Dragonfly and Damselfly Books

Atlas of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland - edited by Steve Cham, Brian Nelson, Steve Prentice, Adrian Parr, Dave Smallshire and Pam Taylor;Atlas of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland
2014 BDS/BRC - ISBN 978-1-906698-49-2

This full colour, hardback book (280 pages) from the British Dragonfly Society maps the distribution of all 56 species of damselfly and dragonfly in Britain and Ireland. Available from our own Shop.

Britain’s Dragonflies - Dave Smallshire & Andy Swash 2014 Princeton WILDGuides - ISBN 978-0-691-16123-5Britain's Dragonflies

Aimed at beginners and experts - the only comprehensive photographic guide to the dragonflies of Britain and Ireland now in print, covering the 56 recorded species and seven potential vagrants, with an identification guide for larvae and exuviae.  Read the review of this book by Tim Beynon which appeared in Dragonfly News Autumn 2010. Note that if you order this book directly from the BDS shop (click on the image), the Society benefits from each copy sold.

Dragonflies - Philip Corbet and Stephen Brooks 2008 Collins New Naturalists - ISBN: 978-0-00-715169-1

The previous New Naturalist on Odonata was published in 1960, and has been out of print for many years. This new volume brings in the many changes to our understanding of the group that have occurred since then.  Definitely not a field guide.

Larval guide
Field Guide to the larvae and exuviae of British Dragonflies Dragonflies (Anisoptera) and Damselflies (Zygoptera)  - Steve Cham 2012 BDS
Superbly detailed identification guide published by the Society and available through the BDS shop.  This publication combines for the first time the original Volume 1 on Dragonflies (2007) and Volume 2 on Damselflies (2009). Since the publication of these separate British Dragonfly Society (BDS) Field Guides, there has been increasing demand to combine them into a single book. In this volume, two new species, Dainty Damselfly Coenagrion scitulum and Southern Migrant Hawker Aeshna affinis, have been added.
Watching British Dragonflies - Steve Dudley, Caroline Dudley and Andrew Mackay 2007 Subbuteo Natural History Books – ISBN 10 1-905268-04-1

Combines a comprehensive identification guide illustrated by Mackay with a site guide. Unfortunately, the latter contains many errors and does not always include the best sites.

Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe - Klaas-Douwe B Dijkstra, illustrated by Richard Lewington 2006 British Wildlife Publishing - ISBN 0 9531399 4 8

An excellent identification guide to all the dragonflies and damselflies of Europe, including western Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and the Azores, Canaries and Madeira.

The Natural History of Ireland's Dragonflies - Brian Nelson and Robert Thompson 2004 The National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland – ISBN 0 900761 45 8

Beautifully illustrated, large format. Covers identification, ecology and distribution.

The Dragonflies of Europe (2nd Edition) – R. R. Askew 2003 Harley Books - ISBN 0-946589-75-5

Smaller format, paperback version , with updated information and new preface.

Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great Britain and Ireland – Steve Brooks & Steve Cham, illustrated by Richard Lewington 2014 British Wildlife Publishing - ISBN 978 0 95649 028 5  A comprehensive field guide and 'the must-have book for all keen odonatologists' (Dragonfly News).

A Guide to the Dragonflies of Great Britain - Dan Powell 1999 Arlequin Press - ISBN 1 900159 01 5

Dragonflies. Naturalists' Handbooks 7 – Peter L. Miller 1995 (2nd edition) Richmond Publishing - ISBN 0 85546 299 X 

Accurate keys to adults and larvae. Detailed life history. Suggested study topics.

The Exuviae of European Dragonflies - Gerken and Sternberg 1999 Hoxter und Jena - ISBN 3 9805700 4 5 

Text in English and German; many drawings. 

General books

Dragonflies – Steve Brooks 2003 Life SERIES Natural History Museum - ISBN 0 565 09180 8
Dragonflies of the world - Silsby 2001 Natural History Museum/CSIRO - ISBN 0 565 09165 4
Overview of all 5000+ species. Many superb photos. 
Dragonflies. Behaviour and Ecology of Odonata - Corbet Revised edition 2004 Harley Books - ISBN 9780 946589 77 7
The ULTIMATE volume if you are really serious!

Regional guides/atlases

The Dragonflies of the Banbury area - Anthony Brownett 1990 - ISBN 0 9515647 0 6
Dragonflies and Damselflies of the London Borough of Barnet - A Provisional Atlas Edited by C Herbert 1994 - ISBN 1 898132 02 X
Dragonflies of Bedfordshire - by Steve Cham - published by Bedfordshire Natural History Society 
Dragonflies of the Bristol Region - S Randolph 1992 - ISBN 0 900199 39 3
The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Cheshire - R Gabb and D Kitching 1992 - ISBN 0 906367 54 9 
The Dragonflies of Dorset - EDV Prendergast 1991 - ISBN 0900341327
The Dragonflies of Fife - Anne-Marie Smout and Pete Kinnear - ISBN 1-872162-03-7 
Distribution of Dragonflies in Gloucestershire - S Holland 1991
Dragonflies in S W Hampshire - David Winsland 1993
The Dragonflies of Hampshire - by Taverner, Cham, Hold et al - published by Pisces Publications
Dragonflies of Kent (Second Edition fully updated) - John Brook and Jill Brook 2009 Kent Field Club - ISBN 978-0-9561926-1-5
Leicestershire Dragonflies - S Grover and H Ikin 1994 - ISBN 0 850223 59 8 
Dragonflies of the Lothians - Edited by Bob Saville 1997 - ISBN 0 9518878 6 6 
The Dragonflies of the New Forest - Noelle and Tony Welstead 1984
The Dragonflies of Norfolk - Dr Pam Taylor 2003 - ISSN 0375 7226
The Dragonflies of Oxfordshire - Anthony Brownett 1996 - ISBN 0 9515647 2 2
The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve - Lawrence G Holloway 1999
Dragonflies of Pembrokeshire - J.W.Saunders 1986
The Dragonflies of Staffordshire - Neil Collingwood 1997 - ISBN 1 874414 22 X 
The Dragonflies of Shropshire - Alex Lockton reprinted 2000 
Suffolk Dragonflies - H Mendel 1992 - ISBN 0-9508154-5-4
Dragonflies of Surrey - Peter Follett 1996 - ISBN 0 9526065 1 8
Dragonflies of Sussex - Sussex Group of the BDS 2004 
Includes descriptions, illustrated by photographs, of the species found in Sussex together with distribution maps
The Dragonflies of Worcestershire - Mike Averill 1996 - ISBN 0 9528288 0 4 
Dragonflies in Derbyshire - Rod Dunn and Dave Budworth 2005
Status and Distribution 1977-2000
Price £4 inc p&p, available from Mr K. Moore, 10 Montrose Court, Stapleford, Notts, NG9 8LJ 
The Dragonflies of Northamptonshire - Mark Tyrell et al 2006
Breeding species, their distribution and conservation
Price £14.95 inc p&p. Further details on the Northants Dragonfly group website. 


Many of these books can be bought at the BDS online shop.

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