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  • Scottish Work

    New funding: breathing life into Scotland's Dragonflies

  • Dragonflies & Damselflies of Northumberland and Durham

    New Book Release: Atlas to the Dragonflies of Durham & Northumberland

  • Clubtail Count 2017: Join the quest for this elusive dragonfly

  • Dragonfly Week Announced: 15th-23rd July 2017

  • BDS Fundraiser: new member of staff joins our growing society


The iRecord Dragonflies App is available now. This exciting new development allows you to input and upload your dragonflies records in the field. Visit the website now to discover a new world of dragonfly recording.

Star of the Month

Hairy Dragonfly  - Brian Walker

Hairy Dragonfly Brachytron pratense is both our earliest flying and smallest hawker dragonfly and is on the wing in May and June.  Generally warmer spring weather has probably helped it to extend its range somewhat and occur in larger numbers.  Look for it in southern England and in Ireland on still or slow flowing waters with lush vegetation at the water’s edge.