Educational Resources for Teachers and Children

KS1-2 Education Pack

Here you will find our updated set of educational resources. These are freely available to anyone who wishes to use them!


Many of the underwater images of freshwater invertebrates used in this pack were kindly donated to the British Dragonfly Society for use in this material by Jan Hamrsky. To see more of his wonderful images visit:

Thanks must also be extended to those photographers who made their images freely available for the creation of this pack.


Dragonflies Presentation

This is to be used in conjunction with the Teacher's Notes. Slides in the presentation can be printed as Information Cards or adapted to make worksheets.


Dragonflies Presentation

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Teacher's Notes


Food Chain Activity

This activity is a fun way to introduce children to the idea of food chains, how they work and what can disrupt them.



Food Chains

Activity Image Cards



Survival Activity

This game explores what animals need to survive, using dragonflies as an example. The game also looks at threats to survival, such as predators and human threats.


Activity Activity Image Cards


Dragonfly Words Activity

This activity is a fun way of consolidating some of the new words and concepts introduced to children in the presentation. It can be adapted to suit a range of abilities.


Activity Activity Image Cards

Craft Activities


Click here for wing template



Make a Dragonfly Activity

Make a Dragonfly Mobile Activity

Make a Willow Dragonfly Lantern  


Exploring Activities

Damselflies of the Garden Dragonflies of the Garden