Vice-County Recorders

A Dragonfly Recorder is a skilled volunteer who oversees the collation, validation and verification of records for their chosen area or Vice-County, hence his or her alternate name Vice-County Recorder (VCR). As all records need to be verified, those entered online are sent automatically to the appropriate VCR for checking. A small number of specialist VCRs may handle more than one vice-county or verify rare migrant dragonfly sightings across the whole country.

Anyone who submits records is known as a Field Recorder. Together, the VCRs and Field Recorders make up the Dragonfly Recording Network, the BDS's own recording scheme also known by its acronym DRN.

The Society encourages as many people as possible to become a Field Recorder. With the availability of high-quality field guides, online identification help and smartphone-friendly apps for noting your sightings recording has never been easier.

If you need to find the VCR for your sites, the full DRN Contact List is shown below but only as a pair of graphic images - to prevent access to email addresses by web robots. If you really need the original PDF file from which it is made you may apply to the Records Officer.