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  • 3rd Apr 2017

    Robin Chittenden saw a large dragonfly, presumably a Vagrant Emperor, on 3 April in Churston Cove, Torbay (per Mike Langman & Dave Smallshire)

  • 2nd Apr 2017

    A female Large Red Damselfly emerged from my pond in a warm east Kent today. I also managed to photograph the whole emergence which can be viewed on my blog.

  • 2nd Apr 2017

    Large Red Damselfy, Town Common Nature Reserve, Christchuch. Seen today, and photographed

  • 27th Mar 2017

    Single Vagrant Emperor, Kenidjack Valley, St Just, Penwith - middle of day; fast flying - not sure of gender, but think saw blueish area so probably male.

  • 25th Mar 2017

    A single Vagrant Emperor flying along the margins of the Dragonfly Scrapes at Windmill Farm on the Lizard peninsula in West Cornwall. Good clear views, observed by myself & Dougy Wright 

  • 25th Mar 2017

    Large Red Damselflies x 7

    Bissoe Valley Nature Reserve Cornwall Saturday 25 03 2017 my first Damsels of the season 5 females and 2 males.

  • 15th Mar 2017

    Probable female Vagrant Emperor

    On 15th Mar 2017, after a couple of days of light warm southerly winds my wife and I were working in our garden in Newlyn, Cornwall and noticed a medium/large dragonfly hawking between ours and a neighbors garden.

    We observed it for about 10 mins trying to work out what it was. Initially thinking that it was some kind of Hawker. Eventually it landed, albeit distant and briefly allowing me to see it in my binoculars.

    It had long narrow sandy coloured pterostigma, clear wings, brown eyes and thorax and generally brown abdomen. Due to the distance i could'nt make much detail of the markings on S2, but it did not appear to show any yellow triangle or blue saddle. In flight in sunlight it seemed to show a faint brown/yellow tinge to the wings and was overall pale underneath.

    Having been a birdwatcher for nearly 40 years with only a recent interest in Dragonflies i can not claim to being an expert on these things so i consulted one of  my fieldguides "Dragonflies of Britain and Europe" by Dijkstra & Lewington and the nearest comparison i can find is a female Vagrant Emperor. 

    This record seems to be way too early for any of our own breeding species and so i assume it may be of european origin.

    I would be greatly obliged if you could let me know of your opinion.

  • 12th Mar 2017

    On 12 March 2017, a probable Vagrant Emperor was reported from Penlee in Cornwall (DA). This is the first adult dragonfly/damselfly reported in the UK this year; a few Large Red Damselflies have however already been seen in Belgium, so the start of the main dragonfly flight season can't be far away now!

  • 1st Jan 2017

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