applicants will be required to submit a more detailed proposal and to liaise closely with the Convenor of the Dragonfly Conservation Group. If a grant is awarded, the successful applicant will be required to produce a copy of their project report (preferably electronic) by an agreed date. The BDS reserves the right to publish a summary of that report either online or in its paper publications.

Initial enquiries and requests for further details should be directed to the Convenor of Dragonfly Conservation Group (DCG).