Southern Migrant Hawker

Aeshna affinis

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Length: 60mm

This small Hawker is superficially similar to the Migrant Hawker but the mark on S2 is blue in the male and the sides of the thorax are blue-green with fine dark lines. The blue markings on the abdomen are a little more prominent than in Migrant Hawker.


Can often be found hawking along damp reedy ditches. Breeds in standing water in its normal, Mediterranean habitat.

Status & Distribution

This rare migrant appears to be becoming more frequent in the UK, and is a potential colonist. After a single confirmed record during the twentieth century, four individuals were observed in southern England during 2006. During 2010 many individuals were then seen in south Essex and north Kent, with oviposition being noted at two sites.

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Similar species

Similar to Migrant Hawker but seems more blue in appearance.