Dragonfly Challenge Resources

Find your Dragonfly Challenge Spotter's Sheet below to help you on your way to becoming a Dragonfly Hunter! 


The sheet includes helpful hints on the main features to look out for on each species and space to write down where you saw it. Simply click on the image below to download the sheet. 

We will be asking Dragon hunters to report their sightings via the project webpage over July.




For the young at heart. . .

Use our colourful spotter's cards to help you find the species and record your sightings. 


Dragonfly Challenge Spotter's Cards

(Cut along the dashed lines, then fold along

the solid line)

Dragonfly Challenge Completed Cards Poster

(Stick your completed cards to the poster, showing

where and when you found the species)



Spread the Word


Get all your friends, family and work collegues involved and compete to see who can find the species first! Download the poster and social media images below to help spread the word about the UK's biggest Dragonfly Hunt. Click on the image below to download the resource. 


The Dragonfly Challenge Poster The Dragonfly Challenge Social Media Image


Dragonfly Challenge Kids!


Why not get the whole family, school or club involved with Dragonfly Challenge Kids! You can find a special pack for kids taking part in The Dragonfly Challenge by clicking here