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Latest News

  • The long-awaited Dragonfly App is available now! 

  • The Natural History Museum have new plans to update their grounds, at the expense of the hugely popular and unique wildlife garden. Join us in a petition to ask the Museum to re-think their design.

  • The UK Awards for Biological Recording 2015 are coming up, rewarding those who give outstanding contributions to biological recording. However, the NBN have so far received no nominations at all for young people (under the age of 18)! 


The long awaited new Atlas of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland was published on 28th May 2014. This full colour, hardback book (280 pages) from the British Dragonfly Society maps the distribution of all 56 species of damselfly and dragonfly in Britain and Ireland. It can be purchased for £32 + p & p from our own Shop, the FSC website and all good bookshops.

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Star of the Month

Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly, female - Brian Walker

The orange or aurantiaca phase of the female Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly Ischnura pumilio is perhaps the most strikingly coloured damselfly occurring in the UK.  Scarce Blue-tailed occurs only at scattered sites across southern England, Wales and Ireland with populations that often fluctuate or are transient.  It is highly dispersive but its very special habitat requirements are in limited supply.